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.:Frolic’s Rday:.

Hello Hunnies. Yesterday was Frolic’s Rday and i’ve got nothing less to say that it was an AMAZING party. If you weren’t there well too bad for you (lol) because you’ve missed one of the most impressive and entertaining event on sl. Famous singer (Lise Brune), talented dancers (Dazzler Dancers), sexy dancers and Gogo dancers too. Everything was here for a good celebration and it sure was a good one. But what would be a Rday without friends and loving gestures. Frolic Mills is loved on sl and all the sweet messages can testify. I am so pleased to belong to this. Yesterday have been a huge lesson of entertaining, i was like a little “18 years old (sexy dancers you know)” girl. And i also understood something, this is what i want to do! Sharing emotions, be a part of a great and entertaining show on the runways. I went to the party with Da5id and here is our outfits so enjoy and don’t forget to shine . xoxo Shah… On Shahez Hair: D!va Vivienne (brown diamond) Jewelry Set: Eolande’s Basic Essentials Pearl Set (cream/gold) Fur: Minikri Fur Stole (fox bronze) Dress: CHANTKARE Creme brulee Shoes: [e] Move Pumps (fallow)   On Da5id Hair Shag Rise Suit: Hooenbeek Classic Shoes: Hooenbeek Yorksire Happy Rezzday Frolic... read more

Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities. ~Unknown

Life is funny, Second Life ®is an escape, but so many treat it as much more than a game. And in some ways it kind of is, the people we interact with are certainly real, have real friends, real family, real day to day drama’s, dreams and wishes. So I think, my thought for myself for this week was pretty much summed up in the title quote, “Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities.” Always keep your escape to Second Life as a minor detour from your real life ambiguities because not facing them, does not make them disappear, it just makes them heap up like a big pile of rubbish at the door. So don’t become an emotional “hoarder,” free your soul from the detritus about you, face your real life and don’t let your Second Life become your main focal point to your life long journey, let it be an enriching enhancement to your travels. *falls off Soap Box* Today’s selection is a mix of designer’s because I actually want to highlight not only the clothes, but the poses as well. Because as models, we know, in a virtual world our poses have to speak for us since we typically cannot truly use our face to create emotion. But also, as blogger’s it’s a boon to find poses that highlight the item we are “selling.” It doesn’t make sense to sell shoes while standing on your feet, the viewer will spend their time doing the circuit of your entire outfit. With these NEW shoe poses from LostAngel Industries, the avatars shoes are out front, in your face gorgeous!... read more

|| Underneath ||

The latest drafted hunt features military items released by several stores and sold at 5L. In the spirit of fun, i took this opportunity to put on some camouflage make up from Face Paint, camo tee from Nyu and the moss green short pants from SHIKI. The look is completed with boots from Gos. MAKEUP: Face Paint ~ Camouflage SHIRT: Nyu ~ Mesh Camo Tee PANTS: SHIKI ~ Short Pants (Moss Green) BOOTS: Gos ~ GTFO... read more


  Gown        GizzA        Lily Gown [Nude]   [NEW RELEASE] Eyeshadow       *LpD*          MakeUp – *Glossy Bronze* Eyeshadow Lipstick        *LpD*             Makeup – Lipgloss Peach Hood          blackLiquid         HOOD – silver lace Choker        GK        Luxury Chains (no a la venta) Shoes       Faster PussyCat       Neo Geisha Revolution silver (no se ve en la foto) Lashes       Vita’s Boudoir      Serious eyeliner Skin               -Glam Affair-             Linn – InMutatio 01 Poses       Agapee Model, stylist & photographer       Syra Hyun  ... read more


Hair: ICON HairBase [jet blakc] Shade: Armonde Versace Sunglasses (ink) Earrings: SIGMA Rhea [charcoal gold] Necklace: Armidi Niama [gold] Banlge: Armidi Snakeskin [gold] Dress: [[LD]] Major Maxi Dress (colorblock8) Coming in june!!   Hello Hunies, here I go again. This styling is a tribute to elegence and fashion, I am definitely in love with that dress. I have already posted this, but honestly it worth another round, so enjoy and do not forget to shine. xoxo... read more


