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Fingers Scintilla and Isiss Bade present a special showing of their artwork at the Panthers Gallery. Opening event is today at 1PM SLT and will feature Isiss Bade & THE Raven DJing. All proceeds from art sold will go to Relay For Life. On July 18th at 11am SLT, Snoopy Azalee will be singing live. The exhibition will last until July... read more

Essential Soul is Turning Me into a Pose Junkie

I have been taking advantage of some extra time recently to have some pictures made and work on my own photography skills, but in actuality it is just an excuse to buy poses and props. I am addicted to buying poses, and I blame Essential Soul.  Essential Soul’s pose collections are original, diverse and full of personality – they have pretty much anything to suit any occasion perfectly – including entire collections devoted to weddings, couples, models, men, women, groups, families, gay, lesbian, etc. I was on Flickr this past weekend, and I saw Essential Soul’s newest poses and thought I’d share three of them. First pose in the line up is part of their group pose collection called *ES* Bad Boys Band. Bad Boys Band is a group pose for up to 10 people (5 Girls/5 Men) with a hide show function on the pose balls. This pose has attitude and will likely be a favorite for photographers. *ES* Bad Boys Band  *ES* Newest Addition is a new family pregnancy pose featuring a pregnant mom, dad and child (unisex). This tender pose is part of Essential Soul’s family collection and is perfect for new avatar families that want to document their lives together. *ES* Newest Addition The third is *ES* Sexy Circus. Sexy Circus is a sensual pose designed for 3 friends. Its a fun pose created by Essential Soul’s colleague, Blink Pinion. *ES* Sexy Circus... read more

LaGyo Releases “Circus” Jewelry Collection

Last week I introduced you to new jewelry designer Gyorgyna Larnia and the wonderful designs of LaGyo Jewelry. This week Gyorgyna releases an all new collection that you really should see – the LaGyo Jewelry Circus Collection! The Circus Collection features beautiful and intricate jewelry and accessories with a circus theme, including these necklaces and earrings.     Gyorgyna launched her Circus Collection with a 2-day party at her main store in Garman. She built a whimsical carnival circus setting on the roof of her store, complete with a fortune teller’s tent, wild animal cages, pony rides, pose balls for fun photos, and the “Big Top” itself, which houses the Circus Collection of jewelry and accessories. Some of my favorite pieces in the LaGyo Circus Collection are the charmingly detailed cuff bracelets. And, of course, Gyorgyna Larnia does not disappoint with her Circus Collection unique accessories! You can check out the LaGyo Jewelry pieces at Gyorgyna’s flickr stream at and check out her blog at LaGyo Jewelry is also on display at Chantkare. LaGyo Main Store Chantkare Main Store-East Wing... read more

Molto Sete Grand Opening

Rush Parkin and Ghost Trefoil would like to extend an invitation to the grand opening of the Molto Sete sim tomorrow, July 9th beginning at 9am SLT. The grand opening will begin with a fashion show featuring SF Designs followed by a show featuring Sartoria Designs. At 2pm SLT a show featuring SL’s Future Star Designers will take place. Entertainment at 3pm includes music, dancing and shopping. At 7pm DJ Avalinne Sweetwater will be rocking the sim followed by fireworks at 10pm. Please join us. The sim: “Molto Bene.” The ship: “The Serenede.” The experience: “Simply... read more

Look of the Day – Giela Delpaso

Background image by DeMerick Creeley, art by Giela Delpaso. This is the first of a ” Look of the day” series  I will be doing for the BOSL Blog. This time I bring you a  summer look  inspired by the beautiful Renaissance Galleria,  BOSL’s newest sim designed by the amazing Patch Thibaud, and created around one of the latest Baiastice  releases, this beautiful  texture-changing umbrella. Come with me “In Piazza”. Skin: Baiastice Donnarama Gloss Natural Shape: Shape Up Custom for Giela Delpaso Hair: Vanity Hair Mademoiselle2 noir Dress: *ICING* First of Spring Accessories: Baiastice Lace ParaSol Magika White Feather Earrings [Lelutka] Wooden Bracelet – by Miabella Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid in White I want to go on holidays already, sighs …… /hughug... read more

