Octoberville Opening October 1st

Octoberville Opening October 1st

Octoberville 2009 Logo copy

On the surface, it’s a peaceful rural town. The kind of place people move to in order to raise the kids. A perceived world where everyone is safe and comfortable and happy. Yet it doesn’t take long for clues to emerge, shattering that illusion. This perfect hometown has more to offer than a quality one-room school house, peaceful park and a bar down the street. No, here you find secrets. Terrible secrets.

Welcome to Octoberville.

Since 2005, Octoberville has become not just a yearly tradition, but also a yearly obsession for so many residents of Second Life. It’s a trick and a treat rolled into one with only the most resiliant emerging victorious from the evil within the gates. It is the brainchild of Pixeltrix owners, Cherub Spectre, Master Kaos and Nathan Oddfellow who combine their talents in order to create the best October experience Second Life has to offer. It’s more than a build, more than a scavenger hunt. It’s an interactive story playing out through participation and observation.

Each year Octoberville has improved, adding to the story line, scripting a HUD to find objects and clues, and increasing the intensity of the build. This year, the creators have been markedly silent about what’s going on behind the scenes, leading to an increased anxiety among those who await the opening with baited breath anyway. The few hints given include a bigger town, changes to the “inner workings,” and alteration of the local club, The Crowbar. According to Master Kaos, “The story has grown and is being published in book form along with a new Octoberville store on Cafepress for people who might be interested in ordering clothing, mugs, hoodies and many other things.”

While information is nearly impossible to drag out of the lips of the owners, this 5 year anniversary of Octoberville is sure to be the best one yet. Be sure to join the crowd starting tomorrow, October 1st at 2 pm SLT and begin discovering the terrible secrets hidden within a rural town that promises peace then delivers horror.

octoberville09adIf you need a little fix to get you through the wait, check out last year’s Flickr Group.

Sophistishapes — Sheer Style!

Sophistishapes — Sheer Style!

By Sav Lanzet

     Much excitement as the Skin/Shape Expo ’09 is now underway on the KMADD Events sim, and I was lucky enough to be able to make it into the sim on the opening day to check out the latest releases.   My dear friend Sophia Rossen of Sophistishapes has her newest shape designs on display, two male and two female shapes to add to her range.



Sophistishapes opened in June 2009 and now retails from several locations, including the mainstore on the newly opened shopping and club sim Touch, and branches at The Wild Coast resort, Sunlands, and two small beach location stalls. 


Sophia provides not just a beautiful shape, but a completely styled av for males and females.  All products include the shape, brow base, pose stand and facelight, and come with a  styling card  detailing which skin to purchase in order to complete the exact look of each ‘model’. 


Custom styling is also available for those who are seeking a more personal and individual look.


Sophia’s plans for the future include a Sophistishapes Evening range to be sold from a new store at Sweethearts Jazz Club.  This range will include in the styling card details of evening wear and LMs to stores,for a truly complete and elegant look.


Sophistishapes mainstore http://slurl.com/secondlife/Touch/118/27/23



BOSL, Second Life, and Typhoon Ondoy Relief

BOSL, Second Life, and Typhoon Ondoy Relief

“Typhoon Ondoy [Ketsana] in Black September – The worst storm in 50 years hits Metro Manila triggering floods, landslide, power outage and stranding people in rooftops and malls. The storm kills 72 and hundreds missing.  About 400 mm [15.75 inches] of rainfall in just 6 hours. The president declared a state of calamity.”

This weekend our friends in and out of Second Life™ were badly affected by the typhoon flooding in the Philippines. Miabella Foxley, Shai Delacroix and  Kriss Lehmann are setting up a collection in SL that will be directly donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We are asking our friends and contacts to please help us raise money for the Filipino residents that were victimized by Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana.

Donations will be accepted via a kiosk  at Casa Del Shai, Botanical and other locations.  You can also donate directly at the Red Cross Philippines website link below.  50% of all my sales made in the next two weeks will be directly donated in form of goods to fellow Filipinos who are in need of assistance.

Please take a moment and help make a difference to those who have lost their houses and possessions from the flooding.




Shai Delacroix
Casa del Shai – Manila, Philippines


An Opportunity to Do Good

The following is a note from Grace Winnfield, owner and designer of Gracie’s Bridal. For those of you who don’t know her, Grace is one of the warmest and most generous people in Second Life. I would appreciate it if you would read on, my friends, and, if you are so inclined, please contact Grace to offer support, as outlined in her message.

