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Sensuelle Lingerie

There comes a time when after a good bath or some time at the spa, you want to go put on some sexy lingerie, a good movie and just melt…Sensuelle has just what you need.  You will be hard pressed to find one piece of these sexy delights the same.  Mirko Panacek, Sensuelle’s Designer, truly knows what looks best and how to make whomever your wearing this for heart skip a beat at first glimpse.   With such affordable prices, it will be hard not to buy the entire collection.   Stop by today and bring a friend to see these treasures…up front and mmmm personal <3... read more

Stubborn Love

For Love Donna Flora event. Dress w Hairpiece: Champagne Sparkling Fashion: Grace <3 Enzo 52,502 L’s raised here for Wigs for Kids. Last day! to pledge to receive my shape.I don’t know why I let myself get this way. I mean, it’s not me, it’s my mum that’s on this “can I please have grandkids before I die” kick. And don’t get me wrong, she’s not even sick, or really even that old. I mean, heck the way she keeps going to doctors, like my current beau, Doctor Ben Dover, (aka Taylor) she’s probably going to outlive me. I’m scared of doctor’s, it’s only recently I’ve had to actually go to one, and see what happens? I have to have a small surgery. After that, I’m never going back! That’s probably why my mum set me up with one, don’t tell me that’s not going to feel like being a rat in an observatory tank after a few months. I’ll keep thinking “why’s he keep staring at me?” Heck, after a few months it will more than likely be “why’s he keep staring at me like I’ve lost all my hair and grown a second head?” Nah, I’m sure I am kidding. Probably. Champagne Sparkling Fashion.. Bringing Sexy Back Yeah, you guessed it. Cao’s all worked up, it must be date night again. It’s a dressy date night. Yep, I have to dig around in my knickers drawer and find my spanxs.. . On dressy date night I wouldn’t think of wearing anything else, especially with a slinky black gown. Those who have read my blog for a... read more

BOUDOIR – Enchanted Forest Nymph

The Enchanted Forest Nymph is the new release from BOUDOIR Designer, Precious Restless.  This gorgeous and sexy fantasy outfit include two bra options, several sizes in the bikini bottom, floral skirt silk and the beautiful floral hair wreath. Head out to BOUDOIR for The Enchanted Forest Nymph and much more! Style Card: Outfit: BOUDOIR – Enchanted Forest Nymph Hair: Lelutka – Jasmine in Burnt Bracelet: Paper Couture – Spring Multi – Stone Cuff Nails: Candy Nails – Japanese Soul Pink Feet: Slink – Mesh Enhancement Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

Blue EMO-tions

  Mirja Mills of EMO-tions,  has been very busy again and she has  created  this stunning New Hairstyle CHLOE in Mesh and Flexi,  the best of both worlds, It doesnt cut through  and yet moves beautifully, Its a big fave for me. The New  CHLOE from EMO-tions Hairstyle  as always available in  fabulous color palette,  Here I am wearing Naturals no 3. Then add to  that  her  Really beautiful  New  Necklace FREEDOM and this is a  huge fave for me I love the chunky ethnicity of it, the fabulous Turquoise inlays  and the bold surrounds, Simply STUNNING. then  there  are  her  Dresses and  SUMMERWIND is just Beautiful. The  summer is in  full swing  now,  and the  Gorgeous  hot weather is so nice,  its time for  us to let loose a little and  wear something Feminine and  floaty,  and  the  SUMMERWIND Dress by EMO-tions  just does it for me.  It also comes with a  lovely Neck scarf (not shown)  flowing   around you as you move. I am also wearing  the   stunning  New  Necklace  FREEDOM     and  the  wonderful  New  Hair CHLOE    by Mirja Mills of EMO-tions as shown above. and  the all important Taxiiii Mainstore Marketplace   Have a Beautiful Sunny Weekend Much Love Xia... read more

Raise yourself! Sensuelle!

