Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Xavier Midal

Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Xavier Midal

It’s time to wrap up our visits with the Mr. Costa Rica Finalists, where does the time go? I guess it does fly when you are having fun and I have really enjoyed getting to know each one of our finalists better. Our last finalist is: Mr. Xavier Midal, I know you are going to love getting a closer look into this model’s Second Life.  Please sit back and spend some time getting to know Mr. Xavier Midal!

How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL?

I discovered SL through a friend while playing World of Warcraft. Yes, I play that too. lol.  She told me about a virtual universe where the possibilities are limited only by imagination.  At first I was very skeptical about sl, and didn’t understand the old viewer and interface and fought the steep learning curve, but as my passion for WoW waned, my attraction to sl grew and here I am, almost 1.5 years later.

What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home?

Initially, I moved here because I was engaged to a resident here. Even so, I was attracted to the beautiful landscaping and the community events and shopping district that is part of CRS. I have chosen to stay at CRS because of the people and the close community that is built up here.  I have realized just how many people I know that live here, including my fellow candidates for Mr. Costa Rica 2011.

What do you think sets Costa Rica Sims apart from all the other places one could choose to live in SL?

In a word: community.  CRS succeeds at being an inclusive community with many events each and every month like monthly rez day parties and DJ knockout events, and the many other social gatherings that happen. There is also the beautiful landscaping that is open to fly over or sail through, with strict control over alarm systems so that it is smooth, uninterrupted flying/sailing.  It’s really a beautiful community and a beautiful setting.

Why did you choose to enter the Mr. Costa Rica pageant?

I chose to enter this contest because I want to be able to attract more citizens to this wonderfully tropical and booming community. It is full of exciting events, sweeping landscapes and a delightful eclectic mix of residents that fast become family and friends.  I would use my title to be a shining representation worthy of this gem that is called Costa Rica.

What would you tell someone thinking about making their home in Costa Rica Sims?

I would tell them that they are making a great choice in CRS because of all the wonderful things that I have outlined in the previous answers.  I would want them to hurry before all the plots are sold out for the month!

What is the best thing about yourself you have to offer the Costa Rica community?

My compassion is the best thing about myself that I offer to the CR community.

One thing you bring from RL to SL that you think is important?

I’ve brought my irreverent sense of humor with me to SL.  I think that is important because laughter is great medicine and helps keep life fun!  There is always time for serious concentration and effort, and it always needs to be balanced with levity and a dash of zaniness.  I excel in zany 🙂

Anything from SL you have learned that has been beneficial to your RL?

I’ve learned patience.  Lag is an integral part of sl and demands patience.  A very important lesson to know in virtual word and real world is to know patience.  Sometimes things take time to flourish and something’s are out of our control and it takes patience to deal with these.  This is a great lesson for all of us to learn.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to meet each one of our finalist and please be sure to come out and support the candidate of your choice at the pageant on March 26 and if you don’t have a favorite come and support them all! It will be a great event and I look forward to seeing you there! Syd <3

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