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CRSP Presents House of Beningborough Showcase

COSTA RICA SIMS Presents A Costa Rica Sims Productions Fashion Showcase BENINGBOROUGH MASQUERADE THE DESIGNER HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH by Bliss Beningborough THE MODELS Reign Congrejo – Miss Costa Rica 2011 Nisa Constantine – Miss Costa Rica 2010 Payton Heron Naiya Kazyanenko darkevilone Demonia ATTIRE Fashionable Upscale WHEN Saturday October 23rd, 12PM SLT WHERE Costa Rica Sims “New” Designer Showcase Venue... read more

With b of Joi.

Hello Bosl Blog lovely readers. Today I want to call your attention on a wonderful creation by Morea Decosta of Morea Style, designed for the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute show that put BOSL Fashion Week 2010 to an end. I was really impressed Miss b acepted to be my model (victim), I am no professional photographer by any means (as you can see on these pics) but frankly it is quite hard to take a bad shot of this amazing beauty. She is stunning, the dress is incredibly beautiful and I had a blast, I can go to bed now. Miss blackLiquid Tokyoska , who represents Thailand at the Miss Virtual World 2011 pageant, accepted to be my ‘victim’ for this blog post showcasing this spectacular and sexy piece made on soft black silk and chiffon, adorned with delightful gold details. Thank you again b. Outfit Credits: hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Lynn Hair – Caviar skin: [FC] AevanaPale//EgyptianSmoke/FhangCandy lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes N10 earings & bracelets: Gems & Kisses – Haute Satin – Gold dress: morea style Joy nails: Mstyle Short Nails – Classic shoes: 24’s Wow! No. 31 Gold /hughug... read more

The Love Shack, Baby!

A Sunday Fun Day Party at The Love Shack!   And, baby, what’s better than the B52s?!! Nothing but the grid’s own Shane Kirshner (top photo) singing live to adoring fans and friends.   It was a special party for the auctioning of reBourne’s new prefab release –  The Love Shack Premium, its very latest 40m x 40m skybox.  Of course owners Danny Bourne and Suite Sella of reBourne were hanging out with the plenty of friends that turned out.  Everyone showed up, including SL Musican Phemie Alcott, to chill, dance, and check out The Love Shack! The party kicked in with DJ BillyJoe’s dance mix and the talented Shane completed the afternoon until auction time.   Kudos to the lovely hostess Fiasca Blaukempt. She kept the party flowing with style in her red hot dress.  Above, Clementine Ishtari (CEO of Awesome Blossom), Kalia Meiklejohn (Co-CEO of Chic Critique), and Phemie Alcott (SL Musician) As for the auction results, the first copy of the Love Shack Premium went to Baroness Eisenhart for 9,500 Lindens.  It was a close call, with Savage Skyes on the heels of the Baroness.  The skybox is an amazing structure, a wonderful main floor, loft bedroom and a recreation space complete with pool and jacuzzi.   Shane performed, in fact, outside on the wrap around patio.  The Love Shack is a space designed both for intimacy with one special person or for a good size party.   There was plenty of room in the Love Shack for all of us, and more.  The Love Shack is definitely a unique space, with a comfortable design.  Danny Bourne created the scripts for the... read more

Miss Virtual World Academy Schedule for October

Available times, dates and instructors for October lessons are as follows: Modeling 101: 3.000 L$ Instructor: Wicca Merlin [ ] Thrusday Oct. 7th – 2:00 PM SLT Modeling 102: Price: 3.000 L$ Instructor: Kay Fairey [ ] Sunday Oct. 10th – 4:00 PM SLT Instructor: dancer Dallagio [ ] Sunday Oct. 10th – 12:00 AM SLT Modeling 103: Price: 3.500 L$ Instructor: Mui Mukerji [ ] Sunday Oct. 17th – 4:00 PM SLT Instructor: Kay Fairey [ ] Friday Oct. 22nd – 10:00 AM SLT Modeling 104: 3.500 L$ Instructor – Mimmi Boa [ ] Tuesday 26th Oct – 12:00 AM /NOON SLT Instructor: Miaa Rebane [ ] Sunday 31st Oct – 2:00 PM SLT Modeling 105 (Graduation): This seminar is free. Instructor: Frolic Mills – BOSL CEO & Miaa Rebane MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 Date to be announced. IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. Every course must be taken in order: 101, 102, etc. 2. Only those students who pass the final judgment will graduate. If you don’t pass this exercise, you must repeat modeling 105 at no charge. The idea is that you become a perfect model, and we will help you no matter how long it takes. 3. Each course is 2-3 hours long depending on number of students. 4. A 10% discount will be given for full payment of all courses at once. (13000L paid total if paid per session, 11700L if paid in full at once before the first session begins) 5. Graduates of other top modeling academies, who are confident about their technical skills, only need to take courses 103 and 104 to become a MVW... read more

