Costa Rica Sims January Influential’s Miss Virtual World Contestants: Rhonda Pennell

Costa Rica Sims January Influential’s Miss Virtual World Contestants: Rhonda Pennell

I bring to you the last day of our Costa Rica Sims January Influential’s Ms. Rhonda Pennell, one of the sweetest most gracious ladies in Second Life.  Rhonda represents the Dominican Republic for 2011 in the Miss Virtual World Pageant and has many more accomplishments of note including: Countless runway shows since early 2008, Photo shoots for AVENUE, Maniera, Nu Vibez, among others, live modeling on “Fabulous Fashion” TV show, video modeling for Sascha’s Designs, Vassnia, and others, vendor displays for Body Talking, Prism, Naive, Nefertiti Kimagawa Designs, script writing, show hosting and blogging. The one thing all of our January MVW honoree’s have in common is the desire to be professional caring women that fill their time in Second Life with accomplishments and achievements. Without further ado I introduce you to an absolutely lovely lady…Ms Rhonda Pennell.

 Rhonda, what were the deciding factors, that sealed the deal for you to make Costa Rica Sims your home?

Previously, I was living in a small beach house in a sim that unfortunately started to become rather crowded…it was one of my sisters (Leah McCullough) who suggested that she, Veronica Krasner, and myself move in together at Costa Rica…and when she teleported us for a first look at the (then empty) parcel, we were simply blown away. The beach, the water channels, the palm trees, everything looked wonderful and was just perfect in every detail! We agreed to share the rent, purchased a lovely big house, and suddenly there we were 🙂 And I can say that I have not regretted the move at all…I have perhaps never felt so much ‘at home’ as I do now in this sim.

 You have created this lovely home for yourself at Costa Rica Sims.  What makes Costa Rica Sims special for you?

It is a very beautiful, peaceful and serene place…I am very happy with the noticeable absence of ugly neighboring builds, ban lines, or even repeated intrusions by newbies (or griefers, heaven forbid). Here I am able to relax and go about my business, whether working with my at-home photo studio, decorating, unpacking, or simply sorting inventory. I am also very impressed with how nice the management has been so far, and of course with the community activities which are rarely seen anywhere else.

Now, that you have survived Miss Virtual World Pageant…   Is there anything new from the experience you will carry with you going forward?

MVW was an amazing experience! Regretfully, I had to leave the pageant midway because of health reasons, but it really taught me to step up and challenge my styling skills to a whole new level. MVW is a contest quite unlike any other, not merely because it consists of multiple challenges and events during its course (nearly three months), but also because you share the whole experience with the other finalists and quickly come to regard them as friends, even a sort of family where the contest is a friendly competition and a great source of happiness, laughter, and mutual support. The management team has been no less than brilliant and offers support at every step of the way. In the end, whether or not you win the crown, you have taken a close look at yourself, developed your beauty, grace and personality, and made some amazing friends in the process and that is a great reward for all of the time (and Lindens) you will spend  🙂

 What little piece of advice would you give to the up and coming MVW contestants?

If you decide to enter MVW, do not enter just to win, because chances are slim that you will, and you may find yourself very disappointed. Be prepared to devote yourself completely and spend lots of time on styling, accessorizing, and meeting the challenges that you will be presented with. MVW is not simply about looking great and having perfect runway skills, it is about your personality most of all. You will need to be strong, confident, and graceful…and most of all, humble and supportive. If you make it as a finalist, you have already come very far and can be proud of that…but now you must prove yourself as a true beautiful lady, both inside and out. If you go in with the right attitude, you will have a fabulous time 🙂

What was your driving force behind that steered you in the direction of modeling in Second Life?

My first few months in SL were spent chasing lucky chairs and *blushes* strip dancing, and ironically it was that profession that led me to be creative with my avatar’s look and be as sophisticated as possible. Fortunately, the lucky chairs were soon abandoned and I started discovering true quality fashion in SL instead – mind you, this was in late 2007 and early 2008, and SL fashion was just beginning to show signs of the incredible quality it has achieved today! Eventually I was looking for something new and different to do, and my sister Veronica Krasner inspired me to try modeling when she decided to as well. Both of us ended up as models in Calamity’s Haute Models, the first agency to support us, nurture us, and give us runway experience in a number of fabulous shows. It was then that I truly knew that I wanted to present fashion in all its creative forms, and support the many talented designers that make our SL what it is today.


 If you had to think of that one thing in Second Life that totally changed your SL career, what would it be?

I cannot think of a single defining moment that had such an impact on my career, but I believe that having been at it for so long (currently more than 3 years) has definitely taught me that modeling is more about passion and creativity than about fame or being in every conceivable runway event. It is not about supermodel tags in major agencies or about always having the most beautiful Flickr photos…I have fallen on my nose a few times, I have lost castings despite my best efforts, and I have learned that we all struggle from time to time, and we all are human and have our good and bad moments. This virtual world is our change to make dreams come true, and we should all do the best we can to be supportive of each other’s dreams…I think the most important lesson to learn is that it is okay to lose, because tomorrow is another chance and you could win again. There is always another opportunity if you do not give up 🙂


Is there anything in Second Life that you haven’t done but have as a goal to do in the future?

*smiles*…I am proud of my achievements in modeling, and very blessed with the friendships I have formed in my Second Life, having said that I am hoping to be a magazine cover girl someday, or finally win a contest:) Happily, though, I did receive the honor of being AVENUE’s Model of the Month in the magazine’s December 2010 issue. I am also hoping to continue teaching and being a support for the next generation of SL models in one form or another. We will see what happens next 🙂

 Go back to your first week in SL, what were your impressions? Hurdles?

