Costa Rica Sims January Influential’s Miss Virtual World Contestants: Roe Woodford

Costa Rica Sims January Influential’s Miss Virtual World Contestants: Roe Woodford

Today I will be introducing you to another of our lovely January Influential’s honorees: Ms. Roe Woodford.  Roe is a highly trained and accomplished model in SL and represented the Bahamas in the Miss Virtual World Pageant. Roe’s resume is full and impressive: Glance International Agency Top Model, Evane Model, AVENUE Model, DeJaVogue Model, VoGuE Top Model, Amarelo Manga Top Model, Passerella Elite Top Model, REMA Model. Her model training is from many of the most elite academies SL has to offer and her appearances on runways across the grid are impressive.  I enjoyed getting to know Roe better and I am sure you will too!


How long have you lived in Costa Rica Sims?

Since August 2010

What aspect of Costa Rica Sims is it that makes you keep Costa Rica Sims your home?

I really love the community feel of Costa Rica. The staff is professional and there are always fun things to do.

Is there anything you have discovered here in Costa Rica you would recommend to others?

I’ve referred a few people to live here and also to set up shops in the shopping district.  I love that we have some of the best designers in SL right here in Costa Rica Sims! A friend of mine who creates hairs specifically for men rented a space in the shopping district (Tonic Hair) and has really enjoyed conducting business in CRS

The MVW pageant is such a huge event in SL did you have any “cold feet” moments?

Oh gosh yes, every moment was LOL! I think any model would say that no matter how long we do this, those first few minutes before you hit the catwalk we all get butterflies 🙂

Any specific moments that really caused those butterflies you recall?

None specific, it’s just a feeling you always get 🙂

Overall how would you describe the whole MVW experience?

For me, the pageant was positive; I was fairly new when I auditioned for MVW so each moment was really an honor I did not have as much as experience as many of the models so I really got a lot of training and practice during the pageant, MVW also gave me great exposure. To compete with other models that were much more experienced than me was a real honor. I learned a lot and it really built my self confidence as a model.

Most nerve wracking moment of the MVW pageant?

As always…The Lag Monster! LOL I was grateful that the final pageants was shown on meteverse and not open to the public, that really reduced lag a lot.

What’s the best advice you have received in SL?

To stay true to myself and to remember that SL is not RL. SL should be an enhancement to RL if possible but it never replaces, remember to balance and have a healthy SL. Run fast from drama and smile as much as possible 🙂

Best SL fashion tip or trick?

Wear the “boot fixer” with Moody’s to keep your ankles straight

Worst outfit you have ever had to wear in a fashion show?

LOL I would never answer this and offend any designer 🙂 But I will say that some outfits can be more challenging than others especially on the runway (prim attachments ect.) But that’s the fun of it, anyone can put on a fabulous outfit and walk it, But the outfits that challenge me to be creative are the most fun.

If you were made Queen of SL for a day, what would you do, change or create?

I would demand that we all have to say or do something nice for someone every day. It’s always been important to me that SL be a place where people can come and have fun and be happy, we often don’t know a person’s RL circumstances and a friendly word or an act of kindness has more power than we may realize.

And I’d develop a device that showed IP addresses to expose mean people who do and say mean things.

 What would you do with this info?

 I think if people knew they could be exposed they would think first about the things they do and say to others. We should all have to be accountable for what we say and do.

Tell me about your most memorable SL moment.

Wow there have been so many…but I think if I have to pick one it would be the day I married my SL Hubby. We had a beautiful wedding with just a few of our friends it was a really special day that I will never forget.

What part of your RL do you bring into SL, if any?

I find it difficult to not bring my entire self into SL. I’m driven and very passionate about things in RL and that definitely caries over to SL. I’m also very sensitive at times and that shows up here too. I care about people and their happiness. I love making people smile.

What’s your favorite thing to do in SL with your friends?

Of course CRS is a great place to hang with friends! There so much to do. I love surfing! I also love My SL Puppies. I love hanging out with them whenever I can. They have highly advanced scripts and I can train them. They actually develop their own personalities. I love showing my friends the puppies or having friends come along when I take the dogs out to play (they actually have dog parks and dog beaches in SL) I also love chatting with people and sharing information regarding different cultures, but I love laughing the most, just laughing and being happy 🙂

Roe is a wonderful part of out Costa Rica Sims family and I hope you enjoyed getting to meet her as much as I have! Syd <3

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