Sin in the City for Costa Rica Sims!

Sin in the City for Costa Rica Sims!

Turn the right corner in Sin City and you can find… anything.”

It was certainly anything goes last night! Residents and friends gathered in the Influentials Lounge to celebrate Costa Rica Sims November 2010 Influential, MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane. Sin City being one of Miaa’s favorite films, our events manager Samantha set to work creating the atmosphere to match complete with cages and some most excellent motor bikes! Have to pick one of those up!

As people arrived I set my own windlight to something reminiscent of the film. It really made the experience very realistic! Miaa arrived in the midst of the gyrating bodies attired in extremely tight leather covered with grenades, goggles, fishnet stockings and sporting some kind of blade whip that sent me running for cover under DJ Mikee’s dreads. I’m telling you that thing looked vicious! So… she’s got a darkside hehe. Wicked!

After a fair bit of crashing from quite a few people, everyone eventually settled in and the party took on full swing! Candylicious Forster, her blonde hair wild and whipping about looked like she stepped straight from the film and Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo did an amazing turn reminiscent of Rosario Dawson’s Gail. Geryn Sloane flung her long purple mane in a look I have never seen her sport but it was a winner!

Mikee of course couldn’t let the night pass without hinting at a story involving Gian Papa Bear, Sam Momma Bear and Tosha Baby Bear. Judging by the amount of Shhhhhhhing Sam was doing, I’m guessing this is something we need to needle Mikee about to spill! Mikee claimed innocence *coughs rather loudly* which would have been more convincing if we all didn’t know about his research into the true gender of a 100 foot tall Gorilla named Kong. Nice try Mikee 😉 On the plus side I think Brendan and I almost have Mikee convinced on pumpkin usage. Check past posts to hear the background on that one xD

It wasn’t long before the lounge was absolutely packed with well wishers and much synchronized dancing was to be seen. Apollo Call landed on top of us and joined in for a bit to congratulate his friend Miaa. I was still ducking that whip by the way, no matter what the pictures show 😛 After Mikee played a special song dedicated to our Miaa, “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. I’m starting to think Mikee is a wee bit psychic XD

Either way it was a perfect night. Everyone jammed to Mikee’s trademark song signaling the winding down of the event, “The Sun is Coming Out For Us“. Dare I say you could feel the love. Well you could 😀 Big thank you to our November Influential Miaa Rebane!

Thanks to everyone who came and making this event so much fun. You all looked amazing! Don’t forget the Butterfly Ball Fundraiser for Breast Cancer benefiting the American Cancer Society tomorrow at 5pm SLT at the Opera House Plaza. You’ll get to see all of the Miss Costa Rica Sims so dress to impress!



Costa Rica November Rezz Days Turned on the Steam!

Costa Rica November Rezz Days Turned on the Steam!

Steampunk that is. A little Wiki background on “Steampunk” for those not familiar. Come on I like quoting! Indulge me.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s, specifically, an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain…

Of course there is more to it. It has inspired an entire niche of fashion within RL and particularly Second Life® and I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a Rezz Day party!

Alas, Second Life gods were not on my side. Having been unable to get my inventory to load, I was forced to extreme measures folks. Yes, I’m talking about the alt. Well, I can’t really call him that since its just another avie with my name thanks to the new SL naming system. But the result was me attending the party, steamless. You can dab my tears now 😀

However that didn’t stop everyone else from blowing me away with her amazing outfits. The top hats were bopping, the cinched waists were hopefully breathing as the airship held its course. DJ Mikee and Suga joined in and the music flowed like wine. Many wore vintage steampunk gear but some like Tosha Bergen were Steampunk from the Future! Sounds like an old Scifi movie huh?

This being so soon after the Thanksgiving holiday and there being so many Rezz Day babies, I’m guessing thats why I didn’t see that many. But those that ventured out got down and dirty with DJ Mikee, and that can be interpreted as literal most of the time I’m telling ya.

