Costa Rica Sims supports BCA Art Auction

Costa Rica Sims supports BCA Art Auction

BCA 2010 Art Auction

Costa Rica Sims supports BCA 2010 Art Auction

Costa Rica Sims is proud supporter of BCA Art Auction. All proceeds from the Auction will benefit the Susan G. Komen, 60 Miles in 3-days, walk for a cure. Please join in on celebrating some of Second Life Outstanding Artist who have contributed incredible works of art to this worthy cause.

For those art enthusiast or if you just appreciate the creativity of pure talent you do not want to miss this opportunity to make one or more of these special works of art yours.

The Auction runs through Sunday October 3rd when the final bids will be received. A celebration, tribute and kick-off to all survivors, loved ones and volunteers that are giving back during the October Breast Cancer Awareness month will follow the closing of the BCA 2010 Art Auction.

Pool of Hope Charities presents the BCA 2010 ART AUCTION

Kickoff Event/Bidding Opens 12 noon, Saturday September 18, 2010

Final Bids: 01:00pm Sunday October 3, 2010

Central Park, Dreamland

Costa Rica Sims Influentials: The Art of Party Posing

Costa Rica Sims Influentials: The Art of Party Posing

This month’s Influential fashion party was to honor the work and contribution by an extremely talented and stunning individual, the incomparable Miss July Raymaker, Top Fashion Model who is in more agencies than I can count (I’m not a maths whiz so take that for what it’s worth) and the Owner and CEO of Manifeste: The Art of Posing and her shop is in our Colonial Shopping District for your perusal.

Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker

Costa Rica Sims honors September Influential July Raymaker, Top Model and CEO of Manifeste: The Art of Posing

We are keeping DJ Mikee jumpin’ and busy I can tell you. I’m starting to see this guy in my sleep he’s doing so many events for us xD Which isn’t really a bad thing 😛 Everyone gathered at the new Costa Rica Sims Fashion House venue. It is soooo much nicer! No more trying to shoot between the columns. And I’ll tell you, it didn’t take long to fill that place up either!

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Party July Raymaker Manifeste Art of Posing Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker Manifeste The Art of Posing Costa Rica Sims The Influentials July Raymaker Manifeste The Art of Posing

I saw some new and old faces and some I haven’t seen in a while like Sommer Shepherd who was sporting a gorgeous silk scarf with her ensemble. A new face India Nabeau showed up as well as Southern Riptide, Addicted Offcourse and his lady the lovely Florentine Rau and even Mr Costa Rica Sims 2009, Bjorn Delphi showed up and gave us a twirl on the dance poles!

Costa Rica Sims The Influentials in Second Life July Raymaker

Costa Rica Sims hosts The Influentials for July Raymaker, CEO of Manifeste The Art of Posing

Our guest of honor July Raymaker, showed up fashionably late, of course, looking absolutely fabulous! Come to think of it there was alot of black floating around. Giancarlo was sporting his black jacket and glasses *yummm*, Sammie was in a sexy casual black and white striped mini dress with Bax Coen boots, one in black and one in white, thank you very much.

I have to say folks, I think an intervention is in order soon. Our sweet Estate Manager Dolci is becoming infected. Tosha and Gian are rubbing off on her, and not the good way. She was not only decked out in black, but she again got up on the dance poles with Tosha! We tried to get Gian up there but he wasn’t having it. xD Ah well, it was very entertaining.

Costa Rica Sims in Second Life The Influentials and July Raymaker

Dolci and Tosha at it again!

DJ Mikee and Suga kept the party pumping with fantastic energizing hits and I’m not sure if Mikee’s request to be a CEO to July fell on deaf ears or not. Your next CEO is here everyone! DJ Mikee Incorporated! Woooot!!!

See you next month!

Costa Rica’s Slumber Party!

Costa Rica’s Slumber Party!

Well it wasn’t exactly a pillow fight but that bed was huge! Add to that the pizza box and Gelo shots on the bed and the little mousehole entryway and loads of gorgeous people in their sleepwear, then you got a September Rezz Days Slumber Party!

This month we celebrated the Rezz Days of Adonis, Aila, Amadeus, Carley, Diana, Dixiesweet28, Ericanne, Hunter, Joseph3, Indiana, Karn, Katerina, Lovely, Natashka, Niche, Pamqui, Portia, RichardW, Ronny, Rory, Sanadee, Shae, Shane, SirMarcus & Tanaya!

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

DJ Mikee Gemini and Suga Hunniton showed up and got the stream going. He started spinning some excellent disco tunes! And while more people piled in we had to move down from the bed and onto the rug. It was packed!!! A mix of lace and flannel and spiderman pjs and baby doll nighties with teddy bears flyin all over the place!

