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Blue Angel

                          Miss Anjelica Carling had the right thought as she went to Mami Jewell, owner and designer of Azul, for her formal evening gown for the MVW 2014 contest. The “Anjelica” gown is a wonderful example how well it can work if you combine mesh parts with sculpts or flexible prims. The upper body is mesh made and comes in different sizes so you really can be sure you get one that fits your avatars size. The amazing waving prims add a very aerial touch to the whole look. The black base that is decorated so amazing with those sparkling and shimmering textures, makes a beautiful and sophisticated overall look. The gloves are as well part of the gown. For me gloves – and especially simple ones, wich go up over the elbow – always give the whole styling such an amazing lady like touch. For the accessories I could not resist again to for my personal likings. For sure I could just have added some wonderful jewelry and a simple updo hairstyle but then… I kinda would not have felt like me I decided to go with one of the amazing mesh jewelry sets from EMO-tions. The “Kaluha” set contains bracelets, earrings and this wonderful high neck collar made of a lot of circles that are added over each other. The “Dream” hair as well you will find at the EMO-tions Mainstore. I wanted an elegant but still not too simple and smooth up do for the look and the “Dream” hair exactly had this super... read more

Until my Last Breath….

Miamai always bring special news, and this time she create 2 amazing dresses for you, Morije ( the back one) and Sarenne ( in 7 different colors for you). Enjoy! Until My last Breath Cannot cry it loud enough I’m giving up this ghost How can I still justify When you deny my voice In this nothing I am not allowed I just follow alone Words as weapons without a sound Echoes dying unborn Until my last breath You’ll never know Until you feel the silence When I am gone Now it’s vanishing Everything What we might have been Only now your prays Call my name But you won’t see again Style Card: Dress from Miamai ( Sarenne in Silver) Hair from Wasabi Mia Style Card II Dress from Miamai Morije Hair from Wasabi Momo photo by Syl.... read more

For this 2014…

I decided make some promises to mysel. Dare more Listen more Love more Forgive more Try more time! So this pretty video of Disney can describe very well how I feel: Style Card: Vero Modero Suda Coat Son!a Rina Mesh Pants Vanity Hair Fantastic Girl Style Card 2: Désir MVW National Yashi Dress... read more

Life I’ve chosen

I started this year leting go, all my sadness and fears. =) I started well… Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen You won’t find me, the past is so behind me Buried in the snow Let it go, let it go Can’t hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn my back and slam the door And here I stand And here I’ll stay Let it go, let it go The cold never bothered me anyway Style Card Dress from Evolve Pitch Max Dress Hair from Boon Earrings from... read more

Livin’in World Without You

  It’s hard to believe it came to this You paralysed my body with a poison kiss For forty days and nights I was chained to your bed You thought that was the end of the story Something inside me called freedom came alive Living in a world without you You told me, My darling Without me, you’re nothing You taught me to look in your eyes And fed me your sweet lies Suddenly someone will stare in the window Looking outside at the sky that had never been blue Ah, there’s a world without you I see the light Living in a world without you Ah, there is hope to guide me I will survive Living in a world without you Style Card: Dress and Boots by Son!a Alya Bracelet by Son!a Hair by Baiastice Dolly Make up by Kyxe Vixen and... read more

*SoliDea FoliEs* Clara

The Ball May Have Dropped already, but don’t you drop the Ball Too. Clara In bright shiny Silver, New from SoliDea FoliEs is the perfect gown for any time of year.   Accented With A Hat from BaObA called Miss Heart   Nails From CCD excellence Silver Pose, Impacto Man... read more

Joy to the…Burlesque?