Kal Rau – Casual Clothing for Stylish Men

Brazilian designer, Kal Rau, has been bringing quality clothing to the grid for years. In fact, his account was created solely for that purpose. His styles are based on real life trends and appeal to people throughout the metaverse. With his accessories and mix and match pieces, Kal Rau offers many styles for the fashion-conscious male. Kal Rau White Jacket with sculpted hood Kal Rau Cargo Pants in brown Kal Rau Democrat Shoes in Leather Kal Rau Retro Polo Kal Rau Blue Jeans M2 Kal Rau Backpack with scripted texture change Whether you’re looking for a great look for a mountain hike, or just seeking a nice casual outfit for every day Second Life, Kal Rau is a store you won’t want to pass up. From sunglasses to MP3 player attachments, polo shirts to jackets, shoes to baseball caps, the store has everything you need to create a perfect style for your Second Life... read more

JOL Presents Trendy on July 10th

Featuring Bliss goes casual with a special presentation of Alyssa Bijoux jewelry. This is a must-see. Bliss has produced casuals. A first look that you certainly do not want to miss. The outfits are so hot they don’t need complimenting, but we’re pleased to have accessorized with must -see Alyssa Bijoux jewelry to make them even hotter. July 10th, 2007 at 1pm SLT. Please join us for this special treat. JOL Presents... read more

New Release from Sascha’s Designs

Sascha Frangilli, owner and creator of Sascha Designs, announces her newest release: Bejewelled! Bejewelled takes a classic sweetheart bodice and cuts it low for an eye-catching glimpse of cleavage. The texture of embedded gems makes this design a glamourous choice for many occasions. One of the best features of this creation is its versatility. Sascha Frangilli created optional straps, matching gloves and 6 different skirts – yes, six – that let you create a look for lunch at a posh restaurant (above the knee straight skirt), a cocktail party (flexi-skirt ending just below the knee), a sophisticated dinner party (long straight, figure-hugging skirt), or formal event (flexi full length prims in 3 different versions). For a completely different look (see last photo), I paired the strapless top and long gown pants with Sascha’s Designs “SAS Thin Belt” in silver. Throw on some great shoes and jewelry, and you are ready to go clubbing. Want to know the best part? This lovely and adaptable ensemble is only L$400! Grab yours today at Sascha’s Designs!... read more

Relay for Life of Second Life is International!

PRESS RELEASE ‘One World One Hope’ – Relay For Life of Second Life is international! This year’s Relay For Life theme is ‘ONE WORLD ONE HOPE’ to reflect the fact that Relay For Life is an INTERNATIONAL event. At the latest count there will be people from at least 20 countries taking part in Relay For Life of Second Life, the signature event of the American Cancer Society, when the track opens on July 18. In 2009, local volunteers all over the real world are organizing overnight Relay for Life events to support cancer organizations in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom – as well as in the United States of America. Relay for Life goes by many names – as ‘Revezando pela vida’ in Brazil, ‘Arrangør af Stafet For Livet’ in Denmark, ‘Relais Pour La Vie’ in france and Luxembourg, ‘Lauf ins Leben’ in Germany, ‘Relevo por la vida’ in Honduras, ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ in the Netherlands, and as ‘Um Dia Pela Vida’ in Portugal. But all with the same message: Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back. And the same holds true for Relay for Life of Second Life. If you’ve ever hesitated about giving your Lindens to an ‘American’ fundraising event, think again. According to Stingray9798 Raymaker, the American Cancer Society’s representative in Second Life, ‘Around 12-15% of all monies raised for Relay for Life of Second Life go towards INTERNATIONAL causes’. The International Relations Committee of Relay for Life of Second Life is a team of... read more

Talia Lefavre Art Featured in Eostara Gallery Exhibit

Best of SL Magazine writer and blogger Talia Lefavre is a person of many talents. Not only does she write excellent magazine articles and entertaining fashion blogs, she designs and creates beautiful virtual art. A selection of Talia’s artwork is on exhibit at the Eostara Gallery, an attractive art exhibition gallery also currently featuring the works of Di Hoorenbeek, Winter Nightfire, Gracie Kendal, and Gwen Carillon. But I thought you might enjoy a “first look” at the art of Talia Lefavre here.   Eostara Gallery’s“Artist’s Bio” includes this glimpse into Talia’s artistic motivation. “Colour for me is a language of its own. Not just to express feeling, but movement, and the inexpressible … the mysterious I suppose. Colour is also like a dance … it has to have suppleness and fluidity, sometimes bold, sometimes soft, but always moving in some way. As much as I enjoy the pics I load into Flickr, I prefer the freedom of impressionism, surrealism, and a slightly abstract approach to art, whether in RL or using graphics in SL.” Talia, a warm and funny Australian in real life, and I talked for quite awhile a few nights ago after I visited the exhibit. I asked her how she got into creating virtual art. “I’ve been playing with colour and light since I could hold coloured pencils or a paintbrush. It’s been with me since I was little. I’d produce a painting that had gorgeous colours, but no movement, and no light. I was soooooo frustrated – we are talking about 8 years old here. So when I saw French impressionists like Monet, I went apes**t.... read more

