When women go wrong, men go right after them ~ Mae West

When women go wrong, men go right after them ~ Mae West

When women go wrong, men go right after them ~ Mae West

I love designers I can count on to bring an easy elegant style to my Second Life. When I am looking for those fast throw on outfits, whether casual or glam, I always find just what I need at Xanadu. My friend Xanadu Damiano makes some of the classiest attire around, so I often find myself poking around in her stores for something fun to blog. For this time I went with two styles, a casual wear about town or home relaxing outfit and a cocktail dress for an exciting evening out with friends.

The first outfit, the cocktail, is the “plunger” cocktail in a sequined spandex in a gorgeous shade of purple. The haltered neckline is flattering to the breasts, neck and shoulder area, the bodice tightly molded to the wearer’s body contours. The cocktail is further flattering and playful with its flouncy feminine skirt. In case the evening grew chill, and to make the dress even more posh, I threw on the jacket from the ‘Frou Frou” outfit. The sheer jacket, in midnight, it divine with its ruffled collar and sleeves, it’s just the right touch to add movie star elegance to your next evening out.

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and I decided to go out and stargaze for a bit. Not wanted to catch a chill I threw on the “Pashmina” sweater in Black. I will be honest; this is one of the favorite things in my wardrobe right now. It dresses up or down, whatever your mood is that day, it’s stylish and classic and artfully detailed and wears really well. Whatever your style, I know Xanadu has just the style you crave, so check it out today. Taxi: <3 Taxi:

When women go wrong, men go right after them~ Mae West



I have had two RL requests to write a book and record everything I know about modeling. Until now I always had second thoughts about doing that because I was not sure if the aspects of SL modeling applied to RL modeling.

After reviewing numerous published modeling books and dictionaries, I am surprised to find that there are several basic truths that have not been covered or that I could not find, so I decided to give it a shot.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a model as: “One who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise.” I found similar definitions in other dictionaries I researched. In my opinion, the definitions are incomplete. No top model gets a million dollar contract to “display” clothes. Any mannequin can do that. Models get million dollar contracts because they SELL clothes!

A model is someone who can make clothes and other merchandise look so appealing, that they inspire others to buy them. This is the definition I have defended from the beginning of my teachings at my modeling agency and it’s the one that I write about here.

What separates top models from the rest? Simply two abilities: (1) The ability to make anything look appealing; and (2) The ability to communicate in a way that raises interest to retailers and the public. The first is done backstage. The second takes place on the runway or under the photographer’s lens.

Established RL models do not worry about the first ability; this is usually taken care of for them by professional make up and hair artists. But this is not the case if you haven’t really made it, and it certainly is not the case in the virtual world.

Most virtual fashion designers do not get involved in how a model styles an outfit, which I find very strange. God knows if I was a designer, I would be all over the models instructing them to change their make-up, hair, skin, shoes and everything else. Maybe that is why I am not a designer; no agency would ever want to work with me.

So what makes a great model in Second Life?

1. The ability to make any outfit look absolutely fantastic.

2. The ability to choose walks and poses that present the outfit you are wearing in the most interesting possible way, without detracting from the product, and with the intention of selling it to the audience.

3. Perfect execution of scripted items like Animation Overrides, poses, and walks.

4. A professional attitude.

Number 1 is the most difficult but can be learned through observation and practice. Number 2 requires a fierce attitude and the focused intent to really communicate to the audience, in an interesting way, rather than deliver a mediocre and robotic performance. Number 3 is easy to learn and Number 4 is plain common sense.

Like a poet communicates with words, a model communicates with movement.

Models usually have a mere 20 to 30 seconds on the runway to sell the outfit for the designer that hired them, so be sure you make every pose and movement count.

If you don’t, you will let everybody down. If you do you will make it all the way to the top and designers will love you.

There are no other secrets.

Frolic Mills

Back to Black… (In Blue)

Back to Black… (In Blue)



– Dress: MIAMAI for BACK TO BLACK Event “Survive”

– Necklace: LAGYO “Sachin necklace, Lana version” for TDR

– Hair: URBANLUTZ “Medusa” Black (Available in Black, Blonde, Red and Brunette)

– Skin: REDGRAVE “Paper Skin Trinity” CyanDream

– Makeup: BLACKLIQUID “Life & Lash” Apocalypse (eyeshadow and lashes)

  BLACKLIQUID “Just Gloss”

– Bag: FINESMITH “Clutch Bag Sequins Mesh” Blue

Model, Stylist and Photographer: Anna Sapphire

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