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Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Didier Rascon

Today I would like to introduce you to Mr. Costa Rica Finalist number three in our lineup: Mr. Didier Rascon. Didier is an accomplished model and it has been a real pleasure to get to know him better during the pageant events. I think you will enjoy getting to know him better too. Please meet Mr. Didier Rascon. How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL? It all began when I saw a television report that talked about Second Life … It told the story of a few French who lived a double life through virtual worlds. Very curious to see what it was like, I enrolled in this virtual world and I quickly took a liking to this new life. What prompted me to stay so long on Second Life is i was being able to unleash my creativity and put a artistic point of view outside my real life. What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home? I tried several places on second life, but every time I was disappointed by the neighborhood and the lack of consistent sets between each resident. And then a friend of mine one day made me visited the wonderful places of Costa Rica Sims because he lives himself in Costa Rica in RL. I loved this place, and when I got married to Angelik we decided to come and create our home. What do you think sets Costa Rica Sims apart from all the other places one could choose to live in SL? All these sets on Costa Rica Sims are designed in... read more

GizzA female creations at 50% during International Women Day!!

Gizza has a 50% discount on many of their top selling female outfits as a gift due to “International Women Day” but it will only last until tonight at 00.00  midnight so you better run run run ! Some of the outfits for sale are: Run to Gizza Main Store now and find the 50% discount signs for many more wonderful creations at an unbeatable price. /hughug... read more

Costa Rica Sims DJ Knockout Event!!

Sunday in Costa Rica Sims brought out the crowds for the monthly DJ Knockout and let me tell you it was an event and a half! Two DJ’s going head to head fighting for the title of DJ Knockout Winner. The event started with a few technical difficulties that were soon rectified and the amazing Gertyflirty Goldlust jumped in and kept everyone happy and moving until the tech issues were worked out. Once that was done MikeeGemini took the reins and got the sim full with revelers and warmed up for the main event! Mr. Costa Rica finalists were in attendance and it was nice to see the sexy men shaking what their mama gave em! I am telling you it’s going to be tough for the judges to choose from amongst them, they are ALL worthy of the title. A lot of familiar faces and new ones were in attendance and everyone was enjoying the music our awesome DJ’s were playing. Everyone had a chance to get a DJ Knockout Bear created by our own Costa Rica resident Sway Dench, and let me tell you it is adorable! First up in the knockout competition was DJ Mexmaya Reina. I will have to say she had the place on fire! Everyone was having a great time and she totally brought her A game, she was in it to win it for sure. After an hour of Mexmaya taking control of things it was time to hand it over to her competition DJ Hectic Luckstone. Hectic caught everyones attention with a killer start to his set I personally was really... read more

Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Brendan Macarthur

It’s time to meet another of our Mr. Costa Rica Finalists! Today I would like to introduce you to Mr. Brendan Macarthur. Model, great neighbor, and all around nice guy Brendan is someone I am sure you will enjoy getting to know as much as I have. Please say hello to Mr. Costa Rica Finalist…Brendan Macarthur! How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL? I actually first learned of SL from a friend on an internet game site called Pogo.  I had just lost my real life partner in July of 2007, so I spent a lot of time at home on the computer.  When I first joined SL, of course, I knew nothing and no one. I soon found myself immersed in this world, a cross between a game and a social website.  I became amazed at all you can do on SL.  Building, scripting, all of it!  The immediate purpose of SL was to fill the void in my real life, and I quickly made some amazing friends who are now a part of my real life as well. What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home? I found Costa Rica Sims by mistake! I did a search looking for white water rafting, and poof, I landed here. Once here, I spent some time exploring the variety of things to see and do, not even realizing that you could indeed reside here.  I fell in love with the entire concept (one large community all interconnected as one), and moved here within 2 days. What do you think sets Costa... read more