When you rez for the first time in SL as a complete newbie, the world can feel quite big and empty – everyone you encounter is a stranger, and you do not quite know how to behave. The biggest challenge, besides actually learning to use the viewer and becoming familiar with all the typical SL quirks and tricks, was certainly to evolve beyond the newbie status and slowly shape myself into a complete virtual person. Perhaps not surprisingly, in a world where everyone can be anonymous and slip into any character, communicating with others and forming partnerships and friendships is ultimately important…it is very difficult to get anywhere on your own. I can say that being blinded by the sheer amount of possibilities and available things in SL was a hurdle at first – my inventory was quickly ballooning with freebie outfits, most of which I am glad to have gotten rid of today 🙂


What’s the craziest thing you have done in SL for love or Lindens?

*laughs* possibly the craziest thing that ever happened to me was the night when I was dancing at a club, and a customer asked me to take me home with him…he proceeded to offer L6000, an enormous amount of money, so I reluctantly agreed. It turned out that he had no interest in any sexual encounters, but simply wanted to talk to me and show me his home…which was actually a gigantic zeppelin floating in the air, complete with secret offices and a spooky laboratory! I felt like I was in a 1940s horror film…definitely one of the more unusual and memorable experiences of my SL 🙂

This wraps up our interviews with out wonderful MVW Costa Rica Residents, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know them as much as I have, until next time I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling first and Second Life! Syd <3

!24 Hour Only Sale! – ‘A Sweet Deal’ From reBourne prefabs! by Suite Sella

!24 Hour Only Sale! – ‘A Sweet Deal’ From reBourne prefabs! by Suite Sella

reBourne’s ‘ Miami ‘ is now officially available, and for 24 hours ONLY, it is for sale for the price of 4000L$, normally 9500L$ !!

This offer will NOT last, so grab yourself a bargain today on reBournes latest and greatest build.

(comes in skybox and ground version)


reBourne proudly presents: ‘reBourne Miami’. A bright white contemporary build with Art Deco elements. Sleek, medium sized and bathing in the beautiful sunlight in  Miami city.. The long stretched shades and glares of light immerse a rarely seen realism in Second Life.

Through it’s innovative layout, this build is flexible to many. Open plan but with privacy and comfort, space to entertain, yet feel detached when the mood takes you. This is a prefab to be experienced, and a must for any appreciator of fine architecture and living.

This version includes:

– panoramic city view
– Hot tub: the hot tub is menu driven and equipped with high quality animations by Sylva Petrov.
– shower. with on/off. warm steamy or cold water
– 2 fireplaces.
– Shark tank – Built in wall aquarium, complete with baby sharks and air bubbles
– realistic waterfall.
– palm trees

For landscaping to make your parcel look like here contact Danny bourne .

Teenage Dreams  By Persia Bravin w/ Photos by Editorial Clarity

Teenage Dreams By Persia Bravin w/ Photos by Editorial Clarity

If there were any lingering doubts about the positive impact and creative contribution that the young people from the former teen grid would make when they recently migrated to main grid, the ‘Teen Talent Fashion Show’ held on Saturday afternoon must surely have dispelled them. Acting as a showcase for some of the very best teenage fashion designers, the event attracted a huge crowd to the Patch Thibaud Auditorium which was packed to full capacity with a supportive and enthusiastic crowd. Over the course of nearly two hours, the audience were treated to a collection of some dazzling, fresh and fun fashion that proved teenage designers are not only incredibly talented-but also have their eyes fixed firmly on RL fashion trends for 2011.

As the curtain rolled back, a funky, multi-coloured stage was revealed and teen models sashayed down the catwalk to a mix of popular dance tracks provided by DJ Annemarie Valentine. Wearing skins kindly donated by Lion Jonesford at ‘LionSkins’ the models looked supremely confident and effortlessly stylish as they showed off a range of casualwear that are sure to become wardrobe staples of any fashion lover regardless of age.

Cute cut off pants, cropped tees destroyed denim and dance wear all epitomised the urban street style that these designers excel at. More sophisticated pieces included prom dress inspired gowns in jewel tones and heavily textured jackets and pantsuits as worn by guest model, the beautiful Serene Faith, Miss Virtual World 2011 who joined the teens on stage in the grande finale. Serene was obviously overjoyed to be part of this event and has already started supporting the teen grid community in other ways. “I am confident we will see lots of exciting changes, new trends, and amazing skills” she said smiling. “2011 will definitely be a year to be remembered! It is with great pleasure and pride that we share in this memorable and significant event today.  I’d like to take this opportunity to announce to you a new group that was founded by Shae Sixpence and myself, to support these amazing young men and women:  The Teen Development Headquarters! The group was created solely from the wish to support these young, talented people and to welcome them to the Adult Grid.  We hope to be able to guide them, to make the transition as smooth as possible, and to support them in their future endeavours. Welcome Teens!  We are excited to have you with us!”

Jointly produced by Eros Foehammer, a former teen grid resident and owner of ‘The Eros Project’ and Lacie Beningborough, the whole show was an exhilarating glimpse of the work and creativity of young designers and Lacie was full of praise for the dedication and professionalism that the teens had showed in the run up to the event. “In the month I have been working with these teens I have been so impressed by their maturity, strength, creativity and dedication to everything that they do” she confirmed. “They are some of the most brilliant intelligent people I have ever had the honour to work with. The main grid is that much greater to have them here with us at last and I am certain that they will have nothing but success here in all that they do.”

At the after show party, Eros admitted that he had been nervous all day about how the show would be received, but his fears were unfounded as both the audience and models relished every moment. With attendees including Eshi Otawara, Terrence Linden, Frolic Mills, Rissa Friller, Carilynn OHare and other key fashion industry people, this was a show that will go down in SL history for its imagination and optimistic approach to Second Life fashion.

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