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Summery Look, Jhao’s @ Totem Surf Wear

People… I was in a store called Totem Surf Wear, which has great Brazilian summer clothing. The owner of the store, Zeus Fride, is a good friend. He loves summer and Brazilian beaches, and he creates stylish clothing perfect for this. Here are a few of his new releases. Here I am wearing a shirt made of a thin fabric, very soft, and the texture is beautiful. I like the style of the buttons matching the color of the shirt. The open V-neck is perfect for the hot weather. Summer brings out sexuality in us and the clothes we wear. Women look for sheer fabrics, and men also opt for more daring clothes, such as those which bare more of the chest. Many designers have launched this style of shirt, putting special focus on the eroticism of the male chest. Totem SurfWear has a lot of clothing in this style. The shorts in jeans create a stripped look for a summer in the metropole, and the low shoes and complete the look, simple and stylish. Skin – Belleza- Johan Hair – TRUTH Hair – Zach – dark browns Sweater – Totem SurfWear – Transport Cardigan Pants – Totem SurfWear – WalkShort – Loose Change Shoes – hoorenbeek – SlipOn – Plain Colors In this look, very summery, I’m wearing the Totem Surf Wear trousers with texture in chess, which I particularly love. The belt-shaped cord is a very interesting tropical touch in the piece. I use a Belleza skin that I love. (Belleza is giving this skin to the Belleza group for a special price; anyone interested in the... read more

Hooray! Chloë Jeweled Flowered Flats AvailableToday

When I posted a review of some of the new jewelry releases at Chloë this past May, I also showed a “teaser” pic of Chloë owner and designer Kieran Debevec’s upcoming foray into shoes. From that moment on, Kieran tells me she was flooded with IMs from shoe lovers asking when the new Jeweled Flowered Flats would be available. Naturally, Kieran was delighted, and the wonderful response encouraged her to create the best possible range of shoe color options along with her incredible Primary and Secondary gem colors HUD. There are 19 shoe colors and over 150 gem colors to choose from! These charming flats will look great with so many of your outfits, from casual to evening wear. They’re copy-permed, so you can place a copy of a particular base color into an outfit folder, then set the gem colors to match the outfit, for a total customized ensemble. And today, the Chloë Jeweled Flowered Flats are released! Drop by the Chloë store today to try the demos and buy your favorite color, a mini-pack, or the entire fat pack. You’ll be steppin’ out in style.                                                                                                                            ... read more

Sascha Designs Releases Three New Dresses

Sascha Frangilli continues to please with her latest releases. Known mainly for her formal gowns, it’s easy to forget that Sascha’s Designs has some great casual and daytime clothing, too. The first Sascha’s Designs dress, “BB” in pink, is a perfect example. Talented photographer Connie Arida models BB in the dress and swimsuit versions. This is a charming summer frock!   I only have one photo of “Addiction,” the next release from Sascha’s Designs, shown here in Navy, but look at the detail on the textured bodice and skirt hems. Lovely! The third Sascha’s Designs release, “Lillie,” comes in 6 colors: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, and Turquoise. Sascha has done a wonderful job blending rich colors together for a beautiful line of gowns just waiting for that perfect summer evening!... read more

New Shoes & 3 New Dress Designs from Digit Darkes!

Digit Darkes has put her talent and creativity to work again, pretty much guaranteeing I will never have a linden surplus. Three new gorgeous dresses from Digit Darkes AND two new awesome foot-in-shoe styles, and they are really fab. First, the “Delhi Dress.” Digit Darkes says, “This is My favorite dress I’ve made this Year!!!! It’s YUMMY!!” And it is. The Delhi Dress comes in Black, White, Jade, Magenta, Mustard, and Nile. It’s sensuous and classy and highly customizable, with 9 different skirt prim color choices for the Black and White Delhi Dresses, and 10 color choices on all of the colored Delhi Dresses.     All Delhi Dresses also come with the Gem neckline, which has 4 separate color positions: the Metal, and three gem color positions named AGem, BGem, CGem. All three Gem Positions have 43 different colored Gems to choose from, giving you an almost unlimited number of color combinations. All color options are touch menu activated and easy to follow.               Digit Darkes also releases her new “Delhi Heels” to match the Delhi Dresses! The Delhi Heels are also highly customizable: –Sateen Straps in 13 different color choices —44 different Gemstone Textures in three separate color positions —Three Metal Options: Gold, Silver, and Black —Four Platform Colors: Chocolate, Black, Blonde and Mocha Wood —Eighteen Toe Nail Polish Colors The Digit Darkes Delhi Heels, as well as her other foot-in-shoe designs, now have a NEW IMPROVED Skin Matching System which lets you use the normal Second Life Edit Mode to match any and all skin tones in SL! The new “Subliminal” dress by... read more

BROADWAY! How I luv ya!