PRESS RELEASE: RFL Kick-Off 2011, Saturday March 12th

RFL of SL kicks off on March 12! Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is all set to KICK OFF on March 12! For the past few weeks, the Teams Chairs Panza Eilde and PrettyKitty Gumbo have been working with a team of mentors and liaisons to recruit, register and train the team captains and help them to start planning events … over 80 teams have registered to date, and now they’re ready to KICK OFF! KICKOFF event Saturday March 12 is the big KICKOFF event, organized by Special Events Chair Katina Magic, at the BOSL Browns Football Stadium. Before the ceremony, DJ and cancer survivor Aryon Dagger will be spinning the discs at the Tailgate Dance Party at 10am SLT. Join her at: or listen on the stream at: The Kickoff Ceremony itself starts at 11am SLT. Take your seats at: or If these venues are full, you can continue to listen on the t1 radio stream. FUN and FUNDdraising Last year, Relay For Life of Second Life raised $222,000. This year’s target is US$300,000. Event Chair MamaP Beerbaum said: ‘My main goals for this year’s event are to bring in new relayers, those we haven’t reached before, to have all of our relayers work as “one team”, helping one another, supporting each other, all working towards a common goal, and to have a successful fund raising season, setting new records in those efforts!’ She continued: ‘I love attending team events and I love interacting with our relayers. Everyone participates for their own reasons, but we share one common goal. The stories... read more

Meet Mr. Costa Rica Finalist: Angelik Lavecchia

It’s time to meet the 2011 Mr. Costa Rica Finalist! I know you are all excited to get to know them better and check out their sexy looks! I have had some time to spy on each of them at practices and events, let me tell you they are working hard and looking good! No slackers in this bunch. The judges are going to have a tough time deciding this one. I don’t envy their job at all. I am going to introduce you to our finalists in alphabetical order starting with Mr. Angelik Lavecchia. All the finalists were asked the same questions and I think you are going to really enjoy getting to know them better as I have. Without further ado, let’s meet our first finalist…Angelik Lavecchia! How and why did you end up adding a Second Life to your RL? The first time I heard about SL, was on a soap opera. There was a character that played it and found her love there. At that time I didn’t even give it any importance. One day, I was talking with some colleagues from work, and they mentioned a story they saw on tv about SL and what people could do. That day yes… I got curious, did some research and I started on SL. I had a lot of fun, started modeling one month after, and even without noticing, SL took part of my life, not as an addiction, but as a complement. What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as your home? My first contact with CRS was from a friend when I was searching... read more

Costa Rica Sims “DJ KNOCK OUT” !!!

Our “ Knock Out” DJs will go toe to toe featuring DJ HUSH & DJ HECTIC. Trust me these guys are taking no prisoners. Let’s not forget Costa Rica’s “Rude Boy” DJ MIKEEGEMINI, spinning his wicked tunes with some of the HOTTEST DJs in Second Life. Come join us at Costa Rica for a grunge down & dirty rumble. WHEN: Sunday, March 6, 2011 WHO: DJ MIKEEEMINIi & Guest DJs TIME: 12pm SLT- 2pm SLT ATTIRE: Grunge, Tattoo, Dirty Chic WHERE: “DJ Knock Out”... read more

Costa Rica Sims Ladies Society “Friendship Ball”

Costa Rica Sims  Ladies’ Society, proudly presents live performance by Zerbie Magic. Her incredible voice will leave you wanting more. Join us for a wonderful afternoon filled with fabulous live music at Costa Rica Sims. WHEN: Saturday, March 5, 2011 Performer: Miss Zerbie Magic Special Time:: 4pm slt – 5pm slt ATTIRE: Formal WHERE: Costa Rica Ladies’ Society Botanical... read more

Costa Rica Sims LADIES’ SOCIETY Presents “Ladies Night”

*!! LADIES  NIGHT!!* The temperature in Costa Rica Sims will rise on Friday.. So, ladies after a crazy busy week, it’s time for a “Ladies” NIGHT OUT…. Remember what goes on at Ladies Night stays at Ladies Night.. ~wink~ When: Friday, March 4, 2011 Who: DJ STARBYMOONLIGHT Time: 6pm SLT- 8pm SLT Attire: Fashionable SEXY Where: Influential Lounge at Costa Rica... read more