Costa Rica Sims supports BCA Art Auction

Costa Rica Sims is proud supporter of BCA Art Auction. All proceeds from the Auction will benefit the Susan G. Komen, 60 Miles in 3-days, walk for a cure. Please join in on celebrating some of Second Life Outstanding Artist who have contributed incredible works of art to this worthy cause. For those art enthusiast or if you just appreciate the creativity of pure talent you do not want to miss this opportunity to make one or more of these special works of art yours. The Auction runs through Sunday October 3rd when the final bids will be received. A celebration, tribute and kick-off to all survivors, loved ones and volunteers that are giving back during the October Breast Cancer Awareness month will follow the closing of the BCA 2010 Art Auction. Pool of Hope Charities presents the BCA 2010 ART AUCTION Kickoff Event/Bidding Opens 12 noon, Saturday September 18, 2010 Final Bids: 01:00pm Sunday October 3, 2010 Central Park, Dreamland... read more

Costa Rica Sims Influentials: The Art of Party Posing

This month’s Influential fashion party was to honor the work and contribution by an extremely talented and stunning individual, the incomparable Miss July Raymaker, Top Fashion Model who is in more agencies than I can count (I’m not a maths whiz so take that for what it’s worth) and the Owner and CEO of Manifeste: The Art of Posing and her shop is in our Colonial Shopping District for your perusal. We are keeping DJ Mikee jumpin’ and busy I can tell you. I’m starting to see this guy in my sleep he’s doing so many events for us xD Which isn’t really a bad thing 😛 Everyone gathered at the new Costa Rica Sims Fashion House venue. It is soooo much nicer! No more trying to shoot between the columns. And I’ll tell you, it didn’t take long to fill that place up either! I saw some new and old faces and some I haven’t seen in a while like Sommer Shepherd who was sporting a gorgeous silk scarf with her ensemble. A new face India Nabeau showed up as well as Southern Riptide, Addicted Offcourse and his lady the lovely Florentine Rau and even Mr Costa Rica Sims 2009, Bjorn Delphi showed up and gave us a twirl on the dance poles! Our guest of honor July Raymaker, showed up fashionably late, of course, looking absolutely fabulous! Come to think of it there was alot of black floating around. Giancarlo was sporting his black jacket and glasses *yummm*, Sammie was in a sexy casual black and white striped mini dress with Bax Coen boots, one in black... read more

Costa Rica’s Slumber Party!

Well it wasn’t exactly a pillow fight but that bed was huge! Add to that the pizza box and Gelo shots on the bed and the little mousehole entryway and loads of gorgeous people in their sleepwear, then you got a September Rezz Days Slumber Party! This month we celebrated the Rezz Days of Adonis, Aila, Amadeus, Carley, Diana, Dixiesweet28, Ericanne, Hunter, Joseph3, Indiana, Karn, Katerina, Lovely, Natashka, Niche, Pamqui, Portia, RichardW, Ronny, Rory, Sanadee, Shae, Shane, SirMarcus & Tanaya! DJ Mikee Gemini and Suga Hunniton showed up and got the stream going. He started spinning some excellent disco tunes! And while more people piled in we had to move down from the bed and onto the rug. It was packed!!! A mix of lace and flannel and spiderman pjs and baby doll nighties with teddy bears flyin all over the place! As if it wasn’t enough that there were gyrating bodies everywhere, someone pulled out a dance pole and the next thing I knew Tosha and Dolci, yes dear friends, jumped on the pole and began to perform feats of flexibility I had no idea they were capable of. Okay maybe Tosha 😛 But Dolci! xD All around it was a great party and the bed was rockin’! Timmus and Brendan showed up exactly together and they looked so cute in their pj bottoms, as did Nisa in her little tank and boy shorts with monkey plushie. Reign showed up with her Minnie Mouse pjs and even sported some adorable Minnie Mouse ears! Hey get me a pair of those please 😀 Edu Waverider was so cute I... read more

