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Gabriel New

New mesh clothes of Gabriel! Dress:::GB::Mesh Bareback Dress Coming Soon !!! Hair:=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Wixson Hand:Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Shoes:[Gos] Boutique – Angelina Peeptoe Location:Ooot... read more

Janelle by Shey

Cuba Avedon of Shey surprised me with a beautiful dress named Janelle. This beautiful dress will give you a classic and elegant look. Janelle is a mesh gown wich comes in several sizes so it will fit everyone. The thing that make this gown even more special is the special hud that comes with the dress. With this special hud you can chance the dress in any way you like, there are so many different dress textures in it. You will be ready for any occassion. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly (excl @ COLLABOR88 ) Hair: Lelutka Canto Outfit: Shey Janelle Set Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry Tres Fleurs Set (my own MVW version) Pose: Di’s Opera Glam Series 2 *new* Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Gizza Handkeys

GizzA – Handkeys are available in 10 different versions which can be devided in 3 categories. Marketplace Main-store: read more

The ART of Desir’

There are a few designers in SL that inspire ART  and not only create fabulous things, but theyre always beautifully made, the prims are tidy and no detail is left  unkempt,  and  Vivien Emerald is one of those talented people, here I am wearing one of her latest costumes, outrageously organic and  fabulously out there, The ART of DESIR’ DESIR Sera Guam Costume Available Instore now taxiiii... read more

There be Dragons

Mata of  Dragon Designs, kindly sent me this corset set,  and  as I  love Red and Dragons, I coulldnt wait to get a shot of  it, Non mesh, with  a Dragon design and cute little bows on the stockings, I  teamed the set with my Fave jewelry from SSD Frills. Here I am wearing Dragon designs  Duuckie leather corset    set. SSD Frills- SSD Frills Farrago -Siam  Jewelry hair is ICONIC Nails finesmith have a  Fabulous Day Much Love Xia... read more

Old Hollywood – Film Noir

When I tried on this black and white gown, Starlet, from Tres Beau, it spoke Old Hollywood and I knew it was perfect film noir attire. Believe it or not, these photos were not photoshopped but  taken in world with a noir skin, environment. and windlight.  This was so much fun to do and I took so many photos just be glad that I didn’t post them all! Starlet also comes in a bronze shade and you can find them now at: Landmark to The Event – Hollywood March 30-April 14... read more

Sassy! Red Carpet Gown @ The Event – Hollywood

  Red Carpet mesh Gown from Sassy! comes in five colors: Rising Star, Passion, Petal, Midnight and Gothic, each with two collar versions. Jewelry is Paparazzi III Red, consisting of earrings, bracelets and two necklaces.  I chose to wear them both.  The set is a gift from Chop Zuey. My skin is Siri (Pearl) from Amacci.  I’m wearing the 11 Runway version but a second version, Beauty, is included. The eyes are Branch Blue Image eyes and a free gift from Amacci. The gown, jewelry, skin and eyes will be at The Event – Hollywood March 30-April 14... read more

The Couturier’s Dock

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I love to create fantasy pictures. It is one of my favorite aspects of Second Life. I’ve been a butterfly, elf, burlesque queen, hamster, children’s doll, Alice in Wonderland and many other a character. To me the fun is in the making and creating the style. I’ll be honest sometimes a style can be a month in the making because I want everything to be perfect when I go have the picture done. But even when I am not styling at the time, if I am out and about and see something really groovy and unique, I buy it and put it in a folder in my inventory called “cool stuff.” That way when I do have something to style, sometimes I already have components in place. Yesterday to get the items for these three days of blog I went by The Couturiers Dock and picked up some of the inventory for sale there. When I saw what Nevery Lorakeet of *LpD* and Blackliquid Tokyoska of Blackliquid had created I had to try a style with them together! I further challenged myself by making Caoimhe style the rest with only items in inventory. *Lpd*’s item is the really incredible skin “Annalise” with a “harlequin” feel to it. Just LOVE this! And somehow it just screamed to be topped with the Blackliquid “Eostara” hair. Both are funky, and create a memorable avatar. My hats off to both of these great designers! The items in my “cool stuff” folder included the collar from the *Doll Coco* “cardster dress joker” and the *SoliDea... read more