New Jewelry Designer: Discover LaGyo!

My dear friend Applonia Criss of Chantkare IMed me the other night. “Normally I don’t do this, but BREEZIE, have you ever heard of LaGyo Jewelry? (I hadn’t.) “Her name is Gyorgyna Larnia. Pardon me for what I’m about to say, but the *******woman is a JEWEL GENIUS!” Now I was dying laughing; Applonia seldom talks like that. “My God, Breezie, if you ever get a chance, PLEASE see her jewels, some of the greatest detailed, original jewels I have ever seen on the grid. You know I do not usually promote others like this, and she has no connection with my brand. But I love her things so much, I have her selling her jewelry in my shop!” Well, with an endorsement like that, how could I say no! I dropped what I was doing and TPed over to the main Chantkare store to check out the LaGyo Jewelry on display. And was it good? OH yes. This was cool stuff – really different, and very well made. Right away I bought the “Roses” necklace and earrings  and 3 “African Bangles.” I knew it wasn’t the complete collection, so I asked Applonia if she would have Gyorgyna contact me. It wasn’t long before Gyorgyna said hello and TPed me to her main store. We chatted while she showed me around her store. She’s kind of shy, very sweet, and I liked her right away. Gyo’s Italian, lives in beautiful Sardinia in real life. It was 3 a.m. for her, and her kitten was jumping all over her keyboard, causing all kinds of interesting in-game results and making us both laugh.... read more

Fly Me to the Moon Runway Show Success

The June 28th fashion show, “Fly Me to the Moon,” held at the DC District Style Mall was fun for all who attended. The runway show featured models of the Arai Agency modeling the creations of four fine designers who have stores in the mall – Azul, Indyra Originals, Nardcotix, and Phoenix Rising. Drakon Cortes, owner of the mall, works closely with Joie Arai to periodically promote the mall’s tenants. You can read more about the DC District Style Mall and the fashion show in the August issue of the Best of SL... read more

BOSL Exclusive Interview with Philip Linden!!!

Frolic Mills Brings You “The Impossible Interview”! *reprinted with permission from The Best of Second Life Magazine, July 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Conversation with Philip Linden Best of SL Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of the Board and Founder of Second Life! By Frolic Mills A “Game” is defined as an activity with purpose, freedoms and barriers. Too many rules and it becomes a non game, just the same as a total lack of rules. It requires an incredible amount of imagination to dream up a game, an even bigger amount of energy and knowledge to translate it into a cyber platform. So what exactly is the amount of said values required to dream up a virtual Second Life? Inventing one game is quite an acomplishment, but to dream up a game – an entire virtual world – where all participants can choose their own purposes while sharing the same rules and freedoms is beyond my understanding. It is genius! I opened THE BEST OF SL Magazine in October 2007, and even as a newbie I had enough knowledge of other virtual platforms to know that I had entered something different. A playground where I could be anything I wanted to be, a world that was only limited by my own imagination. And so I heard of Philip Rosedale. What kind of man could imagine, much less create something like Second Life? Who was this man? And could I ever interview him for BOSL? And this question went unanswered for quite some time. I am not one to interrupt anyone to ask them for an interview. I will think twice... read more