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Dolci and Tosha working the pole while Nisa eggs them on

As if it wasn’t enough that there were gyrating bodies everywhere, someone pulled out a dance pole and the next thing I knew Tosha and Dolci, yes dear friends, jumped on the pole and began to perform feats of flexibility I had no idea they were capable of. Okay maybe Tosha 😛 But Dolci! xD

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party Miaa Rebane Miss Virtual World 2010 Reign Congrejo Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

All around it was a great party and the bed was rockin’! Timmus and Brendan showed up exactly together and they looked so cute in their pj bottoms, as did Nisa in her little tank and boy shorts with monkey plushie. Reign showed up with her Minnie Mouse pjs and even sported some adorable Minnie Mouse ears! Hey get me a pair of those please 😀 Edu Waverider was so cute I wanted to pinch his cheeks, but then I remembered he was Dom!Kitty at the Tiny Affair so I didn’t really want to feel that whip again. xD

Costa Rica Sims September Rezz Days Party

Costa Rica Sims residents Timmus and Brendan

With such a huge obvious bed, you’d think I’d have more naughty shenanigans to report, alas was not to be. I have no naughty shenanigans to report so better luck next time 😛

Costa Rica Sims 3rd Anniversary: And the Winner is…

Costa Rica Sims 3rd Anniversary: And the Winner is…

The Costa Rica Sims 3rd Anniversary was a month of phenomenal and spectacular events. New friendships were formed, the Opera House received a make over, Tiny’s took over and a new Ms Costa Rica Sims was crowned. This being my first ever anniversary with Costa Rica, it’s safe to say my head was spinning with so much going on. Let’s go over the winners of some of the wonderful contests that took place.

Reign Congrejo, Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

Reign Congrejo, Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

A Lady’s Dream contest which was aimed at our beautiful female residents, brought one lucky lady a spectacular new wardrobe selection from the fabulous female designers in our shopping districts. The winner was to write the names of every single female designer in our commercial regions. The lucky winner was Krisxsee Ronas and will receive over L$20,000 in cash and apparel. Way to go Krisxsee!! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at some events sporting your new wardrobe!

The other anxiously awaited contest was the “Most Beautiful Parcel”. As you know we have the most amazing parcels in Costa Rica Sims. Our residents take great pride in their land and attention to detail. The resident with the most beautiful parcel was Dixiesweet28 Twine and received a L$10,000 cash prize plus a home by renowned builder Barnesworth Anubis, who judged the contest along with last year’s winner, WK Ganesvoort. I got a few words from Dixie about her winning.

Dixiesweet28 Twine Winner of Most Beautiful Parcel

Dixiesweet28 Twine Winner of Most Beautiful Parcel

What was the inspiration for your parcel design?

First and foremost, I have to say thanks to Maurice Messmer for doing such a great job on the landscaping. I am from the Caribbean so I wanted to bring that feel and look to Isla Chira. The house I bought from Painter Designs, I liked the look of it and the design was great and it fits perfect. Took me a little awhile to decorate but I got it done. Hehe and I love it.

How does it feel to be the winner from approx 18 entries?

I am very happy! It was a very big surprise since I was not expecting to win. The day before the result, I was hanging with David Jupiter and I was telling him I am not going to win and he said ‘You are.’ We kept going back and forth for a couple of minutes until I gave up and said Okay. I would like to thank the judges for picking my place. Thank you!

How did you discover Costa Rica Sims?

I actually found it in search. The first place I went to was the rainforest but never knew it was an actual community until my friend David Jupiter showed me around and I fell in love with Costa Rica Sims. He also was the one that took me to Isla Chira and it was on sale. I had no intension of buying but the longer we sat there and talked about all the different things to do and all of the community and people I just know I had to live here and I think I bought it the next day. I really love living in Costa Rica and what I like the most for a shopaholic like me, the shops are just a boat ride away LOL.

What do you like to do for fun at Costa Rica?

Is there anything not to do in Costa Rica hehehe. I like doing everything. Going surfing, sailing, boat racing with friends. There are so much more to name. Let’s just say in Costa Rica Sims, I am never bored because there is always something to do and everything here to do is fun!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Dixie has said that she will likely enter the Parcel contest next year as well with a new design, so don’t waste time. Get working on your parcel 😀

And finally, we come to the creme de la creme, the Pièce de résistance. The Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Pageant. Oh yes I’ve been waiting to tell you about this. Let me just say that Lag, despite trying to ruin the event and crush our spirits, LAG DID NOT WIN. We hung in there and made it to the end. Anyone who journeyed to the Opera House that day will tell you the crashing was amazing. I think there was a bookie at the entrance taking bets, not sure what kind of odds we were getting 😀

