Mixing with LD Major

Mixing with LD Major

Sniffing arround Second Life made me come to LD Major also known as Loovus Dzevavor. I came there to grap some awesome new pumps but i ended up with a complete styling. The creations i am wearing today are a part of the new Resort Summer Collection. Originally LD Major was a hair brand but now Loovus Dzevavor has branched out into cosmetics, accessories and mesh apparel.

Hair: Lelutka Belle
top: LD Major Tropical Breeze Top [Carribean]
Short: LD Major Get Away Shorts in Solar
Legging: LD Major Vacay Tights Ocean
Bracelets: YS &YS Summer Bangles Deep Silv
Watch: Miel Ticker
Nails: Mandala Palette 1 – superlong
Shoes: LD Major Jet Set Pump [Guadalajara]
Poses: Di’s Opera

Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda

Love Conquers All Things. 1Corinthians13

Love Conquers All Things. 1Corinthians13


I Stand4love because it is the right thing to do, because if I do not stand for love, then I stand for hate. Which I do not, I will not. Be nice. Don’t bully. Four simple words, yet so many choose to live their lives the other way in ignorance and hateful misery. I grew up in a country where schools had to become desegregated by use of a law. I am sure in that tumultuous time, this was frightening to many parents, and perhaps it was a little to children as well, at first. Children do sense their parent’s feelings. But what the children learned was they were all children, just children. They learned together, they had sameness and differences in upbringing and enjoyments and in learning this, they never learned hate of a person’s skin tone and many realized they are all equal children under this sun. It was a chaotic moment in history, but now, so many years later, children and young adults do not recall a moment they weren’t integrated.

As I matured, I learned adults fear things we do not understand. Just as it was easier to be fearful to integrate small children together instead of having faith the outcome will be a positive one, we fear the gay/lesbian couple next door, thinking they will somehow dirty our homes with their “decadence”. When in actuality, love, is love, is love. The same sex couple treats each other with the same love and respect as the “straight” couple next door. In fear, or lack of understanding, in our rigid definition of “normalcy” we assume they do not. But who are we to be the judge of what is normal? How did we ever become such a rigid, unbending excuse for a loving society? The very society who’s learned men define love as an “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.” Not him for her , her for him, simply one person for another.

One of the greatest gifts our Gods have given to us is our endless capacity to love. We can love newborn babies, puppies, kittens, sports, food, friends, vacations, children, pets, the possibilities are endless. But also, in mutual respect and dignity we can love one person, commit ourselves to one person, and if you are very lucky it is for a life time. This dream of lasting love is something that sets us apart from so many animals, our ability to singularly commit our mind and body to the renewal and love of another human being, to give of ourselves, lay down our lives before another human being. Love isn’t blind, it sees all, it feels all and it guides us to choose the mate who will build us up, and help us as we journey through the chapters of our life. But unlike us, love has no prejudice, it simply chooses what is best for us and if we listen intently we choose to follow our hearts to happiness.

I stand4love because it’s the right thing to do. Be nice. Don’t hate. I support all those who love, no matter their sexual preference because we are all singularly children of the Gods. Love is a sweet nectar we should all have a taste of and I will not stand in defiance of love because the antithesis of love is hate and I will not live a life controlled by hatred.

Open your heart, open your mind, and STAND4LOVE

Open your heart, open your mind, and STAND4LOVE


In Second Life I meet many people who use it as a platform to explore living differently from the way they do in the real world – playing with gender identity and different forms of relationships. While that’s a positive in a way, it’s also quite sad that people have to resort to an anonymous, online environment to explore these aspects of themselves, usually because of fear of how they would be treated in real life if they were to be open about their feelings.
And we have to acknowledge that, even in the most “tolerant” and liberal of western societies, homophobia, along with other forms of hatred, still functions, still hurts people, and still leaves many people isolated and afraid to be who they really are. Those fears are real.
It’s a very topical issue here in the UK, because the Government has announced an intention to legislate to recognise same-sex marriages, and this has brought out many homophobic voices, speaking in the name of the Church, arguing, for example, that gay marriage will undermine the very fundamentals of the Church of England (and, as a result, undermine the very state itself!).
When I was at school, I thought I learnt that the fundamentals of Christianity were to “love thy neighbour as thyself”, I really don’t recall learning anything about Jesus preaching about who should or shouldn’t love who, or how.
It’s always seemed ironic to me that those voices that shout loudest about preserving the current discriminatory position, whereby lesbian and gay relationships are not afforded the same legal recognition as heterosexual marriage, in the name of Christianity, are strangely silent on the subject of homophobic bullying in schools, as well as the many other forms of hate that are still prevalent in our society – actions that go directly against the doctrine of “love thy neighbour”.
I want to live in a world where everyone is free to love and be loved in return, where all forms of love between consenting adults is accepted, respected and valued, and where bigotry and hatred are things of the past. A world that has no place for hate.
So, I have to congratulate the organisers of this campaign, and ask everyone who reads this post to do something to show your support – visit the STAND4LOVE blog to find out how to get involved, or  like or share or tweet this post to get more readers – it’s a small thing, but small things can make big changes in the end! Open your heart, open your mind, and stand for love today!
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