Well with her New Store finally open and looking great, Nile has been busy with New Designs,  her  Lingerie is  Heaven, this is just one of many  dreamy and romantic and  very  feminine sets that Nile   creates with passion. for more,  take a taxiii I wish you all a wonderful week, Much Love Xia xox Lingerie is from FLOWERDREAMS. Hair is from BOUDOIOR, Jewelry is from... read more

Lady in Red…

I’m back from my hometown, where I visited on the weekend my family and I have brought you something nice! A very beautiful skin from Unique and a great gown from Wildchild&Muse! The Skin *Meggan* comes with different make ups, breast option, hairbase, teeth option, eyes, a shape and prim eyes! A *MUST-HAVE* for every women in SL! The Gown *Contemporary Frida* by Wildchild&Muse is an elegant dress with a big skirt and wonderful flowers all over the upper part! So, when you have a big event or go dancing on a ballroom, this is the dress you must wear! I feel like a princessor a queen! So hurry up Ladies and feel royal! Dress: W&M Contemporary Frida  Dress Skin: Meggan Skin 07  (by Unique Megastore) Eyes: Meggan eyes by Nany Merlin Hair: booN QPT129 hair chocolate Necklace: FINESMITH- Holiday Tale necklace... read more


It is with great sadness, that I have  to inform  you that ALEIDA is closing for good, on a personal note, Ale  has been one of the  kindest and nicest  employers in SL  that I have come accross, so not only will I miss her amazing designs, I will miss her being in SL, and I can only wish  her the very best in her RL. There is a Huge SALE starting Closing sale starts: 23rd May 2012 Closing sale ends: 23rd June 2012 —–> final day for saying good bye  and here is the Taxi;- <a I am wearing one of the wonderful Bikinis, from the brand new range, Hair from Boudoir, Jewelry from Finesmith. I hope you all have a lovley  day xox Please see the full press release, Dear everyone, I have thought of this for a while or actually for some months now and the more I think about it the more right it feels. The feeling and my intuition tells me, that it is now time to go forward in RL with new projects, new challenges and new future (I am studying multi media designer 2nd year). Getting a job in RL has become a bigger challenge than ever and I am deaf in my RL, so it is even more a challenge for me to get a job in this field i am studying now. It is super important for me to put all my effort to become very good in this profession and it is only possible if u put big effort in it. I did not do that in the... read more

Cool summer chic at Creations for Parkinson’s

It’s pretty hot here in London this week (at last we have some sun!) and I felt like dressing in cool white linen! I spent a very pleasant SL afternoon exploring and shopping in the recently opened Creations for Parkinson’s sim, that aims to raise money and awareness for the Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF). The sim is a permanent location, not a temporary event, and will raise funds for MJFF through a variety of methods, including a 50/50 sales split with designers in the shopping area; live music events; various social activities and donation boxes, which are set up around the sim for visitors to donate to the cause. It’s a lovely sim, with plenty to explore, some pretty nooks and crannies to enjoy, and some good shopping, with several boutique style stores to visit. While I was there I spotted this lovely mesh blouse and skirt from AlaFolie, perfect for my cool summer chic look – they’re available in a range of bright colours, as well as black and white, and there’s a knee length version of the skirt as well. I’m liking the frills on this blouse – nice work, and taking mesh design a step further in detailing I think! I decided to accessorise with tan and beige toned shoes, shades and jewellery and the fab beige toned wide brim summer hat, rather than going for a completely monochrome look this time, and I’m liking it lots. Style notes: Blouse: AlaFolie – MORGANE /Blanc from Creations for Parkinsons Skirt: AlaFolie – MI COURTE /blanc  from Creations for ParkinsonsHat: Les petits Details – Summer Breeze Hat /Beige Tones from The Ashraya Project... read more

|| Rainy Day ||

I love everything about rainy days. Besides having fancier wardrobe choices, rainy days put me in a romantic mood. I used to like sitting at the front porch just staring at the rain, indulging in the smell of rain and just simply… enjoying the moment. Alritey, enough about boring details of my life. This look is inspired by the gorgeously made coat from Deco. I matched it with jeans from Aoharu and boots from Gos. Have a great mid week. JACKET: Deco ~ Fisherman Slicker PANTS: Aoharu ~ BT_ColorDenim (Red) BOOTS: Gos ~ Triumph Boots HAIR: UW ~... read more