Did you miss the Broadway show? Awwwwwww. Well here’s a taste of what you missed. I’ll be forwarding a copy of these and more to Frolic and anyone involved in the show is welcome to copies with my compliments. BUT don’t rush him. They’re not all done yet So wait a bit and they’re yours. From the opening curtain to the finale the audience was thoroughly involved and delighted by the performances and the... read more

New Releases from Fashion Nomads

I’ve been a fan of designer Aleida Rhodes and her Fashion Nomads brand since she first came on the Second Life clothing scene. This week Aleida released several new designs ranging from casual to couture, including her first design, “Miss Magica,” for the RFL auction during Fashion Expo. “Couture Orientale” comes in 4 colors – blue/turquoise, citrus, papaya, and pink – with a sculpted skirt mixed with flexi prims. The next release, “Nomads Funky,” – comes with laced bra, sculpted babydoll prim, and nicely textured no-pocket pants. This set comes in papaya, turquoise, citrus, pink, black, and white. Aleida has also added 6 new colors to her previously released couture design “Lucite.”  All designs (except for the RFL Auction gown) are available at Fashion Nomads today!... read more

Velo Kore: Tattoos and Fantasy Skins

I met Shadz Laville today, and she showed me her role play and fantasy tattoos and skins. She’s a new designer who started a unisex tattoo and female fantasy skin line – and she’s selling them for a limited time at 100.L each on Xstreet SL. Role players, photographers, or anyone who occasionally wants a unique look should check these out. Shadz Laville and Bastian Redstar describe Velo Kore as: “+VELO KORE+ Designs for the roleplayer or simply creative minds. Through this link you will find unique creations and many more to come. Store will be up soon as well, all items as of right now for limited time are 100L fantasy skins, tattoos etc. Highly detailed sculpted furniture soon to come as well!” I purchased the Black Arcane tattoo and purchased a friend the female Aquatic skin.   Almost forgot to mention my favorite item Shadz sells: the Velo Kore Laundry Basket. It’ll make a great photo prop. For any questions contact Bastian Redstar or Shadz... read more

The Perfect Image Hunt! (June 5 – 21)

There are some great hunts going on this month all over the grid, and The Perfect Image Hunt is one you really need to play! Running from June 5 through June 21, The Perfect Image Hunt takes place entirely on the beautiful Fashionista shopping sim. And these are top designers participating! The theme is “The Perfect Image,” and each of the stores plays a part in helping YOU develop exactly that. Get the perfect unique shape for yourself at Andra’s Shapes; make yourself beautiful with Glance Skins; dress yourself in fabulous designs from Lady Thera, A La Folie, and MEB; set your look with a perfect pose from DmB Poses; then record your perfect image with a photo from CB Photography. Et voila! You have created YOUR perfect image! The Perfect Image Hunt Contact Anette Bernard if you have... read more

New! Extreme Reality Photo Contest

Do you have a beautiful avatar? Would you like to win L$25,000? If your answer is YES, then here’s a great new contest just for you! Full information from the good folks at Xtreme Reality Skins below. ~*~ Extreme Reality Beach Babe Photo Contest ~*~ This is the type of picture competition, based on a monthly theme, that you may be familiar with. First month’s competition theme is ‘Beach Babe,’ and we are now taking entrants. First Place Prize: $25,000L First Place, Second Place and Third Place Winners will all receive an Extreme Reality Skin Pack includes all skin available. A $32,000L value. The winner will also receive a photo shoot with award winning photographer Avona Ryba. Samples of her work can be seen here : ———-Contest Rules———- Extreme Reality Official Contest Rules: 1. Contest runs from the 9th june 2008 to the 25 june 2008. 2. Contestants are allowed to enter at any point of the contest. Free entry 3. Each Contestant must be a member of the Extreme Reality Group. Free to join. ***Note from Mystical Demina, Creator of XTreme Reality Skins: This rule was removed: This is not a requirement. 4. Only ONE submission per AVATAR! 5. Photo Submitted must be taken in the photostudio at Extreme Reality for the theme. 6. All photos will be uploaded to the xtreme reality flickr group. 7. You must use a square photo at least 512 x 512. 8. Yes you can use a editing program to edit your photo but must still contain the theme and the Extreme Reality logo in the background. If any... read more

Couture Chapeau Presents: Sophia Loren and Her Hats!