Jhao’s seeking cool pieces @ NINIKOBOY

Hello guys, i was in the Make Him Over Hunt, then by a touch of luck, i just found a cool store called NINIKOBOY. I saw very good stuff there, all created by Kae Sahara, a great designer. I picked some cool pieces to show you folks. The clothes are very nice, kinda urban style, kid city cool. Most of the clothes have prims, which, by the way, are very easy to edit. The shirt I’m wearing has 3 prims, one on each arm and one on the waist, which can be easily edited to the size of your body. Both sculpt prims, and the texture is very well done, really a well-designed piece. The pants with dark texture are  very different, very reminiscent of sailor trousers, but in the city you’ll be a sailor of asphalt, not the sea, I love the pants, very different, something I had not seen before in SL. There are two prims at the cuff, and a belt at the waist. A beautiful urban look. _Skin – -DC- Cole: Cream – Full Chin Hair _Hair – -DC- Liam _Pants – “NINIKOBOY” Marine Pants _Jacket – “NINIKOBOY” USED SWEAT (Grey) _Shoes – [ hoorenbeek ] All Star – Low Top Used – Brown _Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO- Papua Wrist Wraps In the photo below I am wearing a great shirt, and even better, it’s a Freebie! It contains two prims on the arms, and the texture is wonderful, as all the clothes from NINIKOBOY. _T-Shirt – “NINIKOBOY” Freebie T-shirts Thank you so much, Kae Sahara, for NINIKOBOY. _NINIKOBOY SLURL: _Review by:  Jhao Oh... read more

BOSL-Sponsored Auction Raises Over L$1,000,000 for RFL!

THE “DIVAS ONE OF A KIND AUCTION” TO BENEFIT RFL ======================================== On June 20th some of the best designers in Second Life walked the runway themselves to auction one-of-a kind designs to benefit the American Cancer Society’s RELAY FOR LIFE.  Sponsored by the Best of SL, this amazing event raised over L$1,000,000 for RFL. Held at the stunning Patch Thibaud Auditorium, a crowd of 160 attendees…no, that’s not a misprint…enjoyed the stunning designs and the lively auction. Best of Second Life (BOSL) CEO Frolic Mills kicked off the event by teasing the designers about their ability (or the lack thereof) to walk a runway. It was all in good fun, and the designers and models enjoyed the event as much as the audience. DJ Kromus Korobase donated his services and added to the entertainment as the audio announcer, while Auctioneers CheerCoach4EjS Gymnast, Jens Marksman,  and Wenadrenia Soderstrom, who also devoted many hours helping organize and support the effort, kept the bidding flowing. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. SL has taken up the cause in any number of ways, and this auction provided a great chance for attendees and designers to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Between the auction proceeds and additional donations from individuals at the event, the Divas One of a Kind Auction raised an unprecedented total of over L$1,000,000 (equivalent of over $4,000 USD). Chairman of the Board of SL Relay For Life, Fayandria Foley told Frolic Mills, “It was perfect. A splash of society with fun and class!”  Our... read more

Psycho Kat Opens New Main Store

If you’re a fan of tattoos, skins, and casual clothing, and you want a different, kind of “out-there” look (once in awhile or all the time), you should check out Psycho Kat’s new main store in Wonderland on the Emilia sim. Psycho Kat owner and creator Cale Barbosa has long been a popular tattoo designer, and she recently branched out into skins and clothes. And the results are a blast. Psycho Kat tattoos are typically wild, colorful, and elaborate. And these tattoos typically decorate much of your body – shoulders, arms, legs, chest, stomach, back, even your face. They’re really different, and they’re a great deal, too. Most Psycho Kat tattoos sell for just L$300, and most come in 3 versions: Old Ink, Fresh Ink, and Faded Ink, so you can go bright or subdued. There’s even a great tattoo “So Scene It Hurts” as a Dollarbie!      Cale Barbosa’s new Psycho Kat Skins are fun, too. You’ll be delighted to find the Dollarbie skin “Sundae Twist,” as well as 4 Psycho Kat skins offered for free, exclusively as Lucky Chair rewards. As I mentioned earlier, Cale has ventured into the clothing side of fashion with cute and very reasonably priced cardigans, jeans, hats, etc. Here are a few of the new Psycho Kat designs. Psycho Kat offers some really cool merchandise for sale, with freebies, dollarbies, lucky chairs, and designs to set you apart from the norm. Be sure to look for two upcoming new clothing releases – the “Rainbow Cup Cake” and “Parties in Chelsea” dresses. Enjoy! ... read more

Talia’sStyle – Walk through anything

She’s sassy, she’s smart, and she’s creating some sexsational shoes – Clair Messenger of N.core. Not yet released, these cute boots come with colour changing laces Boots, platform, stilettos, they’re all there, and a special or two :)) The skin tones are easy to match, and Claire has now introduced colour changing shoes as well These cuties also have socks that change colour, all done via a simple to use blue menu pop up. Way to go Claire.  It’s enough to make you jump for... read more