Hair: Kin Astri (black) Jewelry Set: Paper Couture Agate Bracelet: FINESMITH Playcube (hunt) Dress: aDiva  Couture Jaymee Satin Striped   Hello hunnies,well here is my very first post on BOSL. This is just the beginning of a huge adventure and I am so glad to share it with you all. Thank you BlackBarbie and all the team for contacted me. x0x0... read more


  “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.” —Donna Karan CREDITS: GOWN: -AZUL- ACCESSORIES: CHOP ZUEY HAIR: VANITY HAIR Follow me on Twitter, Click Here & Add me to Facebook, Click... read more

Home & Garden Expo Slide Shows

It’s been a busy week at the Home and Garden Expo and I still haven’t covered everything but I did manage to create five slide shows so far.  Here’s a few pics from the DESIGNER PRIMS coverage. The LM and slides may be viewed HERE. Next up is [CIRCA] Living which is re branding from C&D.  There ares two slide shows.  For the slide show of the garden items at the expo click HERE. Slide show from the store is HERE. The last two shows are Barnsworth HERE and Silent Woods HERE.  Enjoy the slide shows . *passes the popcorn*    ... read more

Purplemoon ~ Mireya Jumpsuit

My today’s look before i leave to spain for 8 days because of a rl vacation is the new jumpsuit by PurpleMoon. The Mireya jumpsuit is casual, elegant and comes in different mesh sizes. I made the look complete with the new Milano hair by Vanity Hair. My jewelry is a mix of Donna Flora and Finesmith Designs. My home and furniture at the background are from Scarlet Creative. dont forget to visit the home expo this month. Hair: Vanity Hair Milano Outfit: PurpleMoon Mireya Jumpsuit in Black [MESH] Necklace & Earrings: Donna Flora Vivian onix set Bracelets: Finesmith Designs Alexandra Ring: Finesmith Designs Alexandra Ring Nails: Finesmith Designs Metalic nails Shoes: Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Black Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Can I park here?

Socks: [ m ] Knee Sheer Socks (Yellow) Earrings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Elegance Earrings Black Necklace: FZaPP Necklace Kasm GOLD By Fernandinha Zapedzki Shoes: Maitreya Mesh * Devi Booties Oil Hair: Miss C. – Ivy_Raven Dress: Shey Beyza Mini Dress Mesh Victorian Bracelet: [7891.] – Cheney Bangle – Gold Handbag: [Co57] LV Damier Ebene Speedy Mesh Skin: MONS / Characteristic Look Series – Nara Skin for Skin Addiction Skin Showcase! May 25th ~ June... read more

Nyu Ashraya Exclusive

I guess everybody aldready knows about Ashraya project so no need to repeat what is it. I’m wearing beautiful beaaautiful Nyu dress which is exclusive donation item for Ashraya project. Check the sim you’ll find amazing things there. Finesmith started a summer hunt, there are amazing things that you can find in the hunt, ofcourse for a limited time, untill 25th of june and for hunting 20 lovely gift you need to be member of Finesmith Jewelery Group. Vanity hair is started releasing mesh hairs, I’m wearing Milano, it has flexi version as well,  there is nothing better then a mesh hair believe me! What I’ve learned from that photo:  ‘never use system hand if you need to show your hands in a photo!!’   Styling Credits: Dress: NYU Ashraya Exclusive Dress Hair: Vanity Hair– Milano Jewelery: Finesmith – Seeing Colours (summer hunt) Earings: Finesmith – Let it drop Earing Poses: The Muse Poses... read more