Chigadee London’s Couture Chapeau is one of my favorite hat shops in Second Life. She has recently produced a tour de force of wonderful photos and accompanying new Couture Chapeau hats that you really should see! Couture Chapeau is presenting a fabulous Retrospective Display of hats worn by iconic movie star, Sophia Loren. On display in the Haute Couture Salon, the hats are available for sale along with beautiful clothes inspired by Miss Loren’s glamourous style. This will be the first in a series of retrospectives of hats worn by celebrities – the original concept of Mad About Hats/Couture Chapeau. The display will run during the summer months, so please bring your friends and come as often as you like.                                                                          ... read more

Fashion Find: Meghindo’s Touch of Sensuality

I met Meghindo Romano a few weeks ago at her shop on Casablanca Boulevard. If you haven’t visited Meghindo’s Touch of Sensuality there or at her main store in Limburg, you really should have a look. The day I met her, there were probably 10 of us in the store, and we had our own little impromptu shopping party, laughing, emoting and buying. Meghindo’s clothes are well made, reasonably priced, and flattering. You’ll love the way they look on you!                                ... read more

Hats & Shoes:or – More accessories

Shoes! What woman doesn’t love them, especially if they have cute toes.  Combine the right shoes and hat, and you change the look of an outfit instantly. BG Planer of B&G has joined the ever increasing numbers of shoe designers to produce a line of high heeled sandals with cute feet. I was a little disappointed to find they were no copy – not much fun for models making up folders – but, after speaking to BG she agreed to put vendors in the store that gave the option of either transfer or copy. Yay! Thanks BG Her sandals are sexy and stylish and come in some very pretty as well as useful colours. Bows and flowers make these 2 styles [Melody in Platinum & Amanda in Pink (Rosa) ] perfect for elegant gowns, and those filmy summer dresses.  And the strappy sandal [Selena in Camel] has a gladiatorial look to it, great for shorts, bikinis, and short skirts to show off a long leg and a slim ankle.   One of my all time favourite hats is this cute little number from Kavar Cleanslate of Exile. It’s called Maureen and comes with it’s own hair (soooooo convenient). The delicate veil can be made invisible with a simple click, and the colour is also changeable. What more could a girl ask for The other two also come with their own hair (I’ll look at hats minus hair at another time).  I like the cheeky look of Amerie’s hat. Like a cross between a PD and (in Australia at least) a ‘bookie’ – the guys who take bets at the... read more

Jhao at KA Designs [First]

BOOM, every week my friend Kira Ahn from KA Designs store releases new male products in her store. Her designs have an incredible difference, the quality of textures is really incredible, and the cuts and patterns are very innovative. Kira gave me some samples, which I have styled for you here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. _In this look I’m wearing a basic shirt, but look at the shirt collar, review the cut, which is typical of the summer style. The pants have legs prims and the texture, the color, really command attention. The skin was also provided by Kira Ahn. _Skin – [KA] SKINS MEN -BRUCE- Dark Tan/RL/ _Hair – SOREAL Original Rasta Bun V2 _Shirt – [KA] *Mile* Shirt _Pants – [KA] ME *Kara* Jeans _Shoes – <kalrau> Flip Flop Collection _Accessories – Collar -Aitui – Kukui Nut Lei _Accessories – Bracelet – *TRUTH* – Woodspin [wristbands] _In this look I’m using a jacket over a shirt with a high shirt collar. The colors are a beautiful combination, and the shirt in purple is wonderful. In all my walks by the SL stores I have never seen a neck like that, it’s stunning. The jacket has good prims and fully fits the body. Some prims in SL are complicated to edit, but the prims of KA Designs are very simple to fix. _Skin – [KA] SKINS MEN -BRUCE- Dark Tan/RL/ _Hair – -dD –  Roni – Monochrome Box 01(Discord Designs) _Jacket – [KA] MEN *Cruz* /mud/ _Shirt – [KA] *Widder* Shirt -purple- _Pants – [KA] ME *Kara* Jeans _Shoes – [LeLutka]-CARSON sandals/black... read more