New Releases from AD Creations & FINESMITH

AD Creations と FINESMITH の新作をご紹介致します 🙂 シンプルなラインと大きな前空きカッティングが特徴的なこちらのドレスは、Imparafacile  -BookLookに出品されています AD Creations の「Tribute to Peter Pan」。 フルレングスのドレスなのですが、七分袖と前空きのデザインが効いて ちょっとアクティブな印象もあります。 ドレスの周りにはちょっとグロウの入った光のオブジェクトが体をぐるっと取り囲み、それにそって光がくるくると回る仕組み。 とってもファンタジーな、絵になるドレスです。 そして合わせましたジュエリーはFINESMITHの新作「SAINT」と「Maniko」 羽をモチーフにしたSAINTから、右腕のブレスレット・ブローチ・ティアラを着用しています。 左腕の存在感あるブレスレットはManikoシリーズです。 イベントが目白押しなこの頃、どちらのお店も新作がどんどん登場しています! ぜひ店頭でご覧になってみてくださいね 😀   ~~Styling Credit~~ ■ Dress : AD Creations – Tribute to Peter Pan (AD Creations@Imparafacile  -BookLook) ■ bracelet, brooch and tiara : FINESMITH – SAINT platinum ■ bracelet(left hand) :  FINESMITH – Maniko... read more

Hollywood Diary of Audrey

Hello! It is time for events, short time after FFL, Hollywood event started with great design of talented designers. Today I’ve prepared a post of Tres Beau and Chop Zuey, Styling Credits: Hair: Boon Jewelery by Chop Zuey, papparazi Set (@ Hollywood event) Dress by Tres Beau, Starlet (@ hollywood... read more

{When nothing goes right Go left and take a break…}

___________C R E D I T ___________ Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 18 Glasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (mesh) Blouse: [] Skinny: Maitreya Mesh Zipper Skinny Pastel * Yellow Bag:.Shi : Croco Leather Bag {Mesh Unrigged – Brown} Flats: Tee*fy Arden Ballerina Flats Brown/Cyan With Ankle... read more

Now I Too Can Pose Like Wicca Merlin!!!

When one of SL top models, you admire greatly, makes something you hurry to acquire whatever it is. Wicca Merlin is the bees knees to me!!! I have always enjoyed her uniqueness and personal style. Wicca is a master stylist and can pose her butt off!!! When I learned, just recently, that she had poses…well her poses are now my poses, lol! The poses are called WW Casual Jeans and they are amazing!!!! The motions are smooth…none of that jerky stuff in the transitions. I like the positions of the legs and arms and the poses suit me. I know the poses are called Casual Jeans, but I happened to had on a swimsuit when I got them and LOVE how they made the swimsuit come alive with movement! I have always secretly wanted to be just like her in posing, laughing, now I can just buy her poses!!!! Photographer and model….me WW Casual Jeans by Wicca Merlin... read more


New  releases from DESIR’  the ASHIA Gown in Black and white,  stunningly feminine and beautifully made, also  NEW is the ASHIA Costume wit traditional texture and beautifully Oriental, with  fabulous headpiece  included. Taxiiiii   Have a Beautiful  weekend Much Love Xia... read more

Azul & The Night & Mr. X

Everyone is sleeping.  Nothing wakes.  The woods are motionless.  The wind is down to a whisper. Sleep hums like a current — yes, audibly, — through the bright steel night. The evening rises like a flaming wick. Hills fit into hills like lovers, their great dark straddling thighs   Clasping still greater darkness where they meet.  A star breaks,  Arcs down the night — like God striking a match across the cathedral ceiling.   Therefore I wish: see my lips move — making your name.  It is so still, so still.  I am sure that you must hear me. Helena/ ombre hair by Emo-tions  for Fashion for Life Redgrave #19 Diva:  Dress: Azul: Shena  Pearl (new) Necklace, earrings and bracelet, VJ – Gallathea – Fashion for Life... read more

LPD ~ Barbara

One of the new march releases by Nevery Lorakeet of LPD is the Barbara dress. Barbara is a part of the LPD Chic Collection. A beautiful chic, elegant  cocktail dress wich is wearable in three ways : Complete mesh dress + veils,  theMinidress and the Baby doll. Barbara is available in 5 colors. To complete my styling i used the Glam Affair Amberly skin wich you will find at COLLABOR88, my hat is by BaObA, and is exclusive for L’accessoires Skin: Glam Affair Amberly – Artic – Candy 01 (excl for COLLABOR88) Hair: Lelutka Vibrato Hair Dress: LPD Barbara Dress Blue Hat: BaObA Lluvia blue (excl for L’accessoires) Shoes: GOS Boutique Marilyn Sandals – Turquoise Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Move over Scarlett O’Hara and step aside Norma Desmond

