RFL Launches “For Life in Second Life”

FLPR 2010.01
CONTACT: TRADER1 WHIPLASH (trader@t1radio.com)


For Life in Second Life — Its Relay Your Way!

In its continued effort to raise awareness and support for the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life Second Life has taken a lead from it’s real life counterpart and is beginning a new series of focused fund raising events. We are therefore pleased to announce the inauguration of the For Life in Second Life program.

For Life events are intended to focus on specific interest areas and allow their followers to plan and hold an approved event to support the Relay For Life of Second Life. For Life events are not intended to be team related, but instead are festival events in support of Relay For Life of Second Life. With the diverse nature of the virtual communities in Second Life and the abilities of the platform, the scope of For Life in Second Life events is limitless.

For Life events such as Bark For Life have been held in Relay communities across the United States. Bark For Life celebrates, in a Relay format , the companionship, comfort and therapeutic benefit provided by pets. With the addition of For Life the American Cancer Society is able to reach a new or expanded audience for its programs and resources, and the fund raising that helps support them.

The first of these For Life events planned is Sail For Life. The event, chaired by Chad Swanson and Aislyn Keynes, will center around Second Life’s vibrant sailing community. Sail For Life will include Regattas, Sailing displays and lessons, auctions and social events. The Yacht Clubs and other communities around the Blake Sea area of the grid will all be welcomed to participate. The event is scheduled to take place in June. Other events are currently being planned, including the building and live music communities.

Trader Whiplash, who is well known for his many roles in Relay For Life of Second Life is the 2010 Chair of For Life. The former Mission and Corporate Chair and 2009 Spirit of Relay Award co-recipient is very excited about the new opportunities presented by For Life . “Second Life presents so many different areas with in which we can work to support the American Cancer Society and with this new format we are given a new avenue with which to approach and encourage participation. ” Trader, a leukemia survivor, states. “I look forward to working with the many groups who make up this amazing community. We hope that with the addition of For Life events the Relay For Life of Second Life will increase not only its all important fund raising results, but will bring more and more members of our community in contact with the efforts and programs of the Society and its continuing fight for a cure for cancer”.

Stingray Raymaker, the American Cancer Society Staff Partner for Relay for Life in Second Life agrees. “We are so very excited introduce this new fund raising opportunity to Second Life. We are fortunate to have a great volunteer, Trader Whiplash to spearhead this venture into new horizons, and this is a great step forward for both Relay For Life and Second Life. We hope that the For Life concept will help to open new doors for various communities and groups within Second Life to learn, participate and feel welcome to the world of Relay For Life. This demonstrates that there are ways for all types of different communities in Second Life to join the Relay Nation in the fight against cancer. “

The American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life recognize the capacity of the For Life program to engage new participants and capitalize on the unique ability of Second Life to host these For Life events. For Life in Second Life welcomes any interest group in Second Life to explore the possibility of hosting their own event. Interested groups can contact Trader1 Whiplash in Second Life (trader@t1radio.com) for program requirements and standards, and additional information.

RFL of SL Kicks Off on March 13!

RFL of SL Kicks Off on March 13!

Press Release
Thursday February 25, 2010 – for release on March 2








RFL of SL kicks off on March 13!

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is all set to start fundraising on March 13. For the last few weeks, the teams have been busy recruiting, registering, training, and planning events… and now they’re ready to KICK OFF!

Wishing On A Cure

This year’s theme is Wishing On A Cure. Because Relay For Life represents the wish that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated. After 16 weeks of fun and fundraising, the teams will build campsites for the main event which will take place on July 17 and 18. Team members, volunteers and members of the SL community will walk a track for 24 hours to Celebrate survivorship, Remember those we have lost, and Fight Back to save lives by making a personal pledge to fight cancer.

In 2010 the fundraising goal is $300,000.

This year’s Event Chair is Tayzia Abattoir, supported by two Event Co-Chairs: Nuala Maracas and MamaP Beerbaum. The American Cancer Society’s representative in Second Life is Stingray9798 Raymaker.

From March 13 onwards, look out for the distinctive RFL of SL kiosks, vendors and event boards … and go RELAY!

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life (RFL) is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. RFL of SL is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. It is the largest, most successful fundraising event in the virtual world, raising more than $650,000 since it started in 2005. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness about cancer from mid-March through mid-July. The funds raised go towards the American Cancer Society’s research, support and education programs, with 12-15% going towards international projects.

In 2009, RFL of SL raised $274,000 for the American Cancer Society and was ranked the 112th highest fundraiser out of more than 5,000 relays in the United States. There were 125 teams taking part. At the main event, 1913 avatars walked a track of 11,907 meters across 36 sims.

RFL has become an international movement. Since 1996 the American Cancer Society has partnered with international organizations to hold relay events all around the globe. In 2009 RFL took place in 21 countries. RFL of SL is international, too – participants from over 26 countries took part in RFL of SL in 2009.


