And they Live Happily Ever After…

And they Live Happily Ever After…

It was a wedding of fantasies, frills and frolic.  But the love expressed was real, and transcended the grid.  Emotions ran high for those watching the fairy book unfold before their screens.

The union between Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux is one that will not be easily forgotten by those who attended, those who helped in its creation, and the two beautiful men who shared their loving vows between one another in front of a large audience.

I take you now to the end of the story when Prince Frolic proclaimed their virtual life as one:  “By the power vested in me by this place we call Second Life, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Rico, you may now kiss your bride !

The kiss was amazing.

Alas, did I count at least three?   A lucky number and a sign of a wonderful virtual life together.   The setting was the home of Frolic Mills, and the theme was Alice in Wonderland.   Complete with all the characters, and an incredible fashion experience that highlighted the whimsical and the imagination of so many leading designers, friends to BOSL

The reception was wild and vivid, with colorful fashions mingling on the dance floor.   The ceremony certainly brought many friends together to rethink the power and passion of this virtual life we know, and sometimes take for granted.  Friendship and love are valuable in any life.

This is merely a snippet of the larger story to be shared in the October issue of Best of SL Magazine. And the photos at this point are unedited.  This is history in the making.
And you know the happy ending, but the joy is expressed through the details.    The rest of the story is forthcoming…. Stay tuned.

Congratulations, Edi and Rico!!!

The Nick Rhodes Interview (Duran Duran)

The Nick Rhodes Interview (Duran Duran)

Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and DDU’s Chrissy Welinder

Second Life is not an ordinary world, and perhaps that is why some less brave and imaginative souls refrain from venturing into this virtual dimension.  But then again, Duran Duran is not an ordinary band.  The band made its official landing into Second Life on June 22, 2011.  The Duran Duran Universe was conceived from the creative genius of Nick Rhodes, co-founder and visionary of Duran Duran.

DDU Visionary Nick Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes was there watching it take shape inside Second Life since 2006.

Chrissy Welinder and Sonicity

At his side has been DDU Community Manager Chrissy Welinder.   Read the story (and interview by me, Sonicity Fitzroy, with Nick Rhodes) in the August edition of Best of SL Magazine.  Nick Rhodes made a special visit on Sunday to the DDU beach to the surprise of his fans, and I was there to watch it all.  Then, I chatted with him for an hour the following day.  And what I discovered was that the universe is a better place now with Nick Rhodes in Second Life.     Find out what makes his universe special, as he tells us why Second Life is so important to him.

Sonicity (outside Club Lipstick in DDU)

Article and Photography by Sonicity Fitzroy, and photography contributions by Lowe Runo during the Nick Rhodes interview.

L-R (Lowe Runo, Chrissy Welinder, Sonicity, and Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes

Watch for the August issue at a kiosk near you!!!

🙂  Sonicity, BOSL Reporter
(and Birthday Girl!!!)

Music to Our Ears

Music to Our Ears

Happy Birthday, Frolic Mills.  It was a grand 4th Rez Day for BOSL Founder/CEO Frolic Mills.

The invitation was quite classy in and of itself.  A bit big for my living room. LOL.

His concept for a rez day party demonstrated the beauty of Second Like as a theatrical venue to its fullest potential.  The theme, Broadway Musicals, was executed extraordinarily in set design and music and voice selection.

The lovely operatic tones of Tamra Sands (Hayden, RL) were stunning to say the least.

RL Broadway singer/actor Tamra is certainly an example of the excellent talent available on the grid – or to be potentially tapped via invitation.   The line-up of talent was amazing on this day, with the timing and organization nonetheless superb, and undoubtedly this event will become the standard for outstanding performances in the future.   If you missed the event, the next best thing is to take a peek at the lovely costumes and sets on stage by reviewing the photos.

The audience was brilliantly adorned as well.   The venue – Patch Thibaud Auditorium – of course was the perfect match to a perfect day.    4 years ago!   Not bad, Frolic.   You really know how to throw a party that will be remembered.

Musicals included  West Side Story, Cats,The Lion KingDamn Yankees, CabaretPhantom of the Opera, and Grease.