A huge Happy Rezz Day to all our November Costa Rica babies! What a great month to be born! Aedann, Amari, Ananya, Ann, Annalise, Aquiel, Barney, Bjorn, Brent, Brieanna, Candi, Coco, Cole, Coulton, Charriol, CountTo, Darkington, Davec, Debina, Devine, Devon, Di, Ethaniel, Etimakasu, Frimost, Hanley, Haven, Jade, Jaques, Jeff, Jenn, Kagashi, Lana, Lilith, Leonidas, Maddie, MissRoxy, Modokun, Mystique, Natalia G, Nisa, Pajoel, Pacman, Quetzal, Rubee, Santana, Sherlock, Sparkling, Suzy, Taci, Tallan, Tenni, Tolonegro, Toya, Whitelight, Xander and Zoso. Phew!!!!

Have a great rest of the month and don’t forget the Butterfly Ball Fundraiser for Breast Cancer benefiting the American Cancer Society tomorrow at 5pm SLT at the Opera House Plaza. You’ll get to see all of the Miss Costa Rica Sims so dress to impress!


Costa Rica Sims November Weekend “FINALE” Events

Costa Rica Sims November Weekend “FINALE” Events

Costa Rica and friends hold on to your seats, and believe me when I say. You do not want to miss this weekends events.


Costa Rica Sims NOVEMBER Rezz Day 2010

WHEN: Saturday, November 27th, 2010


TIME: 4pm SLT – 6PM slt

WHERE: Costa Rica “steam punk” location:

ATTIRE: Steam Punk

Journey with us and let the Costa Rica “Steam Punk” experience consume you. As we celebrate our November Rezz Day Babies.



THEME: “Underworld” Sin City

WHEN: Sunday, November 28th, 2010


TIME: 12pm SLT – 2pm SLT

WHERE: CRSP Influential Lounge-

This month join us in honoring “Miaa Rebane“, Miss Virtual World 2010.

Miaa Rebane Influentials interview:

Costa Rica Sims November 2010 Influential: MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

Costa Rica Sims November 2010 Influential: MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

When one wins the title of Miss Virtual World within Second Life®, your life changes. It doesn’t make a bit of difference that it is within a virtual world. It affects your choices and your routine, both here and real life. MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane has handled it all while balancing a busy job as well as continuing education. And she’s managed to do it all with her own brand of humor, poise and style.

Miaa first heard about Second Life® via a research paper on the internet. This led to a discussion in class about the virtual world where she learned from her professor that the University had an SL sim. Highly curious, Miaa signed up.

MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

“I was in Help Island and this girl sent me a folder with clothes and landmarks of freebie places so I shopped and I shopped and I shopped some more. After that I uploaded a bit of lindens and this other person said they would take me to the really good shops.”

We all know how that goes! Miaa continued exploring and along the way frequented freebie photo studios to take pictures. She spent her time shopping and attending classes at NCI, learning about building and texturing.

MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

“It was really fascinating, seeing all of this creativity. For me to paint in real life, I need an open space. I live in downtown, concrete jungle. I need to bring out all my paints, brushes, cleaners and then once I am done I need to clean up and varnish. It’s a lot of time and effort so I guess there was always this want for creativity that I missed and Second Life somehow fulfilled it. I remember how really happy I was going to those classes.”

Little did she know, things were about to take an interesting turn.

“One day this girl Keathe – from Flickr – she said that she’d do pics for me. She gave me tons of landmarks that had some modeling agencies mixed in. I applied to a few agencies, GIA, MODA. This was about two months after having been in world.”

“I joined Model’s Workshop and won their first contest; ‘Make It Work‘. I got admission to EIMA, some clothes and lindens. I was in Flickr already so I sent a message to Senna [Sennaspirit Coronet, photographer] and he did some photos of me. He introduced me to Sura and Rusch. I had messaged Mui [Mukerji] asking her if she would make a shape for me. She encouraged me to enter this contest called Miss Virtual World. I had no idea how it worked. I sent Frolic [Mills] an IM asking how much I need to pay him to enter. He never replied.”

