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November 29, 2012



Did you know 70% of people pick heads during a coin toss? I wonder why that is? Do you suppose its one of those glass half-full or half-empty moments? I’d like to think 70% of people are optimists, but somehow I doubt it listening to all the noise and “verbal” spam inworld lately. I hope it’s not bigotry to imply heads is optimistic and tails is pessimistic. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I state, to all those sensitives who take offense at the smallest most adroit of comments, I thoroughly and almost sincerely apologize if I have alienated you or you feel I have ostracized you for your preference of tails. So, to create a more peaceful assumption, I will assert it must be our brains prejudice to what it believes is the most important area of our body and step away from the topic. Boy, you have to be politically correct about everything these days….


B & W Hats and Accessories, personal protection for your virtual brain. Check it out, I even included the taxi, I’m kinda nice like that. Well most of the time anyway. Taxi:


About the Author

My name is Caoimhe Lionheart. I've lost my Second Life shine these days, not jaded, just resigned. Second Life is filled with so many self-serving people. Them aside, the beautifully kind, intelligent people are the ones I am drawn to. I feel it's incredibly special and unique on the occasions that I meet someone who is sincere in nature, kind to the bone and their beauty shines from within. Now those people, and I have met quite a few, they are the reason Second Life is uniquely wonderful and special to me. I am a prankster and a gad about. I love to laugh and create fun and I have a real bad Fashion addiction. My friends call me Cao (and I am pretty sure they are saying Cow) but thats okay, it kinda fits. I enter contests to show off the abilities of the photographer or clothes I am wearing, not for the pursuit of the win and I always enjoy a good chat. Thanks for the read, perhaps one day you too will be a friend. =)


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