Attendees included (no particular order):  Patrick Thorkveld, Tania Tebaldi, Infiniti Mirihi, sinontherocks, Resident, Elhoim Resident, Sundai Devinna, Marc Montague, Elskede Blessed, Lali Arbizu, Ponchituti Boucher, Alchemy Epstein, Starline Igeria,  rissa Friller, knilly Walifers, Amutey DeCuir, Mishe Mactavish, Yohighnus Resident, Emarose Starflare, Houms Thor, Serene Faith, Starmaker Boa, Amazon Silverweb, polly Bumblefoot, Locked Semaphore,  Crooner Carlucci, redhairgenie Cabassoun, Alyana Orchid, ezmeralda Silversmith, Temperance Kellman, Michaela Rookswood, samee Passariello, Shrug Dangle, Kimmera Madison,  chizay Bluebird, Jer Pierson, Fifi DeCuir, Leko Littlebird, Elah Emmons, Quinty Sirnah, Mimi Juneau, Kayleigh McMillan, Mankind Tracer,  Brittainy Collins, Patch Thibaud,  Blackbarvie Bravin, Olyvia Decuir,  Auster Elan, Giz Seorn, Persia Bravin, and Tania Tebaldi.

After the concert, the party continued on the center stage of the auditorium, and the guests danced in front of a glorious portrait of Frolic!

Patch Thibaud Auditorium,

Story and Photos by Sonicity, guest roster by Kara Trapdoor.

Cheers for The Japan Relief Project

Cheers for The Japan Relief Project

It was the second weekend in a row that BOSL Radio sponsored a live broadcast for the Japan Relief Project (May 14-29) at the Room Called Remember.   The event was organized by Miss Virtual World 2011 Serene Faith.  BOSL DJs were there all day while supporters dropped by to donate and participate in the raffles by various sponsors.   The BOSL Browns’ Cheerleaders, led by guest head cheerleader Editorial Clarity, shared a few routines mid afternoon.  Viola Rookswood, manager of the squad, graciously let Edi have his fun, all in the name of charity.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon with totals exceeding 20,000 Lindens.     The photos tell the rest of the story.  BOSL Radio CEO Persia Bravin (below) came out to support her DJs and the events throughout the day.   The JRP brought out a mix of fashionistas, djs, cheerleaders, and business leaders.

I try my hand at cheerleading, after djing for BOSL Radio.

Attendees included Dolce Enderfield, Editoral Clarity, Frolic Mills (BOSL Company CEO), Kay Fairey,  Pauline Lefevre,  Persia Bravin (BOSL Radio CEO), Serene Faith (Miss Virtual World, above), Viola Rookswood & The BOSL Browns Cheerleaders, and BOSL DJS Thorn Andel, CottonCandy Teardrop, Xi Exonar, among others.

The Royal Wedding SL Viewing Party

The Royal Wedding SL Viewing Party

The invitation came via BOSL CEO Frolic Mills to a special viewing party in the high fashion district on Couture Boulevard, outside the beautiful new Patch Thibaud Theater in a gorgeously decorated terrace complete with elegant table dressings. It was a party fit for a prince and princess-to-be, as a cozy group gathered to watch the Royal Union between William and Kate. The party began midnight SLT, as the romantic and curious braved the wee hours of Second Life to watch history in the making. The biggest hit on screen was Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s brilliant blue ensemble complete with a striking hat.  Paulinha Lefevre, at one point, exclaimed, “I love hats.” Then there were some “oohs” and “ahhs” from those at our viewing party as the royal wedding guests made their way to the church amidst paparazzi, as all watched on the big BOSL screen.

Colbyson Kyomoon responded, “Damn… that is a lot of diamonds.”

BOSL Society Columnist Kara Trapdoor said, watching a CNN report, “Wow says 1/3 of the people on earth are expected to watch the wedding.”

Various reports continue to circulate on how many people attended, with estimates approximately 3 billion from around the world watching – and some of them were in Second Life, attending an intimate BOSL viewing party, and being part of the historical event in their own way.

Attendees included: Belinda Barnes, Colbyson Kyomoon, Elaragloriana Scrabblebat, Frolic Mills, Garrett Glam, Houmes Thor, Kay Fairey, Kara Trapdoor, Lou Homebuilder, Morgane Batista, and Paulinha Lefevr.

The wedding sparked the “romance” in all of us for a day, and it was a very good day in both real and virtual life.  Thank you Frolic for hosting this wonderful and once-in-a life time gathering.

🙂 Soni

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