I met this fantastic store of lingerries called  Senduelle with several types and colors of underwear, the cutest to the most sexy. Today already started my day so sad, remember today would be the first day of Love Donna Flora and remember that it passes through a difficult time.  I ask everyone to contribute, if you can not buy,  help to share this idea! Dont think you dont have power to do it! you have! And another thing let me sad is now i will not see Bliss Couture new releases, because will close doors soon. I always apprecriate her creations and her stunning talent to do it, We will miss Bliss Couture Amutey, be sure!!!!   Follow link for Love Donna Flora with all the links for stores: Well, follow my post, Raise yourself!   Style Card:   Sensuelle Lingerrie ( Briddget) Hair by Bliss Couture Alisaundra Shoes by SoliDea FoliEs Tiffany   photo by... read more

Don’t I Know You?

Earrings: Donna Flora . Hat: Miamai 51,501 L’s raised here for Wigs for Kids. Only 2 days left to pledge to receive my shape. I mentioned last week I would cover the process of creating your own brand. Why would a Second Life model, business owner or designer do this? To increase their exposures to the market and in turn, their profitability, of course! You spend a great deal of time and money to become the best model you can be, don’t you want to maximize your potential when your training is done? I hope you don’t expect to go to a modeling academy, graduate and expect designers to come hunting you down. Unfortunately, it takes a little more business savvy than that. But with a little patience, and a lot of ground work, you too can be an icon of the fashion industry, just like a Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, or Diconay Boa. Hair: Amacci, Daphne **For Love Donna Flora** . Earrings: Dahlinks, UpTown . Eyebrows: Elysium The very first step, define your brand and become an expert on you. Take the time to do some soul searching and determine exactly who you are and what makes your brand you. I would first learn everything there is to be a model because if you aren’t going to learn the basics of style, color concept and put 100% in being the best you, it doesn’t matter how good you look, no one will want to work with a visual disaster from the neck down. That learned, time to create from the neck up. Look at the triangle area from... read more


Nile Karas  of FLOWERDREAMS  always has at least one  Gown out  for the weekend as a  very  special offer, Its on offer  from Thursday  through   to Sunday so that everyone who wishes  can  take advantage, then it goes back to  Full Price. If you have never  been to FLOWERDREAMS  then you will be in for a treat, full of  extremely feminine gowns and lingerie, FLOWERDREAMS is the perfect place to  visit. This is Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS  55Ls  offer  for  Thursday to Sunday   Fabulously feminine, with a lace body this oh so pretty Gown from Nile Karas of Flowerdreams, with its delicate colors and floaty base and cut away sleeves,, as always Nile leaves this offer through til Sunday, then it goes back up again to full price, GOWN Offer -SEHRAZAT-FLOWERDREAMS Taxiii… The Fabulous Hair is by EMOtions SUNBURST in Blonde NECKLACE NISHA in Turquoise also by EMO-tions Taxiii Butterflies AM not available(personal Gift) sorry, but you can find emitters on MP, Have a fabulous Day Much Love Xia... read more

Casual and classy!!

I like Hats, Love  them,   and   I always think  they just add to an outfit, even a casual one,   Dont just wear them  at   weddings, theyre  far too much fun for  that, and  you will always stand out from  the crowd, I am so loving some  of  the hat and  hair  combinations  and if you havent   managed ot get to the Hair  Fair  yet,  your missing out, its only on for a few  more days, so do try to  go, its a fun build with some fabulous  new styles. Here I am wearing Miamai Gaucho Hat and hair in Mahogany from the hair  fair, available in  several  Colors. I added  the  new AMADA Necklace and Earrings from  Lagyo and wore them with the  New GizzA Tube Jumpsuit in Brown Suede, perfect for that day out. also  on a more casual note with hair and hats combined is  the siobhan hair from Maitreya this is a floppy  hat with texture change which is  great  as you can match it to several  outfits.   Here I am wearing  Siobhan in  Dark brown with  GizzA Tube Jumpsuit in Brown suede, with shoes  from Ricielli and   bag from Lelutka. and for those  all important landmarks, Hat and hair by Miamai at the  Hair  fair Latin lover  Gaucho Hat and  hair in Mahogany Hair Fair 3 – Brickness, Hair Fair 3 (99, 34, 22) – Moderate Necklace and Earrings AMADA by Lagyo LG-CONCEPT, Love dAlliez (73, 188, 23) lelutka Lelutka Mainstore, LeLutka (128, 128, 25) – Moderate   GIZZA GIZZA CREATIONS …NEW MAINSTORE, GizzA Creations (132, 112, 72) Ricielli Main Store, Ricielli (97, 67,... read more