Costa Rica Sims 3rd Anniversary: And the Winner is…

The Costa Rica Sims 3rd Anniversary was a month of phenomenal and spectacular events. New friendships were formed, the Opera House received a make over, Tiny’s took over and a new Ms Costa Rica Sims was crowned. This being my first ever anniversary with Costa Rica, it’s safe to say my head was spinning with so much going on. Let’s go over the winners of some of the wonderful contests that took place. A Lady’s Dream contest which was aimed at our beautiful female residents, brought one lucky lady a spectacular new wardrobe selection from the fabulous female designers in our shopping districts. The winner was to write the names of every single female designer in our commercial regions. The lucky winner was Krisxsee Ronas and will receive over L$20,000 in cash and apparel. Way to go Krisxsee!! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at some events sporting your new wardrobe! The other anxiously awaited contest was the “Most Beautiful Parcel”. As you know we have the most amazing parcels in Costa Rica Sims. Our residents take great pride in their land and attention to detail. The resident with the most beautiful parcel was Dixiesweet28 Twine and received a L$10,000 cash prize plus a home by renowned builder Barnesworth Anubis, who judged the contest along with last year’s winner, WK Ganesvoort. I got a few words from Dixie about her winning. What was the inspiration for your parcel design? First and foremost, I have to say thanks to Maurice Messmer for doing such a great job on the landscaping. I am from the Caribbean so I wanted to... read more

‘The Image Has the Last Word’-The 48 Hour Film Project in Second Life By Persia Bravin

 As red carpet events in Second Life go, the screenings and judging of films at this years ‘48 Hour Film Project for Machinima’ was set to be the pinnacle in the social calendar for film makers and those who simply love Second Life produced film. It had taken the team involved months of hard work to prepare for this, the ulitimate showcase of virtually produced movie magic and in addition, esteemed real life film Director, Peter Greenaway, had agreed to deliver keynote speeches on his vision of the future of machinima itself. Best known for producing seminal films such as The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover’ ‘A Zed & Two Noughts’ and ‘Drowning by Numbers’ Peter Greenaway is a leading authority on all aspects of film making including the relatively new genre of machinima. After training initially as a painter, Peter gravitated to producing visually spectacular and cutting edge movies and his love of the ‘image’ is particularly evident in his films narratives. His work has also featured appearances from a host of award winning actors such as Helen Mirren, Joss Ackland and Ewan McGregor, so it was no suprise to see the four sim ‘UWA-BOSL Ampitheatre’ fill up fast for the nine hour event. Of course, it wasn’t only the presence of a bona fide film making genius that had drawn such huge crowds-we were here to watch some of Second Life’s finest film makers reveal their own contributions to the ‘48 Hour Film Project’. Managed and produced in Second Life by the irrepressible Chantal Harvey, this yearly contest attracts film making devotees from... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Grand Finale

Second Life’s leading couture designers pay homage to fashion legend Yves St Laurent in this dazzling finale to BOSL Fashion Week 2010, held at 10:00 a.m. SLT. An spectacular Parisian-inspired set designed by Miss Nish Mip, musical entertainment by the japanese band Soleil and an a lot of exclusive fashion designs that will be unveiled today at this amazing fashion show that allows us to say goodbye to BOSL Fashion Week 2010, and start working on 2011’s. Models for today show are Angels Milena, Blackbarbie Bravin, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Carilynn Ohare, dancer Dallagio, Darling Tomorrow, EmeraldEyes Honi, Gamp Lane, Helenna Baxton, Jennaa Loire, Katherine Comet, Kay Fairey, Luralie Bailey, Melanie Sautereau, Miaa Rebane, Rhonda Pennell, Shae Sixpence, Sora Tatham, Viola Rookswood, Wicca Merlin and the one who is writing to you, Giela Delpaso, who is returning to the catwalk. I am proud to open this show today with the amazing House of RFyre creation you can see on the picture at the top. The list of designers for the show includes couture labels such as ALB Fashion, Aleida, Azul, Bliss Couture, B! Fashion, Chantkare, Champagne, Designing Nicky Ree, DD Designs,  Eshi Otawara, House of Europe, House of RFyre, Maven Haus, MEB, Morea Style Design, Patrizia Blessed, Purple Moon, SF Designs, Tres Beau and Violator. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Aris Earnshaw, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Raffle and afterparty with japanese band Soleil bring BOSL Fashion Week to an spectacular end. I can’t say I am not happy it is over,I really need to sleep again and I bet Kay will sleep for 3 days non stop if they let her,... read more

