Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Pheonix Reyer

Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Pheonix Reyer

It is time to meet another of our amazing Mr. Costa Rica Finalists: Mr. Pheonix Reyer.  These gentlemen are all so warm and charming I know you will all have a hard time picking a favorite. Mr. Reyer is no exception, friendly and charming with a quick wit, he like the others, would also be proud to represent Costa Rica. I really do not envy the judges having to narrow this down to just one choice! Please meet Mr. Pheonix Reyer…

How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL?

I was watching an episode of CSI: NY and they had SL as part of the story line. They showed the characters flying and I thought that was very cool. I was on the semester break, so I signed on and never left. I had never been in an online “game” before so I had no idea at the time that it was a social environment. But I soon found the beauty of SL in the people and the music.

What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home?

I had visited a few people at their homes at Costa Rica Sims before and found it very beautiful. The focus on the environment was the first attraction. The open waters were an opportunity for boating and also give an open feel to the Sims. Once I began to know the residents and the sense of community here I made my decision this is where I wanted home to be.

What do you think sets Costa Rica Sims apart from all the other places one could choose to live in SL?

First, it is the beauty of the Sims themselves. But the social aspects quickly move to the fore front. All of the events and social gatherings make it the perfect place if you enjoy music and meeting people. There is  a true sense of a Costa Rica family here, and the fact that this community not only focuses on fun and entertainment but also the environment and charity causes makes it all the more appealing.

Why did you choose to enter the Mr. Costa Rica pageant?

This was an opportunity to meet additional people at Costa Rica Sims and get even more involved with the community. My interest in modeling fit perfectly with the pageant and several friends at Costa Rica Sims urged me to enter.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Costa Rica?

With my lovely partner, I attend most of the events that the Costa Rica Sims offers and enjoy visiting with friends that we have made here. Costa Rica Sims provides a beautiful place to pursue our interests, such as photography and building, both as a couple and individually.

What would you tell someone thinking about making their home in Costa Rica Sims?

I would tell them to take advantage of what Costa Rica Sims had to offer such as the regularly scheduled events. This is a social community and as such, they should get to know their neighbors.  There is an interesting diversity of people and talents at Costa Rica Sims that is just waiting to be revealed to anyone that takes an interest.

What is the best thing about yourself you have to offer the Cost Rica community?

I love to engage people at a social level.  I enjoy helping people when I can and learning from them when they are willing to let me.

One thing you bring from RL to SL that you think is important?

The most important thing I bring from RL is the knowledge that we are all different. Everyone has a reason for being in SL and their reasons should be respected.

Anything from SL you have learned that has been beneficial to your RL?

Last year I took a trip to New Zealand for a month. I had met people in SL that lived there and through conversations in SL I received a lot of helpful advice. I also met a couple of people in person from SL while I was there, and they not only provided me tours of their cities, but in one case even invited me to stay several days in their home, meeting their families. For some one traveling alone for a month like I did, it was a very enriching experience.

We are drawing close to the end of our list of finalists. One more to go and you will have met all of these fine gentlemen. I hope you are getting a glimpse into each of their personalities and why any of these men would make an excellent Mr. Costa Rica. Join me tomorrow to meet our last finalist! Until then…Syd <3

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