Costa Rica Sims Influentials: The Art of Party Posing

Costa Rica Sims Influentials: The Art of Party Posing

This month’s Influential fashion party was to honor the work and contribution by an extremely talented and stunning individual, the incomparable Miss July Raymaker, Top Fashion Model who is in more agencies than I can count (I’m not a maths whiz so take that for what it’s worth) and the Owner and CEO of Manifeste: The Art of Posing and her shop is in our Colonial Shopping District for your perusal.

Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker

Costa Rica Sims honors September Influential July Raymaker, Top Model and CEO of Manifeste: The Art of Posing

We are keeping DJ Mikee jumpin’ and busy I can tell you. I’m starting to see this guy in my sleep he’s doing so many events for us xD Which isn’t really a bad thing 😛 Everyone gathered at the new Costa Rica Sims Fashion House venue. It is soooo much nicer! No more trying to shoot between the columns. And I’ll tell you, it didn’t take long to fill that place up either!

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Party July Raymaker Manifeste Art of Posing Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker Manifeste The Art of Posing Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker Manifeste The Art of Posing

I saw some new and old faces and some I haven’t seen in a while like Sommer Shepherd who was sporting a gorgeous silk scarf with her ensemble. A new face India Nabeau showed up as well as Southern Riptide, Addicted Offcourse and his lady the lovely Florentine Rau and even Mr Costa Rica Sims 2009, Bjorn Delphi showed up and gave us a twirl on the dance poles!

Costa Rica Sims The Influentials in Second Life July Raymaker

Costa Rica Sims hosts The Influentials for July Raymaker, CEO of Manifeste The Art of Posing

Our guest of honor July Raymaker, showed up fashionably late, of course, looking absolutely fabulous! Come to think of it there was alot of black floating around. Giancarlo was sporting his black jacket and glasses *yummm*, Sammie was in a sexy casual black and white striped mini dress with Bax Coen boots, one in black and one in white, thank you very much.

I have to say folks, I think an intervention is in order soon. Our sweet Estate Manager Dolci is becoming infected. Tosha and Gian are rubbing off on her, and not the good way. She was not only decked out in black, but she again got up on the dance poles with Tosha! We tried to get Gian up there but he wasn’t having it. xD Ah well, it was very entertaining.

Costa Rica Sims in Second Life The Influentials and July Raymaker

Dolci and Tosha at it again!

DJ Mikee and Suga kept the party pumping with fantastic energizing hits and I’m not sure if Mikee’s request to be a CEO to July fell on deaf ears or not. Your next CEO is here everyone! DJ Mikee Incorporated! Woooot!!!

See you next month!

Costa Rica’s Slumber Party!

Costa Rica’s Slumber Party!

Well it wasn’t exactly a pillow fight but that bed was huge! Add to that the pizza box and Gelo shots on the bed and the little mousehole entryway and loads of gorgeous people in their sleepwear, then you got a September Rezz Days Slumber Party!

This month we celebrated the Rezz Days of Adonis, Aila, Amadeus, Carley, Diana, Dixiesweet28, Ericanne, Hunter, Joseph3, Indiana, Karn, Katerina, Lovely, Natashka, Niche, Pamqui, Portia, RichardW, Ronny, Rory, Sanadee, Shae, Shane, SirMarcus & Tanaya!

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

DJ Mikee Gemini and Suga Hunniton showed up and got the stream going. He started spinning some excellent disco tunes! And while more people piled in we had to move down from the bed and onto the rug. It was packed!!! A mix of lace and flannel and spiderman pjs and baby doll nighties with teddy bears flyin all over the place!

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Dolci and Tosha working the pole while Nisa eggs them on

As if it wasn’t enough that there were gyrating bodies everywhere, someone pulled out a dance pole and the next thing I knew Tosha and Dolci, yes dear friends, jumped on the pole and began to perform feats of flexibility I had no idea they were capable of. Okay maybe Tosha 😛 But Dolci! xD

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party Miaa Rebane Miss Virtual World 2010 Reign Congrejo Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

All around it was a great party and the bed was rockin’! Timmus and Brendan showed up exactly together and they looked so cute in their pj bottoms, as did Nisa in her little tank and boy shorts with monkey plushie. Reign showed up with her Minnie Mouse pjs and even sported some adorable Minnie Mouse ears! Hey get me a pair of those please 😀 Edu Waverider was so cute I wanted to pinch his cheeks, but then I remembered he was Dom!Kitty at the Tiny Affair so I didn’t really want to feel that whip again. xD

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Costa Rica Sims residents Timmus and Brendan

With such a huge obvious bed, you’d think I’d have more naughty shenanigans to report, alas was not to be. I have no naughty shenanigans to report so better luck next time 😛

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