Ms Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in case you have, you would have heard the news about our new Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011, Reign Congrejo! We managed to get some thoughts from her about the pageant, dealing with lagalicious crashing and her feelings about Costa Rica Sims estate. CR: Now that the pageant is over and you’ve won, how are you feeling? RC: Wow Keshi, I am still in shock. It really came as a surprise. I am truly blessed and honored to represent Costa Rica Sims. I have been greeted by some of the friendliest people. They make it a point of getting to know you and a simple hello turns into a interesting conversation. I have to say that I am meeting some fantastic people here on Costa Rica and will do my best to make sure that they know at any time they can talk to me. I may need a triple espresso from time to time but I will still be here. CR: What would you say you’ve learned from the entire Costa Rica Pageant experience? RC: Well I have learned patience. I have never felt lag and crashed so much in my SL life and clothing not going on correctly. I made it through by taking a deep breath and telling myself everything is going to be just fine. I always remember that whatever situation I am in, believe me there is someone else in bigger situation than I, so I keep my focus on others and everything seems to work its way out. CR: That is a very positive outlook!... read more

September Rezz Days & Fashion Influential July Raymaker!

* Costa Rica Sims SEPTEMBER REZZ B-DAY Party * When: Saturday, Sept 25th, 2010 Performer: DJ MIKEE GEMINI Time: 4pm-5:30pm SLT Attire: PJ (Pajamas) Theme Get your Pajamas…and join… us for a little bedtime story by DJ MIKEE at the Costa Rica Sims Slumber Party for our SEPTEMBER REZZ BABIES. Show us how cute you look when it’s time to go “night..night”. Bring your own tooth brush..hehe….See you there….!!! **FUNNNNNN!!!** And then you can get a good nights sleep because it will be time to party with our Fashion Influential for September, July Raymaker, Top Model and Manifeste – The Art of Posing Creator. ** Costa Rica Sims Production “Influentials Fashion Party” ** ** The Influentials Fashion Party ** *When: Sunday, Sept 26th , 2010 *Performer: DJ Mikee *Time: 12pm SLT -2:00pm SLT *Attire: Anything fashionable Join us in honoring “July Raymaker” the CEO & Owner of * Manifeste – The Art of Posing *. Ms. Raymaker, the Costa Rica Sims resident that’s contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way!!... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Seven

Bold black and white is the central theme at a thrilling fashion show highlighting the cutting-edge designs of Japanese label Shiki. Brought to you by the team behind BOSL Fashion Week 2010, Boulevard Agency and The Miss Virtual World Organization,  this event will present the latest, exciting couture from Shiki in graphic monotone shades. Show will take place at 6:00 p.m SLT at an impressive stage at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. Models for today show are Dimitri Shinn, EmeraldEyes Honi, Helenna Baxton, Katherine Comet, Marcus Night, Shae Sixpence, Tesan Lane, Viola Rookswood and Wicca Merlin. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Six

Revisit the glory days of 50’s  at this fun fashion show which presents delightful Americana-inspired couture from some of Second Life’s biggest fashion labels. Expect Cadillacs, drive-in movies and pure nostalgia as part of this event brought to you from the team behind BOSL Fashion Week 2010, Boulevard Agency and The Miss Virtual World Organization  starting at 4:00 p.m. SLT at a very special location. Models for today show are Miss Virtual World 2011 Finalists Angels Milena, Backliquid Tokyoska, Blossoms Sweetwater, Calista Ella, Keira Soulstar, Leandra Breen, Louise McWinnie, Mel Endrizzi, Luralie Bailey, Ranini Farella, Serene Faith, Roe Woodford, Veronica Krasner and Yuuki Breen, and Boulevard Agency models Apollo Call, Mangosio Lohner, Mikey Batriani, Phillip Dollinger, Todd Anton,  Trouble Inglewood  and Mr. Virtual World 2009 Liam Netizen. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Five

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 continues with an elegant show celebrating the very best of vintage 20’s decade, interpreted by top designers chosen and styled by our very own MVW Finalists and Boulevard Agency Top Models. This fifth show of BOSL Fashion Week  starts at 4:00 p.m. SLT at the luxurious Patch Thibaud Auditorium. Models for today show are Miss Virtual World Finalists: Angels Milena, Backliquid Tokyoska, Darling Tomorrow, Glitter Bolissima, Katherine Comet, Keira Soulstar, Leandra Breen, Louise McWinnie, Luralie Bailey, Mel Endrizzi, Rakusu Aaby, Ranini Farella, Rhonda Pennell, Serene Faith, Shae Sixpence, Yuuki Breen and Veronica Krasner accompanied byBoulevard Agency Top Models Sora Tatham and Viola Rookswood. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Four