With love, I’m still sober

My first oficial blog post for SoliDea FoliEs! I feel honored in be part of this stunning staff! Thanks Cao, you are a great friend and the most cute person I ever meet on SL =) love you soooooo much S2. Thanks Mila for the oportunity! Falling in love! In 3, 2, 1….. When i saw this amazing dress I remenber when I was on Ballet classes. Every move is so delicate and soft, the colors are sooo cute and have sugar. But the stories of Ballet are very sad, most part of them, very funny han? How the innocence and beauty can be so sad? ^.~Enjoy!   More info in : Well…its 3 months since I back…and this is how i feel: And I don’t know This could break my heart or save me Nothing’s real Until you let go completely So here I go with all my thoughts I’ve been saving So here I go with all my fears weighing on me Three months and I’m still sober Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers But I know it’s never really over And I don’t know I could crash and burn but maybe At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me So I won’t worry about my timing, I want to get it right No comparing, second guessing, no not this time Three months and I’m still breathing Been a long road since those hands I left my tears in but I know It’s never really over, no Wake up Three months and I’m still standing here Three months and I’m... read more

Model’s Day Off….

Does’nt Everyone need a day off? Well thats what I decided to do today! To not think too much about how fashion I look and create a cute casual look. Firstly I have to tell you about my sweater which is from Nya’s Shop for the Love Donna Flora Event which opens its door’s tommrow. All information on Donna Flora and the Event can be found here : Love Donna Flora Event! Lets do what we can to help a friend in need. Secondly see my cute little scarf! Hes from Apicot Paws for the Fantasy gacha Event! And Oh all the colors are so cute! You really need to check out the event which opens on 31st July! Want Theese Items: Top: Linen Draped Tee from Nya’s Shop (Love Donna Flora Item) Scarf: Monster Scarf from Apicot Paws (Fantasy Gacha Item) Hair: Rykiel from Lelutka Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Gloss from Blacklace Beauty Necklace: Positano from MG ( Collabor 88... read more

The Art of Seduction

When a woman has seduction on her mind, she wears only the best…PAISLEY DAISY’s Sheer Golden Sequin Mesh Gown!Now that I have your attention, she purrs… see the front of this ultra feminine, sensually exquisite, beautifully golden textured sequin gown and the many amazing style options this gown has, your driver awaits! Photographer and model…me PAISLEY DAISY Joeys Mesh Sheer Golden Sequin Gown (J Packham Influenced) read more

Cream and Chocolate

Today I’ll tell you a funny anecdote about this outfit .. it does not seem but it has a very long history! It all started a couple of days ago, when my friend Kiddo (owner of DeadDollz) and I were doing shopping. We went initially to Liaison Collaborative and we loved the new model of shoes by GOS, which they had for sale at 795L and which included 2 colors.. brown and champagne. We tryed to understand if we had clothes to match with, because we rarely use those shades. So we decided to go into the mainstore, to buy at full price just one color which, however, we liked the most (I also blogged it in the previously post). and you will say: What is so strange? A few days later I met Kiddo and she confided in me that she did not resist the temptation to buy even the pair of shoes on sale at the Liaison Collaborative! So I scolded her, accusing her of being a shopaholic. Today i received a message in SL. She was telling me that she designed a dress especially with that colors, justifying herself that in this way she was able to make the expense a good and constructive decision! So what have I done? I ran immediately to buy the shoes, using her justification for not feel guilty about all the money I would have spent! AHAHAHA I love you, my friend. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ So…I’m there, with my cream and chocolate outfit! ❤ ❤ ❤ > The style card < PURSE: PP – Diamonds Apple Clutch – Silver... read more

