Costa Rica Sims October Recap

Costa Rica Sims October Recap

October, leaves turning color, children donning masks and knocking on doors in search of sweets, full moons and horror films. Here at Costa Rica Sims we saw the start of some new events and thoroughly enjoyed old ones.

We started the month with the very popular Ladies Society Ball. This month was filled with romance and light-hearted fun. Sienna Charman and Butch Pinion kept close to one another throughout the evening. G. Sloane Couture Owner Geryn Sloane and Geronimo Dolores took in a dance or two.

Filo Tani & Ipunin Pera Brendan Macarthur & Giancarlo

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo, despite a few crashes at first, recovered beautifully and dazzled all with her ensemble. Filo Tani and Ipunin Pera were simply gorgeous in attire and movement as they swept around the floor together. Our own Giancarlo succumbed and offered a dance to Brendan Macarthur. I heard some huffing and puffing then Giancarlo declaring that Brendan was much too heavy to lift. Maybe a few laps in the seas of Costa Rica will sort you out.

Miss Costa Rica Sims Reign Congrejo Sienna Charman & Butch Pinion

Resident Corinne Collins and RobWriter Starship took a turn around the room as did Tosha Bergen and Willy Oakleaf. MVW Bahamas Roe Woodford showed up with an amazing headpiece and gown as did Lilmiss Core, elegant in a strapless gown and opera style gloves. WaMark Basevi and Thori OHare joined in the fun and it was great to see Sanodore Arriaga and ScarlettLa Roux.

DJ Knockout Event!

DJ Knock-Out was our first event of this kind in Costa Rica sims. There have been alot of residents clamoring for a more casual event, so they can let loose and get down. Our Events Manager Samantha Ohrberg delivered with this event. You’ll be seeing more of this next month with various DJ’s facing off, friendly of course, and knocking you out with their tunes! I’ve heard a rumour it might even be Suga Hunniton or Gerty!

Keshi and Miaa

This time it was DJ Ensane providing the mixin! It was fun to get grungy in attire. OMG! Sammie had on her tightest, slinkiest grungiest outfit with ripped fishnet stockings as she bumped and bounced with DeeCee. Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo dancing with Giselle and Jaeyoon were looking so sexy and had the moves down! Candy and Tra with WK, I have never seen WK in anything but a suit. BLEW. MY. MIND. LOL! He looked great! Keep that look WK!

Sexy Mark

Brendan and Timmus let it all hang out, literally complete with cowboy hats and tats. MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane made my dreams come true with her
trendy Glam Rock tee tribute to the incomparable David Bowie. Accept no substitutes. The very sexy WaMark Basevi set hearts racing with his
bare chest and hugging blue jeans. Lacy Muircastle and Corinne Collins were the deadly duo, hips flying all over the room! Look out! Turn on an alarm when you back up like that! 😀 Tosha Bergen took the Knockout seriously and came decked out in tight black latex and boxing gloves! Seriously you do not want to run into her in a dark alley after the club closes! You can see all of the photos of this event taken by TraLove at our Flickr Page!

WK Community Ball was quite a full event this month. Lots of new faces turned up to enjoy the dulcet tones of Ms CECI Dover. Iwan Sweetwater took Cutietakaii Cheng for a turn about the dance floor and so many of Costa Rica Sims society turned out. Make sure to keep checking the new photo set in Flickr created just for our lovely residents called Costa Rica Sims Society. You never know where the camera will be!

Iwan Sweetwater & Cutietakaii Cheng MVW Bahamas Roe Woodford and Benno Denimore

MVW Bahamas Roe Woodford and Benno Denimore cut an exciting silhouette as they danced elegantly to the music. Naiya Kazyanenko, top model and manager of House of Beningborough showed up in a heart stopping gown of red and gold; residents Haley Castiglione, new faces [to me anyway] Jeanne Muliaina, Calypso Sparrowtree and FifiLamere Daines as well as the lovely Sydney Bonde joined in decked out in their most fabulous. Some media heavies came out to enjoy the festivities as well; Saffia Widdershins owner of Prim Perfect Magazine as well as SL Enquirer Lacy Muircastle. A lovely afternoon at WK’s beautiful estate home.

