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CALOR – the latest design from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

Summer is in full force, the pool parties are poppin! the beach is a playground, and the boys of summer are hotter than the sun in CALOR – the latest design from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture. You have yet to see a sensational swimwear such as this. Each eye-catching bottom is complimented with a colorful band of an analogous color, as the drawstring bow ads the finishing detail. A matching shoulder towel with taurus print adorns your neck, perfect to wipe your brow and cool you down while you heat everyone around up in this latino style stunner! Playing volleyball in the sand, enjoying a romantic sunset stroll , or walking on the beach  to show your sexy body, CALOR is the swimwear for any setting. Don’t let another day pass before heating up summer in CALOR! Click here for CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and get it today or to offer it to your hotman! You can watch a Video we made here. Thank You! Silvano Korobase and Heth... read more


Well, I find myself in black again. Depressed? No Way! Color is such an integral part of fashion, bright happy colors, subtle hues, dark somber shades, they all create an aura, a feel for whatever a model is trying to express, since we really can show no true emotion in Second Life without the use of words, our choice of colors speak for us. But, very similar to real life, even as an avatar, there are some colors you personally should always stay away from. Like the real life information here: Link: your inworld skin has the same limits and limitations to what looks “good” on you and I say, find your “power” color and wear it whenever you have an important contest, meeting or event, because your power color is very important and very custom to YOU. As an example, a color I rarely wear because I look so “washed out” is white. I am a winter, so as much as possible I avoid this color, the only time I play with it is when I want to do a “fade” picture, where being washed out is the goal, but even then I typically change my skin tone from an “olay” tone to a “tan” tone. How do you find this “magical” power color that defines you? Well there are many ways, but the simplest, and cheapest (free) way is to create a prim the length of your body from feet to just under your chin, thin as plywood or poster board, as wide as your body, and while keeping the board in edit mode, on the texture... read more

Nails that stay on whoo hooo

Synthetique have just  released a range of Mesh nails , They were offering the  Red ones as a  trial gift and as I keep getting booted  from the Hair fair, I  decided to take a looksee,  so I tried the  trial ones  and was sooooooo impressed I went and bought the  range, The  full  price ones come with a hud for different color options and a  shine on/off  choice, I  jumped onto my phot stand and yesssssssss they did stay put. This is Nail heaven and at  a fabulous price,  but dont take my word for it, jump a taxi and check  these out.          ... read more

Azoury Lys

Hello loves, Mayhem Seetan of Azoury fame very generously gifted me with a wonderful set to play mix and match with but it was all so beautiful I couldnt choose just one color so here I am going to show off the “Lys” top and harem pant set! Isnt it love?  Topped with the “Salome” hair from the Hair Fair and LeLutka and the “Back To Nature” set from Finesmith,  I thought it made a fine pairing of multiple fashion houses to combine one sweet outfit! *Azoury-Lys set/Finesmith-Back to Nature/Blackliquid-African Dream lipgloss/Pose-Del... read more

White Widow ~ Play it Wild

_____________C R E D I T  O N  F A L B A L A_____________ ~BodyTattoo: [White~Widow] Apocalypto (available in different options to add, shirt, pant, underwear and tattoolayer) ~Shirt, Skirt, Arm&Legparts: .:EMO-tions:. – *TERRA NOVA* ~Legwamers: .:EMO-tions:. – *SOUL OF NATURE* set ~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. – * AMANDINE* black ~Jewelry: FINESMITH – BACK TO NATURE ~Nails: [FEMALE  [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1/Super Long] ~Feet: *GaeLine* – Bare Feet – Tip Toe *MESH* _______________________C RE D I T  O N   M A R I E L L A_________________________ ~BodyTattoo: [White~Widow] Hannibal (available in different options to add, shirt, pant, underwear and tattoolayer) ~Shirt, Skirt, Arm&Legparts, bird: *{SeVered Garden} Tala ~Hair:  LELUTKA: SALOME hair (available at HAIRFAIR) ~Jewelry: EARTHSTONES KAIYA ~Feet: N-Core Feet ~ACCEsSORY (Arrow etc): AK RainBow Hunter v2.0 boxed  ... read more