GizzA – Chillin

Sun, Surf and Relaxation is what Summertime is all about.  The latest releases from GizzA  are perfect for your summertime fun! GizzA Designer, Giz Seorn brings us her fabulous Bikini Bras, Skinny Jeans and Boho Jewelry Sets! Head out to GizzA for these latest Summer releases! Style Card: Jeans: GizzA – Low Rise Skinny Jeans in Washed Blue (NEW) Top: GizzA – Bikini Bra in Floral Red (NEW) Bangles: GizzA – BoHo in Stone (NEW) Hat/Hair: Maitreya – Siobhan Mesh in Dark Brown (SALE) Feet: Slink – Mesh Enhancement Nails: Candy Nails – Long Prim Red Sunglasses: Mons in Red Pose: Agapee Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni... read more

One desert in my Soul

As it is difficult to understand people sometimes. I wish I could be the owner of a wisdom too large to comprehend. But maybe it’s better not to understand. I prefer people who hurt me to my right, who are honest with me. They love me. But those who prefer blind me compliments, I do not want near me. We only grow when we realize out that to win, fail a thousandtimes before. There is a strange in my life….   Thanks October =). Style Card: Dress by Son!a new Release Shia Hat by SoliDea FoliEs Cherie New Release Necklace by Chop Zuey Madonna Hair by Dela Vanessa Bracelet by SoliDea FoliEs Lust piece photo by me... read more

Summer Time

No I haven’t turned into a chocolate girl I’m just introducing you an amazing skin designer. Ywein designer of Kyxe skins is a hidden gem! When i make photos of the skin i noticed on the body details of it, best part of it you look gorgeous when you are naked! Another thing I wan t to introduce you is new swimsuit series of [VM] Vero Modero it will be released this week yet not on the store! later on I will show you some more swim wears of Vero they are juust amaziiiing! I have to work in RL so this summer I won’t enjoy the sea and beach untill early september, just cheering up myself with beach wear fashion in sl… it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime! have agreat summer unlike me…  Styling Credits: Skin: Kyxe – Julie (Angel Tones) Hair: Lelutka – Salome Bikini: Vero Modero – Hawaii Set Blue Glasses: Goucci  Bangles: Zaara Pose: The Muse Poses –... read more

Skate Park

New releases in Redgrave, adjustable clothes to their shape (LiquidMesh), worth checking out. Skin: -NIVARO – Adam Skin – lightt Shape: .:Boss Shape:. – Derick Hair: ::Exile:: AJ: Dark Browns Shirt: [*RG*] T-Shirt JIM *REDGRAVE* [NEW]  Bermuda: [blogger] LQMesh – Bermudas -BUNDLE – REDGRAVE [NEW] Tattoo: .:Boss Tattoo:. – Sweet Sacrifice Shoes: 2R1... read more

The Devil and Lil Cao Lionheart

Still using my new temporary shape, but who knows I might tweak it and keep it. Hat: Lode, Binny **L’Accessoires . Hairs: TRAM, A817 . Jewelry: [Mandala], TefuTefu **Summer 2013 Collection** 3000L. As some of you know, an event really upset me last night, but before I get into that I need to share my “date night” with some of my more nosey divinely curious friends. 😉 So, Dr. Colon Taylor took me to a local family style restaurant which is, as you know, a good choice for me, since at the more fancy dress up locales I wear spanks, and the need to apply mass quantities a couple of drinks just to be able to carry on a first date conversation makes the entire going to bathroom thing a major debacle. I digress. Things were going amazingly well with Taylor, we talked about family, food likes and dislikes, movies, and books, all the typical stories one talks about when meeting each other for the first time and out of the blue I looked over at him with soulful flirting eyes and asked “So tell me about your job?” (for those reading for the first time, check yesterday’s blog here). As you can imagine, the second the words left my mouth my eyes were big as saucers and my face was fifty shades of red. To hide the red, I grabbed my glass of water and took a huge sip to hide behind the rim. Unfortunately a square cube of ice lodged rather painfully in my throat and I began to choke, yep, the vulturing always attentive waitress happened... read more

Contrast ispiration!