Step into the world of fantasy at BOSL Fashion Week 2010 4th  fashion show, featuring the most futuristic designs from designer extraordinare Tatanka Kaligawa  of Mea Culpa and prepare to be transported to another realm. This fantastic show brought to you by Boulevard Agency starts at 4:00 p.m SLT at Ciudad de Mexico glamorous setting. Please remember to arrive early since sim have filled up quite early for the previous shows. Models for today show are dancer Dallagio, Kay Fairey, Rhonda Penell, Wicca Merlin and guest model Arisia Ashmoot. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

Costa Rica Has a Tiny Takeover

Costa Rica’s 3rd Anniversary celebration continued Saturday with the Bunneh Hunt to end all Bunneh Hunts! Residents were encouraged to join in the journey that would take them through all beautiful sights to see in Costa Rica sims. First this is a picture heavy post but there were so many cute tiny’s I couldn’t help myself. Go to our Flickr Site to see the rest. There were 13 clues scattered around the estate and with the use of the Costa Rica Taxi HUD, it was very easy and fun to find the bunny baskets. The first person to reach final destination would be the winner of L$10,000 from CRS and a surprise rare bunny basket filled with nest. The starting location was the newly designed Opera House with a basket right on the steps. Yeah well the others weren’t so easy to find xD I went around to a few and got some pics of the baskets in various locales. Bunneh Hunt Clue Bunneh Hunt Clue Bunneh Hunt Clue Bunneh Hunt Clue Congrats to the winners Aaliyah Munro, Colleen Bracken & Brendan Macarthur! A few hours later it was time for the Tiny Affair After Party! OMG Tinies had invaded Costa Rica in every shape you could think of and then some. I do think some people got confused. Willy came as a giant Transformer! Tosha Bergen didn’t waste anytime dancing atop his truck roof. Giancarlo started out the evening dressed as some type of Nun kangaroo or something. He even had a Joey. I think the idea of giving away the Ms Costa Rica Sims crown away made... read more

Costa Rica’s September Influential July Raymaker

Second Life attracts so many different people from all walks of life. Its always amazing to find out how and where someone first heard about SL and July Raymaker, Top Model and Owner and Creator of the brand Manifeste Poses, is no exception. “LoL! I used to work for an airline and was away from home a lot and I read in a magazine about Second Life®. One other boring night in my hotel room I decided to try and see what this Second Life was all about. The article I read was about fashion in Second Life. When I first signed in and came off orientation island the first thing I ran into was an AV with a massive erm…well you know what. And I thought, God not a place like this, signed off and forgot about it for at least another month. I then decided to try again but forgot my login name and password. So that’s when July was ‘born’.” Truly a birthday to remember. July admits that she is a complete fashionista and the article was what prompted her to give it a shot. “Yes, I’m a total fashion addict in RL. It was that article and boredom really.” Equipped with a new avatar and name, did she leap stiletto first into the fashion industry? “Oh no. I’ve been wandering around for two years before I started modeling. I’ve owned a club and a sim with rentals. It was a quite nice club, it was beautifully built, a dance club. I think I’ve had it for about six months. It was quite a disaster really.... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Three

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 continues at 4:00 p.m. SLT with a catwalk show dedicated to the best in edgy urban wear and gritty styles  from in-world renowned labels such as Demise, Gabriel, grasp, S.I.C 49 and Vanguard. Join us at the beautiful Patch Thibaud Auditorium where Boulevard Agency models direct from the streets will delight you with the toughest andsexiest apparel of all Second Life. Models for today show are Anastacia Markova, Mikey Batriani, Apollo Call, Blackbarbie Bravin, Kurvy Rhode, Liam Netizen, Phillip Dollinger, RicoRacer Flux, Todd Anton, Trouble Inglewood and Veronica Krasner.  Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Two

At 11:00 am SLT, the second day of BOSL Fashion Week 2010 captures the essence of French chic with Second Life’s top designers, such as Analee Balut, Amutey DeCuir, Mohna Lisa, Moxie Polano, Aleida Rhode, Kimmera Madison, Mami Jewel, Enzo Champagne, Swaffette Firefly and Zalin Bailey,  introducing new Haute Couture inspired creations. Set in the magnificent, baroque atmosphere of Chateau de Versailles this show promises Second Life couture at its most glamorous. Models for today show are Anastacia Markova, Darling Tomorrow, Florentine Rau, Gamp Lane, Melanie Sautereau, Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, nemi McCoy and Rhonda Penell. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Aris Earnshaw, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day One