The Joy to the World set by Chop Zuey is a show stopper! I found this fun, surreal and yes, very pink sim a while ago called Pangloss and thought I’d like to photograph there someday. Well today, I saw my friend Starr modeling this gorgeous green and pink foo-foo Burlesque outfit, with the stunning pink Joy to the World set at Chop Zuey and I immediately dragged her off to the sim to take photos of her. Pangloss: a masterpiece of a sim I recommend visiting both places, where you’ll find nothing but eye-candy and inspiration.   Pangloss Chop Zuey (Outfit: “Burlesque Princess” by... read more

The Catch Of The Day

Imagine the look of utter amazement of the fisherman who opened THIS can of sardines when a beautiful mermaid emerged! As the fisherman, tries to recover from his shock, the mermaid seized the opportunity and pushed her can of sardines back to the water to freedom! This soon to be escaping beauty is adorned in a fortune of Kalahari Diamonds set in Platinum, that is now safely out of the reach of the fisherman! Before her subsequent unfortunate imprisonment, in the can of sardines, by the pirate who was intent on stealing her and her Wild Swans Jewelry, from her ocean home, she had found a ship’s wreckage upon the ocean’s floor. In a stunning lady’s jewelry case, that bore the insignia of the world renown Belle Roussel, of Chop Zuey Couture, was the dazzling and radiant Wild Swans Suite of Jewelry, nestled in sumptuous red velvet! Even being a mermaid, and living in the ocean’s depths, she has heard of the exquisite creations of Chop Zuey! The suite of jewels, she was wearing when captured, the tiara, earrings, and the hand bracelets, were created in honor of Astralia, Miss Virtual World Denmark. The Wild Swans Jewelry, as she had learned the name, from the pirate who took her from her home,  had been lost at sea and as you know, the sea never gives back, smiling! The Wild Swans, designed in honor of Astralia, Miss Virtual World Denmark, by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey... read more

Waking the sun

…as she will get jalous with this beautiful warm yellow orange and pink colors wich I love so much! Hair: Exile – Dream of Paradise Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Only Dreams Blck Gown: Azul – Lucy tourmalline Pose: PosESioN Location: Southern... read more


Here we go with another year of Fashion!! = Happy New Year = = 2014 = _______________________________ STYLECARD Pose: POSESION | Deadly, 8 Dress: AZUL | Anjelica, Onyx Jewelery: VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS | Judy MakeUp: MUA | Shanty, Full Set Blush: MUA | Counturing, Cheeks Only... read more

Spying On The Rich And Famous

As this newsie trolls the winter vacation haunts of the rich and famous, looking for incriminating pictures to take and sell, spots desireme Fallen, Miss V♛Egypt, strolling along the beaches of Oahu. My sources inform me that she is taking a well deserved break after the grueling pace of the Miss Virtual World Contest. The beautiful model appears to be deep in thought as she walks about the resort. What’s this! Miss Egypt is wearing Miss V♛Kirabati’s jewelry!!! Let me use my long lens for a closer look! The incredible beautiful Sunrise on Kirabas Jewelry Suite designed by the famous and fabulously talented, Belle Roussel, of Chop Zuey Couture, for Miss Selina GreyCloud, Miss Virtual World Kirabati, is around the lovely neck of desireme Fallen! Is she hard up and had to part with her exquisite Allegresse Jewelry, also designed by Belle Roussel, and has taken to thievery??? This magnificent suite consists of 2 Necklaces, Bracelet and Earrings made from the finest Manchurian Peridot, the choicest of Japanese Coral, and the best Lavendar Spinel and Diamonds set in Gold. Why is this former beauty contestant wearing her set?? Does Miss Greycloud know her set is missing??? It appears that Ms. Fallen has other talents besides being beautiful! I wanna know, you wanna know, enquiring minds want to know… is this the brewing of a delicious scandal!!! The Sunrise On Kirabas Suite was made for Miss Selina Greycloud, Miss V♛Kirabati by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey  ... read more

Only Dreams

Will our hearts be filled with love? Will our souls fly out to where we belong? Will we be where we want to be? I wish you all a happy new year and that all your dreams may come true. Hair: Lelutka – Evilly Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Only Dreams Blu Gown: Azul – Audrey aqua Pose: PosESioN Location:... read more