Palo Verde National Park Las Baulas

Costa Rica Sims has had the honor of having two of its most beautiful areas added to the Destination Guide on the Second Life® Website! Costa Rica’s Palo Verde National Park. Take the water safari boat tour to learn about this unique ecosystem and the bird species that come to this sanctuary every year in this recreation of Costa Rica’s Palo Verde National Park, one of the last tropical dry forests in the world. Also added, and one of my personal favorites, Costa Rica’s Marino Las Baulas National Park. Discover the worldwide campaign to protect leatherback turtles in the recreation of Costa Rica’s Marino Las Baulas National Park. Afterwards, grab a surfboard and ride some of the largest waves in SL, followed by a romantic sunset dinner at La Tortuga Feliz cafe. Truly beautiful locales. Please show your support and visit the Destination guide and cast a vote.

Costa Rica Sims La Cantina

La Cantina, the new venue at Costa Rica sims featuring latin jazz. Residents ventured out dressed in their spiciest latin garb, twirling and dipping deeply to the tuneage of DJ Mikee Gemini with his host Suga Hunniton looking fab in a dress that followed her every move. Residents David Jupiter and Lilmiss Core covered the floor, David looking very latin sexy as he led her.

Costa Rica sims residents Chase and Solitaire Estate blogger Takeshi Kiama and MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane dazzled in a close fitting ruffled gown perfect for the occasion. Skylei Caproni was a vision in frilly lace as she danced with Phoenix Reyer. Brendan McArthur lit up the place with his yellow ruffled sleeve outfit, so suave.

Brendan McArthur, Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine and Events Manager Samantha Ohrberg Our lovely estate manager, Senorita Dolci

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine and Events Manager Samantha Ohrberg kept it short and sweet, showing lots of leg as they spun to the music. Residents Chase and Solitaire kept close to one another and Estate Manager Dolci Woodget was beyond cute, a darling senorita in a festive green polka dot dress. Ready for the Pinata!

Think Pink party to benefit Breast Cancer was a huge SPLASH! And OMG Mr Costa Rica Sims 2010 Todd Anton and MVW 2010 Mikey Batriani came by dressed in nothing but sexy pink swimmies and waving rave sticks. This is only one event in a long line of Breast Cancer Awareness events that Costa Rica Sims has taken part in with the help of Ipunin Pera and Filo Tani.

Sammie, Mr Costa Rica Sims 2010 Todd Anton and Mr VW 2010 Mikey Batriani

They arrived and joined in the fun, Filo green and purple patterned board shorts with his pink lei and Ipunin sporting her pink teddy on her shoulder. The teddy bears were provided by Sway Dench and for a small donation of 200L all proceeds going to help in the fight against Breast Cancer. They were out of there like hotcakes. Sam actually had to set a few more out.

Resident Drolang02 Blackrain Filo Tani and Ipunin Pera

It was great to see some new and old faces turn up. Resident Drolang02 Blackrain showed support dressed in a pink and black top, the oh so hot Divos Titanium looking sexy as always, residents Lilmiss Core and Skylei Caproni, resident Phantom Whitefalcon and Giancarlo and resident Yuli Larnia got down and dirty on the floor. No not in that way! But I don’t think I’ll be performing that particular maneuver without more yoga lessons.

GC and resident Yuli Divos Titanium

Costa Rica Sims Productions dazzled residents this month with its House of BENINGBOROUGH showcase. The designs of creator Bliss Beningborough worn by our beautiful models as they strolled the catwalk. Read the review and see photos of this fabulous production here…

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo wearing Water Dragon and

The spookiness really began with the Rocky Horror Party held by the creative Costa Rica Sims Ladies Society. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Oh yeah I already know. 😛 This was a huge tribute and fun evening for all residents to dress up as the many characters from the cult classic and shake our booty’s to DJ Mikee Gemini as he taught us the Time Warp, Gemini style! Read more about this night out here…

Tosha Bergen as Magenta and Dolci Woodget as Columbia

Rezz Days is always a special time here at Costa Rica Sims as we celebrate the birth of our residents into this Virtual World. October proved to be an outstanding one. Residents Gort6 and Grayce dressed up their sim in spook-tacular fashion (you’ll see me use this word again) and held one of the most fun filled Rezz Day Parties ever! I’m still not sure if people showed up dressed in costume or they just finally showed their true colors. I’m just saying is all! So read on…