Miaa Rebane

Oh were we all that young once? I think we were. After another two months, Miaa was selected and got in. By September though, the reality of her decision to enter the most sought after title in Second Life really hit her.

“Yes, by then I knew. But honestly even if you do, unless you go through the experience, you won’t know how big this is. It is rigorous. It needs a lot of commitment. MVW contest lasts for three to four months. You are constantly judged. You always need to have your game face on, no matter what. You hear a bad feedback, you try harder but can’t give up. It takes a lot of confidence in your judgement – something I feel I have more now than when I started but I also feel my education helped me.”

True that it is not only a contest about looks. Though those may be exceptionally beautiful, for styling you need to have an eye for what works on you and with Second Life it is much more simple to be beautiful. Adjust a slider here, nip in a prim there. The confidence is another matter and hits at the core of who we truly are.

Miaa Rebane

“I was confident of my looks and abilities, but I didn’t know what the judges were really looking for. When you are in it, you are constantly giving your best. I felt confident that I would be in top ten. Twenty-two of us shared a common dream, I didn’t know that it would come true. When I won, there was only one thing in my mind. ‘Please do not crash me.’

Winning the contest also enabled her to bring attention to things she was passionate about in Real Life. Namely the amazing effort put forth with the Project Tents charity to benefit Haiti disaster victims in cooperation with ShelterBox. An event that joined a massive number of SL fashion creators ranging from CHANTKARE TO Azul. It raised over 2200US dollars and was featured in BOSL Magazine. An event she wants to do again in early 2011.

Project Tents Haiti

In the real world, Miaa is working toward her Masters in User Interface Design; for those of us that don’t know; it is the design of computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, software applications, and websites with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction. The goal being to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible.

Her own natural sense of style is one that is unique and recognizable as her own stamp when you view her many photographs on Flickr. “I came to Second Life® because of my curiosity but the whole aspect of creating something beautiful kept me here. I love to style. It is easy to look like anything you want in Second Life. I can be 7’1″ in SL while in RL I’m just 5’7. I think my style is more like real life as well. How I would dress myself in real life is how I try to dress here. There’s a fluidity and beauty to keeping the style as close to real life as possible.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy the fun of dressing differently in Second Life. Its a wonderful medium to explore and try things you might not be able to pull off in real life. Her photography includes some very fantastical looks such as the CStar Fantasy Model skins. She is a bit more timid about her photography skills. Not unlike a lot of talented artists who overly critique their own work.


“I don’t consider myself a Photoshop expert. What Monica Outlander does for example is some of the most beautiful Photoshop work. Taking snapshots is different and I think that because I paint in real life, I can take good snapshots. Understanding what angles look good.”

Her fashion faves range from Couture designers to Japanese creators. “I really love the new Cheerno Femme line, Gasque, Miamai, Azul, Nicky Ree, QueenQueen, Milk Motion, and Japanese designers in general.”

Now that her reign is coming to an end next month, I ask what she has planned for the future of her Second Life. “I’ll dedicate my time to modeling and styling and doing something in the same field. Expanding my photography knowledge. I’ve started a new style project with some amazing people in Second Life and hope to have that launched by December.”

We stop the interview as she takes a message from a future MVW contestant, fraught with worry about their style and look and the judges. She listens attentively, soothes the young lady and gives her advice assuring her to take a day to process it all, sleep on it and then contact her the next day so they can talk more. I ask her if this ever gets tiring.

“I feel its part of who I am to help someone else. I was there once so I know how it feels. I always give constructive criticism because without that you can’t grow. It would be doing them an injustice to lie and say what they want to hear. The least I can do is to be honest with them in a constructive manner.”

Personally I think my head would explode from so much messaging. But again she seems to just get on with it. “Sometimes I’m not feeling so good, or if I had a rough day at work. I’m only human. But I do my best.”

And just perhaps folks, that’s what being Miss Virtual World is all about.

You can see more of Miaa’s photos on her flickr here.

Join us this Sunday to celebrate with Miaa at her Influential’s party! Details will be released soon about the theme. I can say right now, you are gonna LOVE IT!


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