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 launches at 6:00 PM SLT with a showcase of exotic, Eastern fashions from the acclaimed Milky House , by Sequanna Kidd, famous for producing Japanese kimonos and accessories with an Oriental elegance. Tradition meets modernity with a dazzling show set in a Japanese tea house at Insilco West with exclusive Kimonos worn by top models from Boulevard Agency. Models for today show are BlackBarbie Bravin, dancer Dallagio, Fann Hyun, Kay Fairey, Kurvy Rhode, Miaa Rebane, nemi McCoy, skylei Caproni, Sora Tatham and Valeria Pienaar. Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey. Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there! /hughug... read more

Costa Rica Sims Top Model of the Year

The “TOP MODEL of the YEAR” for Costa Rica Sims Productions has now come and gone…boooo…. BUT!! there was a clenching moment. On Sunday, September 19th the winner of the show will be announced in the Closing Ceremony of the 3rd Anniversary weekend of events. Can you believe, 3 years Costa Rica Sims has been on the grid!! The theme to this show was the models of the Costa Rica Sims’ own fashion agency were asked to vote amongst themselves for who would represent them, and Costa Rica Sims Productions to the community and the rest of Second Life. With a prize of L$10,000 at stake, hey voted and the winner will be titled for the year. Will it be Payton Heron, Imani Enzo or Jennaa Loire? How about Mikey Batriani, the current Mr. Virtual World, LesPaul Ibanez or Jaymz Pearl? Stay tuned and find out who wins in the male and female category. The models were judged based on: Overall cohesion: Does the styling look like a hot mess or does it flow nicely, whatever the ‘genre’? Interpretation: Does the outfit, in your opinion, resemble what the designer may have had in mind when creating it? Poise and Pose: Does the model’s pose and poise flatter the outfit or does it take away? Fun: Is the styled look fun, hip and fashionable. The show featured the select designers in Costa Rica Sims Shopping District such as *VougE*, ::HH:: Hucci, *Orage Creations* and NX Nardcotix. Can I have one of each please??? And no need to pack them, I will be making several changes a day just to look... read more

Costa Rica Sims September Community Ball

I was appointed “Blogger by Proxy” for this months WK Ganesvoort Community Ball as Keshi shook his money maker at Fashion Week. Good for me because I was able to do what I love to do. Pixel perving, A.K.A. people watching. This event was FULL, PACKED and everyone was dancing to the Live music of CECI Dover. This woman has the spiciest voice ever and knows how to keep her audience moving. It was a gorgeous day in Costa Rica and everyone was dressed to impress. The long flowing intricately detailed gowns were making me drool all the while I was panning around the party trying to snatch some jewels as well! I bumped, literally, into Mr. Congeniality of Costa Rica Sims 2010 David Jupiter and asked for a hand in photographing because it turned out to be my turn for SL to be mad at. He is such a nice guy I absolutely love him!! Thank You David!! The Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Finalists were all on hand and beautiful as ever!! I don’t admire those judges; it’s going to be a tough decision to pick just one girl to represent Costa Rica Sims!! Unfortunately between David and myself, we were not able to photograph all the finalists that attended but I will give them props here. Emma Portilo, Naiya Kazyanenko, Rosella Rhiano and Lacy Muircastle. I am sorry ladies, my apologies to you all. We all know you were GORGEOUS!!! I noticed my neighbors here at the Ball enjoying themselves. Skkye Nightfire and Genkisudo Karu, aren’t they so cute!!! Another couple dancing the afternoon away is... read more

Costa Rica Opera House gets makeover!