Garden’s are a Form of Autobiography~ Sydney Eddison

For the next couple days, twice a day, I am going to cover an event very dear to me. Not much of a carouser, bookish by nature, when I am not inworld modeling, I spend so much of my time with my true passion, interior design and gardening. If I could have taken a different path in real life, this is an avenue I would have definitely traveled towards. But this is one of the wonders of Second Life. We can explore these paths not taken. From May 19th to 28th 2012, the Home and Garden Expo is taking place, so if you have a dream to create your one of a kind “home away from home” now is the time to get out there and explore all that is available, and the best part is the event benefits Relay For Life, an organization I am very passionate about having been touched by cancer in my real life. For more on the daily events link here: link: When I opened this box from Tether’s End, I instantly fell in love! What a sweet little one room garden house, it’s filled with windows to allow for lots of lighting, has a swing for those restful moments of summer when you wish to relax and watch the world wile on by, and it includes enough whimsy to always bring a smile to the face. Sometimes it’s the simplest of times that truly are the best of times. If you are aching for some restful relaxation check out Tether’s End, I think you will find something to enjoy there as well. Taxi:... read more

I’m an Amarelo Manga Girl

…who loves the latest mesh collection! These button down shirts with collar and cuffs have a fluid realistic look and I just love wearing them with the new mesh leather pants.  Several sizes are included and I’ve never found sizing to be an issue.  The shirts and jeans fit wonderfully well without having to change my shape.  You may want to pick up the Social pants too (top pic) for a dressier look. Both pant styles come in five colors and the shirts come in five solid colors and five prints. You’ll find demos for everything right beside the items in the newAMARELO... read more

Fellini Couture ~ May

The new gown named May  by Fellini Couture is made with moss and you will enjoy it like a real spring garden with the tulips, the grass, butterfly and dandelions flying around ! Styled with hair from Osmose and my necklace and bracelet are from Finesmith Designs Joy no words just LOVE ♥ Bisoussssss ♥♥ It was my honor!! Limo to Fellini Couture Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more


  Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style. – John Fairchild Outfit: [Amarelo Manga] Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Shoes: Nardcotix Hair Accessory: LODE HAT Follow me on Twitter, Click Here & Add me to Facebook, Click Her  ... read more

Mesh News at LeeZu!!!

And she did it again!!! LeeZu released another wonderful mesh item for her collection. The “Scarf Poncho” is the newest object of desire for all LeeZu lovers.. like me *grins* The new poncho is made with the mesh technique, that means you must have a SL viewer that is able to handle mesh, otherwise you will not see it at all :p. The “Scarf Poncho” comes in many different versions, colors and patterns. For each color and pattern you have 3 different versions to wear it – sheer, lace and opaque) and as well 5 different sizes (S up to XXL) to make sure, it fits for your shape. To see all the lovely colors, patterns and fabrics of the new poncho you better make your way to the LeeZu Mainstore and take a look for yourself Top: LeeZu – “Scarf Poncho” – NEW (mesh) Pants: LeeZu – “Madison Pants” Shoes: Miel – “Timber Boots” Jewelry: Madala – “Shaka” Earrings + “Milky Way” Choker Nails: Mandala – “Takara” Hair: Bizarre Hair – “QT” – NEW Facetattoo: White Widow – “Skittles” – NEW Eyelashes: Redgrave – “Zick Zack” Bracelets: Finesmith – “Buckle Up” Poses: Corpus Model & Photographer: Wicca... read more

Chantkare ~ Summer Lace Shift Dress

When i arrived at the Culture Shock last week i think i went a little bit crazy whaha. Really most of my favorite designers are here. Chantkare by Applonia Criss is one of those shops i always admire. My eye felt on the Chantkare Summer Lace Shift Dress. I choose the red version. This lace dress is stylish, elegant en sexy with a classic tint. The skirt of the dress is mesh and comes in a view different sizes. I have styled the dress with the new Casual Affair hair from Vanity Hair. Skin: Glam Affair Leah Natural 11 Hair: Vanity Hair Casual Affair *New* Outfit: Chantkare Summer Lace Shift Dress Bracelets: Zaara Nizam Bangles Nails: Mandala Takara Nail/cream white Shoes: N-core Essence “Rouge Passion” Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more