“Fly Me to the Moon” Fashion Show June 28 at DC District Style Mall

If you’re looking for a great fashion show, you can’t miss the “Fly Me to the Moon” runway event at 2 pm SL time on Sunday, June 28. Presented by Drakon Cortes at the Arena on his wonderful shopping sim, DC District Style Mall, the beautiful models of Arai Agency will showcase the creations of top Second Life designer brands Azul, Chloe, Indyra Originals, Nardcotix, and Phoenix Rising. This promises to be a stunning fashion presentation, and you’re all invited. We’ll be covering the event for BOSL Magazine, so you might even get your picture in the society pages of our August issue! ... read more

Glamshack Bid4aCure Benefit & Auction June 28

The month of June is very special to those at The Glamshack and its friends. This is Bid4aCure Month, a benefit in the name of the American and UK Diabetes Foundation here in Second Life. This is the third year The Glamshack has organized and sponsored this benefit, which includes events such as live music, a products and goods auction, club themed events, and culminating with the always fun Date Auction Night. This year’s Date Auction even includes our very own Brittainy Collins! The event begins at 2pm SLT June 28th. Bid4aCure was started in 2007 by DJ Jocelyn Sands upon learning that two of her closest friends in Second Life, Tracy Stardust and Judristen Ames, suffer from this painful, life-changing disease. She set about using her resources as a DJ to reach out to people and organized a charity with Tracy and Sasi Pegler. The unique charity logo with the large syringes quickly became noticeable in the clubs and auctions. The event lasted for two weeks and raised L$300,000 last year. Come on out tomorrow and help this worthy cause. Who knows, you might even win that date with Miss Legs... read more

Painter Meriman Did It Again …

Painter Meriman recently released his latest build – The Heritage. Basing the Heritage upon the American Colonial Georgian style (circa 1780-1840), this prodigious Second Life (SL) builder and real life (RL) architect manages to both reproduce the symmetrical, orderly lines and style of a true Georgian home, while retaining a feeling of comfort and warmth throughout the build. As usual Painter’s color palette is subtle and non-obtrusive yet complex incorporating the walls, carpets, and murals and allows for a variety of color options when selecting upholstered and painted furnishings for your own Heritage. Like Painter’s other period builds, the Heritage isn’t a museum to the 1790’s but instead feels like a real home – one that has been lived in, and improved upon, for generations. Painter rezzed a copy of the Heritage at his store in Ocelot Valley where everyone is welcome to visit. You’ll often find Painter there chatting with friends or prospective clients or sometimes giving a tour of his latest build. I encourage you to stop byand check this house out.  Jaysun Dagger did a excellent job decorating the display house with furnishings that encompass many styles (Biedermeier, Louis XVI, Empire, Louis Philippe, 20th century, and of course Colonial). Jaysun’s interior design of the home gives it a sophistication and tasteful layered look that you will usually only find in the home of a true collector in RL (or someone who paid a decorator a couple hundred grand retainer). Jaysun also managed to avoid all the typical SL pitfalls of home decoration: nothing is over the top and the walls are not cluttered with bad art. Second Life decorators take note: this is how a home should look and... read more

Three Immersive Exhibits Open June 27 at The Aho Museum

Some art is made for you to contemplate and enjoy visually. Immersive art puts you right in the center of the action – you become a part of the event. Three of the most popular and applauded immersive art installations are coming together this weekend at the Aho Museum, and you really owe it to yourself to experience these amazing artistic achievements firsthand. The triple exhibit opens on Saturday the 27th of June at 6pm SLT at the Aho Museum on the NMC Campus.  In addition to the art installations themselves, enjoy live music during the grand opening event. If you can’t make it for the opening event, never fear – Museum Curator Tayzia Abattoir assures me the installations will be open for you to experience through the end of July. Cosmosis by Thoth Jantzen: An immersive exhibition of “media-active art” – featuring the COMPLEXITY exhibit. You are surrounded by amazing light, video, and colors, all at the same time, in this fascinating exploration of multi-media art. StormEye By Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield: I highlighted this exhibit previously here on for good reason. Experience the power and majesty of a thunderstorm firsthand as you are surrounded by hundreds of prims streaming video and sound, taking you from the tranquility of a clear day to dark skies, a downpour, lightning and thunder, then slowly back to the peace of clear skies. Flickr Gettr by Mencius Watts and Taggert Alsop: Stand inside this amazing structure, touch the base, and type a word, any word..flower, butterfly etc. And then you will be immersed in a multitude of pictures via flickr inside the structure. Vist,... read more