Some residents may not have noticed the newly built Costa Rica Opera House. When you venture there now, most likely you will expect to see a full orchestra and a production of Madame Butterfly being performed. The realism and exquisite texturing is the work of master builder, Barnesworth Anubis. When asked by Giancarlo to take on this task he agreed. “It seemed like a fun challenge. Plus it’s always awesome to build something in Second Life that will actually be used. I work full time in SL now doing a lot of custom building for companies, schools, organizations – real life mostly – looking to invest in SL. Sadly a lot of those builds are not used or enjoyed by a large number of people. And, I would be lying if I didnt say it’s good for biz. I’ts an amazing community of home owners and well, if you didnt know that is kind of my market.” If you don’t know who Barnesworth Anubis is, he rezzed into Second Life June 21, 2004. He is the prefab king of Second Life with an amazing line of residential, commercial, furniture and landscaping in his sim Demersal. His beginnings were just like the rest of us. “Just another clueless noob really. Toast Bard and Ingrid Ingersoll were good friends from another online game, The Sims Online [by EA Games TSO, which was shut down completely on August 1, 2008], along with some other people. We all came to try SL, Ingrid and I specifically to try building houses; we used to do a lot of house design contests in TSO. So... read more

Costa Rica Ladies Society Friendship Ball

With the first Monday in September upon us and marking the true start of the fall season, it seemed appropriate that the Ladies’ Society Ball for September be filled with the jovial and merry spirits of the residents. We’re fighting it tooth and nail. Ah well, letting go of those balmy days is never easy. That is one of the great things about Second Life and Costa Rica Sims. It’s always balmy and beautiful! There was beauty aplenty at the ball which was filled to the tops of the dome with Ms Costa Rica Finalists and glamour was dripping from their fingertips. Ms Ceci Dover brought the roof down with her stunning vocals and reminded me a bit of Charo with her feathery ensemble as she entertained all with her energetic dancing. Don’t believe me? Look! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugbbbaaaaaaaaa!!! I saw some new and old faces. Kyrinnia Desmoulins, a friend of Costa Rica since its early days stopped by and cut the rug with us. I also talked my good friend and blogging partner, Autumn Ashdene into slipping on a slinky number for LeeZu. Alright I didn’t exactly have to talk her into the dress 😛 But she did come and had a great time! Chase and Solitaire came out and were lost in each other as they danced as were several couples. Yes it was very romantic. Well that is until a debate started about what the best astrological sign is. Huh?? How do these things get started? I don’t know. It wasn’t me, ok! Though Tosha will disagree and blame me most likely. I think the Cancers and Virgos... read more

Costa Rica Sims Top Model of Year Results!

What could be more rewarding than being judged excellence by one’s own peers? The models of Costa Rica Sims Productions, under the direction of Tempest Hennesy, had the opportunity to do exactly that as part of the festivities surrounding Costa Rica Sims’ 3rd anniversary celebrations. With a prize of L$10,000 at stake, models of the Costa Rica Sims’ own fashion agency were asked to vote amongst themselves for who would represent them, and Costa Rica Sims Productions to the community and the rest of Second Life. They voted and, below, are the top six results. Female: Payton Heron Jennaa Loire Imani Enzo Male: Mikey Batriani LesPaul Ibanez jaymz Pearl ALSO!!!! Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine and Mr Costa Rica Sims 2010 Todd Anton will walk the runway to close the show. Join us on Friday, September 17th from 3pm to 5 pm SLT, as our top 6 models battle it off on the catwalk for the ultimate title of “Top Model”… stay tuned for the results on Sunday September 19th at 1:30 pm SLT for the judges decision after the new crowning of Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011!! For further information contact: Tempest Hennesy, Costa Rica Sims Production Director TraLove Pinazzo, Costa Rica Sims Production Fashion Assistant... read more

Costa Rica was Smokin’ in August!

Well not exactly just dogs 😛 I did see some cats. And turtles. Alright I’ll stop rambling and get on with the recap. Think Pink! Costa Rica residents and friends put on their psychodelic threads and journeyed to the Breast Cancer Awareness Save The Boobies Kick-Off party. Several of the people that are up for bidding in the Date-Auction such as redhairgenie Cabassoun were on hand as well as Carmichael Caudron, LesPaul Ibanez, Chase and Solitaire, Deecee Zuzu, DzinWiz Babii, Willy and Niche and Gnosis Acanthus in the most blinding outfit this side of the planet and Tosha Bergan showed us all how to stand up to glitches and crashes with her very clever protest sign. Hey I even made my own special tattoo for this event. If you want one by the way, just send me a message in world. Read the full article here … The Costa Rica Ladies Society Ball was a dazzling event with everyone hyped and working for the Breast Cancer Awareness events. Many residents attended and quite a few were up for bidding in the Date Auction. Ipunin Pera turned heads in her stunning scarlet dress and Costa Rica resident Helenna Baxton looked ready to accept an Academy Award. Hollywood starlets, eat your heart out.Willy Oakleaf and his dance partner Niche Shim as well as Costa Rica residents Chase Roddenham and Solitaire Bamaisin who was glorious in an emerald green gown. Read the full article here … This month saw the ceremony of the first group of students to progress through and complete Clay Ellison and Marco2feelgood Masala’s Costa Rica building classes, being... read more

Fashion Filled Party with The Influentials at Costa Rica!