Fernandinha the Owner and Creator of FZaPP  has been busy again,  and she  kindly sent me this awesome  set she made,Called The ETHIOPIA set. She  makes some  wonderful   Jewelry, I loved the organic feel  and style of this  set,   for more of  Fernandinha’s amazing items , Take a taxi to  the FZaPP store:- I know  you will  love  the wonderful  creations of  FZaPP. Have a wonderful  day, Much Love Xia... read more

News from *LpD*

Yeeeeah! It’s hot outside. I sit here and drink my ice-cold RedBull *slurp on straw*! Suitable for hot weather, today I have something really nice for you! The *Wishper* Top and Pants (MESH) from *LpD* ! The set is available in 3 different colors and in 5 different sizes! The pants you can wear in 2 different versions, one transparent and non transparent! I loooooooove it! The upper part come with resizer! So hurry up Girls and visit the *LpD* Mainstore! Do not worry, because there is air conditioning in the shop 😀   Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hawk Mesh Hair – Storm Pose: [NKP] Figure Me Out 7 Bangles: :[MANDALA] MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white Necklace: MG – Necklace – Pearls – Combo Sets and Singles – WHITE (N)... read more

2012 Home and Garden Expo Benefitting Relay for Life

For the next couple days, twice a day, I am going to cover an event very dear to me. Not much of a carouser, bookish by nature, when I am not inworld modeling, I spend so much of my time with my true passion, interior design and gardening. If I could have taken a different path in real life, this is an avenue I would have definitely traveled towards. But this is one of the wonders of Second Life. We can explore these paths not taken. From May 19th to 28th 2012, the Home and Garden Expo is taking place, so if you have a dream to create your one of a kind “home away from home” now is the time to get out there and explore all that is available, and the best part is the event benefits Relay For Life, an organization I am very passionate about having been touched by cancer in my real life. This event, in its 5th year now, is spread across 14 sims (with additional sims for the new breedables fair and entertainment venues). This is the first time I have been and I was amazed by the quality of both the setup, the administration of, and of the inventory available. Having wasted hours looking for “that perfect item” and not really knowing where I would find it, I believe the ‘SL Home and Garden Expo 2012’ is a must see destination. Besides, with the available classes, music, chance to meet designer’s, its definitely a win-win situation, for you, and for fund for the research of cancer. Check out their website for... read more

|| Sherlock ||

With summer vacations round the corner, I woke up one weekend, without makeup, spotting a slightly messy “out of bed” hair, wearing my glasses from CheerNo and sandals from Aoharu. I began to search for the perfect summer location. Being a sucker for luxurious living, I was drawn into the mysterious and classy entrance of this build. As part of my summer wardrobe, I was clad only in a shirt from Chronokit, with the v-neck shirt from Aleida peeping through, complemented by the latest purple skinny pants from Kal Rau. Ok, enough rambling, back to work. JACKET: Chronokit ~ Shirt (check blue) SHIRT: Aleida ~ Ronaldo V-shirt (light gray) PANTS: Kal Rau ~ Skinny Pants (violet) HAIR: Shag ~ Animal Nitrate GLASSES: CheerNo ~ Marley SHOES: Aoharu ~... read more

Angel Dessous Exclusive for Ashraya Project

Ashraya Project with over 80 brands selling Ashraya exclusives will be closing on June 4.  So there is still time to go pick up that favorite exclusive item!   Today, I am introducing the exclusive item that is available from Angel Dessous.  Nando Korobase created a stunning gown that is inspired by India which not only contains a lovely gown but also an indian skin as well as eye shadow and lipstick tattoos to go with it.  Here I wore everything except for the skin as I just could not see myself turning Indian.  (giggles)  But for those who have or want a tan skin, it’s a gorgeous skin that makes this set such a great value for the price. In fact, I was wearing this gown outside while I was shopping and during that short time, I had already been contacted by ladies who were in the store, asking where I got this gown.  They both thought it was beautiful! In the pics here, I wore this with the Ashraya exclusive from Chop Zuey and another exclusive hair from Loovus Dzevavor.  The colours used in the Chop Zuey jewelry were perfect for this gown. Styling notes: Gown:  Angel Dessous, Rusalka India Ashraya Project (includes Indian skin & makeup)  Ashraya Exclusive Hair:  Loovus Dzevavor, Baiksatara Noir 4  Ashraya Exclusive Jewelry:  Chop Zuey, Nirmala Set for Ashraya Project  Ashraya Exclusive Shoes:  N-core, Poison... read more

