I just love the designs at Boudoir, Vitabela Dubrovna and her sister Precious Restless, create the most amazing fairytail and designer items. This is an older previously unblogged picture, but as you can see the creative nature of the outfit never goes out of style. The dress is “Bad Butterfly” and is gorgeous with its winglike skirt. The actual wings are from Material Squirrel, the jewelry is the “Caoimhe Angel” set from Finesmith (see Draakje? someone thinks I am an angel. *adjust’s halo*) and the black headpiece is from Ladies Who Lunch and is called “Faint! Alejandro.” Not all fashion modeling is pret-a-porter, so explore and find the genre that is just right for you!

Cao~Dark Waters

I know, the title of the blog, it’s sad, but oh so true. Life is often hard, sometimes frustrating but then aren’t the best things in life the things we have worked so hard to achieve? Sure, anyone can dream, but why just dream? Why not make your dreams come true? You’d think being a model in Second Life would be easy. But really it takes hard work, a strong sense of style, and a large dose of humor on the best of days. Lags no fun when you are walking around in a store, it’s down right brutal during a runway show. But if being a model is what you really wish to be, it is also fun and rewarding. No you won’t get rich, but the people you meet, the things you create, the looks you inspire, are irreplaceable.

I think of modeling as a way to chronical the history of Second Life Fashion because history and art are “my thing.” The degrees to which the fashion industry has evolved over the years is quite simply, breath taking. And I am not just speaking of the technology, I mean, who doesn’t remember teleporting from one SIM to another and losing your hair and half of your clothes? I also mean the creative skill set of so many of the Second Life designers as well. I am thankful to be a model at a time when Second Life fashion so seamlessly follows the real world fashion industry. How else could I afford these haute couture styles? Well, really, how could a girl from a tiny little fishing village in Florida even find anything haute couture? I live in the bathing suit and shorts capital of the world.

So get out there, make the best of your time as a model, enjoy the ride, because it is truly a one of a kind experience. As an aside, I have a NC with tips for reducing lag, if anyone is interested in snagging a copy, drop me an Instant Message or notecard and I’ll drop it off to you.

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