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August 22, 2012


I was a little down this morning about a random comment, so I was going to skip today’s blog and just stay mellow and listen to music when I ran across Nikki Sixx’s (Motley Crue et,al) “Life is Beautiful” on my MP3 player. Life Is Beautiful is about Sixx’s past drug addiction, the difficulties he encountered while addicted. And as we all hope of those we love who live in addiction we always hope they reach the realization that in reality, life is a beautiful thing, worthy of living. If you are sad or upset, take a moment and look outward, enjoy the smile of a newborn, a flower growing in a rocky area, hear the sound of a bird whistling to the winds or the purring of a cat. Sometimes we focus that mental camera inward too much, so I love to change my view by opening doors for strangers, smiling like I mean it and often just saying hallo. Life can be an amazing adventure, but really it is only what we put into it that measures what we receive from it. If you open your heart just a little, let the sun shine on the dusty dark depths, you will be amazed at the new lightness of heart you feel. Trust me, I am not trying to treat others pain with frivolity, I myself have lived with tragedies that seem insurmountable. I know in all things a little darkness will grow, but I think I am just giving all of you a wish gift from me, I am hoping each of you will have a moment of peace, a moment of joy and a long moment of childlike happiness in your adulthood. *falls of soapbox*


Recently, on Facebook, I had the honor of meeting Second Life designer/creator Elettra Gausman of Orage Creations (*OC*) and what a wonderfully funny and nice person she is! Curiosity piqued, I wandered over to the Marketplace and purchased a dress I immediately fell in love with, “parfum.” Well I failed to listen to myself, I always preach to wear only colors that work with your skin season, and apparently beige isn’t it. The gown was gorgeous, so the problem was all me. I explained the problem with Elettra and being the well informed and creative person she is, she dropped a few outfits to me in colors that work with my winter skin tones. I was instantly in love with the black cocktail “Fifi” this is the sort of elegant evening attire I lean to in normal situations. I threw on some Miamai hairs and Similar Italian shoes and I was done!


I was simply amazed by the “Royal” gown as well. It is a scrumptious sapphire shade of blue in a heavy satin. The sway of the skirt and bodice ruffles pulls the viewer’s up to the wearer’s lovely face. A gown with this much drama needs very little fuss and frill so I included a simple Purple Moon necklace, Donna Flora earrings and the gorgeous Purple Moon updo. As an aside, I’ve included the “Parfum” gown because the gown would look so divine on so many of you, and honestly, when I added the brand new Kungler’s “Nirvana” jewelry in a rich ruby, it kind of created a bit of a color block between the gown and my face, giving me back some of my color.


I enjoyed the offerings of this designer so much, I hope you will check out her store today! MuWah! have a gorgeous day! Taxi:


About the Author

My name is Caoimhe Lionheart. I've lost my Second Life shine these days, not jaded, just resigned. Second Life is filled with so many self-serving people. Them aside, the beautifully kind, intelligent people are the ones I am drawn to. I feel it's incredibly special and unique on the occasions that I meet someone who is sincere in nature, kind to the bone and their beauty shines from within. Now those people, and I have met quite a few, they are the reason Second Life is uniquely wonderful and special to me. I am a prankster and a gad about. I love to laugh and create fun and I have a real bad Fashion addiction. My friends call me Cao (and I am pretty sure they are saying Cow) but thats okay, it kinda fits. I enter contests to show off the abilities of the photographer or clothes I am wearing, not for the pursuit of the win and I always enjoy a good chat. Thanks for the read, perhaps one day you too will be a friend. =)


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