New at Angel Dessous with a gentle sense is the elegant and sensual lingerie set Bella. I have matched Bella with the beautiful Invitation to Eternity set by Chop Zuey wich is available in a limited edition at the The Gypset Market “Gold”. Hair: [E] Victoria Lingerie: Angel Dessous Bella Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry Invitation to Eternity Red, limited edition for The Gypset Market “Gold” Pose: Ma Vie Changes Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Chop Zuey Allegresse – MVW Tribute

Hi guys! This is my last post of the year dedicated to a beautiful creation realized by Belle Roussel for MVW Egypt Desireme Fallen formal gown. The version I’m wearing is in different colors than the original. Click here  to see all the info about the set in my blog.. Happy new here to everyone! Best wishes from my heart... read more


The beautiful Amelia gown by poulet koenkamp of purplemoon is in a limited sale. Full of elegance and class you will end the year of 2013 when you will wear this amazing mesh gown. I wish you all a fantastic and fashionble 2014, that it may become a year of health, happyness and full of lovely moments with family and friends ♥ Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana skin – America for Collabor88 Hair: Lelutka Maleficent hair Horns: Lelutka Evilly horns Outfit: PurpleMoon Amelia Gown in Gold Limited Edition for The Gypset Market “Gold” Necklace: Gizza Papillon Set Face decoration: Gizza Papillon Set Bracelets: Mandala Takara Bangle Dark wood Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more


I know you are wondering how you will dress up for New Years Eve Parties all over the grid, and have I got something to tell you. La Vie en Rose is the way to go ladies, This jaw dropping gown in Fuchsia dripping in precious gems will have every head in the room turned towards you. If you have not been over to Chop Zuey, I suggest you go because not only is this the most gorgeous gown around, it is on sale for 50% off. That’s right, I said it 50%. Belle Roussel Over at Chop Zuey not only has an eye for detail as we already knew but her gowns are must haves for all of us Fashion lovers. This gown offers style, grace, glamour,sexy flashes of skin and did I mention that it is dripping in jewels… Hurry over while this sale is going on and get yours. Also in Black CHOP ZUEY LA VIE EN... read more

On my Way to a Mad Hatter Party

  Lately I talked to Natzuka and after some time we came across her store. She usually sells poses and makeups. She made some outfits in the past as well but she told me as well she found her way into nice and cute accessories now too. She showed me her new “Moka Hat” and I totally fell in love. The cute purple and pink toned hat really comes with such amazing little details that make it an art piece itself. The little cup, the amazing sweets and flowers… you nearly get the imagination you just have to grab it and taste it The soft feathers that fall down on your face add a lightly elegant touch to that overall playfully and funky looking hat. What else it needs for a cool Mad Hatter party outfit? A cool and crazy look that goes with that amazing “Moka Hat”. I decided to go with one of the latest releases from N1CO, the “Zoe” pants. Thos freaking cool mesh hotpants, are really something I love. With the cool leather stripes and all the spikes and studds I so screamed Wicca to me and it was exact the right pants to make a cool contrast to the beautiful and playful hat. The pants are fully customizable with a HUD. This HUD lets you change every part of the pants and as well recolor the studds and spikes to what ever you need. The collar as well comes from N1CO. The “Queens Collar” comes in a golden and copper looking tone with amazing feather attachments. Made in mesh as well it goes amazing... read more

Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” by Chop Zuey

Yesterday I got an awesome opportunity from Belle Roussel, owner and designer of Chop Zuey. I was excited all over, when Trinity came to my IMs asking me if would like to pose for one of Belle’s new gown… If I would like… sure I would love to! (advertising picture by Belle Roussel) I saw Trinity in the pink version already and was kinda relieved as I could leave my medicals for my pink allergy at home A few minutes later Belle send me the black version of the new “La Vie En Rose” gown. I know quite some of Belles dresses but this one just blew me away. The combination of the lighter more sparkly texture and the black satin for the belt and the top really catched my eyes. The belt looks kinda draped round your waist with a huge black ribbon on the left side that carries a filigree lace part falling down to the ground. The top as well looks like wrapped around your upper body in a very stylish way. in the back you again have a huge black satin ribbon that holds the top in place to make sure all is covered what should be . (vendor picture by Belle Roussel) The dress is decorated with beautiful gems and jewelry. The front and back of the top carry wonderful brooches and the top end of the gloves, the cuffs, as well is made in a very luxury way carrying all those amazing jewels. Certainly you have a matching jewelry set as well with earrings,upper armlets, bracelets and a wonderful collar. The beautiful tiara... read more