American Cancer Society “Makeover Magic” Event, Sunday June 7

Makeover Magic SL Cancer Survivors and SL Cancer Caregivers are working together with the FACES Creative Team and a host of talented designers, who have kindly agreed to donate items, to sponsor makeovers for a group of selected survivors and caregivers. The results will be shown at a fashion show on the American Cancer Society island at 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 7 – which is National Cancer Survivors Day. 11am SLT @                   Last year’s fashion show was held on November 2 to coincide with the official unveiling of the makeover of the American Cancer Society sim. Five cancer survivors modeled their new outfits alongside their fashion mentors. The outfits were kindly donated by leading hair, clothing, skin, shape, shoe and jewelry designers in SL.                   For 2009, members of the Caregivers group have also been included. Through these makeovers, our goal is to honor and pamper inworld cancer survivors and caregivers.                   The Fashion Show will be hosted by FACES at ACS Island.and will feature the new looks of the chosen participants walking the runway with their model/mentors, showing off designs donated from this program’s supporters.                        ‘Makeover Magic’ is the Second Life equivalent of a real life program, ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ – a free, community-based service in the USA that helps cancer survivors to restore their appearance and self-image during treatment.                 The ‘Look... read more

Classic Elegance Show Rescheduled for Sunday June 7!

Well, the best laid plans, as they say… 😉 The Classic Elegance Runway Show has been rescheduled to Sunday, June 7, at 3:00 p.m. SL time, so as not to conflict with The Broadway Show, which was rescheduled to a later Saturday start time. Never you fret, loveys, the Classic Elegance Runway Show will be even more fabulous on Sunday! Same elegant location, same wonderful designers, same glorious clothes, and now DJ Azu will be spinning tunes for the after-show party. What could be... read more

Mannequins Traveling SL

When Thess Writer decided to unleash her mannequins on the grid, she must have had an idea that the idea would be well received by artists, but no one could have imagined the diverse images those artists would create with her setups. Different arrangements of the mannequins were placed on the Unintended Water sim, Poetik Velvets sim and Chapeau Tres Mignon. Landmarks and SLURLs were provided to direct Second Life photographers and artists to the different locales and magic occured. While the setups were the same for each artist, depending on location, the works derived from Thess’s concepts showcase how the artists saw them differently. On June 12th at 9:00 PM SLT, Thess is holding an expo opening party at Unintended Water, where several works created from this amazing concept will be showcased. The gallery, built by Cyro Spyker, consists of three rooms, one for pieces from Poetik Velvet, one for Unintended Water works and one for creations from Chapeau Tres Mignon. The build was designed to emphasize the diverse creative visions of the artist by placing shots of the same scene together. The Mannequins Traveling SL exhibit is an exciting culmination of a concept that has become virtual reality over the past several... read more

“Classic Elegance” Fashion Show Saturday June 6!

This weekend promises to be full of exciting events. Going to The Broadway Show at 12 noon SL time on Saturday? I hope so, it’s an experience not to be missed! After the show? Take your fine selves on over to the Boulevard for a fashion show that promises to be full of designer delights. Saturday, June 6, at 3 pm SL time, Diversity Models is proud to present “Classic Elegance,” featuring the timeless clothing of V-Fashion, the lavish jewelry of Alienbear Designs, the stunning skins of LionSkins, and the incomparable footwear of Stiletto Moody.     The invitation says “V.I.P.” and that means YOU. Everyone’s invited! See you... read more

Gracie’s Introduces 4 New Gowns

Grace Winnfield is at it again! Fresh off the smashing success of her recent runway show, this charming designer continues to create beautiful gowns. Here are four new releases from Gracie’s. For weddings, special occasions, or any time you just want to look stunning. (All gowns are no copy, transfer yes, prims... read more

New Jeweled Shoes & More from Chloe Jewelry!

