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  STYLING CARD – Dress, Sleeves, Hat and Shoes: SOLIDEA FOLIES “Face Buffy” – Makeup: HATE ME AND EAT ME “Prosecco” – Hair: VIOLATOR “Blue is the Night” Platinum Model, Stylist & Photographer: Anna... read more

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.” ~ Helen Gurley Brown

One of my favorite concepts of Second Life is you can change who you are daily with the change of an outfit. I have been friends with Sophy Violet for quite a while now and my talented photographer friend is now also my talented designer friend. I add her styles into my mixed match day to day wear often enough, but as the saying goes, you neglect those you love the most of all. So to fix my bad behavior, instead of just wearing her clothes inworld, I decided to blog her brand H.Luzza today. When I went in the store over the weekend, I was amazed at the choice of styles and designs. She has everything from the fun to the bad girl. Her clothes are creative, kicky and downright cool. For my blog I am going bad girl all the way, and will use the fun dress I picked up in an upcoming article in a new magazine. Bad girl is a tough sell for a gentle Cao, but amazingly, when I donned this outfit, I actually felt I could hang with the best of them! The skirt, a supple black leather is short and beautifully crafted. The vest jacket is gorgeously created with rivets across the front placate and the epaulets on the shoulders are all toughness with the metal spikes. Not wanting to give up on sexiness, I finished the outfit with a purple bandeau top. Sexy, tough and dangerous Cao! If you want something fun and playful to wear, I suggest you give H.Luzza a shot. I am so sure you will enjoy the... read more

|| Jump then Fall…into me ||

Shirt: CHANTKARE MALE DEER LOOSE TANK Pants: CHANTKARE MALE BERMI SHORT BLACK Boots: [CheerNo] Boots Duran Hair: MADesigns Jesse 🙂 As the footsteps of Spring dawn upon us, CHANTKARE; gives a sneak peek at what she has to offer this Spring. Special thanks to Applonia Criss for the review outfits... read more

Violator – ‘For My Own Lust’

‘For My Own Lust’, is a formal gown, by Violator that gives a bold and sensuous impression!   Model: BlackBarbie Bravin Photographer: The talented Kay Fairey Designer: The illustrious Violator Team Head their way today! Limo below read more

|| 明天晴天 ||

JACKET: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Cape coat SHIRT: Sartoria ~ LE T Shirt – MISSION PANTS: Sartoria ~ LE Shorts – RUDLEY HAIR: MADesigns ~... read more

Purple .

  STYLING CARD – Gown: KUNGLERS “Seraphina” Grape – Jewelry: FINESMITH “Scatter Heart” Smokey – Hair: EPOQUE “Runway Monarchy” Bliss Blonde – Skin: GLAM AFFAIR “Amelie” Natural 09 – Shoes: GLOW STUDIO “Benelli Pumps” Blue Model, Stylist & Photographer: Anna... read more

“You don’t change the course of history by turning the faces of portraits to the wall” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

There’s bound to be something magnificent when two of Second Life’s best artist’s collaborate on a project, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out Mila Tatham was creating a line of mesh and non-mesh outfits inspired by the portrait series of Riri Bazar. *SoliDea FoliEs** recently released this collection and it is incredibly unique and simply divine! I am wearing the gorgeous Irina gown in mesh, it is actually demure, yet oh my yes, it is deep-veed down to there in a sexy saucy style. The gown is haltered and accentuated with a flowery shoulder strapping, and all the outfits are detailed with artfully designed, incredibly beautiful portraits. Always selling outfits complete, Mila has matching shoes, hat and the most incredible gloves! Always liking to mix it up, I chose to wear the “Colette” Bowler hat and the *SoliDea FoliEs** vintage eyewear with my Irina gown. Another beautiful choice is the Mathylda gown on the dress-makers dummy. It has a similarly pleasing line, a scrumptious color and the most adorable feathered cap! Since this is only two of the more than twelve different outfits Mila Tatham created, I know you will find the design that expresses your individuality to perfection! Stop by *SoliDea FoliEs** and enjoy an art-filled beautiful week. Your taxi awaits!... read more

! Face Paint – ZACHARY

When Eve Express, the owner of Face Paint approached me to do the Face Paint Zachary collection, I was excited and unsure of what I wanted. Took me almost a week to decide on the one and only inspiration I had, so we decided that instead of a full collection, we are just gonna release this ONE make up for now until i get inspired again. Get it at Face Paint now... read more