Move over Scarlett O’Hara and step aside Norma Desmond…when I think of these famous characters I think of the famous staircase scenes associated with them! One of the most popular staircases in movie history is the red carpeted stair in the opulent Butler Mansion, on which Scarlett O’Hara sits/lays in her black heap of silk in the final scene and lament over her ruined marriage and schemes how to get Rhett back and utters the last famous lines as she hears the voices in her head about Tara and says “Home, I’ll go home and I’ll think of some way to get him back”. “After all, tomorrow is another day! and the other famous scene Fear is expressed over how Norma will be unable to cope with the disgrace, and the discovery of how forgotten she truly is. By the time the police arrive, however, she has become totally detached from reality and slipped into a delusional state of mind, thinking the news cameras are set up for a film shoot. To help the police coax her down the stairs, Max plays along with her hallucination that she is on the set of her new film. He verbally sets up the scene for her, and yells “Action!”Norma dramatically descends her grand marble staircase. At the bottom of the stairs in a closeup she has become very happy and says.. I can’t go on with the scene. I’m too happy! Mr. De Mille, do you mind if I say a few words? Thank you. I just want to tell you all how happy I am to be back in the... read more


Grace dress with rows of tulle, thin little back straps and flower accents is from  FA CREATIONS & SEDUCE.  It comes with the bracelet, earrings and matching shoes and is one of the exclusive designs you’ll find at  The Event – Hollywood March 30-April 14 Preview and... read more

Ghee Gilded Gossamer

-GHEE/Gilded Gossamer Garden -GLAM AFFAIR/Amberly Petal Edition Golden -SLINK/Mesh Hands Elegant -BOON/Blonde hairbase -Del... read more

Chop Zuey Exclusives

Pearls, diamonds and topaz… if these don’t say Hollywood, I don’t know what does..  And Chop Zuey does them with glamour and style.  The set on top is Paparazzi II Blu Set with choker, long earrings and bracelets. The second set is Paparazzi Pearl Diamond Set with earrings, bracelets in two styles, and the fabulous necklace that can be worn in a variety of ways, just a few strands or all the strands and the brooch. The set includes a hairpin.  I had planned to show it but time escaped me.. look for it in a post in the next few days. These  two sets will be at: The Event – Hollywood March 30-April 14 Preview &... read more

FINESMITH – Shameless

A new and amazing release signed FINESMITH. Shameless is an original set, amazing for both casual and elegant outfit. The full ensamble is available only in black color but you will find different single pack in amazing colors for the earrings and bracelet.   Styling Card: Jewels: FINESMITH – Shameless [NEW] Hair: [LeLutka]-LANA hair/Light Brunette Lipstick: {Handmade} Priscila Lipstick –... read more

Gizza ~ Trench Coat

Cold temperatures are on the wane and the snow has melted, but the winds are picking up. The trench coat, an above the knee coat, buttoned up to the neck is an undisputed fashion classic, the wear-with-everything and Giz Seorn of Gizza just released a new collection of some fantastic coats. Just like real life you will find different looks like the classic styles to luxe fabrics, on-trend sheers and summer-ready prints. Today i am showing you the trench coat in vintage style. Hair: Vanity Hair Easy Coat: Gizza Trench Coat [Vintage] Shoes: GOS Boutique Grace Sandals Pose: Di’s Opera Old Luggage (incl bag) Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

K2K United Enterprises @ Hollywood – The Event

This floral print mesh dress with yellow accents and asymmetrical neckline is just in time for Spring and Summer.  It’s from K2K United Enterprises and comes with classic black heels, butt being in a Spring mood and loving sandals as I do, I decided to to wear these citron heels, Aura, from N-core. Hair is from Magika and as always, all poses used in my blog posts are my own creations and many may be found at OVation. Look for this dress at Hollywood – The Event March 30-April 14 Preview and info HERE March 30-April 14 Preview and... read more