Two New Outfits for Men from SF Design

Swaffette Firefly of SF Design passed me a couple of outfits Tuesday. The first one is chippendale style– an homage to the all-male revue Chippendale uniforms. The outfit is comprised of leather pants and thong, with prim arm and leg cuffs, shoes, and collar – all in multiple sizes to accommodate most body shapes. As usual, Swaffette hits the mark with her textures, especially in the pants which are offered in buttoned and slightly opened versions. Whether you buy it for a novelty, or a party, or even a themed photograph – it’s a fun, well-made outfit and will not disappoint. The second item is the performance suit in charcoal. Too many suits in Second Life look like they were airbrushed on an avatar when worn, but not the performance suit – the textures are detailed and stand out giving it the realistic feel I like with clothing. Offered in multiple colors and with many layer and prim options, the performance suit can be worn in several different styles: collar buttoned with tie, open collar with loosened tie, or open collar with the tie undone, etc. Pants cuffs, collar, and back flap all come in varying sizes, but in case you do need to resize the prims they are scripted to make it easy, and SF Design includes detailed resizing instructions on notecard as usual.  ... read more

Miss Virtual World 2010 June Pre-finalists

The judges would like to see the following ladies at the live audition on Saturday June 27th at 10 am SLT or Sunday June 28th at 3 pm SLT. You may go to either one (not both) Good luck ladies Mischa Cuttita Tania Tebaldi Violette Weyman Shana Smit Daphne Kyong Krystanna Wycliffe Lorella Piaggio Ella Quinsette betti latte Lile Bikcin Natasja Schuman Imogen Miklos Sazzy Oh Mavi Beck Veleria Iuga Delilah Zimer Kimber Kassner Gamp Lane Nani Wrigglesworth Rayn Coeyman Talia Lefavre Lovena Allen Brie Pinazzo SugarKane Gumbo Lovis Timeless Ivyana Szondi Luralie... read more

The Lighthouse: Romantic Restaurant Virtual Dining

This past Sunday I took DeMerick out for his birthday. I wanted us to do something we have never done before in Second Life. We have gone clubbing, to parties, biking, driving, and many other activities, but there is one date ritual that was previously impossible due to the constraints of this virtual platform – go out to eat at a restaurant. So after asking around a bit, I discovered the Lighthouse restaurant. The Lighthouse is located on Fire Island, an enduring Second Life landmark.   Owned and operated by Cooper Udimo, the Lighthouse bills itself as “A beautiful restaurant in an old 19th century lighthouse on the coast of Fire Island,” and invites guests to “enjoy our bar and casual dining,  or relax outside on our patio listening to the waves, or partake in a romantic dinner in our stunning fireplace room.” While instant dining is available, it is not recommended since waitstaff are not guaranteed to be online 24/7. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance with a deposit. The Lighthouse offers several dining packages for groups and couples with private dining options. Our waitress, Yasmin, was professional, friendly and non-obtrusive. The menu and dining packages includes appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts, as well as a wine list – all of which the waitstaff will rezz for you along with utensils. Chairs have a full array of animations to compliment your dining experience: dining, drinking, sitting, and even paying your bill. While the prices may be a bit rich for some, our entire dining experience only cost a little under 2000L plus tip, which is a bargain for this experience. Yasmin, our waitress,... read more

Summery Look, Jhao’s @ Totem Surf Wear

People… I was in a store called Totem Surf Wear, which has great Brazilian summer clothing. The owner of the store, Zeus Fride, is a good friend. He loves summer and Brazilian beaches, and he creates stylish clothing perfect for this. Here are a few of his new releases. Here I am wearing a shirt made of a thin fabric, very soft, and the texture is beautiful. I like the style of the buttons matching the color of the shirt. The open V-neck is perfect for the hot weather. Summer brings out sexuality in us and the clothes we wear. Women look for sheer fabrics, and men also opt for more daring clothes, such as those which bare more of the chest. Many designers have launched this style of shirt, putting special focus on the eroticism of the male chest. Totem SurfWear has a lot of clothing in this style. The shorts in jeans create a stripped look for a summer in the metropole, and the low shoes and complete the look, simple and stylish. Skin – Belleza- Johan Hair – TRUTH Hair – Zach – dark browns Sweater – Totem SurfWear – Transport Cardigan Pants – Totem SurfWear – WalkShort – Loose Change Shoes – hoorenbeek – SlipOn – Plain Colors In this look, very summery, I’m wearing the Totem Surf Wear trousers with texture in chess, which I particularly love. The belt-shaped cord is a very interesting tropical touch in the piece. I use a Belleza skin that I love. (Belleza is giving this skin to the Belleza group for a special price; anyone interested in the... read more

