Costa Rica Sims March Influential: Imani Enzo

Costa Rica Sims March Influential: Imani Enzo

I always enjoy getting to know our Costa Rica’s Influential and this month has been no exception, when I met this month’s Influential, Imani Enzo I was struck by her beauty and poise. This lovely, well spoken lady is delightful and refined among her achievements: The current Miss Essence of Ebony, a 2011 Miss Virtual World Finalist, Miss Bliss Couture 2011, a My Precious Princess in 2011 and the 2010 Costa Rica Productions Top Model of the Year. I know you will enjoy meeting her also so here she is: Imani Enzo!


Sydney Bonde: First let me ask you about your home here in Costa Rica Sims, how did you find your way to Costa Rica and what made you decide to make your home here

 Imani Enzo: Costa was one of my favorite places to explore before I moved here.  I loved the water activities, the shopping, and the overall beauty of the Sims. When I found myself looking for a new place to live, moving here just made perfect sense.

Sydney Bonde: What are some of your favorite things about your home here?

 Imani Enzo: I adore the landscaping.. I am a bit of a minimalist so I have just enough going on around me to be content. My neighbors seem to change often but they have all been so nice. It’s a pretty quiet Sim and I love the peace it brings me the ocean view is breathtakingly perfect as well

 Sydney Bonde: What advice would you give to a new Costa Rica Sims resident or someone looking to move to Costa Rica?

 Imani Enzo: I think Costa is a place that everyone should experience as part of their SL. There are so many great things to see and do. There are so many wonderful people. I would just advise people new to Costa to truly experience it. Be involved by participating in events, meet the lovely people, visit the beautiful sights, and support the businesses of Costa Rica. You won’t regret it and your SL will be enriched.

Sydney Bonde: You are a highly accomplished model in SL, with a long list of accomplishments, which have been the most fun for you in your career?

 Imani Enzo: that’s a good one… lol. I have to say that it has all been fun for me and that’s because I’ve tried to build a career in small increments. I’ve never wanted to do too much at once. I have not been one to enter every single contest or attempt to gain entry in every single agency; instead I strive to get better and to strategically build a career that I can be proud of. Doing things at my own pace makes it all fun for me. Also, approaching modeling as a learning experience as opposed to a stressful job makes it fun as well.

Sydney Bonde: You were the  Costa Rica Sims top Model of 2010 and  You are currently Miss Essence of Ebony 2011, what opportunities has that brought you and is there any message you would like to convey as the representative of that title?

Imani Enzo: The title is still a very new for me but I can say that I have already had some great opportunities because of it. Specifically, I’ve been invited to speak on talk shows and have received a few more opportunities to be featured in print. I am thankful for the opportunity to represent Essence of Ebony and I hope to see it become a bigger entity next year. I think it is a wonderful thing to celebrate ebony women, their beauty, and accomplishments. I hope during my reign, to project an image that reflects the purpose of the competition. I also hope that I can give back by mentoring some up and coming models.

.Sydney Bonde: I see you are a former magazine writer and currently write your own blogs, a stylist. In this profession you must put together many different styles for jobs and events but what would you say is your personal style?

 Imani Enzo: I would say that my style is somewhat eclectic but I have a particular fondness for casual and edgy looks. I prefer not to limit myself to one style. Instead, I strive to achieve variety in my wardrobe because variety in my look and styling better demonstrate my versatility as a model.

 Sydney Bonde: SL does afford the opportunity for playing with multiple looks and styles, does any of your RL style filter into you SL wardrobe?

Imani Enzo: Yes, it does. In RL I love casual edgy looks. I also love interesting pieces and accessories. I am a little more daring in SL than I am in RL but the foundation is the same.


 Sydney Bonde: anything in SL you have found that you would just love to have in your RL wardrobe?

 Imani Enzo: I have several pairs of shoes in SL that I would love to have in RL. I am a shoe fanatic in both lives.

 Sydney Bonde: Anything fashion wise in SL you have looked high and low for and just haven’t been able to find that you have wanted?

 Imani Enzo: YES… it’s usually hair or dresses. I see a picture of something I like in RL and decide Imani should have this. I look high and low for it … drives me nuts! But then I end up finding something new and different that takes my mind off it lol

Sydney Bonde: Back to the shoes for a moment, I have to ask, how many pairs of Sl shoes in your closet?

 Imani Enzo: hundreds…

 Sydney Bonde: do you think being an SL model has had an impact on your RL wardrobe/style?

 Imani Enzo: Not really… I’ve not changed my RL style since coming to SL. I’ve always enjoyed buying the coolest shoes, purses, and accessories to create cool looks.

 Sydney Bonde: Do you have a favorite fashion tip you have picked up along the way in SL?

 Imani Enzo: Less is more…. I think that accessories are important parts of every look but you have to know when to say when. There is a very thin line between stylish and ridiculous.

 Sydney Bonde: How about lessons learned in SL that you have carried into your RL about people, or fashion or anything for that matter?

 Imani Enzo: I think I’ve learned a lot about opening myself up to new things, people, and ideas. I’ve learned so many things about other cultures and have become much more of an explorer since I’ve been here.

 Sydney Bonde: Anything you brought to SL from your RL?

 Imani Enzo: Imani is truly an extension of the RL me. I bring my RL personality and work ethic to SL.

Sydney Bonde: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in SL?

Imani Enzo: I would just advise them to have fun and avoid drama. SL can be a great experience if you surround yourself with great people and do things you enjoy.

 Sydney Bonde: Anything else you would like to share with our residents/readers?

Imani Enzo: I’d just like to say thank you for the selection. It’s truly an honor and I appreciate it more than I could ever say.

I want to thank Imani for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me, it was a real pleasure to get to know her better and I hope you dear reader have enjoyed getting to know one of SL’s most elegant residents.

Syd <3


BOSL Radio Turns ONE! – 24 Hour Takeover

BOSL Radio turns ONE!

Saturday 9th April-Sunday 10th April from 12pm SLT

On April 10th, BOSL Radio reaches its first anniversary-a milestone in SL media!

Over the past year we have broadcast over 1,000 hours of live radio, featured over 200 guests from both second and real life, streamed from historic live events, SL celebrations and packed in more information, news and gossip than we ever expected to achieve in our first year.

To celebrate our first birthday-we will be streaming a 24 hour, nonstop, special edition of ‘The Takeover’ show with Editorial Clarity and a range of guests. We might even extend past these 24 hours if we feel crazy enough to try….

But this special day isn’t just about BOSL radio. We are also using the event to fundraise for this years ‘Relay For Life’ which is directly supported by the ‘American Cancer Society’ and every single L$ raised will be used to benefit this cause.

How can you get Involved?

If you would like to make a live pledge on that day, please contact Persia Bravin or Editorial Clarity to be added on to our skype account.

We are also seeking special guests from all RL time zones to appear on the show and help us raise much needed money for RFL (and to help keep Edi awake!)

Official RFL kiosks will be placed on our radio lounge and in any other sim we decide to visit during this live 24 hours transmission.

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