Rounding out the month we celebrated and honored our Fashion Influential for October, the talented and elegant, and she’s a wee bit wild, Geryn Sloane, the creative force behind G. Sloane Couture! I expect to see some ladies at our next formal event strolling about in her creations. Awww come on! I have a camera 😀 Read all about this costume event and find out the truth behind King Kong… Find out more about this fabulous lady in our interview under Fashion, Music & More then Influentials Interviews…

Geryn Sloane of G. Sloane Couture

Couple of things. Do make sure if you are taking part in the building classes taught by Clay Ellison, to get your notecard to him with your name. I believe they start tomorrow, November 2nd. Hope to see you there! Read here for info on the curriculum.

Also stop by the CRISS Museum of Contemporary Art and you might still be able to catch Gulliver all tied up in the back. Read more about this exhibit here…

Big shout out Costa Rica residents new and old for coming out and enjoying the events! That’s what we want! To the lovely Bliss Beningborough for showcasing her designs with Costa Rica Sims Productions. To all the lovely Ladies in the Costa Rica Ladies Society for coming up with such interesting and fun events. To Applonia Criss of CHANTKARE for the new releases and letting me photograph them on the lovely Imani Enzo who stepped up last minute. Gort6 and Grayce Meredith for that amazing Halloween build, to Geryn Sloane who put up with me for over an hour to interview! Ipunin and Filo for all your hard work for Breast Cancer Awareness and Sway Dench for those cute bears, DJ Mikee and Suga and Ceci Dover for keeping us all rocking and Samantha for her contributions and ideas for new events to keep you guys excited and Giancarlo for making such a wonderful estate for us all to live in and enjoy and if I don’t shut up you won’t be able to tell me to stop so you can drool over the picture below. Gotcha!

Costa Rica Sims people, you know how to party! I so need a break now. You wore me out. NOT! Get ready for November because if you think this month was nuts. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Just a little teaser in case you haven’t seen. Though why you are not combing through the Flickr I do not know. I swear I work my fingers to the bone…

Because Every Woman Needs A Vitamen!



Miss Virtual World Academy November Schedule

Miss Virtual World Academy November Schedule

Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy

November is Graduation Month in Miss Virtual World Academy, and with that in mind we had to reschedule all available modules to be taught before Graduation weekend (November 19th, 20th and 21st).

Available times, dates and instructors for November courses are as follows:

Modeling 101: The Basics                             3.000 L$

Instructor: Wicca Merlin [  ] Sunday, Nov 7th, 1:00 pm SLT

Modeling 102: Raising the bar                 3.000 L$

Instructor: Kay Fairey  [  ] Sunday, Nov 7th, 4:00 pm SLT

Instructor: dancer Dallagio [  ] Sunday, Nov 14th, 12:00 noon SLT

Modeling 103: Shape Up!                            3.500 L$

Instructor: Giela Delpaso [  ]  Sunday, Nov 14th, 10:00 am SLT

Instructor:  Wicca Merlin [  ] Sunday, Nov 14th, 04:00 pm SLT

Modeling 104: From model to DIVA !       3.500 L$

Instructor: Miaa Rebane [  ] Sunday, Nov 7th, 2:00 pm SLT

Instructor – Mimmi Boa [  ] Tuesday,  Nov 16th, 12:00 noon SLT

Instructor: Miaa Rebane [  ] Sunday, Nov 14th, 2:00 pm SLT

Modeling 105 : Graduation            This seminar is free.

Instructor: Frolic Mills – BOSL CEO & Miaa Rebane MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010

November 19th, 20th and 21st, 4:00 pm SLT. Students must attend all three days.


1. Every course must be taken in order: 101, 102, etc.

2. Only those students who pass the final judgment will graduate. If you don’t pass this exercise, you must repeat modeling 105 at no charge. The idea is that you become a perfect model, and we will help you no matter how long it takes.

3. Each course is 2-3 hours long depending on number of students.

4. A 10% discount will be given for full payment of all courses at once. (13000L paid total if paid per session, 11700L if paid in full at once before the first session begins)

5. Graduates of other top modeling academies, who are confident about their technical skills, only need to take courses 103 and 104 to become a MVW Academy graduate.

If you wish to become a student at the academy please IM me in-world for an application.

Giela Delpaso
BOSL Executive

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