Hooray! Chloë Jeweled Flowered Flats AvailableToday

When I posted a review of some of the new jewelry releases at Chloë this past May, I also showed a “teaser” pic of Chloë owner and designer Kieran Debevec’s upcoming foray into shoes. From that moment on, Kieran tells me she was flooded with IMs from shoe lovers asking when the new Jeweled Flowered Flats would be available. Naturally, Kieran was delighted, and the wonderful response encouraged her to create the best possible range of shoe color options along with her incredible Primary and Secondary gem colors HUD. There are 19 shoe colors and over 150 gem colors to choose from! These charming flats will look great with so many of your outfits, from casual to evening wear. They’re copy-permed, so you can place a copy of a particular base color into an outfit folder, then set the gem colors to match the outfit, for a total customized ensemble. And today, the Chloë Jeweled Flowered Flats are released! Drop by the Chloë store today to try the demos and buy your favorite color, a mini-pack, or the entire fat pack. You’ll be steppin’ out in style.                                                                                                                            ... read more

Sascha Designs Releases Three New Dresses

Sascha Frangilli continues to please with her latest releases. Known mainly for her formal gowns, it’s easy to forget that Sascha’s Designs has some great casual and daytime clothing, too. The first Sascha’s Designs dress, “BB” in pink, is a perfect example. Talented photographer Connie Arida models BB in the dress and swimsuit versions. This is a charming summer frock!   I only have one photo of “Addiction,” the next release from Sascha’s Designs, shown here in Navy, but look at the detail on the textured bodice and skirt hems. Lovely! The third Sascha’s Designs release, “Lillie,” comes in 6 colors: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, and Turquoise. Sascha has done a wonderful job blending rich colors together for a beautiful line of gowns just waiting for that perfect summer evening!... read more

New Shoes & 3 New Dress Designs from Digit Darkes!

Digit Darkes has put her talent and creativity to work again, pretty much guaranteeing I will never have a linden surplus. Three new gorgeous dresses from Digit Darkes AND two new awesome foot-in-shoe styles, and they are really fab. First, the “Delhi Dress.” Digit Darkes says, “This is My favorite dress I’ve made this Year!!!! It’s YUMMY!!” And it is. The Delhi Dress comes in Black, White, Jade, Magenta, Mustard, and Nile. It’s sensuous and classy and highly customizable, with 9 different skirt prim color choices for the Black and White Delhi Dresses, and 10 color choices on all of the colored Delhi Dresses.     All Delhi Dresses also come with the Gem neckline, which has 4 separate color positions: the Metal, and three gem color positions named AGem, BGem, CGem. All three Gem Positions have 43 different colored Gems to choose from, giving you an almost unlimited number of color combinations. All color options are touch menu activated and easy to follow.               Digit Darkes also releases her new “Delhi Heels” to match the Delhi Dresses! The Delhi Heels are also highly customizable: –Sateen Straps in 13 different color choices —44 different Gemstone Textures in three separate color positions —Three Metal Options: Gold, Silver, and Black —Four Platform Colors: Chocolate, Black, Blonde and Mocha Wood —Eighteen Toe Nail Polish Colors The Digit Darkes Delhi Heels, as well as her other foot-in-shoe designs, now have a NEW IMPROVED Skin Matching System which lets you use the normal Second Life Edit Mode to match any and all skin tones in SL! The new “Subliminal” dress by... read more

BROADWAY! How I luv ya!

Did you miss the Broadway show? Awwwwwww. Well here’s a taste of what you missed. I’ll be forwarding a copy of these and more to Frolic and anyone involved in the show is welcome to copies with my compliments. BUT don’t rush him. They’re not all done yet So wait a bit and they’re yours. From the opening curtain to the finale the audience was thoroughly involved and delighted by the performances and the... read more
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