Don’t you just love shoes? I do, and so does Kieran Debevec, owner and designer of Chloë, my favorite Second Life jewelry store. She let me have a sneak peek at her first foray into shoes, so I’m letting you in on the cuteness! Chloë’s “Jeweled Flowered Flats” come with the unique Chloë Color Changing Pod, which allows you to select over 150 colors for the Primary and Secondary jewels on the shoes. Talk about custom matching to any outfit! The Chloë “Noel Pearl” necklace and earrings set was released last month, and it’s just beautiful. The set also comes with the Chloë Color Changing Pod, which means you can customize this set to match any outfit and go from elegant to wild in just 2 clicks. Kieran Debevec’s jewelry designs are very popular and well thought of, and it’s no surprise that similar designs often pop up from other brands after a Chloë release. As Kieran says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?” She was particularly happy when her donation of 2 of her designs, one unique and one unreleased, raised L$26,000 at a recent auction for charity. Chloë is part of the Einstein Group. View, demo, and purchase these and the rest of her impressively stylish and well made jewelry designs at the store on the Elf Fala sim. Oh, and be on the lookout for a new release coming up. I’ve seen the prototype, and it is fabulous!... read more

New Releases at Sascha’s Designs

If you’ve visited Sascha’s Designs lately, you know all about designer Sascha Frangilli‘s beautiful evening gowns, great cocktail dresses, and fashionable casual clothes. Super Model Kay Fairey first told me about Sascha’s, and I always trust Kay’s judgement, so I was shopping there the other day – got some FAB things! – and ran into Sascha herself. Not only is she a talented designer, Sascha’s a super person, and she showed me some of the new gowns she’s just finished. So I’m bringing them to you. By the way, Sascha Frangilli is one of the few awesome designers who offers DEMOs for her designs, so you can try before you buy. I love that, don’t you? I’ll start you off with the precious hat that goes perfect with her “Breeze” line.... read more

Party for a Good Cause June 1st

You’re invited to a fantastic party at The Wedding Isle sim on June 1st at 8:00 pm SL time! Dress is formal – YAY! An opportunity to wear our gorgeous gowns (and get the guys out of those perennial jeans)! Jill Mackenzie and Classy Patton own and manage The Wedding Isle, one of the most incredible wedding sims and bridal services in Second Life. I love these two ladies-they’re fabulous and funny and beautiful, with open and generous hearts. So you can imagine how I laughed when I saw the invitation to their upcoming party. Yes! Everyone’s invited – that’s right, YOU, TOO, and it promises to be a lot of fun. BOSL will be covering the event for our Party Girls Diaries “society pages,” so dress up, look fab, and you might get your photo in the next issue of BOSL Magazine. 😉 Even if you know and love Classy and Jill like I do, and even though the party is a celebration of their grand re-opening, don’t bring gifts. They’ll have donation jars here and there, if guests are so inclined, to benefit Operation Up Link, a wonderful program that provides free phone calls to connect active-duty soldiers and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones.  See you... read more

Beautiful Newness at Phoenix Rising!

Ashoka Eales, CEO of Phoenix Rising, releases 6 new clothing designs and 3 new shoe styles today! Ashoka is well known for her trend-setting clothing with detailed textures and intricate prim work, making Phoenix Rising one of 2009’s hottest brands on the grid. And the first of her Summer Releases will only further enhance her reputation for great style and quality. “Breezie’s Kiss,” my all-time favorite (yeah, that’s me!), is classic Phoenix Rising – multiple styling options, a great prim skirt, and a matching handbag that puts the finishing touch on this fun and flirtatious ensemble. Breezie’s Kiss comes in Kakki, Pink, Mint, Pale Nana, Grey, Ice, and White. The delightfully named “Prissy” is a short summer dress that manages to be both demure and sexy. The strapless bodice is flattering, and the brightly colored empire ribbon secures the intricately primmed skirt in a perfect shape that is unmistakably Phoenix Rising. Prissy comes in Black, Blue, Blue Solid, Green, Mint Solid, Nana Solid, Pink Solid, Purple, Red, and Pink. Phoenix Rising hasn’t forgotten your summer nights either. “Natasja’s Seduction” brings your sexiest corset to the forefront as the anchor top to 3 amazing style variations. Be daring by day with the pencil skirt, then hit the nightclubs wearing the flared out prim skirt that frames your fabulous stockinged legs. Wear the floor-length fabulously primmed skirt to be the center of attention at any formal event. “Natasja’s Seduction’s” bodice features prim straps and color options of Ice, Purple, Rust, Aqua, Pink, Red, and Slate. The fourth Phoenix Rising release, “Summer Winds,” returns to sensual femininity with a twist. Wear this lovely dress with... read more