Pura Vida Wellness Resort at Costa Rica Sims

As the Costa Rica Sims Estate Blogger I get to do a lot of fun things, events and fashion shows to name a few  but recently I did something I had never done in Second Life and I will admit it was one of the most pleasurable things I have ever done in SL! I spent an evening at a spa! Not just any spa but a well thought out, extremely enjoyable spa opened by Costa Rica Sims resident Tosha Bergan. I had a wonderful chat with her and I am going to let her tell you about this amazing place. What is the name of your spa and is there a reason you chose that name? Pura Vida Wellness Resort is the name of the spa. Pura Vida (POO-rah VEE-dah), used by Costa Ricans since 1956, literally translated means “Pure Life.” Contextually, it means “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!”, “Going great!” It is used as a greeting, a farewell, and to express satisfaction. The phrase has become widely known in the USA and Europe. Some foreigners view the phrase as an expression of a leisurely lifestyle, of disregard for time and wanton friendliness. However, Costa Ricans use the phrase to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance, good spirits, enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, whether small or large. What made you choose Costa Rica Sims as the place to open your spa? I really don’t have an answer for that But I have been a resident of CRS for more than year. I do love the feel of having a large community who are... read more

Costa Rica Sims February Recap of Events

The month started off with Super Bowl Fever! The Costa Rica Ladies Society hosted a Super Bowl Bash for the men and it was hot! Lots of great music, game style food and drinks, tons of Packers/Steelers fans and of course CHEERLEADERS! The Ladies Society turned up the heat with their rocking routines the ladies know how to keep the crowd on their feet! It was a fun night and everyone got a chance to represent their favorite team. Zerbie Magic entertained everyone at the Costa Rica Ladies Society Friendship Ball; the event was well attended by Costa Rica Residents and guests. The botanical garden was made all the more lovely by the well dressed crowd of couples and singles dancing and enjoying the sounds of Ms. Magic. La Cantina is a hot Latin night for sure. DJ Rosa Alekseev played all our Latin favorites while everyone did their best salsa and meringue. The Costa Rica Cantina is a popular venue and the warm climate with the ocean breeze is a perfect place for an evening of dancing and romancing. Costa Rica Sims Productions was extremely busy this month with fashions shows, the first being in time for all those Valentine weddings. The Designer Showcase featuring Rebel Hope show was a beautiful and romantic show filled with dashing grooms and groomsmen, lovely brides and elegant bridesmaids. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the Costa Rica Ladies Society did not disappoint with the 3rdAnnual Valentines Ball entitled “Affair of the Heart”. Romance was in the air while Nadine Morani and Craig Lyons preformed. Residents and guests were absolutely stunning in their formal... read more

Costa Rica Sims Parties with February Influential Todd Anton

Costa Rica honored SL super model, Mr. Virtual World Finalist and current Mr. Costa Rica Sims: Todd Anton.  The February Influential event was one of the most well attended events in recent memory with the venue bursting at the seams with over 50 attendees at one point. Mr. Anton’s friends and fans joined together to let this Influential know how much he is appreciated. DJ MikeeGemini Ghost was so impressed he tried to claim Todd as his long lost father. When not trying to expand his family tree, Mikee was playing the music that keeps everyone dancing and having fun. Suga Hunniton welcomed all the guests and was the beautiful and gracious hostess she always is. The theme for the evening fitting for a SL super model was Haute Couture. The ensembles guests put together were absolutely stunning and some true works of art. The evening was a who’s who of the SL fashion industry and if you are someone that likes to people watch this was an event for you. Mr. Costa Rica Finalists joined us for the evening and maybe a few picked up some tips from our current Mr. Costa Rica, Todd Anton. The Influential’s lounge was made over with hammered metal walls, sculptures, and of course lovely models on pedestals. I was lucky enough to get there early and take in the elegant look of the made over space. The party went on well past its scheduled end and Mr. Anton stayed throughout the event and was so appreciative of the honor, thanking all who came to wish him well. Mikee was asked over and... read more

Costa Rica Sims Deep Freeze Rezz Day Event is Hot!

Costa Rica Sims February Rezz Babies celebrated their day in a deep freeze that was heated up with our hot DJ MikeeGemini Ghost and his equally hot hostess Suga Hunniton! While Mikee spun his tunes guests and residents danced and were entertained by lively conversation and Mikee’s banter.        The sim was full and the music kept everyone going.  A few of the current  Mr. Cost Rica finalists, Brendan Macarthur, Pheonix Reyer and Dex Popstar made an appearance and our lovely Costa Rica events manager Costa Rica Exec Samantha Ohrberg kept everyone on their toes and moving with her always popular dance hud.     Lots of familiar faces joined in on the fun, along with new friends and new resident Indigo Solo was welcomed warmly to the estates. No matter if you are a resident or guest all are welcomed and encouraged to have a good time. One of the trademarks of Costa Rica Sims is its warm friendliness despite the cold temperatures outside!         Mikee regaled us with a story about his bird watching activities on the estate and how he happened upon a Sammie bird and her mating rituals, he warmed us that there is more to the story and would finish for us at our next event, adding that there could very well be an upcoming story with a main character named Brendan. Mikee is a rare DJ that can not only play awesome tunes but entertain the crowd with stories and his friendly chat.  The cold winter theme was carried out perfectly in the Costa Rica Sims Winter Park which is a delightful... read more

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Fashion Party!!!!