My Styling: EYELINER: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.01 SKIN AND MAKE UP: 10. Anja Porcelain Nude + Make up and lipstick BY Swallow EARS: UNISEX[MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU HAT: *LODE* Hat – BINNY [black dots] [l’accessoires!] SHOES: [Gos] Boutique – Lauren d’Orsay – Ruby HAIR: Amacci Hair ~ Eclaire – Copper Pack [hair fair] CORSET: E-Clipse MinimalistaCorset Elegance Red LEGGINGS: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – White NECKLACE&EARRINGS: PP – Red Lips Jewelry Set [Food Fair] BAG: ISON – scout boho bag (white) Pose: CORPUS . Lounge Serie 002 ———– Today i was ispired by the new corset by E-clipse. It is available in a lot of colors and it’s really a stunning piece! At MAITREYA there is still a huge sale, for that reason I bought a lot of things, but one of my favourite item were that leggings..very minimal and perfect for the mix-and-match outfits. The bag is from ISON and was exactlywhat i was looking for for this look. The shoes in the picture are the GOS new release! They change style in an open version (this one), or in a regular sandal closed on the back of the foot. This period there are a lot of WOW events of every kind, my favourite has been for sure the hair fair, where i bought those hair from AMACCI: simply beautiful! The super kiss kiss kiss jewel set is from PURE POISON and it is made exclusively for the FOOD FAIR 2013. What a great release!! Last but not list the all know that I’m a hat-holick LOL It’s from LODE and you can find it at L’accessoires. LOVE YOU, Astralia.... read more

Fabulous Weekend with FLOWERDREAMS .

  Nile has always been exceptional to her Group members and when she participates for the 55ls Thursday, she runs it all thro until Sunday, so that everyone can take advantage of the Gown she has on special that week. These gowns are not made for the offer, theyre mainstore gowns and dresses, and after the weekend they go up to full price, This Weeks Dress is Called Rachel, she also has another dress on offer too, not shown here. So if you like to look pretty and Feminine RACHEL Dress from FLOWERDREAMS will let you. I also Love this Brand NEW hairstyle from EMO-tions-CASSANDRA super pretty style here I am wearing the Naturals 3 hair and base, the base being very curly also. Add to that the NEW Necklace from EMO-tions -NISHA in violet to pick up the soft violet roses in the dress,  throw on the awesome SuperModel DRUNNA in Ricepaper shoes from {{BSD Design studios, Pick a pretty skin, Glam Affair have a sale going on atm. and off you go to Dance til you drop. and those all important Landmarks FLOWERDREAMS   EMO-tions {{BSD Design Studio   Have a fabulous  Weekend Much Love Xia... read more

Divine EMO-tions

New from EMO-tions the fabulous CASSANDRA Hair, with curls, plaits and bands wrapping round your Head, Here I am wearing NEW from EMO-tions CASSANDRA HAIR in Snow, it comes with a very curly base and is available in a 20 color Palette. NEW from EMO-tions NISHA Necklace in Violet Beautiful Gold inlaid with Violet stones. EMO-tions DIANA Gown, named after the Goddess Diana meaning, Heavenly/Divine and this really is a Divine Gown. All these Items and More are Available from the Mainstore, Also New  out  from  EMO-tions is the  Classy  style MABEL not to Mention the  fabulous  New Necklaces NISHA.   Distinctly  stylish  and very retro This  NEW  Hairstyle from  EMO-tions is a  Beautiful  classy Bob,  tapering up at the back with Fabulous waves  at the  sides, MABEL  with  20 shades  to choose  from pure  Class. The  Necklace is the  NEW  NISHA  necklace from  EMO-tions, Fabulously  stylish  with Turquoise inlays. and is sure  to  get  you noticed wherever you  are. Thank You Mirja Mills. Also  wearing my fave  Little  Black  Dress from SMESH LM to  EMO-tions Mainstore EMO-tions on MP SMESH MP Have a  Fabulous Weekend Much Love Xia xox PS The Hair  Fair  is still  in Full Swing so If you havent  checked out the fabulous  styles from Mirja Mills of EMO-tions there  yet,. Please  do,  you wont  be  disappointed, LM for  hair fair read more