A NEW sim, a NEW release, and a re-release

NEW NEW NEW!! It’s been a busy week. Despite lag and sim crashes, Monica Outlander’s new sim kicked off with music, colour, and skins complete with outfits and wild and wicked hair. No one can have too many little black dresses right? Well don’t despair. Micah Kanto has re-released the Noir range at Modern Gypsy and this is my fav. From the beautifully draped collar, to the scalloped skirt and fashionably finished belt, this one whispers style. Aussie fashion designer in RL and now in SL, Velvetori Twine has just launched her first show at Bogarts. Keep watching this lady, she’s out to make an impression. (Look  out for her story in an upcoming issue of BOSL magazine), and come visit me at my blog – I’ll be adding extra pics to the blog and it will be up soon :)). In the meantime, happy... read more

Beautiful New Designs from Chantkare!

Applonia Criss and her Chantkare brand continue to raise the standards of beautiful design with her newest lines, “Bask” and “Summer 09.” Feast your eyes on some of her latest releases, and be tantalized by a peek at just one unreleased stunner. Chantkare’s “Summer Kaleidoscope” is a sexy, sophisticated design with a neckline that plunges to the waist, secured by a braided tie. All eyes will be on you when you wear this colorful sheath. Pair it with high, strappy heels for a stylish look by day, and dramatic earrings and bracelets for a dinner date by night, but leave that neckline bare, ladies. The dress is all you need. “Persimmon,” the next design from Chantkare, is a lovely and feminine summer dress with a soft, flowing ankle-length skirt and flattering strapless bodice. Pair this delicious design with a necklace and the perfect pair of heeled sandals, put a flower in your hair, and you will have everyone hearing the whispers of warm summer nights, gentle ocean breezes, and moonlit dances. Time to heat things up with “Camochiffon,”  Chantkare’s hot new dress for tropical days and salsa nights. With its plunging bodice and split-front skirt, your admirers won’t know where to look next. Inspired by real life designer Stephen Sprouse, this silk chiffon beauty can be worn with or without the fabulous turquoise belt or as a sexy bathing suit, for the multiple options we all love. Our final review is Chantkare’s wonderful “Mishu Mishu” dress. This is a smashing design, with sparkling green and black fabric, a flattering full skirt, and a top to die for. The split neckline, secured by... read more


BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa announces additions to her Spring 09 Collection ~ Colors ~ Three new shirts and jeans in many colors and many sets of tights start off the line. This complete outfit is a classic nautical style in 4 soft colors. The high waisted muted print pants have either capri or long length sculptural cuffs of delicate chiffon. The shoes shown are availabe separately.   This cotton dress is a perfect transitional dress from casual to couture, with a V-open front and open back with sclupty sleeves and shoulders.  It is available in 6 different colors. A big couture hat completes this dress for the ultimate in finery.   This soft silk draping dress hugs the body, with sculpted top available in a range of sizes, and includes an AO; it is available in 9 colors.   A satin textured dress which comes in two versions, the Notti d’Estate is versatile for all events for the Spring.  The mini version of the dress is shown here in the rich cyan jewel tone. A ruffled chiffon skirt and matching gloves with wrist prim complete the dress.  The long dress is a lovely blend of satin and draped silk confection shown in luscious pink. The both form-fitting and flowing gown is draped in a sash and neck scarf and has matching gloves.  The Notti d’Estate is available in 7 colors. Hurry to Baiastice and get your own bites of spring... read more

2009 Bridal Gala Show May 16, 2009

Just in time for all those June weddings, the 2009 Bridal Gala Show brings you the designs of Gracie’s Bridal Boutique and Lurve on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The fabulous runway show begins at 5:30 p.m. SL Time at Gracie’s in Flint (152, 77, 501), SLurl A formal dance reception with DJ Seth Newman will follow the show. About the designers: Grace Winnfield (Gracie’s) began designing ladies wear in 2006. Her favorite part of designing is custom gowns, turning one’s dream into reality.   Danielle Idigo (Lurve) began designing casual wear in 2007. In November of last year she switched her designs to bridal gowns. Her favorite part of designing is seeing the finished gown worn and the happiness on her customers’ faces.   Feast your eyes on just a few of the beautiful designs you will see at the Bridal Gala Show!                                              ... read more