Twitter: http://twitter.com/RelayForLife_SL
Avatars United: http://www.avatarsunited.com/groups/relay-for-life-of-second-life
Facebook: ‘Relay For Life of Second Life 2010’ on http://www.facebook.com
RFL of SL Updates: http://rflofsl.blogspot.com/

For background information and the history of RFL of SL see:
SL Wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Relay_For_Life_of_Second_Life and
Official RFL of SL website: http://www.relayforlife.org/secondlife

For more information please contact:
Poppy Zabelin (RFL of SL PR Chair poppy_zabelin@yahoo.co.uk) or
Breezy Carver (RFL of SL PR Co-Chair seabreezegal@gmail.com).

RFL of SL’s New Event Boards

RFL of SL’s New Event Boards

Press release
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 – For immediate release


Relay For Life of Second Life releases new-style event boards

Moonshade Pastorelli writes:
Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is about to hit the grid. A new event board makes it easier than ever to list, promote, and discover events during the 16 weeks of fundraising. The RFL of SL 2010 campaign kicks off Saturday, March 13.

Some of the events to look out for during the campaign are races, DJ parties, live music marathons, fashion shows, and rodeos. A popular event is “Bid Me Bald.” For every L$5,000 a team member raises, she or he must go bald for one day.

“I want everyone to be aware of the event boards–to touch them, to enjoy the fantastic events that the RFL teams put on,” said Panza Eilde, RFL of SL teams chair. “There’s joy in sharing the conviction to raise funds for research that will help people overcome cancer. We want people to come to events, socialize with others, and raise funds for a good cause. We want to hit that $300,000 US donation mark this year.”

An example of a six-face RFL of SL event board

 Event boards were created to publicly display images of upcoming events that support RFL. Clicking any image on the event board will provide a note card with information about the event, when it will be held, where it will be held, and who’s holding the event. With a possible 40 events per week over 16 weeks, the event boards will be able to cycle through a series of images. The American Cancer Society (ACS) logo or mission posters will also randomly appear on faces of the displayer. Click these images, and the viewer is taken to a web page for more information about ACS and RFL.

Click on the banner at the top of the displayer and a blue menu appears with options that the owner can set, such as change the speed of the texture cycle, remove events that conflict with the owner’s local events, and offer a copy of the displayer itself.

“One of the neatest things about the event boards is that the team captains can post their events in one location and with continuity,” Eilde said.

To place an event in the displayer, RFL team members visit the middle floor of the warehouse at ACS Island. An in-box on a desk accepts a square, full-perm texture and a copy and resell/giveaway note card that contains particulars about the team event. The event image hits the displayer within one to two hours, and an e-mail is sent to the public relations team to get news about the event to various SL media. The event is also shown on the RFL of SL web page. When an event is over, it is automatically deleted. Teams are asked to place an event in the in-box no more than 10 days before it begins.

The new event boards were created by Charlene Trudeau, RFL of SL design committee chair, and the board itself was conceived and created by Dwen Dooley, RFL of SL survivor/caregiver chair and himself a cancer survivor.

Dwen Dooley sitting atop the new-style event board

“The idea of the design is that the displayers should all have the same look and feel so they’re not confused as being anything other than an official RFL of SL event board for the ACS,” Dooley said.

Event boards can be set up anywhere on the SL grid and are available in a variety of styles and sizes: a two-prim one-face displayer, a four-prim three-face displayer, a six-prim six-face displayer, and a 10-prim nine-face displayer. Most of the displays come in small, medium, and large; however, the one-face event board is also available in tiny. The largest displayer, with nine-faces, stands 6.5 meters tall and 5 meters wide. The six-face event board has three faces on each of two sides and is ideal for locations, such malls or outdoor settings. The other event boards can be easily set up on a wall.

An example of the new-style nine-face event boards

“Even amidst the competitiveness of Relay For Life, there’s a camaraderie,” Dooley said. “We’re all fighting cancer in one way or another. Celebrate, remember, and fight back. I think that’s the best feature of this event board. A team associated with a venue will put out one of these displayers, and it will stay there and show the events for all teams, not just one. It will display events at different places and different times. It will improve fundraising for everyone. People will start coming to more events, and those people who don’t know about RFL of SL will come to the events.”

Tayzia Abattoir, event chair, said: “I am excited about new technology and whenever we can find uses for it to better our in-world program. This is a wonderful new informational outreach opportunity created by Dwen. He has worked many hours perfecting the event board and it is an exciting new tool for our RFL of SL program. It will make it much easier for team captains to get the information about their events out, not only from the listing on the event board itself, but also as the information fed into the system about their events is generated to our PR group to release to media outlets and list on our google calendar etc.”

Distribution of the event boards directly to RFL of SL groups began on February 21. Displayers may be obtained by others in one of three ways. Go to any current displayer and click the banner on the top. Select “Get a Copy” from the menu, and a boxed kit of all 11 displayers will be sent. These kits are no transfer. A free copy of the kit may also be found at ACS Island at http://slurl.com/secondlife/American%20Cancer%20Society/151/162/51.

Xstreet SL lists the event board kit for L$1, which is distributed to ACS.

