News Skin Birth & Kal Rau Mesh!!!!

News Skin Birth & Kal Rau Mesh!!!!







Skin: *Birth* Reese Skin

Eyes: .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Green Grey – Constricted Pupil (lighter)

Hair: *Birth* Hawk Hair – Black

Shirt: <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh_Blue / <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh_Red

Jeans: ::GB::denimjeans

Shoes: Sartoria BW SK8 Sneakers

Ring: Chop Zuey No. 7 Slv/Blk Men’s Ring

Earings: Cobrahive – Ear Swirls


L@m – Hang 1

L@m – Hang 4

L@m – Hang 3

L@m – Hang 7

L@m – Hang 9


Design is not for philosophy it’s for life. ~Issey Miyake

Design is not for philosophy it’s for life. ~Issey Miyake

Design is not for philosophy it's for life~ Issey Miyake

I love Issey Miyake, he is a real life designer with a creative flare for the artistic. So much of his designs are like wearable sculptures and I love the concept that you can wear any old dress to an art exhibit or you can be the centerpiece work of art at the art show. We are lucky in Second Life, because we can be the centerpiece work of art affordably. Where in real life I can only look at the pictures and admire something Miyake has done, in Second Life, I can make pictures of myself wearing the items Yula has made.

In the first picture, I am wearing part of Finemith’s “Love” series in my choice of the “Love doesn’t grow on trees” face ornament. It is one of the most incredibly sensual works of art I have ever worn. Love doesn’t grow on trees is a very 3 dimensional piece of art, symbolizing the tree of life and how love is the center piece of the tree. The flowering limb, whose center is the heart shows that love will grow, if only we learn to love, honestly and openly. Another exceptionally beautiful 3-dimensional work of art is the “I Love to Love” necklace and bracelet. This is another gorgeous set with its mild calming pastels. The heart is encrusted with a botanical garden of beauty with the sacred Calla Lily, a symbol of magnificent beauty in many cultures, featured throughout the piece, weaving its way softly up the chain, gently framing the face lovingly. The bracelet is a continuation of the petals of the necklace and includes a gorgeous chain of beading.

In the picture below, I am wearing one of Finesmith’s newest and hottest items, the “Aesthetic Value” which includes a ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings. This is a gorgeous set in that it is substantial and heavy so it won’t get lost while you are on the runway or at an event where what you wear is as important as who you are. It is available in gold, silver, blue, Earth, fusion and wooden so it is versatile enough to fit from sheer elegance to a more free-spirited BOHO, whatever your style of the day is. Check it out! I know Finesmith has something for everyone’s tastes, from extravagant to demure. <3 Taxi:

Design is not for philosophy it's for life ~ Issey Miyake



Hello my loves!  Saleena Hax here and I am here to brag about the joy of art encased around the human form in such a way that it could only be  a Pipins and in this case it is the awe-inspiring “Rêve de Jour” and  as you can see..It is art personified and I dont even know what to start on first.

The color? the style?  Well I am going to dive in with the fact that this fit me  nearly perfect right out of the box and I didnt have to mess with any of that prim resizing stuff (thank goodness because I always lose that fight) Just look at it, the color swirls with the colors and textures of a true painting and that adorable hat just tops off the entire ensemble in such a perfect way that it really gives a great twist to the vision of a edgy avante kimono!  So please stop in to

Style: Kimono/Pipins-Shoes/Finesmith Kick!



Blackliquid Makeup!

Blackliquid Makeup!

Hello my angels!  I am so glad to be back and blogging House of Hax goodness once more!  I missed you all so much but now lets dive in and check out the wonders of my sister, blackliquid’s makeup line!  Aww yeah you knew I would go there and I am showing you a few looks now!

Look at wonderful coverage?  its sheer but packed full of color and punch and  who doesnt love a great hat?  Here I am wearing the [sYs] helium dress paired up with the blackliquid heartlist boots and hat for the Back to Black event!  But thats not all, the eyeshadow is blackLiquid MAKEUP/pink glitter shaddow paired up with blackLiquid MAKEUP/blood loveheart gloss so I am telling you-Get to Blackliquid today and get your face on! 

Style-[sYs] HELLIUM/blackLiquid HAT-heartist/blackLiquid MAKEUP-blood loveheart gloss/blackLiquid MAKEUP-pink glitter shaddow


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