Follow your Own Star

Recently Giz Seorn of GIZZA released a dress and I fell instantly in love! The BOSL gown is a mesh and just oozes with elegant sophistication. Fields of red (or black) satin hang smoothly from the avatars body harkening to the days when Hollywood really had starlets. The off the shoulder bodice is sexily divine, the sleeves attach mid-bicep and end at the wrists to give the gown a quiet grace. Everything about this gown flows with ease, shimmers with your movement and commands attention. Wanting to keep the lines clean and a bit retro, I simply added a jewelry set from Donna Flora and the hair is Miamai. Simple perfection Giz, simple perfection. The second thing I love about Gizza is the range that can be found in the store. I know I’ve done this before, ala my Sartoria blog, Sartoria: but I just love the thought of donning the “boyfriends” jacket and styling from it. There is something romantic about wearing a lover’s clothes, don’t you think? For this pic I am wearing (and just love!) the men’s double blazer. Not wanting to come across as a woman dressed as a man, I teamed it with CHANTKARE’S poofy short and fruit loom shirt, Similar Italian footwear, the LaGyo banana bag and a simple hairs from W&Y. Simple faire for a simple day out shopping and I dont have to worry about having on the same attire as anyone else. The point is, play and have fun with fashion, it doesn’t have to be so serious! Check out all the gorgeous things at any of the above designers,... read more

Life is a Cabaret!

Here’s Cabaret, the new mesh corset from Voluptia – perfect for that seduction you’ve been planning, a sizzling hot date, or your next stint at the burlesque show. It comes in 6 yummy colours, with tassled pasties, a “merkin” (sculpted thong), a cute fascinator top hat and an open front flexi prim split skirt in the same colour. Wear it on it’s own, over a gown, or with jeans and a tee! Hell, just wear it! It’s gorgeous. Style notes: Corset: Voluptia – Cabaret Mesh Corset /red Boots: SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots /red Gloves: Azul – come with Canna Gown /garnet Stockings and suspenders: Fishy Strawberry – Incanto /red Necklace: Gems & Kisses – Sweety /platinum (no longer available for sale) Hair: Wasabi Pills – Dominique /seafoam... read more


Ladies, are you loving mesh as much as I? Here’s a sneak peek at a new gown coming soon from Bliss Couture! Mesh has arrived at Bliss and from what I have seen, and as exquisite as Amutey DeCuir’s designs have always been, these new creations are going to blow you all away (in a good way!). The “House of Bliss” is celebrating its Fourth Anniversary this month and Amutey’s new mesh creations are proof positive that things are only getting better and better. For me personally, I could not wait to show you one of Amutey’s new stunningly sophisticated mesh gowns (soon to be released): the Wynn Gown. Wynn is a gown that is a fashionista’s dream! Sleek, elegant, stunning to behold! I present for the discerning eye Wynn in brilliant red, one of my favorite colors, and this gown really delivers. You receive the main part of this elegant gown in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Bare shoulders always make a lasting impression, and this gown hugs you in all the right placesas well, flaring out slightly at the bottom, with two sets of layered ruffles attaching one under the other beneath the bodice. Your eyes will not believe how glorious Wynn is!! What a perfect choice for a night of dancing, an appearance on the red carpet, or any special formal event when you want all eyes on YOU! Wynn is the perfect opulent choice. Many thanks to Amutey DeCuir for her creative vision over the past four years, and to her management and staff for their hard work and team effort in continuing to... read more
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