Relay for Life “Seasons Of Hope”  2011 Kick-off  at The BOSL Stadium

Relay for Life “Seasons Of Hope” 2011 Kick-off at The BOSL Stadium

Article and Photography By Kara Trapdoor

The crowd began forming over an hour prior to the 2011 Relay For Life kick-off tailgate party 10am SLT at the new BOSL football stadium Saturday, March 12.

nemi McCoy

The dancing to DJ Aryon Dagger continued on until the main show began at 11SLT.

Kara at the pre-party!

The beautifully built, Patch Thibaud,  multi-sim stadium showed 102 attendees at one point with avatars dancing on the stage, on the field, in the stands and Frolic Mills BOSL CEO, Umberto, Edi, Persia and a few others danced and joined in from the owner’s box.

BOSL CEO Frolic Mills

Following the tailgate dance party,  the stage seated special guests, area chairs and speakers.   Dwen Dooley, a survivor, provided pre-recorded  information  discussing some changes about 2011 RFL.  He talked about the Paint Purple Campaign, new improved kiosks, new market tools with less lag,  event boards and web pages,  and referred attendees to his Youtube videos under his name DwenDooley.  Speakers also  included  MamaP Beerbaum, event chair, Stingray 9798 Raymaker, Director,  Tali Walmer and others.  Some gave touching personal accounts of trials with cancer and treatment.

MamaP Beerbaum-2011 RFL Event Chair & Stingray 9798 Raymaker-Director, ACS in SL

Kayleigh McMillian, IRFL Ambassador

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease including various fundraisers.  Second Life is proud to participate annually with many large and exciting events and fundraisers.   Their web site can be found here:

2011 Relay for Life marks the 7th year for SL participants.  Prior to 2010 Relay For Life had benefited in the past over 11 million Linden from this annual event and I was told at the close last year an additional  4.1 million Linden was raised.

Something that was stated repeatedly is “Everyone has a reason to relay!”

The many sponsors were listed at the end of the kickoff and attendees were referred to the Fashion Fair that is kicking off their Relay for Life events and offerings today as well.

I hopped on over to the Fashion Fair along with many of the other attendees where fellow BOSL reporter, Sonicity Fitzroy joined me to take a few pictures of this event.   Here 191 shops are spread out over 9 sims to join in the RFL fight against cancer.  Once again the sim builds are very impressive and the clothing sales are something not to be missed.  Their theme is year is “Beyond Black and White” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer.  (BOSL’s Persia Bravin has the full report with some early photos of the Fashion Fair)

Those attending the opening RFL ceremonies included:  Trace Diavolo, Patch Thibaud, David Valentino, Havoc Thor, Hawked Warrior, Saleena Hax, Cheri Bisiani, Kitty Gumbo, Nemi McCoy, Belle Lill, BlackBarbie Bravin, Random Darrow, Frolic Mills, Editorial Clarity, Tee Auster, Umberto Giano, Paris Honi, Dar Writer, Aston Lisle, Viola Rookswood, Emma Attstatier, Greenie Collingwood, Saur HOlt, Ember Favine, Zach Barkley, Piper Palianta, Stingray 9798 Raymaker, MamaP BeerBaum, Nikki Mathieson, Ponchituti Boucher, Tali Walmer, Mata Loire, Panza Eilde, Poppy Zabelin, Aryon Dagger, Tyler Barineaux, & Kathy Nikolaidis.

The many upcoming Relay For Life events can be found on the  Main Event Board.

Fashion for Life 2011

Fashion for Life 2011

In the annual merry-go-round of Second Life ™ fashion events, you will find countless shows dedicated to helping raise much needed money for real life charities. While this is a commendable practice, quite often these occasions are pretty one dimensional and lack creative power and inspiration, but the whole team behind ‘Fashion for Life 2011’ have raised the bar by miles, triumphantly producing what is- quite frankly- fashion nirvana. This year, nine whole sims have been allocated to showcase the latest fashion, hair and avatar enhancing accessories lovingly made by SL’s top content creators, with the ultimate objective being to raise as much money as possible for ‘Relay for Life’ which is directly supported by the American Cancer Society. There over two hundred stores selling the latest covetable couture, with large established fashion labels and a collection of new, up and coming design talent all represented which reinforces the community feel of the whole event. Many designers are using ‘Fashion for Life’ to unveil brand new products and clothing not available anywhere else, and each store has at least one fundraising vendor selling gorgeous items-including some bespoke designs made specifically for this ten day long fashion extravaganza.