Fellini Couture ~ Jardin Secret

A new release by Fellini Couture is Jardin secret …. In english Jardin Secret meens, Secret Garden. The dress creates an atmosphere of gaiety and reminds you of a meadow full of beautiful flowers, or that secret garden where you can dream away and enjoy the silents of nature. The skirt is made with sculpted foliages, flowers. Butterfly’s are flying around. The corset is mesh, combined with a a lovely belt. A sculpted flower scarf is covering your shoulders for a delicate touch. The hat comes with this beautiful outfit. Jardin comes in more then 1 color, i decided to use the orange version today. Skin: Glam Affair Mia Natural – Disco C Lipstick: Glam Affair Leah Lipstick 01 Hair: Baiastice Boop hair Outfit: Fellini Couture Jardin Secret in orange Poses: Manifeste big gown poses The picture has been taken on the new sim where Manifeste has there new shop. Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more

New Skin from *LpD*

  *LpD* create a new Skin! Her name is Barbara and you can get it in 2 skin-tones! She is so beautiful and you can change the make ups, cause the skin included 5 different Makeups, with or without cleavage and with or without eyebrows….3 extra eyebrows in blond, brunette and red… an eyebrow shape…3 Lipgloss’s and a white eyeliner! All what a woman need! I have combined it with the Hair >TRUTH< Kirby  and the earrings from ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Peacock Earring ! Here are your Taxis : *LpD* TRUTH... read more

Hair Gift by ZIBSKA

Zibska Nan hair gift at The Hair Fair I am sooooo loving this hair, classy and  yet edgy.   The gift from ZIBSKA at the Hair Fair plus other goodies  (Not shown here). For this look,  I wore. NAN Hair by Zibska. Necklace and Earrings  are also from ZIBSKA, she does a  super range of jewlery with texture changing options. Bracelets are  from Finesmith. The Pantsuit is one of my  absolute Faves from Ricielli, I   Love  that store. Bag is from Chuculet and was only 1l. Pumps are sadly no longer available, and were from ALEIDA. Have a really  super  day, Much love Xia who is stillllllll trying to  get to the Hair  fair and failing miserably  LOL  xox . But here is the  taxii for you.... read more


I can remember when I was young I would hide in my mum’s room and put on all of her jewelry. The emphasis on ALL. It was fun and hey, I was a fashionista in the making. I still can’t afford a lot of jewelry, so I always try to make what I purchase have sustaining value. When it comes to my Second Life though, I am spoiled rotten. Baubles, jewels, metals, I love them all! The one thing I have noticed this season, is so many designer’s are moving from the diamonds and gold fluff and creating unique and gorgeous pieces using semi-precious stones and less traditional metals. It is a remarkable time of year because we can wear less and let our jewelry be our fashion statement. This first picture was taken for me by my friend and fellow model, Kellis Denimore. I am wearing Finesmith’s “Here Comes the Sun” necklace. A gorgeous piece, substantial in weight and delightfully detailed. The earrings, also created by Yula Finesmith, is from the “Let it Drop” collection. One of the wonderful things about Finesmith and casual summer jewelry is you can mix and match between lines and still feel good about yourself in the morning. My second set of jewelry is from Kikunosuke Eel of Mandala. Mandala just released a giant inventory of summer goodies, and as you can see, I couldn’t decide what I liked best so I just threw a lot of it on. I know, I know, you never really lose the little girl wearing all of her mum’s jewelry. For this look I am wearing the... read more

[sYs] Iggy

Syane and Systi has released a new summer dress at [sYs]. Iggy is a short, one sholder dress. The top of the dress is neutral while the dress itself is made of a beautiful colored fabric. The dress comes in different sizes so it will fit everyone and ofcourse available in many color options. The hair i am wearing today is also from [sYs]. Kyo is a short, double colored hairstyle, covering your eyes.  You will find Kyo with more new hairs from [sYs] at the Hairfair 2012. The fair is amazing this year and definitely worth to go. I will show you more hair i got at the fair soon. Skin: Glam Affair Leah Hair: [sYs] Kyo hair Mesh – Black/Red Outfit: [sYs] Iggy dress red Earrings: Mandala Leather Feather Eearings/Polly white Nails: Mandala Female Palette nails Long Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more

Need a Ride?