For more information about the event boards, e-mail Dwen Dooley at dwendooley@gmail.com.

For more information please contact one of the following people: Poppy Zabelin (RFL of SL PR Chair poppy_zabelin@yahoo.co.uk) or Breezy Carver (RFL of SL PR Co-Chair seabreezegal@gmail.com)

FOLLOW US on http://twitter.com/RelayForLife_SL and http://rflofsl.blogspot.com/

New Releases at Phoenix Rising!

New Releases at Phoenix Rising!

Ashoka Eales, chief designer and owner of Phoenix Rising, and her design team have been busy! Several new styles have been released already this year, each featuring the multiple look options Phoenix Rising is so well known for. Because each purchase generally provides you with several different versions, these are great bargains!

“Stacie’s Strength” is a versatile outfit. The top and blazer options come in seven colors, each of which go perfectly with either the pretty ruffled skirt of the classic flared bermuda capri shorts.

-TOP, JACKET, CAPRI SHORTS: Phoenix Rising “Stacie’s Strength” (Citrus)

-HAIR: Adam n Eve “Roxy 2” (Blond)

-SHOES: Baiastice “Querelle” (Brown)

-SCARF: Vette’s “Shemagh” (Tangerine)

-BRACELET: Dark Mouse “Wild Animal Print Bangles” (Copper/Tiger)

-WATCH: Muse “Classic Tank Watch” (White/Gold)

-Styled, modeled, and photographed by Breezie Noel


“Ophelia” comes in 3 options – skirt, with or without pockets; pants; and shorts, and is available in seven great color shades.


“Ruby’s Fire” is available in five beautiful jewel tones.

Visit Phoenix Rising at the Einstein sim to check out these new styles and much more.



RFL Team Registration: Press Release


January 23, 2010 – For immediate release

Wishing On A Cure – teams’ registration for Relay For Life of Second Life opening soon!

RELAY FOR LIFE OF SECOND LIFE is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! This year’s theme is ‘Wishing On A Cure’. Teams’ registration opens soon in preparation for fundraising from March to July, culminating in a 24-hour walk on July 17-18 around a virtual track.

To register your team, please go to: http://www.relayforlife.org/relay/slregistration. Registration opens on February 1.

Don’t worry if you haven’t taken part in a relay event before. There will be an opportunity to learn more at a series of informational meetings on February 12 and 13 where the incoming Event Chair Tayzia Abattoir , together with the American Cancer Society’s official representative in Second Life, Stingray9798 Raymaker, will present an overview and hold a Q&A, supported by the Event Co-Chairs MamaP Beerbaum and Nuala Maracas. Each team will also be assigned a mentor who will coach the team, brief them on new developments and answer questions.

‘This year we’ve paid special attention to training’ says Tayzia. ‘During the informational meetings we’ll explain what goes on at Relay, how to form teams, and how people can get involved in the event.’ She added: ‘Each team will be assigned a mentor as well. We have a great group of enthusiastic mentors this year who have already been busy training for over a month so that we’re ready to go as soon as registration opens.’

For more information please contact one of the following:

Tayzia Abbatoir (RFL of SL Event Chair tayziaabbattoir@gmail.com), 

Stingray9798 Raymaker (ACS Staff Partner Jeffrey.Montegut@cancer.org),

MamaP Beerbaum & Nuala Maracas (Event Co-Chairs, mamapbeerbaum@gmail.com or nuala.maracas@gmail.com).

About Relay For Life

Relay For Life is the signature fundraising event of the American Cancer Society. The mission of the American Cancer Society is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. Cancer knows no boundaries. The American Cancer Society partners with 20 cancer organizations globally to license and support Relay For Life programs in other countries.

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is a division of Relay For Life in an online virtual world. Relay For Life teams fundraise from mid-March through mid-July. On July 17 and 18 we will walk a track for 24 hours, just like in a real world Relay For Life. Team members build and gather at their team campsites, enjoy live music, participate in fun events, and explore the many Relay sims and the incredible builds by some of Second Life’s top designers, as the event runs overnight and into the next morning.

Last year’s Relay For Life of Second Life attracted more than 120 teams with participants from over 26 countries, held over 300 team fundraising events between March and July, and raised over US$275,000 (that’s REAL US dollars) for cancer research and education.

Key dates

Please note these key dates:

February 1 – Teams’ registration opens

February 12 – information sessions at 6am and 4pm

February 13 – information sessions at 8am and 6pm

March 13 – Kickoff Party and start of fundraising!

July 17-18 – GO RELAY!



For more information please contact one of the following people: Poppy Zabelin (RFL of SL PR Chair poppy_zabelin@yahoo.co.uk) or Breezy Carver (RFL of SL PR Co-Chair seabreezegal@gmail.com)

FOLLOW US on http://twitter.com/RelayForLife_SL and http://rflofsl.blogspot.com/

NOTE- we plan to hold a press conference in Second Life on March 6 at 11am so that everyone is briefed before the Kickoff on March 13. Invitations will be sent out closer to the date. Meanwhile, please mark your calendars!

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