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Fashion Party This month join us in honoring Todd Anton-Batriani, Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010, Mr. Virtual World Finalist 2010 and Super Model. Todd, Costa Rica Sims resident that’s contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way!! Costa Rica Sims Productions THEME: Haute Couture WHEN: Sunday , February 27, 2011 TIME:12 PM SLT WHO: DJ MikeeGemini WHERE: Costa Rica Sims Influentials Lounge Attire: Haute... read more

Costa Rica Sims “FEBRUARY” Rezz Days Party!!

“DEEP FREEZE Winter Party” The Second Life weather team has predicted Costa Rica deep freeze storm on Saturday.  We will not let that stop us from celebrating our FebruaryREZZ Days babies, but make sure you dress for the weather , bundle up its suppose to be COLD!!!!  WHEN: Saturday, February 26, 2011 PERFORMER: DJ MikeeGemini TIME: 4pm SLT – 6pmSLT WHERE: Costa Rica Winter Park ATTIRE: Fashionable... read more

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge – January BOSL Winner

Each month, The Best of SL Organization (BOSL) has to judge the amazing art, as part of the University of Western Australia’s 3D Open Art Challenge. Here on the BOSL blog, we shall be posting the BOSL award winner each month, for you too see some of the amazing talent that is out there, and entering this great contest! The January prize winner, was artist Soror Nishi – Who created an awesome piece named ‘Xmas Daisy Tree’. This one really stood out from the rest of the stunning submissions at last months contest, and was a very deserving winner of the BOSL prize, and $L5,000! Congratulations Soror, and to all the other artists who submitted... read more

Miss Virtual World Academy – March available courses

MVW Academy Courses (english): Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy offers a complete training for both new and experienced models guided by the most accomplished top models in SL. An in-deep program focused on bringing only the best, fully trained and most professional models into the SL fashion industry. This are the available courses and their instructors for the month of March: Modeling 101 Instructor: Nemi McCoy on Friday, March 4th – 2:00 pm SLT Instructor: Wicca Merlin on Sunday, March 6th – 1:00 pm SLT Modeling 102 Instructor: dancer Dallagio on Sunday, March 13th – 2:00 pm SLT Instructor: Kay Fairey on Sunday, March 13th – 4:00 pm SLT Modeling 103 Instructor: Shae Sixpence on Sunday, March 20th – 1:00 pm SLT Instructor: Kay Fairey on Sunday, March 20th – 3:00 pm SLT Instructor: Mui Mukerji on Sunday, March 20th – 4:00 pm SLT Modeling 104 Instructor: Miaa Rebane on Sunday, March 27th – 2:00 pm SLT Instructor: Mimmi Boa on Tuesday, March 29th – 12:00 noon SLT If you need more information or want an application form please contact me (Giela Delpaso) in-world. MVW Academy Cursos (en español): Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy ofrece un entrenamiento completo tanto para nuevas modelos como para las que tienen más experiencia, guiado por las top-models con más éxito de SL. Un programa en profundidad destinado a introducir las mejores, completamente entrenadas y más profesionales modelos en el mercado de la moda de SL. Estos son los cursos disponibles y sus correspondientes instructores para el mes de Marzo. Modeling 101 – Instructora: Lali Arbizu el domingo, 6 de marzo a las 7:00... read more