Shoes: Leverocci – Patent Leather Loafers_Nude Mesh Hair: MONS / Hair – Big Girl (blonde) for Hair Fair 2012 Pants: [Amarelo Manga] – Capri Pants Mesh Top: {.essences.} Rock on Shirt Mad Wolf Mesh Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::SIS*7*:::*LightSkin for [Stuff in... read more

|| Hometown Glory ||

This look is … red. Latest releases from Kal Rau, MADesigns and FacePaint gives a playful, wild yet classy look to the ensemble. Pants by GizzA and crocs by Gos. Jacket: Kal Rau ~ Plaid Blazer Pants: GizzA ~ Belted Trousers Hair: MADesigns ~ Ronny (For Hair Fair 2012) Makeup: FacePaint ~ Call of the Wild (for Hope for Emilia) Shoes: Gos ~ Gator Shoes Styling and Photography by Zachary... read more


“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”- Coco Chanel Gown: -AZUL- Head Dress: LWL Hair: Lyrique Follow me on Twitter, Click Here & Add me to Facebook, Click... read more


What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade. ~Gertrude Jekyll Dress: Outfit: ALAFOLIE Hair: Miss C... read more


    Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.- John Fairchild CREDITS: GOWN: -AZUL- ACCESSORIES: Virtual Impression HAIR: EMO-TION Follow me on Twitter, Click Here & Add me to Facebook, Click Here  ... read more


  Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos.- Rene Konig SUMMER PARADE 2012 – BALI FASHION WEEK Top: Purplemoon (MESH) :: PM :: Kade Top Available in 10 colors* [MESH] Pants: :: PM :: Zuleyka Pants Available in 8 colors*[MESH] Accesories: RYCA Hair: CHEERNO Follow me on Twitter, Click Here & Add me to Facebook, Click Here    ... read more

Bliss Couture ~ 4th Anniversary Limited Edition ~ YSL Gown

Last weekend  Catlyn Sahara gave me a beautiful present. Cat wont be online on second life for a longer period and this was such a beautiful gift by her. She gave me the amazing YSL Gown by Bliss Couture wich is a limited edition of Bliss 4th Anniversary. The YSL Gown is a very elegant gown and accented with black lace and silk on the top. The bodice is strapless and has a prim silk bow, while the high-waisted skirt is covered with lace.  You will notice that the dress is not only elegant but a mix of chic, sensuous with glamour. Skin: Glam Affair Roza – Natural 01 (COLLABOR88) Hair: Exile One Voice hair Outfit: Bliss Couture 4th Anniversary Limited Edition (YSL Gown) Jewelry set: EarthStones Jewelry Nataliya Jewelry Set – Romantic Kiss for you Cat ♥ Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more


Bustle, bows and a stand up collar make this outfit from the  new MEILING COUTURE collection unique. The ultra feminine blue and white floral blouse with puff sleeves and ties comes on all three layers. The blue and rust print pants are mesh and come in all five sizes. Be sure to check out the huge Meiling Couture Anniversary Sale going on right now. Shoes are Forever Heels from Glitterati by Sapphire.  You’ll find them in an array of color choices. Poses from OVATION by Halllie. Catwalk poses on the first floor, more dramatic poses on the second and a some couple poses on the third floor.    ... read more


OK, LOL  yep I may be a devil at times,  cant we all. But I went to  ZIBSKAS  store,  yes I finally got  there,  to look at her amazing creations, and I bought several items, Just as I left ZIBSKA sent me an IM  asking if I was  blogging the Hair  Fair. Sadly I havent been online too much recently,  so  I  wasnt as such,  anyway to cut a long story short,  she kindly sent me the pack for the Hair Fair. What I was unaware of also  was that not only does she do fab hair and  jewelry and clothes, but also  that 50 per cent of all the Hair   at the  fair is going to be donated to the WIGS FOR KIDS  CHARITY. How cool is that. so here I am wearing, QUEREN  hair in Black and the pack contains 5 colors available  at the Hair fair by ZIBSKA Nova Deux bangles and Bracelet also  from ZIBSKA Face  make up is  checkmate in Berry   from ZIBSKA Bodysuit -Zvonimira in Lilac also ZIBSKA Eyes are from  Skinthesis Skin is Glam affair  Sent to Destroy. Nails  from Finesmith, The fabulous pose is from Isomotion, Isoldel  has just created a fabulous range of Dance  poses, I am picky  about poses and walks,  for runway ISOMOTION  has to be my first choice. Taxiii to  ZIBSKA  for her  fabulous   selection   at the Hari fair , remembering that  half goes to the wigs for kids charity, and you  get  Black,  Blonde,  red, brown  and white in  the pack . and also check out Isomotion for some  fab new  runway walks and poses,  possibly  the... read more