Bizarre Hair

Mystica Matova, i know her for years and we go back for so long. Thats why i think she need to be in the spotlight this time. Bizarre Hair try to make the difference in this Second World with there amazing hairstyles. The motto of Bizarre Hair is “Wear if you Dare”. And you will be amazed by there unique hairstyles. Most of the hair is coloured by a menu contained in the hair attachment. So the hair is suitable for blondes, brunettes, darkhair or redheads incl all the hairbases. Just simply click on the hair to bring up the menu. Beware to check out the special items and details on the hair. Also some hair includes  jewelry like necklace, earings etc so you will have the complete look to style your outfits. Today i am showing a few of Mystica her latest designs. Bizarre Hair ~ Diva Bizarre Hair ~Doll Bizarre Hair ~Dream Catcher Bizarre Hair ~What ever! Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

“I would spend at least one day a week-whatever day I had off-shopping for the next show. A lot of times, I’d have seven or eight outfits in one show. There might be a gown or cocktail dress, but… I felt the clothes had to be special.” ~Donna Mills

Much of this Donna Mills quote is so true of me. I try to limit my spending in SL by shopping only one or two days a week, picking up multiple items from my favorite designers and then spending another day or two taking blog pictures of them. One of my favorite stores to go to, when I want to find something special is always Gizza. Giz Seorn always creates from her heart, and it always seems her heart is attached to so many other inworld residents hearts because she so often creates our deepest desires. While wandering her store the other day I ran across this gown, the flawless gown, and it so truly is! The one I purchased is this most passionate shade of Magenta, the a-line shape is simple and elegant enough to befit any royalty. The skirt is gently pleated with accentuating tendrils of silk falling from the sides of the bodice giving it such a textured 3 dimensional feel. The princess line of the bodice is enhanced with sweet, matching shaded flowers. A perfect 10 all alone, the only touches I added were the “Tulips” hair from Vanity Hair and this incredible jewelry “Scatteredhearts” from Finesmith. Perhaps different shades, but with so much precision and perfection, sometimes its sweet to add a little whimsy, it truly does mark the look as one’s own, no? Gizza and Finesmith are currently running a clever Valentines contest “All You Need is Love” where you style an outfit in reds, whites, black or pinks, bedeck it with Finesmith Jewelry and create a photograph of it. The prize is... read more

San Valentin

      STYLING CARD Hat     Baoba     MY LOVE   (Valentines Day Gift) Hair    Vanity    Kajun Lashes   sYs    NYMPHE (black and gems)  Skin   Glam Affair   Eva Top   Boudoir   Part of Open if you dare! Model, stylist & photographer        Syra... read more

News From INDI & Del May

      Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent July ~ Ojos: MADesigns STUDIO – brown – Determined eyes Hair: INDI *Oversized Beanie* light grey Jacket: INDI Designs – Stand Collar Jacket dark brown Pants: INDI Designs – 841 Jeans white Shoes: INDI Designs – O’Leary white/black/red Poses: DM – Meek male DM – Poised... read more

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” Coco Chanel

Finding myself a little backed up on the things I wish to blog, I emptied out my closets and started to shimmy into the different items to take some photographs. In the midst of the boxes and bags I found two gowns from Soraya Vaher of the Violator design house. Loving the eclectic nature of SL’s haute couture, I lovingly unboxed the pair and wow! The gowns are so exquisitely beautiful; it’s like finding a hidden treasure while combing the beach. The gown shown above is the “Di Vernice” in red and gold. The material of the gown is exquisite and enfolds the body like liquid fire. The skirt is layered for added dimension and the entire ensemble includes a gold blossom jewelry that wraps within the skirting, up the bodice to the shoulder and finishes with a divine eye accentuating piece. Such a gorgeous gown, how could you not command attention while wearing it? The picture below is the second little present I found in my closet and it is the “For My Lust” gown. When I put this on I instantly fell in love! The red and black silk is simply deific, the feathers heavenly! The banded waist hugs smoothly the sensuous area of the waist, the color blocking draws the eyes to a girl’s womanly curve. The neckline, shoulder and belt are hard-lined with craftily detailed jewelry that is independently works of art. The feathered wand and earrings are included and pull the entire look together. This is one of those gowns that upon donning, you just feel like a sensuous, desirable woman. If you are... read more