Beauty by Belle Roussel : La Vie

A new gown by Miss Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey name: La Vie.  This gown come in both black and Rose.  Much beauty shows in drape of top that drip with jewels.  Stunning skirt in mermaid style make any lady look and feel like queen.  LaVie is breath taking!  I hope you adore it as much as I do! You can see this design and many other make by talent of Miss Belle at Chop Zuey store:      ... read more


Here are some gift ideas for a wonderful New Year 2014 ! CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY Miss Virtual World 2014 Set Eva Luxury wear MVW Only Dreams Pk Set by Chop Zuey : Eva Luxury Chop Zuey MVW Le Voyage de la Terre Australe Gld Set by chop zuey : Eva Luxury wear MVW Allegresse Wht Set from chop zuey : Happy New Year 2014 ! Have fun Shopping @ Chop Zuey TAXI Eva Luxury... read more


The christmas days are over and i hope you all had some wonderfull days. I always enjoy these days even when we always miss some of our belovings. After these days when we always eat to much haha i love to go outside and talk a good walk. The days in the netherlands are now getting colder and it is time to wear warm coats. Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana skin – America for Collabor88 Hair: Tableau Vivant Snow Queen for the Seraphim Social event Jacket: Maitreya Oversized Coat – Snow for Collabor88 Legging: Maitreya Panel Leggings for Collabor88 Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe Claw Boots Exclusive for The Couturier’s Docks Pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe show off set Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more


Hair: [taketomi] –  “[DippuDye/Kage]” – NEW Shades: GABRIEL – “ ::GB::Leather cover sunglass Black” – NEW Sweater: [monso] – “ My Warmer Muffler – White” Pants: not so bad – “ MUNGO jeans” Shoes: not so bad – “MAEL sneakers . leather snow” – NEW Gloves: Kauna – “Fingerless... read more

I think your Freaky but I like you ALOT!

Styling these boots I was listening to this song that says over and over” I fink your freaky but I like you alot” and I couldn’t help but realize that is just exactly how I feel about Wicca Merlin and her new boots. What is there not to love? Claws, metal, corset strings, spikes, awesome texture these boots really have it all. Wearing these boots make me feel strong, edgy and independent. Slinky, sexy and wild! Roar!! These boots truly are like Wicca wild and fierce and I for one am so glad to finally have a little piece of that for my very own! Keep Styling Wicca I can’t wait to see what comes next. If you have to have these boots too you better hurry down to the The Couturier’s Docks @ SaliMar They are going fast don’t let them slip through your fingers! If you do lose your chance at the wickedness stop at the store and see what else she has to offer her Freaky Fans! Wicca’s Wardrobe@ Crazy Connection Wicca’s Wardrobe – Claw Boots Exclusive :SS: Mesh Lace Leg Ribbon & Ballring Piercings Pelle – JACKY HAIR BLONDE PMD – Bad Camo ~subOrdination~ by Soedara Rogue Sirik {Metal} In-Pose! Erotiq... read more

Romanov Beauty

  I love Russian history. And this style was inspired on Romanov Family. The Last Imperial Family of Russia. Style Card: Dress by Vogue Weclome Clementine Gown Hair by Dela ( NEW) Lillya Jewelry by Chop zuey ( NEW) Le Voyage de la Terre Australe Plt Set MVW... read more


 Only Dreams is a stunning custom Jewelry set, made by Miss Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey for my MVW Formal Challenge. It features beautiful yellow topazes and black onyx set to house a small amount of diamonds as it sparkles in the light, and includes a delicate chain hanging down the back. It comes with 3 braceletes e 2 Earrings and it is also available in Blue and Pink. For my hair I choose simple yet special up-do “Love”, customized also for my formal outfit by the amazing stylist of EMO-tions, Mirja... read more