The redesigned Opera House as Reign Congrejo is crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

The redesigned Opera House as Reign Congrejo is crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

The audience kept coming back with each restart, and looking at the map, a swarm of green and yellow dots waiting at the edge for the sim to come back up. Everyone looked glamourous in their finery. The ladies backstage had to have the worst of it. There was probably more rocket launching that day than NASA has ever done. Despite the difficulties, Giancarlo captained that ship and steered us toward safety. I am terribly sorry I was not able to get photos of the casual outfits the ladies wore. It was hard just getting the ones I had. The final part of the event, the contestants wore formals from Angel Dessous and were asked questions by the judge they selected.

Costa Rica Sims Owner and Visionary Giancarlo Takacs

Costa Rica Sims Owner and Visionary Giancarlo Takacs

Finally it was time for the final two to be announced and Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine took the stage to pass the torch. She shared a few words with us.

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine prepares to pass the torch

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine prepares to pass the torch

“One year ago, I was crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 and given the great honor of representing the best residential sim in all of SecondLife and its many wonderful residents. I was and still am appreciative of, and humbled by, the love and support I was shown by my friends and neighbors during my reign. All that I have accomplished during the last year would not have been possible were it not for them. Though my reign as Miss Costa Rica 2010 has come to an end, my work for and dedication to Costa Rica will continue for as long as they will have me. Thank you, and I love you all.”

Such a class act. We love you too Nisa! At long last the final two were called, Candylicious Forster and Reign Congrejo. They took their places alongside Nisa center stage and everyone held their breath as the runner up was named. Miss Candylicious Forster! As runner up she will serve in the event that the winner cannot. Miss Reign Congrejo had won Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011!

Reign Congrejo, Nisa Constantine and Candylicious Forster await the decision

Reign Congrejo, Nisa Constantine and Candylicious Forster await the decision

Thunderous applause filled the newly designed Opera House and as Reign accepted and quickly and expertly adjusted her crown and jewels, she took her first of many walks to come on the runway. Perhaps it is best to show you her answer to the questions posed by Mr Virtual World 2010 Mikey Batriani.

MB: Costa Rica Sims is home for many residents, each with their own path and choice in how they participate within Second Life. Are you a good role model?

“Mikey, I would have to say yes I am. I first understand that you have to not just associate with people but you must connect with them on a level that they are comfortable. Many people come to me to talk as they say I am a calming force. I listen and never judge. I want the best and will strive to bring out the best in everyone that I meet. I want to be remembered for my works of helping and playing as a team. A good role model helps, does not judge and is always a humble soul and gracious pathway of light. Thank you.”

Our new Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011, Reign Congrejo

Our new Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011, Reign Congrejo

We look forward to a wonderful year with Reign as Miss Costa Rica Sims and she will now compete as a finalist in the Ms Virtual World 2011 Pageant as a representative of Costa Rica Sims! Congratulations Reign!

As people filed out of the Opera House in search of a place to stretch their legs and maybe have a drink, the after party was just kicking off. This had to be at least five o’clock slt by now. And more people turned up for that than you might think. I think we just needed to cut loose after the long day. The finalists, having freshened up and changed joined us with live music from Joaquin, who reminded me a bit of Lenny Kravitz with a dash of Jimi Hendrix. Delicious combination 😉 After that it was time for Dexter Ihnen’s funky tunes and the party rocked on.

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Pageant Slideshow

I’m listing all the winners of the Anniversary contests here so you can congratulate them accordingly 😀

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 – Reign Congrejo
CRSP Top Model Female of Year – Imani Enzo
CRSP Top Male Model of Year – Mikey Batriani
Most Beautiful Parcel Winner – dixiesweet28 Twine
A Ladies’ Dream Contest Winner – Krisxsee Ronas
A Tiny Affair – Suga Hunniton Best Female Tiny and Iwasko Carminucci Best Male Tiny
Bunneh Hunt – Aaliyah Munro, Colleen Bracken & Brendan Macarthur

‘The Image Has the Last Word’-The 48 Hour Film Project in Second Life By Persia Bravin

‘The Image Has the Last Word’-The 48 Hour Film Project in Second Life By Persia Bravin

As red carpet events in Second Life go, the screenings and judging of films at this years ‘48 Hour Film Project for Machinima’ was set to be the pinnacle in the social calendar for film makers and those who simply love Second Life produced film. It had taken the team involved months of hard work to prepare for this, the ulitimate showcase of virtually produced movie magic and in addition, esteemed real life film Director, Peter Greenaway, had agreed to deliver keynote speeches on his vision of the future of machinima itself.