‘Fashion for Life’ is also the ideal place to spot new styles and to discover designers you have never heard of before. I was also hugely impressed by how fast SL designers have translated current, real life catwalk trends here and I came away with several pieces that will be summer wardrobe staples including rainbow colored separates, 1970’s inspired maxi dresses, vivid floral pantsuits and an evening gown in deep, sunset orange. Clio Cardiff is just one of the many designers lending their skills this year and as CEO and head designer behind the super elegant ‘Clio’ label, for her taking part in this event has been fun and altruistic as she explains: “I feel that it’s great to help others with something I enjoy doing, which is my designing. Even though it’s not my main job, it’s still my little grain of help, in the hope it can mean something to somebody.”

It’s not only the fashion on show that is stunning. The sim development team have excelled themselves and each of the nine regions is an execution in the finest and most progressive building techniques yet seen in SL. Based on the theme ‘Beyond Black and White’ the grayscale builds and landscape are not only ethereally beautiful, but by reducing the amount of full color textures, the dreaded lag-that most famous joy killer in SL-is practically nonexistent. Ingeniously arranged in a ‘tetris’ shape that allows for faster render times, it’s evident that the design team spent a huge amount of time thoughtfully planning how to make this years ‘Fashion for Life’ the ultimate shopping experience for all visitors -you can easily spend hours here simply gasping in awe at the outstanding architecture. Syngen Sohmers is the Co-Lead in building, and her incredible skills and instinctive understanding of SL building practices have undoubtedly helped to produce a truly unique event. “It’s been tumultuous, wild, fun, brilliant, exciting and stressful all at once,” she says, explaining the months of hard work. “It’s been both an escape and something to escape from. We have been absolutely blessed with a fantastic team of brilliant and creative builders, all of whom if I didn’t know them before the build? I’m keeping them as friends afterwards. The staff has been shockingly dedicated and amazing; the designers have done some breathtaking work, and I think it’s all come together far better than I could ever have hoped for.” Nigel Riel is also a member of the design team and for him; it has also been a magical experience. “Let’s just say I had an absolutely fabulous time working with Syngen and am flattered to be in included with such great company of builders on this project,” he says. “It’s the most fun I’ve had doing a sim build to date and hopefully I’ll get to do more!”

While ‘Fashion for Life’ is the result of some staggering, united team work, its success is also testament to one lady in particular-the vivacious and inspirational Harper Beresford. She has once again been the main driving force behind this event; coordinating people from across the globe, making key changes to the official website and acting as spokesperson and instigator for the whole ‘Fashion for Life’ concept-so what are her own personal hopes for this year? “We had a mission that included earning lots of donations for the American Cancer Society and our designers, providing a beautiful and low-lag environment and having fun doing it,” she says smiling. “We seem to be achieving all our goals and we have tried our utmost to be transparent in everything we are doing, which includes publishing rules that designers have to follow, publishing the fees they have paid to participate, and working very hard with the RFL of SL people to make sure all monies are properly handled.”

‘Fashion for Life 2011’ is one of those landmark occasions in SL; a genuinely worthwhile, exhilarating and fun experience regardless of if you are a fashion devotee or not. Take friends, take a few hours out to explore-just make sure you take a lot of Linden dollars because this is a shopping excursion that has a worthwhile cause at its core, as Harper Beresford sums up so accurately. “I would remind people that this is an entirely volunteer-driven, heartfelt event. The designers have all contributed amazing content with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. It is incredible to imagine that well over 200 people from around the world contributed the amount of time and skills to make this come together. I would encourage people to come to see old favorite designers, new designers they may have never seen, and views that are breathtaking in their beauty.”

WK Ganesvoort House Bash !!!

WK Ganesvoort House Bash !!!

Theme “MaD MaX “ThunderDome

Mad Max.. “Thunderdome. How do I get in there? “Welcome, to Costa Rica Sims edition of Thunderdome! It’s your choice enter at your own RISK

WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Performer: DJ MikeeGemini
TIME: 3pm SLT – 5pm SLT
ATTIRE: Leather Warrior
WHERE: Costa Rica ThunderDome

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