ATONEMENT – A Visual Masterpiece

ATONEMENT – A Visual Masterpiece

A Visual Masterpiece



Second nightLife is about to be SAVED!  Insilico’s highly-anticipated club is opening on May 1st, 2009.  Featuring 2 DJ’s, 2 live performances, and the best photo-ops on the grid, ATONEMENT is free of gimmicks and limitations.  Without Sploders and contest boards, the focus is left on the music and the people.

The inaugural event starts at 3PM SLT with the House DJ, Fine Caliber, spinning an eclectic mix of mood-setting rock and dance music.  At 6PM, Studio Red’s Kromus Korobase takes the stream with a live mix of Electro, House, and Trance.  Atonement beocmes one of the first few to host live performances.  Unique to Second Life, Thorne Dreadlow and Cannon Atlass will present a mix of music, dance, and stage performance.

Occupying a 4800 square meter cathedral in Skills Hak’s West Insilico, Thorne Dreadlow’s ATONEMENT fills  20-story vaulted ceilings with three levels of top-to-bottom decadence.  ATONEMENT is set in the Cyberpunk Cityscape of Insilico in its west sim.

Dance in front of the Altar on the floor below a live DJ.  Enjoy Holy Water, ATONEMENT’s signature cocktail, on the mezzanine level.  Grab one of our limited gift baskets.  Be lucky enough to party in style in the exclusive VIP lounge.  ATONEMENT is your entertainment destination.

Please contact Fine Caliber in-world for further inquiries or to schedule a tour.
Search for and join the “ATONEMENT” group for event updates and giveaways.

Read about INSILICO in the May Issue of BoSL, out May 1st

INSILICO WEST (123,109,3602 )



Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Normally when we think of courage, we think of a soldier or firemen engaged in heroic acts, or perhaps a mother saving her children from a natural disaster. These are all great examples of heroes and courage. But there is a type of courage, that perhaps is not as exiting as my prior examples, but is more real to all of us. It defines us, it inspires us and it shows the greatness of the human spirit. It is the courage to face the mockery of others in the hopes to conquer our own dreams! This is the case of Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle is 47 years old, but looked 10 years older. She is unrefined and one would tend to think she is the cook of some small town tavern when we looked at her for the first time. But she had a dream: She wanted to be a singer. And not just any singer, she aspires to be the next Elaine Paige, the great diva of musical theater in London.

And people laughed. The faces of the public were quite a poem, a satiric poem, filled with cynical implications. The tired faces of the judges were more understandable. How many people a day do they have to listen to?

Then, Susan Boyle started to sing. Jaws dropped and the judges woke up, or was it the entire world?

Susan went from joke to hero in 3.5 seconds! with a song named “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables, one of the hardest songs to sing and by many the song that sets ‘singers’ from divas apart. Susan sang and the world listened. She became young, beautiful and respected within her first 8 words! And London gave her a standing ovation. She is the most talked about woman on You Tube, and she is now a star.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. But do we all have to sing to let it be known? I think not. Greatness comes in many shapes and forms. The question is: Do we all have the courage to show it?


Frolic Mills

Thoth Jantzen Presents Cosmosis

Thoth Jantzen Presents Cosmosis


Thoth Jantzen, creator of the Kaleidoscopium will be unveiling his latest innovation on Sunday, April 19th.  With his ability to discover new ways to experience the metaverse, his show at the NMC Campus is sure to be a stunning display of his ingenuity.

The COSMOSIS Experience

Opening date:  April 19th, 2009 running through…whenever.
Where:  Coliseum West (NMC Campus)
What:  An immersive exhibition of “media-active art” – featuring the COMPLEXITY exhibit!

Before your visit, make sure that you are able to see media/video in SL and that you turn it on when you arrive.  Since the work is based on media-active textures that are invisible when media is not being displayed on them, you won’t see much if you can’t see video.

The Complexity Collection
Based on the principle that all complexity in the world arises from simple origins, the Complexity collection of media-active art sculpture is intended to demonstrate this idea in an interesting and entertaining way, while exploiting the unique possibilities SL offers to create a new form of art instead of attempting to recreate existing RL art forms.


NEED TO KNOW THE BEST OF SL ? Join this group!!

THE BEST OF Magazine Readers Group is filled with experienced players in just about every field in Second Life. And they do like to help!

Take a look at this chat I looked at just as I logged in:

[2009/04/14 10:58] Jacqualine Lunasea: best place for men’s hair? I know this is asked ALL the time but my partner is a neko and needs hair that covers his human ears and he has been in gritty kitty for over 2 years lol
[2009/04/14 10:59] Bunni GossipGirl: try armidi
[2009/04/14 10:59] Owen Christenson: Can I reccomend DEN-DOU.. I’m wearing the skin in my profile pic.
[2009/04/14 10:59] Lion Jonesford: hmm looks like you trying to change bunny to wolf
[2009/04/14 10:59] Jacqualine Lunasea: haven’t been there in a long time…they have more men’s hair? gonna check it now then 🙂 thank you 🙂
[2009/04/14 11:00] Keltoi Recreant: dne dou is great for the darker shades especially
[2009/04/14 11:01] Owen Christenson: I have a light shade from there which I rate highly.
[2009/04/14 11:02] Nickel Borrelly: is there way to see what is making lag on island?
[2009/04/14 11:02] Naiman Broome: lag meter
[2009/04/14 11:03] Nickel Borrelly: ok
[2009/04/14 11:04] Jacqualine Lunasea: trying armidi now
[2009/04/14 11:21] Wil Dreadlow: hello everyone 😉 Are there any stair building Geniuses in here?
[2009/04/14 11:22] Synthia Quintessa: K&R concepts…Ken S erpente is an excellent builder 🙂
[2009/04/14 11:22] Wil Dreadlow: ty 😉
[2009/04/14 11:23] Synthia Quintessa: excuse me Ken Serpente..and Yw 🙂
[2009/04/14 11:23] Maribel Penucca: does anyone know where to buy a rose bouquet card something to be able to drop on my husband’s profile to be able to give it to him that i can write or it say something on it ?
[2009/04/14 11:24] Maribel Penucca: so that when he logs on he will receive it ? hope this makes sense
[2009/04/14 11:24] Maribel Penucca: 🙂
[2009/04/14 11:28] metta Botanical: I create cards and cakes with personalized sayings. If you are a builder, I can give you the script I use for mine and you can create your own


Just look under Frolic Mills’ profile and join from there.

Thanks guys and welcome to BOSL!

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