Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Didier Rascon

Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Didier Rascon

Today I would like to introduce you to Mr. Costa Rica Finalist number three in our lineup: Mr. Didier Rascon. Didier is an accomplished model and it has been a real pleasure to get to know him better during the pageant events. I think you will enjoy getting to know him better too. Please meet Mr. Didier Rascon.

How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL?

It all began when I saw a television report that talked about Second Life … It told the story of a few French who lived a double life through virtual worlds. Very curious to see what it was like, I enrolled in this virtual world and I quickly took a liking to this new life. What prompted me to stay so long on Second Life is i was being able to unleash my creativity and put a artistic point of view outside my real life.

What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home?

I tried several places on second life, but every time I was disappointed by the neighborhood and the lack of consistent sets between each resident. And then a friend of mine one day made me visited the wonderful places of Costa Rica Sims because he lives himself in Costa Rica in RL. I loved this place, and when I got married to Angelik we decided to come and create our home.

What do you think sets Costa Rica Sims apart from all the other places one could choose to live in SL?

All these sets on Costa Rica Sims are designed in a unique and unforgettable spirit. This makes the place a magical and lovely heaven. Also, residents are really friendly and the staff takes really good care of us. What I can say is that here we’re not just residents … we are family!

Why did you choose to enter the Mr. Costa Rica pageant?

As a professional model in second life I’ve made several contests and I have had the joy of winning a few. A competition is, for me, always a challenge and an opportunity to push myself and especially to increase my creativity. Being Mr. Costa Rica Sims would be a good way for me to give back all the friendship and dedication that I have received in living here.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Costa Rica?

To relax 🙂 I really love this place for that … it’s always full of sun, beautiful blue sea…. Waves to do some surf…. And the beautiful beaches to lay and sleep :)) I really love to enjoy this beautiful place 🙂

What would you tell someone thinking about making their home in Costa Rica Sims?

I would say to not hesitate at all … this is the best place ever in second life! I did a lot of places since 2 years I am in SL, but Costa Rica Sims is the best ever.

What is the best thing about yourself you have to offer the Costa Rica community?

I think it’s my fashion designs … for 2 years now I am designing clothes in SL, but I think I am ready now to enter the Haute Couture industry. I have a brand that is called House of Europe, and it’s starting to be known now … I am designing custom dresses and outfits … you just have to ask me 🙂

One thing you bring from RL to SL that you think is important?

I have just brought myself and all my best parts (I think lol) … Didier in SL is the same Didier in RL (it’s my RL name btw). I have nothing to hide from my RL and I don’t hide in RL that i have a SL … I am proud to be who I am, and I am proud of both my RL and my SL … As my favorite song says : “I am who I am … what else could I be”

Anything from SL you have learned that has been beneficial to your RL?

To be more careful with the people around me, SL can be really addictive and can really take you apart from your RL if you don’t pay attention. If i want to keep my SL, i also have to take care of my RL and of all the people around me. Also i have learned that i can be someone … I can do great things if i really want…. I just don’t have to lose faith in me 🙂

It has been great getting to know out Mr. Costa Rica Finalist better, we are half way through the line up and I know you are going to enjoy getting to know the rest of these wonderful gentlemen, check back for tomorrow for the next interview! Syd <3

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Costa Rica Sims DJ Knockout Event!!

Costa Rica Sims DJ Knockout Event!!

Sunday in Costa Rica Sims brought out the crowds for the monthly DJ Knockout and let me tell you it was an event and a half! Two DJ’s going head to head fighting for the title of DJ Knockout Winner. The event started with a few technical difficulties that were soon rectified and the amazing Gertyflirty Goldlust jumped in and kept everyone happy and moving until the tech issues were worked out. Once that was done MikeeGemini took the reins and got the sim full with revelers and warmed up for the main event!

Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout

Mr. Costa Rica finalists were in attendance and it was nice to see the sexy men shaking what their mama gave em! I am telling you it’s going to be tough for the judges to choose from amongst them, they are ALL worthy of the title. A lot of familiar faces and new ones were in attendance and everyone was enjoying the music our awesome DJ’s were playing. Everyone had a chance to get a DJ Knockout Bear created by our own Costa Rica resident Sway Dench, and let me tell you it is adorable!

Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout

Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout

First up in the knockout competition was DJ Mexmaya Reina. I will have to say she had the place on fire! Everyone was having a great time and she totally brought her A game, she was in it to win it for sure. After an hour of Mexmaya taking control of things it was time to hand it over to her competition DJ Hectic Luckstone. Hectic caught everyones attention with a killer start to his set I personally was really excited that we were again having a knock down drag out of a fight for the honor of being this month’s winner. Before the winner was announced though Mikee came back to keep everyone on their feet while the judges deliberated and a winner crowned. I know it’s always a tough decision for the judges and Mexmaya and Hectic went toe to toe but Mexmaya pulled out in front and took the title!

Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout

All in all it was a great event, the venue was packed and everyone had a great time and looked amazing! If you have not been to a DJ Knockout event you should! It’s one of the most popular events at Costa Rica and judging from the crowd it will continue to be for a long time to come! Until next time! Syd <3

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