Glam Dreams – Hollywood – The Event

Glam Dreams Hollywood  Swirls Gown is a dream of a gown with sweeping train and cuffed gloves in an elegant, royal print.  I adore this gown and would even consider it as  a wedding dress.  The gown is just right for such a special occassion.  You’ll find it at Hollywood – The Event March 30-April 14 Preview and Info HERE Here’s a better look at the skin I’m wearing… Linda from WoW Skins I’m wearing the tan tone but Linda comes in two other tones wit cleavage option, Lola’s Tango applier, and even a Linda shape. The skin has dark brows and being a blondie, I’m wearing my won, but either own, blonde or brunette, Linda is lovely. You’ll find it in this round at SL Fashion... read more

BOUDOIR – Honey Bunny Hop-Be-Bop

Hop down the Bunny Trail in this sexy and gorgeous New Easter Release from BOUDOIR.  HONEY Bunny Hop-Be-Bop is the stunning new seasonal lingerie from BOUDOIR Designer, Precious Restless. Honey Bunny includes the Mesh Corset, floral skirt, stockings, shoes and Bunny Ears! Hop down the Bunny Trail for Honey Hunny Hop-Be-Bop and all your fashion needs! Style Card: Outfit: BOUDOIR – Honey Bunny Hop-Be-Bop (NEW) Hair: Elikatira – Abbey in Rich Brown Bangle: Chop Zuey – Equi Ecliptic Bangle in Pink Earrings: Chop Zuey – Shiny Monday (Old Group Gift) Nails: Candy Nails – Basic Prim Nails in Pink Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni... read more

Its a Shoe thing

BSD Design Studio are about to release yet another  Gorgeous Pair of shoes,   I am a bit of a shoe freak in SL  there are so many  fabulous styles to choose from and BSD Design studio  create some wonderful and  unique styles, so for me its pure  heaven. These are   just Glorious and will be available  from the upcomoing  HOLLYWOOD event, Info here This is  going to be  one fabulous  shopping experience So make sure you visit to  see More of BSD Designs fabulous Items, These are  BSD Designs CLASSIC  in Silver  shoes.   and if you cant wait for the  HOLLYWOOD event  you can always have a peek   at BSD Design’s  store on Market place, Here;-   Have a Fabulous week Much Love Xia xox      ... read more

Shey @ Hollywood – The Event

This slim fitting mesh gown with the daring plunging back is  fromShey.  The texture reminds me a bit of the mystery and intrigue  of the Old Hollywood films, which is appropriate since this gown  will be available at  Hollywood – The Event   March 30 – April 14 Info and Preview HERE You don’t want to miss it!          ... read more

Hangover with Drift

esterday it was the coldest march 24th in the netherlands ever, you can imagen that i am delightful to move arround second life  in my new outfit by Drift. The new hangover collection is made of a comfy cotton fabric. What i love about the tank tops and the maxi skirts are the texture color change hud. In the hud you can choose from 15 different colors. This way you can mix and match everything together. To finish my look i used the new watch and bracelets by Gizza, yesssss giz doesnt only make clothes, they are just great!! Hair: Exile Against the Music Top: Drift Hangover Tank ~ Gauze Linen Skirt: Drift Hangover Maxi ~ Gauze Linen Necklace: lassitude & ennui Viola lace collar (excl for L’accessoires) Earrings: House of London {Cherry} Larissa Earrings (excl for L’accessoires) Watch & Bracelets: Gizza Odyssey Watch&Bracelet Nails: Mandala Shoes: GOS Boutique Grace Sandals Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more


I got to walk in my first show for BLVD last weekend! It was the Galliano Tribute Show, part of Fashion For Life. 23 designers produced designs inspired by John Galliano, and they were sold at half price at the FFL Fashion Fair to raise funds for Relay For Life. I will confess to feeling a little awestruck by some of the models I was walking with – women who have been icons and inspiration for me since before I was a model myself. One of the designs in that show was this stunning Origami dress by jonyaranda of Chic Zafari. And I was lucky enough to win it as part of my prize for being voted one of Fashion For Life’s best bloggers!  The good news is the dress is now available for sale at Chic Zafari’s Mainstore (look for the side room on the ground floor) in an awesome range of colours. This is a true SL original – a must-have for lovers of haute couture! Scroll down for the style notes!   Style notes: Dress: Chic Zafari – Origami Dress Galliano /original Hat: comes with dress Boots: Belgravia – Foxglove Boots /pumpkin Gloves: Belgravia – Jessamine Gloves /pumpkin leather Earrings: Swallow – B.Frills Gold Topaz Earring Hair: BooN Eye makeup: Madrid Solo Lips:... read more
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