A room swimming in Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Finalists and our guest of honor, Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Nisa Constantine. I wish I’d had a Louis Vuitton oar to help me navigate through all the couture that was in the room! Costa Rica Sims Production team of Director Tempest Hennesy and Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Finalist TraLove Pinazzo as well as Pageant Director for Costa Rica Sims 2011 Payton Heron were stationed and ready to welcome Nisa Constantine upon her arrival. She was of course fashionably late. What’d you expect? Looking amazing in a LeeZu outfit and Diva-esque sunglasses, she strolled into the party with Iwan Sweetwater on her arm. Thunderous applause filled the hall and DJ Syriana turned on the tunes, the switch was thrown and everyone got their groove on. We had some great faces show up like SFL Panthers player Skyton Slade, Filo Tani, Kenshin Xevion, Udinetta Shilova, WaMark Basevi, and almost all of the Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Finalists like Darkevilone Demonia who was stunning a green slinky number, Redhairgenie Cabassoun dazzled all with her strapless outfit and gold choker necklace, Reign Congrejo in a classically beautiful gown and flawless skin. Mimmi Boa showed up decked out in a fantastic asian inspired hat and danced away with Finalist Naizya who was working the military look. Finalist Emma Portilo was afloat in feathers as she danced with TheBigFid Nootan and Finalist Candylicious Forster turned heads in a raging red strapless lace bodice gown. Okay you really need to look at the Flickr to see more of these stunning outfits. Nisa kept all... read more

Walk on the Wild Side in Costa Rica!

“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” – William Shakespeare The gates of hell and pillars of heaven joined forces tonight to celebrate the Rezz Days of our August Costa Rica residents. A fine line was drawn and many were tempted to cross it, and did, as the party got into full swing. The demonic DJ Syriana filled the cavernous pit with tunes as requests poured in. Many residents turned up as well as quite a few of the Miss Costa Rica 2011 Finalists like redhairgenie Cabassoun, Skylei Caproni, Sydney Bonde, Tosha Bergen (also a Rezz Day baby). Solitaire and Chase flew in as did Darkevilone Demonia and Deangelo Urqhart. Dark was in her element and mentioned that she hadn’t dressed as a demon in a while. Kenshin Xevion really went all out for his demonic costume. He complimented Genie’s innocence perfectly with his devilish attire. The Angelic glow rubbed off on him and we converted him to our side. David Jupiter dropped in and out as he crashed but came back in time to have his wings played with by several ladies. BCA Date Auction organizer Ipunin Pera joined the living doll Italia Vilotta and Sam as they danced in synch on Italia’s huddles. Some angels couldn’t seem to decide which side they wanted to be on. Rezz day baby Yuli seemed to catch the bug and her entire outfit turned black! Eve Dembo came in a white and red number then proceeded to have a few fainting spells. The evil was strong! Even my wings turned black! Tosha and Willy... read more

Great Gatsby Roared!

The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alive with chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other’s names. – The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald This pretty much describes the atmosphere of the Great Gatsby party at WK Ganesvoort’s estate home this afternoon. In collaboration with PrimPerfect Magazine, the gathering was thrown to celebrate the Costa Rica Sims highlighted in the recent issue. If you haven’t given it a read, please do when you have time. Here’s the link. Bless whatever angels kept me in world tonight and actually let me rezz for photos! I’m still in a bit of shock so forgive me. I arrived early, taking in the ultra decadent decor, WK’s estate transformed into the 1920’s ala Jazz Age complete with table settings, a classic yellow 1929 Primouth Praeton reminiscent of the Rolls Royce in the 1974 film, fountain and photographs of the film strategically placed. The effect was stunning and as guests arrived donning their best 20’s garb, the festive background added to their excitement. I actually bumped into Gian and didn’t realize it was even him! He looked so different in his twenties garb. After a rousing set by DJ Syri, Miss Ceci Dover joined us and after a romantic beginning proceeded to heat the party up. With Foxtrot and Charleston dance balls scattered about, there was more than enough to keep everyone moving. Most memorable for me was Linus Lacombe who danced with several ladies and... read more
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