Costa Rica Sims February Influential: Todd Anton

It’s time to meet the Costa Rica Sims February Influential: Mr. Todd Anton. I must admit when I was informed that Todd was this month’s honoree I was really excited. I met Todd during the Ms. Costa Rica Sims pageant and I have to say he is one of the nicest people in I have met in Second Life. Todd is a not only a highly accomplished model but our current Mr. Costa Rica Sims. Some of his many SL career highlights include: Couture Avenue Look 2011 November Winner, Glance Homme Magazine – Stylist, Mr Costa Rica Sims 2010, Mr. Costa Rica Sims – Mr. Photogenic 2010, Mr. Virtual World 2010 Finalist (Mr. Costa Rica). Let’s get to chatting with our newest Costa Rica Sims Influential…    What was it about Costa Rica Sims that made you want to make your home here? Costa Rica Sims was immediately attractive to me because of its inherent beauty, freedom and spiritual overtones. It’s the greenest country in the real world, and I found it to be just as rich in SL. And so, because it was in alignment with my own appreciation of the beauty of our planet, it seemed a perfect place to call home. What advice would you offer to a new Costa Rica Sims resident to make the most out of their home here? Wear the Taxi HUD and explore! There’s so much to see and experience!  And make friends, it’s the best way to really get a feel for Costa Rica Sims and all it has to offer. Your year as Mr. Costa Rica Sims in nearly... read more

Costa Rica Sims Parties with the DJ’s!

Costa Rica Sims went full on party mode with Sunday’s DJ party. Residents and guests were moving to the sounds of DJ’s MikeeGemini Ghost, Cappy Clipper, Dubwise Macbain and Gertyflirty Goldlust. Three hours of music, dancing and fun.            The Sim was at near capacity and everyone was having a great time. Lots of familiar faces and and new ones were there socializing while they enjoyed all the great music.               DJ Mikee got us started and warmed up, who was followed by DJ Cappy then current DJ Knockout title holder Dubwise and the evening ended with the lovely and fun Gertyflirty. Our lovely hostess for the evening was Suga Hunniton who kept everyone’s spirits high as the evening went on.  It was a fun event and anytime the Costa Rica Sims Dj’s are spinning and entertaining it is worth your time to come and spend some time enjoying their musical skills!     Until Next time! Syd... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions Indyra Originals Fashion Show

Saturday’s Costa Rica Sims Production Designer Showcase of Indyra Original’s fashion was an event that was just fabulous! If you were not able to attend it you missed some great outfits and a wonderful time, but fear not for I am here to bring you all the latest from the event! The venue was lovely, a beautiful courtyard with tables and champagne scattered around the runway, camming amongst the audience would have brought you nose to nose with some of the Second Life’s celebrities, like Frolic Mills of BOSL and the lovely showcase designer Indyra Seigo. The show was well attended but the lag not completely unbearable. The models did a great job despite the challenges of walking in a lag filled environment.          The models of the day looked amazing! Skylei Caproni, Corinne Collins, Rhonda Pennell and Veronica Krasner were a sight to behold in their beautifully styled ensembles. The first CRSP model to take the runway was Skylei Caproni in Wicked January:  Black Ice Edition. Wicked January shows an edgier side of the woman, with a splash of punk.  Skylei paired Wicked January with Indyra’s Coquette Noir Shoes – Stunner in Noir. Next was CRSP model Corinne Collins in one of Indyra’s newest designs, Marchesa in Silver, truly made for those romantic evenings at Franks.  Perfectly matched with the delightful confection was the Coquette Noir Shoes: Chablis Sandals in Silver.     CRSP Top Model Rhonda Pennell presented us with Marquise I: Indyra Pink.  Paired with Coquette Noir Shoes: Egoista Platform Heels: Black.  This cocktail dress is the perfect addition for a night on the town with the... read more

Costa Ricas Sims Productions “Dare to Bare” Show Wow’s the Crowd

This weekend, Costa Rica Sims Productions featured the fabulous designs of Nicky Ree in a sultry and seductive fashion show in the colonial fashion district. Guests to the show lounged on soft feather pillows in a beautiful boudoir setting to watch CRSP models Aely Witte, Skylei Caproni and Sydney Bonde ‘Dare to Bare’ themselves in the gorgeous lace & silk lingerie creations of famed fashion designer Nicky Ree. Bare-chested CRSP male models Brendan Macarthur, Didier Rascon, Jock Whitfield & Pheonix Reyer provided plenty of man eye candy for the event as well, decked out (barely) in Vitamen and looking delicious! We have to give a shout out as well to DJ Dubwise Macain for volunteering his body as an extra display piece during the show — yum!      Nisa Constantine, Costa Rica Sims Productions Director, joined the sensuous display in the boudoir, showing off her own come-hither curves on one of the chaise lounges. Costa Rica Sims Event Manager Samantha Ohrberg hosted the event from among the guests in her own provocative lingerie . CRSP Model Aely Witte was the first to grace the intimate stage of the boudoir in ‘Sexy Rose’, a hand-painted satin & lace gown. Showing off a lovely balanced mix of bare shoulders and long legs, this gown tempts with a soft feminine touch. Matching hand painted panties and garter give the gown just a hint of naughtiness to complete the package. Wearing ‘Sexy Rina’ in red by Nicky Ree, CRSP Model Skylei Caproni showed off voluptuous curves in a smoking hot concoction sure to capture the eyes of any suitor. The pleated corset lifts... read more