GizzA NEW for J&A Expo

Hello ladies, GizzA is offering this exclusive bag named Ruffle Bag for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo II  The bag comes in black, blue, brown, green, pastel and red and all bags have versions with and without holding poses, a version only with magazines and one with magazines and flowers! The HUD let you change the bag texture, you get 4 options and 4 options for the daisy texture as well! Shape: .:Davi Designs:.  – Piper Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate – Light Brown Skin: .: fiore :.  Latte Base – SPF35 Hair: Maitreya Aisha – Blacks Pack Outfit: *LpD* – *Princess* Shoes: N-core CINQ “White” Necklace & Earrings: [ glow ] studio Hilton @ The Dressing Room... read more

The Infidel’s Lady

The Infidel, as he was known, was as rich and powerful as the Prince of Persia Himself! His consort, the Lady Chyra, his Chyra, had died. She was the beloved of her lord and with her went his heart. An audible gasp was heard throughout his palace, when he had commanded that she be dressed in her finest jewels and that they go with her on her journey to paradise. The jewels of legend, the Allegresse, which he had all of Persia searched, so that he may place upon his love! The Allegresse Jewels, were renown throughout all of Persia for their exquisite beauty, handcrafted by the famous Jeweler, Chop Zuey! Only the most finest and best jeweler of all time, Chop Zuey could create jewels that would do for his love! The jewels are priceless and were treasured by her!  He would see no other woman wear them! The suite consists of the jeweled diadem, choker, bracelets, earrings, quarried and crafted from only the most flawless of stones…. the Exotic Indian Black Moonstone, Padparadscha Sapphire, Blue-Grey Topaz, Pearl & Diamond all set in Gold Settings. As he left her for the last time, he whispered upon the wind “Godspeed my love, wait for me in Paradise” as he rode off on his horse, Devil Wind, to wage war with the Turks. The Allegresse Suite was created by Belle Roussel for desireme Fallen, Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014. The set is available in Black, Pink, and White.  This amazingly exquisite suite is even more breathtaking in person! You will be phenomenal when you wear The Allegresse by Chop Zuey Couture. Heads will definitely turn as you walk by and cameras will cam, as this set will make... read more


I have a very funny afternoon with October Bettencourt and discover her most deep dark secret: She know how build Outifits toooo!!! Now its better she stay prepare, I will make her crazy for this stuuning gowns! I will need more, more, MOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!! S2 Own just to tell, some persons dont know what is S2. This is the brazilian heart <3. =p   MUAKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Style Card: Temptation Dress by Captive Designs Holiday Neckpiece by Solidea Folies Flamenco Jewelry by Chop Zuey( NEW MVW SET) Hair by Boon ( 3 mix and Match hair) Butterfly Eyeshadown by Kyxe Photo by... read more

Dear Xerazade…

The desert keeps many legends and mysteries. Years pass and the sands lead stories with them. Sad stories, Happy stories, Stories to make you think about life. I know a tale of a poor milkman.His shop was in the middle of the desert, and one day, a wanderer visited and advised: “Throw your cow into the abyss” He thought it was insanity! How he could just kill his livelihood that way? Several years passed, and the Wanderer returned.To  his surprise, the place had become had a town.  And where the milkman store stood had become a Huge Palace. He knocked on the door and a girl answered. She informed the Wanderer that the milkman was her father. The milkman had passed away. She went on to tell her father sold milk in the desert, until one day he threw his only cow in the abyss. From that day, he had to seek other ways to make money, and his business began to prosper. When he became the owner of the palace, he married her mother. I love this story. How many others in the desert as 1001 Nights? So this post is about the inspiration of a eagle on the desert. Style Card: Dress by Son!a Reign in Black Jewelry by Chop Zuey Alegresse ( NEW Set from Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014) Hair modified from Lelutka... read more
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