GizzA – June Group Gift

こんにちは。 大変クオリティーの高い海外ブランドのGIZZA CREATIONS からのグループ・ギフトをご紹介いたします。   胸元に素敵なバラがあしらわれた 今年の暑い夏を癒してくれそうな涼やかなドレスになっています。 とてもグループ・ギフトとは思えない質感ですので 是非この機会にグループに入られていただいてくださいね。 髪の毛は日本のHair Shopからセレクトしました。 メッシュ・ヘアーにもかかわらず とても繊細なつくりになっています。   Styling Credit Dress:GizzA – June Group Gift Hair:SUDUM -  Katrina Bangle :LaGyo -Fran vinyl bow bangle Pink Hat:LaGyo – Bow hat baja blue      ... read more

Sascha’s Designs

SAS brings us Manita, one of the latest new designs from SAS Designer, Sascha Frangili.  This stunning outfit is available in 5 colors and includes additional shirt, jacket and pant options. Style Card: Outfit: SAS – Manita in Pink (NEW) Hair: Vanity Hair – Ma Belle in Brown Shoes: Redgrave – Grace Clutch: GizzA – Mesh Clutch Bag in Sand Earrings: Atomic – Endearing Mesh Earrings in Silver Bracelet: Chop Zuey – Laughter and Resurrection Bracelet Nails: Candy Nails – Hana Pink Pose: Agapee Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

Discover your fantasy @ EVOLVE

EVOLVE‘s Fantasy 3 Dress is on sale today only for 55 Lindens!  And do not forget the other Fantasy dresses located in the back of the store and the new outfits on the second floor.  <3  Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by ^^ Landmark... read more

BOUDOIR – Mermaid Queen

Be the Queen of the Sea in this beautiful new release from BOUDOIR.  Mermaid Queen is a gorgeous new mermaid outfit and includes the Dolphin, wings, crown and AO. Head out to BOUDOIR for Mermaid Queen and much more! Style Card Outfit: BOUDOIR – Mermaid Queen (NEW) Hair: Emo-tions – Windblown 2 in Brown Nails: Candy Nails – Birthstone in Sapphire Model & Photographer: skylei... read more


I LOVE Shoes, the  most unusual, the most stylish and the most elegant, its a weakness,  I know I can only wear one pair   at a time,  but that pair  has  to be perfect to  suit my mood,  my style or  my  temper in some cases. Oooooooooh  the times  I  have wished I was wearing really  spikey heels. But I dont  think  we should go into  that. Well  the Hair  Fair is well under  way  and once  you  have  your Top all shiny and New, its time for your  Toes. So Now  The Shoe  Fair  has started. and  BabyChampagne Sass the  Creator of  {{BSD DESIGN STUDIOS  has come up with some  awesome exclusives for the  Fair, all  at a special  price  for the event. SUMMER LOVER in All  RED Just gorgeous and  here   I am  wearing {{BSD DESIGN STUDIO-SUMMER  LOVER in ALL RED FOR THE  SHOE  FAIR. {{BSD  DESIGN PRESTISSIMO CLUTCH-IN CHARCOAL-Available on  MP or mainstore. HAIR IS BY  EMO-tions-NICOLE in  Naturals 3 DRESS IS  GIZZA  CATWALK  DRESS IN LEATHER. next SUMMER LOVER  by {{BSD DESIGN STUDIOS in  ZEBRA-  for the  Shoe fair. These  are   available   at  {{BSD DESIGN at the  Shoe Fair at  a  fabulous  special price, I am wearing {{BSD DESIGN STUDIOS -SUMMER LOVER IN ZEBRA. {{BSD DESIGN STUDIOS -prestissimo  Clutch bag  from  MP or mainstore. HAIR-EMO-tions- TRACEY in Naturals Vest(no  longer available sadly) SHORTS   MY  MOLICHINO. Jewelry  FEATHERS  set  by Purple  Moon. and  THE all important  LM. SHOE  FAIR  for  {{BSD DESIGN STUDIO {{BSD DESIGN STUDIO  on Marketplace EMO-tions GIZZA MP MOLiCHiNO-MP   Purple Moon-MP   I hope you  have... read more