Best known for producing seminal films such as The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover’ ‘A Zed & Two Noughts’ and ‘Drowning by Numbers’ Peter Greenaway is a leading authority on all aspects of film making including the relatively new genre of machinima. After training initially as a painter, Peter gravitated to producing visually spectacular and cutting edge movies and his love of the ‘image’ is particularly evident in his films narratives. His work has also featured appearances from a host of award winning actors such as Helen Mirren, Joss Ackland and Ewan McGregor, so it was no suprise to see the four sim ‘UWA-BOSL Ampitheatre’ fill up fast for the nine hour event.

Of course, it wasn’t only the presence of a bona fide film making genius that had drawn such huge crowds-we were here to watch some of Second Life’s finest film makers reveal their own contributions to the ‘48 Hour Film Project’. Managed and produced in Second Life by the irrepressible Chantal Harvey, this yearly contest attracts film making devotees from all over the world and is part of the real life version of the same event.Teams have to produce films at very short notice, often forgoing sleep, food and rest until their film is complete and they have to adhere to a theme using central ‘elements’ provided to them by the organisers. From concept to fully finished product, they are given a mere two days to attempt this epic, creative task. Not everyone involved manages to meet such demanding deadlines but this year, an impressive nineteen teams managed to beat the clock and over one hundred residents sat back in their seats to watch the results streamed by AVIEW Television and broadcast across Second Life by BOSL radio.

Taking to the stage, Peter Greenaway launched proceedings with an impassioned talk on the history of film-and his disappointment that Second Life machinima can often ape the conventionality seen in mainstream Hollywood movies. For him, machinima should be used to break new frontiers; not mimic that of standard movies. Proclaiming that “Cinema is dead! It’s an artform with a limited lifespan, a beginning, middle and end and now after a hundred and fifteen years, we have reached the end of that lifespan.” Peter was met with nodding approval from the majority of attendees all eager to hear him speak at this historic occasion. He continued “We now live in the age of the ‘screen’. Every media copies, apes and mimics previous mediums but machinima is image based, not text based like traditional cinema and the image always has the last word.” As he finished his speech, Peter told us all that “I remain optimistic. We are all incipient post modernists now. Machinima makers walk alone and face many challenges but Second Life with its extraordinary light, water reflections and visuals means we can use the characteristics of this medium to lay down the groundwork of something new.”

After Peter Greenaway had answered questions from the assembled audience, Phaylen Fairchild and Chantal Harvey introduced all films that had been entered in this years contest giving a brief synopsis of the films content plus live interviews with the film makers themselves. Despite the time constrictions, the lost weekend with hardly any sleep or food, all the machinima makers were full of energy and enthusiasm for the event. Flimsey Freenote, Producer of one of the winning films told us here at BOSL “The creative process has been what I have most enjoyed about taking part! It was so amazing to do this as a team-and in real time. We have done other projects together so we automatically all took our part and ran with it.” And what about next year, would she repeat it all again? “Definitely! It’s the first time I’ve ever entered any of my films and we are already planning to fix a few things next year like having a production assistant to help with communication.” This was echoed by another entrant, Mewsic Bing, whose take on the traditional ‘buddy movie’ was a hit with the crowd. “This was our second time taking part and we’ll do it again for sure” he laughed. “Maybe on another platform as SL left us with much less time than we had hoped for but we enjoyed it tremendously and will do it again.”

At the end of the night, I couldn’t resist asking Peter Greenaway if he enjoyed being in Second Life for social reasons too, he answered “I certainly enjoy the language and its possibilities though there are other more often engaging places to party.” Peter? Come and party with us at BOSL and I promise you a virtual night to remember.

Entrants this year:

Jewell Theatre – 48HourFilm (roadmovie)
M4SK22 – Anemone (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Machinimatrix – The Shadows (horror)
Metaverse Television – Rough Romance (romance)
Sound’r – The Other Door (buddy)
WarTechnica – SB1070 (sci-fi)
Fluent Media Productions – You Dont Know Jack Schmidt (silent movie)
Tough Question – It was a Difficult Question (western-musical)
NicolleX Group – Changes (fantasy)
Grey Matter Films – Nihilist (film noire)
IdeaJuice Studios – Wet (buddy)
In Limbo – Within you, Without you (sci-fi)
Insomaniacs – Beyond Sundown (drama)
Machinimart – Doublewalker (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Rediculous Sandwich Studios – Make me Wet (mockumentary)
Stone Falcon Productions – The Lake (horror)
Dream Machine – TheRealThing (musical – western)
Moondust Films – Unforeseen (film de femme)
Ninja Bandits – Quantum Warrior (romance)

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