Costa Rica Sims Presents “DJ Knock Out Event”!!!

COSTA RICA SIMS Presents COSTA RICA SIMS DJ KNOCK OUT Event WHEN: Sunday, February 20, 2011 WHO: DJ MikeeGemini & Guest DJs TIME: 12pm SLT- 3pm SLT ATTIRE: Grunge, Tattoo, Dirty Chic WHERE: “DJ Knock Out” warehouse Slurl: Our “ Knock Out” champ DJ HUSH will face off against DJ Dubwise , DJ Hectic and DJ Broseph, but DJ HUSH these guys are taking no prisoners. Let’s not forget Costa Rica’s “Rude Boy” DJ MikeeGemini , spinning his wicked tunes with some of the HOTTEST DJs in Second Life. Come join us at Costa Rica for a grunge down & dirty... read more

Costa Rica Sims Presents Indyra Originals Fashion Show

COSTA RICA SIMS   Presents A Costa Rica Sims Productions Designer Showcase featuring ******** Indyra Originals”Fashion Forward” Fashion Show ******** When: Saturday, February 19th @ 3pm SLT Where: Costa Rica Sims Fashion Villa ******** This Saturday, February 19th @ 3pm SLT, Costa Rica Sims Productions (CRSP) presents the designs of the incomparable Indyra Seigo.  Join us at the fabulous Costa Rica Sims Fashion Villa.  Invite a friend, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the refreshing breeze blowing off the ocean as the CRSP Models showcase the “Fashion Forward” Indyra Originals collection. Featuring the following CRSP Models:  Skylei Caproni, Corinne Collins Rhonda Pennell Veronica Krasner Join us after the fashion show for an after party featuring DJ Pink. ********* Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and continues to grow each month as it produces high-quality fashion showcases from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Commercial District.   For more information please contact: Nisa Constantine, Director – Costa Rica Sims... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions Presents “Nicky Ree” Dare to Bare Fashion Show

COSTA RICA SIMS Presents A Costa Rica Sims Productions Designer Showcase featuring *******         Nicky Ree  “Dare to Bare” Fashion Show ****** When: Friday, February 18th @ 3pm SLT Where:Costa Rica Sims Colonial Shopping District SLurl: ****** This Friday, February 18th @ 3pm SLT, Costa Rica Sims Productions (CRSP) presents the designs of Nicky Ree.  Slip into something sexy and leave your inhibitions at the door.  Pull the curtain aside, step into our boudoir,  and allow the CRSP Models to tantalize you as they “Dare to Bare” in the lingerie designs of Nicky Ree.  Featuring the following CRSP Models: Aely Witte, Skylei Caproni  Reign Congrejo  Sydney Bonde Join us after the fashion show for an after party featuring DJ MikeeGemini   For more information, please contact: Nisa Constantine, Director – Costa Rica Sims... read more

Costa Rica Ladies Society “Affair of the Heart” 3rd Annual Valentine’s Ball

On Sunday, the gorgeous Costa Rica Sims Opera House was the setting for a magical evening of fabulous live music and dancing to celebrate our favorite romantic holiday of the year. The Costa Rica Sims Ladies’ Society 3rd Annual Valentine’s Ball was truly “An Affair of the Heart” with moving performances by the spectacular Nadine Morani and amazing Craig Lyons.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, the opera house was decked out in pretty pink & red balloons around the chandeliers, with a sparkling dance floor lighting up the room. Beautiful couples dressed in delicious ball gown confections and handsome tuxedos swirled across the glittering floor in celebration of love. The favorite color of the evening was, of course, red!         For the first hour of the event, guests were blessed with the sweet stylings of Nadine Morani, one of Costa Rica Sims favorite performers. Nadine says on her page that “Passion, Love and Music are 3 words that describe my life” – so obviously we couldn’t have had a better singer to kick off our Valentine’s Ball!Nadine’s angelic, haunting voice filled the opera house to the rafters, evoking thunderous applause from the audience after every tune. Some of us couldn’t help wiping away tears after a few songs, they were that beautiful! It’s no wonder that Miss Morani is so incredibly well-loved by the residents of Costa Rica Sims and so often requested as a performer. If you weren’t able to see her live, check out one of Nadine’s fantastic performances on YouTube. Nadine sings everything from opera to jazz to modern hits and she is certainly one... read more