The Urban Traveler

Kal Rau releases its latest mesh collection for men. JACKET: Plaid Shirt Mesh_Red_Tee from Kal Rau PANTS: Dark Jeans M2_Mesh from Kal Rau SHOES: I ALEIDA I Mike s boots (L) – black Glasses: Sport Sunglasses_Mesh from Kal Rau Necklace: FINESMITH- Touches of heart... read more

Champagne! Valentine Gift

Love is in the air Everywhere I look around Love is in the air Every sight and every sound Love is in the air and Champagne Sparkling Couture wishes everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day with a free gift for our customers! Go to the main store and pick yours up today! A dapper black top hat with a twinkling red heart held held in place with a pair of hands. What better way to express the season of love than by holding a heart preciously in your hands! It is a gift for men & women. Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

UrbanLutz Couture Hairstyles By Taylor Wassep & Lovely Mi Make-Ups

Fabulous new hairstyles are just one of those things you can never have enough of in Second Life. This past week, I was introduced to a brand of gorgeous hair creations I had not previously had the pleasure to try out — UrbanLutz. The line of casual and couture hairstyles is created by model, photographer and designer Taylor Wassep. I have long been a fan of Taylor’s beautiful style and lovely pics, but I was delighted to find that she’s a stellar hair designer as well. My favorite of the hairstyles Taylor passed me for blogging is the extremely striking ‘Lotus’ hair in black, shown above. I’ve paired it here with one of the hottest formals from Miss Virtual World 2012, the Angel Dessous ‘Seoul’ gown, ‘GEISHA – Veher Insanity’ makeup from Lovely Mi, ‘Oasis’ earrings and ‘Core’ necklace from Finesmith. (Full styling info here.) I’m always looking for sleek, elegant updo attachments and the ‘Bump and Do’ from UrbanLutz is a great style for formal and cocktail wear. This style is also a lovely hair to pair with extravagent jewelry to complement it without competing for attention. I loved how this hair helped frame this amazing new ‘Scatterheart’ jewelry set from Finesmith and ‘GEISHA Red [Full]’ make-up from Lovely Mi without adding too much to an already dramatic look. (Full styling on this look here.) In addition to formal and couture styles, UrbanLutz also has a selection of more casual and punk/street hair creations, like the ‘Colby [BLACK] design above. I’m a fan of rocker/punk hair, especially mohawks and similar styles, so I had fun styling with this one.... read more

[sYs] Ynuit

Hair: LOQ Martini – Caramel (incl hat) Jacket: [sYs] Ynuit – pullover (fur cream) Pants: [sYs] Nomade – pants unisex (cream) Legwarmers: [sYs] Ynuit – gaiters (cream) Nails: Mandala Takara Nail/cream white Shoes: [sYs] Ynuit – shoes (cream) [sYs] is proud to offer to all BOSL group members an unique skin gift in occasion of the release of their latest skin line, called Vixie. You will find the groupgift at there shop at the mall of BOSL. Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

! Face Paint – New Men’s Make-up!

! Face Paint release 2 new make up series for men this. Face paint Storm make up is edgy, artistic and adds oomph to the outfit worn. The Face Paint camouflage make-up is perfect for styling military, regardless of whether it’s for fashion styling in military couture, or in RP stylings. Face Paint Ziggy is perfect for the model who loves goth and avant garde styling. Face Paint Elegance, as the name suggests, adds a touch of classiness to the modern men. Whoever said men who do not wear eyeliners probably belong to the ice age.   Check out new releases at FacePaint now!... read more

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Love is in the air! Saint Valentine’s Day, such a romantic day for love, the first breath of morning filled with the hope that the sun will shine upon the hearts of lovers and fill their cold winter with the warm breezes of possibilities. How does such a day, a day filled with love in a world teaming with hate, echo so soundly across our planet? Because as simple humans, we crave acceptance, trust, worthiness and love. Love is what gives us our potential,our purpose on this Earth. From birth to death, love is the one consistency we search for, give, and receive. So, on this day, I will dress for love and hope for possibilities. I have chosen to wear the limited edition (50 outfits) *SoliDea FoliEs* L’amour fou **. It’s shade a resplendent red in a sheer, wispily demure fabric. The skirt romantically ruffled, gives me the urge to dance, laugh and playfully blow kisses to the sun. Because on this day of all days, I will love and I am loved! I wish you all a day filled with a content and overfilled hearts! If, like me, your heart is bound to the dreams of romantic possibilities, this is the dress for you and it is only available at Fashion Limited (formerly known as The Fan Limited Store). Stop by, grab your own, and I wish you a St Valentine’s Day filled with love, lovers and friendships. Have a beautyful... read more