Magic of Circus

When the lights go out on stage…anything can happen … Today I bring you a very nice lingerie store called Sensuelle. There are pieces of different shapes, colors and styles. Want to feel like a Victoria Secret Model? Sensuelle! And not enough to bring the joy and mystery of the circus, also bring this hair directly from Hair Fair 2013, Andrea by Wasabi, elegant and sexy. Seduce! Style Card: Tasha Lingerrie by Sensuelle Andrea Hair by Wasabi Shoulder Carole Feathers by Son!a Nails by Blackliquid Earring and Bracelet by Chop Zuey Photo by... read more

How To Begin When the Beginning Seems Long Gone

It’s hard to find off shoulder items inworld, but it’s a nice little attention to detail I always get a little post-introspective when a relationship I had faith in fly’s off to never-never to be land. I suppose it’s sort of like watching game tape at the end of a football game, I always hope for a better performance the next go round. This relationship is no different than any of the others. But it does naturally make me think of choices. Life choices, relationship choices, career choices, the whole gamut and I always fall back to “nothing happens until YOU decide.” I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but like most human beings, my heart was locked closed and I chose to listen to my brain instead. We can’t help be that way, it’s trained into you from childhood and it’s that little niggling voice who tells us not to speak the truth of how we feel because what we are thinking/feeling/saying/becoming is stupid/rude/scandalous/sinful/depressing/ridiculous/unoriginal or any other sundry of words. All the infinite variations on this theme convey just one message: Silence your heart or you will be rejected. Rejection hurts our little social hearts so much that just the threat of it convinces most of us to cooperate with our enemies. This disassociation within was a two-step process: First we went mute, learning never to speak our deepest truths. Next, not long after followed deafness, refusing to hear our own souls. Door slammed, bolt locked. I love a gorgeous accent like this necklace We don’t have to choose to live this way, all we have to do... read more

How I put my looks together? Sometimes I do not even know by myself 😉

Sometimes I get asked how I start styling and if I could describe what I do. For the usual fashion stylings I can at least try to explain what I do one after another as you usually follow certain rules when you put a look together that you got asked for. Sometimes you follow the standard color schemes or you style after an RL look that you saw somewhere, or you use some other source of inspiration. But there is days, at least for me, where I do not have anything requested and start going through my inventory. Sometimes I get stuck with an item, an accessory, and wanna turn this in a whole look. But when I try to go by the first idea, that this detail gave me, I get stuck and do not really know what I can do to complete it, without looking boring or stereotype with so many others that were wearing that item before. And who wants to see the same item over and over again in the same way? For today it ws the “Hunter Headdress” headpiece from XtraX, that caught my attention. I found it longer ago on the “I <3 RP” event. I was looking for horns as the “Hunters Headdress” fell into my hands. I could not resist to buy it, even if I had no idea yet what I am going to use it for. Sometimes things have to rest in your inventory for a while like a good bottle of red wine before you have the perfect idea how you wanna use it :p . I was... read more

Comfortable with Boho

New at Gizza is the Boho collection. I really love the Boho style. Boho is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. Boho is all about looking individual and natural, earthy and relaxed. Earthy tones are best, with splashes of colors like orange, green, and magenta. Some people refer to it as “hippy clothing” because often times they where things like that. The possibilities with Boho are endless. Boho is synonymous with “accessories galore”. This means plenty of bracelets, ankle bracelets, mix-and-match necklaces, and dangling earrings. Boho doesn’t stop with jewelry, though. There’s headbands, clips, and barrettes for your hair, and belts for your waist. Hair: Truth Kerri Bikini top: Gizza Bikini Bras Pants: Gizza Low Rise Skinny Jeans Necklace: Gizza Boho Set Bracelets: Gizza Boho Set Sunglasses: Elysium Kim sunglasses Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

A joker in your closet!

News for you, enthusiast fan of Vero Modero! The new summer collection has arrived to raze and suits many occasions! A real joker in the closet. The combinations have many options! But I chose to look for a job in the summer season. The pattern breaks a bit of seriousness bringing a tone of youthful. So if you are a Vero Modero Fan Run!!! Style Card: Vero Modero Gulen Hair by Dela Jessica Bag by LpD ( C. Docks, Salimar Selling) Shoes by BSD ( C. Docks, Salimar Selling) Photo by... read more
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