Costa Rica Productions Designer Showcase featuring Rebel Hope was an Enchanting Event

The Costa Rica Sims Production of February’s Designer Showcase featured the beautiful creations of Rebel Hope. Nothing says romance more than Rebel Hope fashion and this show was not a disappointment to all the romantics out there. The show began with the beautiful Samantha Ohrberg hosting the event wearing one of Rebel Hope’s newest gowns, Grace in gold. The sensual, daring gown was made of sensuous satin, and designed to caress and flatter the feminine form encased within.  The thigh high slit on the front of the gown revealed a delicious expanse of shapely leg. The bodice of the gown had a delicate, contrasting black lace overlay, highlighted by sequins. The opera length gloves added that perfect touch of glamour to the sexy gown.  The first gown to grace the runway was presented by the lovely CRSP Model Rusalka Callisto.  Rusalka wore the aptly named Passion gown in red.  Passion was a beautifully designed gown featuring sculpted ruffles framing the décolletage, a curve skimming A-line skirt with matching opera length gloves.  The beautiful details such as the diamond brooch on the bodice of the dress, jeweled clasps on the gloves, and the diamonds accenting the ribbon securing the top in the back added a touch of elegance. Passionate is but one word to describe the woman that would wear that exquisite gown.  CRSP Model Baila Palmira took to the runway wearing Jacqueline.  The amazing gown featured a curve hugging silhouette tapering down into a gently flaring tulle skirt.  Echoing the skirt was an attention grabbing tulle shoulder accent. The bodice was beautifully accented with delicate silver embroidery.  Baila added... read more

Hearts on Fyre Invitation

“House of Rfyre”celebrates Valentines in its very own way: A fabulous DJ that will delight you, a beautiful location that will astound you and lots of friends to spend the night with. Saturday, February 12th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm SLT Hope to see you all there! Outfit Credits: Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach makeup 5 (by Sissy Pessoa) Hair: Bishwear Hair Winnifer in wine (by DBS Heart) Eyes: LeLutka Ellis eyes – cloud (by Minnu Palen) Outfit: House of Rfyre Hearts on Fyre Blue (by Raven Pennyfeather) Choker: The Abyss choker Unleashed (by Khai Sinister) Tattoo: Garden of Ku R&B (by danel kurosawa) Nails: Mandala Takara nails in silver Pose: Manifeste (by July Raymaker) /hughug... read more

Costa Rica Sims Ladies’ Society”Affair of the Heart”Valentine Ball

Join for the “Affair of the Heart” Ball, an evening filled with incredible live music and fabulous people. This event is a celebration of the heart and joy those that have touched our lives bring.  Costa Rica Ladies’ Society “Affair of the Heart” Valentine Ball When: Sunday, February 13, 2011 Live Performances by Miss Nadine Morani & Mr Craig Lyons Time: 1pm slt Where: Costa Rica Sims Opera House ATTIRE: Formal Landmark:... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions Designer Showcase featuring- Rebel Hope

For those of you looking for that special little something. Well, the fabulous designs by Rebel Hope along with CRSP models will control the runway with some new fashions you do not want to miss. SLURL:     COSTA RICA SIMS Presents A Costa Rica Sims Productions Designer Showcase featuring      THE DESIGNER     “Rebel Hope” Love Movement Fashion Show                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE MODELS Brendan Macarthur LesPaul Ibanez Baila Palmira Rusalka Callisto Ellekirsten Gossipgirl ATTIRE Fashionable Upscale WHEN Sunday February 13, 2011 @ 11 am  SLT WHERE Costa Rica Sims Productions Casa Moda Fashion Venue... read more
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