…SAYS  IT ALL ***CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW*** *Animated Pool *Animated Kitchen *Animated Bathroom sink *Texture change menu *Baked shadow light *Garden *Lighting (click to turn on/off) 97 Prims or 130 Prims (including lighting and garden) 32×32 4096 Parcel or Larger Furnishings sold seperatly Designer Prims- No Place  I’d Rather Be... read more

Cozy Mix & Mesh

  STYLING CARD – Sweater: MAITREYA Mesh “Athena” Amber – Pants: CELOE “Nikola Trousers” Caffee Liqueur – Shoes: KOOKIE “Yannis” Mustard – Hair: KIK “Kaja” Dirty Blonde – Earring: ZAARA “Ansuka Pearl Drop Earring” Day Gold Model, Stylist & Photographer: Anna... read more

Mil Globos

        STYLING CARD Dress    GIZZA     LolliPop Pinki Hat   Baoba    Miss Heart Shoes     G Field   Short Lace Boots Hair    Pocket Mirrors    Louise Bob Pose   What Next    Balloon Love (old Platinum Hunt) Place   Alirium Model, stylist & photographer        Syra... read more

*SoliDea FoliEs* – l’amour fou

*SoliDea FoliEs* Valentine’s Day special outfit – l’amour fou! Special limited release! Get it NOW! only 50 copies available for sale! Model/Photographer: Zachary Zufreur Official Ad: Model: Zachary Zufreur/Mila Tatham Photographer: Mila... read more


  I’m a girly girl through and through so it should be no surprise that I’m totally in love with the graceful lines, bows and lace that give this new outfit from Vero Modero a subtle yet classy sexiness.  Shown in blue. Also available in pink. Outfit – Vero Modero – Notta Tulle Set Earrings – Donna Flora – Angels Shoes – N-core – Caresse Platine Hair – Mirone – :MIRONE: CERIA... read more

Capriccio di Signora

“Capriccio di Signora” is VIOLATOR new release: mesh and prims together for a femme fatale look. Latex in magnetic colors for your inner sci-fi elegance. Available in black, red, blue and purple, the outfit includes also helmet and necklace. Shoes are not included but can be bought separetely at VIOLATOR mainstore (they are called “Scream of the Raptor”). Photos courtesy Soraya Vaher, VIOLATOR Model: Anna... read more

“No gold-digging for me… I take diamonds! We may be off the gold standard someday.” ~ Mae West

Recently I have had two contests in which Finesmith was a sponsor and I have to say how much fun it is when Yula Finesmith’s jewelry is a part. Her jewelry is so artistic it really leads to a creativity not found with other jewelry. For the Angel Dessous Semi’s we had to create a hobbit type character and I truly enjoyed this challenge so much! Not wanting to be the more common elf, I figured so many would take this route; I decided to be a female Balrog. With the Finesmith necklace, nails and bracelet, the jewelry blended very well with the outfit I created from several Angel Dessous pieces. Jewelry and clothes together looked like they were made for one another! Here is a picture if you are curious. Link: The theme for the finals was Fire or Ice and I chose Ice. For this picture, I am wearing the Tiara Anna Sapphire wore for the recent Miss Virtual World. It is color change so I made it an icy blue and diamond. I added the Faberge Brooch to the tiara to make it a one of a kind piece. The earrings, Bracelet, wand and Necklace are from the White Blanco collection. All items fit to perfection the icy feel of the pale blue lingerie set I wore in the finals. The beautiful thing about Finesmith is it will dress up any outfit you choose to wear, so you are always the focal point of any gathering. If you get a chance, swing by Finesmith, I know you will love the treasures there!... read more

! Face Paint – BlackBarbie Collection

Face Paint releases 7 new make ups for the BlackBarbie Collection to suit all kinds of occassions. Get them at the store Now  Face Paint releases 7 new make ups for the BlackBarbie Collection. Get them at the store Now Model: BlackBarbie Bravin Photographer: Zachary... read more
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