Thanks, everyone.

Please read on for important information on participating in a designer cause to abolish human trafficking. YOU can make a difference.. even if you only do one small thing!

27 million people
are held in slavery
worldwide today

the average age of
a trafficked victim is 14

every 2 minutes a child is being prepared
for sexual exploitation

Over the next few weeks to months I am planning to organize a location dedicated to raising money for organizations working against Human Trafficking. The two primary organizations that will be recipients of funds raised are; The A21 Campaign (www.A21campaign.org), and Not For Sale (www.notforsalecampaign.org). Please take a minute to visit the websites and read about what these two phenomenal organizations are doing. The following is a brief outline of the goals of my project. If you are interested in participating please send me a notecard indicating what you will be offering.

1. Acquire land, or a location on which to build a informational site with vendors that will serve as a source of donation.
2. Land will be paid for by me, donated by a landowner, or paid by me with a donation box for tier at the location clearly spelled out as for tier and me making the difference each month.
3. Two avatars will be created and named for each group accordingly; ie: notforsale somelastname, and A21Campaign somelastname.
4. Vendors will be created and access given to select individuals who would like to offer an item with 100% of proceeds going to one or both of the organizations. Funds will be deposited via script into one of the avatars accounts and at intervals withdrawn and donated.
5. Donations will be pulled from Avatar accounts at given intervals of appoximately $150 US dollar equivalents of conversion, and donated to the appropriate organization.
6. Vendors may be removed at the discretion of the designer and may also be replaced with new designs if desired. Designer retains rights to permissions and the design itself.
7. If any one design becomes stagnant in sales for a long period of time a new designer or new design may be requested to take its place.
8. A blog will be created, and designers or laypeople may request access to post.
9. A group will be created, open access, designers will be given ability to post any new items available at the donation site. (please no abuse of this)
10. A small wall will be available within the location thanking each designer for their contribution and offering landmarks to their primary location. (landmarks may also be boxed into the purchase.)
11. Additional guidelines may apply later as this gets moving dependent upon interest and logistics of the items and placement.

If you are interested in placing an item or two in the location these will be the preferred guidelines:
1. Original work only. No purchased template based items.. must be your design.
2. Prefer items Unique/ EXCLUSIVE to this location, created for the organization (to be called after Not For Sale logo to be created will include the number 21 in the word Sale)
3. Initial creations are encouraged to include ; the color ORANGE (significant to Not for sale campaign, how do you wear your orange), and may contain the words A21, A21 Campaign, Not For Sale or the logo (which will be distributed).
4. Types of designs, NOT LIMITED.. may be a simple as a t-shirt (i will be picky about how many of these we get), a full outfit, shoes, hair, dresses, gowns, male clothing, jackets, candles, bags, hats… etc. I am disallowing furniture and builds at this time but will consider them later.

PLEASE SEND ME (Grace Winnfield) A NOTECARD WITH YOUR NAME, STORE NAME, AND TYPE OF ITEM YOU WILL LIKELY PLACE. Try hard to get these to me by October 10, 2009. I will add you to my list, review your work, and send you additional information as we get closer to opening. Depending on how many responses i get I may need to decline some designers for the time being.
If you have a location (aka land) and would like to donate space for this please contact me asap as i am starting to search now.

I appreciate your reading this VERY LONG n/c.. and for your interest in helping me with this very important cause.

God Bless!
~Grace Winnfield



Indyra Originals Releases “Fairfield Prep” and “Reform School Minis” for Fall.

“Its Back to Cool with classroom couture. This is not your typical naughty school girl set, this ensemble catapaults your look to head of the class. Add the miniskirt for extra credit ;).”

Are you a Prep School gal? Or do you like to take a trip to the wilder side of Reform School? Either way, Indyra Seigo’s new Fall releases for Indyra Originals will surely make you the teacher’s pet.

Fairfield Prep Candy Apple

 The “Fairfield Prep” release comes with so many options, you could break hearts with a different look for every classroom.


– Cropped riding jacket.
– Collegiate necktie and collar.
– Patent leather belt with grommets.
– Versitile Halter top.
– Johdpur style riding pants.
– Sheer knee socks.
– Belted boy shorts.

Fairfield Prep lineup

 And the “Reform School Minis” add just the right touch of naughty innocence that all the boys and girls can’t resist!

Reform School with Mini add-on

Reform School Minis



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