Arcavim – Noble Traveler Collection for Men Veteran designer and builder Drack Diesel, a game design student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, announces his new store in SecondLife, Arcavim, and his Noble Traveler Collection.  The Collection is comprised of men’s clothing in a versatile color palette with diverse styles.  Elaborate sculpts, many patterns with multiple scripting options pervade the offerings in the Collection.  The colors are comprised of mix and match tones of brown, black, grey, and gold with accents of forest, plum, and clay.  The numerous interchangeable versions and combinations make for many unique looks for every occasion.         Trousers are available in Nobles, Nautical, Striped, and Travelers styles.  They are all available in black, brown, grey, and gold.  From basic elegant styling to more adventurous designs, there is something for every man.  Mix and match is the foundation of this collection, and this is seen at the basic level in the Travelers Shirts, which add plum, clay, and slate to the core colors of black, brown, grey, and gold.  The shirts have sculpted cuffs and collars, ties scripted with 4 versions/colors, are scripted for resize, and include both short and long sleeve versions.          Vests coordinated to the Collection are available in 4 styles.  The Travelers Vest comes in grey, brown, forest, gold, and slate, and contains an adventure textured print.  The Striped Vest is available in gold, grey, brown, and black, while the Noble Vest is in slate, forest, brown, and black.  These vests have a range of styles which are versatile enough for everyday to those suitable for formal... read more

Indie Rock for RFL Carnival May 13-17th

Indie Rock RFL Carnival Second Life residents routinely demonstrate incredible acts of generosity, be it donations of time, products or Lindens to aid charities throughout the world. The Indie Rock for RFL team is demonstrating the power of giving in-world during its RFL Carnival, which runs from May 13th to May 17th. Team Captain Violet Morellet, owner of inorite, is in her second year of coordinating the events for the team. The event takes place on two donated sims, Xtasy Falls 2 and AXISLE, and features a variety of interactive carnival rides donated by Carnivale by Atom Burma. Additionally, a boardwalk shopping setup includes items donated by over 80 designers. A date auction will be held on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 5pm designers will auction off one of a kind items. According to Violet, “a teaser section [has been] set up on the beach of the second sim in these little shotgun shacks, so people can come check it out and plan what they want to bid on.” Of course, an indie rock event is going to feature music. Five days of music 24 hours each day. The event features some of the best indie DJs in SL from every time zone. Violet describes the enthusiasm of the DJs participating in the Carnival: “The DJs are really enthusiastic about it, they’re really the driving force behind it because they’re the ones here, providing music which is the base of it all, and it almost becomes like a competitive thing, they’re really proud when they bring in a lot of money during their time slot, so they are... read more

Talia’sStyle-Sod the Odds

Why “Sod the Odds”? You may well ask! Well firstly, “Bits and Pieces” or “Odds and Ends” has been done to death. Secondly, when I called my blog Talia’s StyleFile I hadn’t realised that Kay’s blog was called “Kay’s Style File” *sigh*. Yes, I know! But like most readers, I check out the pics first, then read the blog, and never look at the heading … consider my wrist slapped. Speaking of wrists … I love bracelets and bangles, but most of them remove prim nails. Wouldn’t you love to have some that didn’t? Well you can! Not only that……. How do you fancy striking, unusual, colour changing, scripted jewellery that is far from ordinary? Have you ever wanted something ‘out there’ to set off a special outfit? All this can be found at Tekeli-li! in the Hollow Earth []. Tekelili Tantalus is the creator of these unusual and bold pieces, along with the crazy/wonderful hair I’m wearing in one of the pics. Ready for this? Of course you are. Tyr Rozenblum [Tyranny Designs] is the creator of the outrageous outfit. The skin is from Lion Skins Forbidden range,  and the hair  is Dacon – Tekeli-li. I couldn’t resist. Besides, a girl has to give in to the ‘dark side’ at least some of the time :). Circe is a complete outfit, recently released by Tekelili Tantalus and can be found instore now. I promised you bracelets and/or bangles. Well why be satisfied with just part of a set when you can have the whole lot? Kemet is one of my favourites because it meets so many needs at... read more
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