Maneira is having an event, a “Tribute to Vivienne Westwood” this week that I think is such a marvelous idea, I am blogging it even though I am not in the Maneira Agency. But I do love the agency and its models, as well as the designer’s involved, so it’s not a great chore. ;P I also adore Vivienne Westwood, she is a designer most noted for bringing modern punk and “new wave” fashions to the mainstream. We all have seen “punk style” with it’s BDSM flavors, bondage gear, safety pins and razors, outrageous hair and makeup, but Vivienne also included deeper elements in her designs with the use of historical 17th and 18th century cutting techniques which give the clothes an even more shocking flare. So with this, Maneira challenged its designer’s to create a one of a king “tribute to Vivienne Westwood.” And with their great minds, they all seem to have come through swimmingly. A few days ago I posted *SoliDea FoliEs* “Vivienne” gown, Flickr:, a simply stunning work of art with its tiers of skirting and bows. Today I want to show you two more offerings in this event, and sadly, they are only available until Sunday, so if you are going to purchase, time is running out. The first is Aliza Karu’s “Tribute to Westwood” A truly remarkable work with its outlandish punk themed swank, chains, masks, and there is even a clock on the back. The entire affect is the epitome of the punk movement I feel, a sort of shock and awe, guaranteed to have your mother swooning with a “what did... read more

A Sunny Day on the Beach with CHAMPAGNE! in (C)ETHNO Lilac

Summer is here in full force and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture is bringing the heat with the latest release for men — ETHNO! These vibrantly patterned designs come in four bright summer shades that are great for a colorful mix and match or as is. Each set comes complete with a matching hat and bracelet to compliment your summer style. The intrically detailed laces of the shorts are ornamented with masks to really bring out the ethnic spirit in the boldly printed pattern and design. The one button closure gives opportunity to for the occasional breeze to cool off the steam from your partially exposed chest and abs. Whether you are lounging on the beach with a coconut umbrella cocktail in hand, sipping a mojito at the bamboo bar, or attending the latest beach bash, this sizzlin style is the perfect look. This ensemble and hat are a perfect blend of relaxing elegance. If you need that special something to make you stand out from the crowd, choose Champagne this summer to make you statement sizzle... read more


There is something very sensual about  the nape of a womans  neck, add to that a bare shoulder amongst the cherry blossoms at dawn,  put them together and fire your senses with this beautifully subtle kimono from Milky House. They have a  huge selection of the most luxurious kimonos in SL, all colors and styles. Here I wear;- Milky House-KashinMushuku-Bare one shoulder. Hair -Boon. Bare Feet -N-Core. Nails- Finesmith Earrings Finesmith and here is your taxi;-   Have a beautiful  day Much love... read more


It seems Second Life is a lot emptier these days. Everyone is off celebrating holidays and things, enjoying the weather, having fun. I miss my facebook, flickr friends and blog friends the most, I think. Inworld most people ignore me and let me go about my hermit ways, but here, and on Facebook and flickr, people keep up with me a little bit more, make me accountable for my where abouts, so when friends wander off from these places, I truly miss them. I’ve always wondered if the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere celebrate their “summer” in winter so they can be gone when we are, or do they celebrate it the normal way, in their weathers-pheric summer? I’d love to know! So with the summer half over, I think of poor Otis Redding, “sitting on a dock of the bay” just wasting time. I presume he watched a few sunsets over there in California, wishing someone, would buy his album, would enjoy his dream. A Georgia boy on the cusp of making it big, but tragically, he died in a plane crash before showing his full potential. And as I ramble on, (oh wait, I will save Led Zepplin for another day) I think the point is, in life, sadly, we all have deadlines. And for those sitting on some dock on some bay, wasting time, the third round of the The Couturier’s Dock will close July 15th, so if you haven’t yet purchased your half off limited quantity items, you better. Quite a few are already closed, but some remain. As I read my most recent Vogue... read more

|| Toy Soldier ||

<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-19581"%3 Champagne Sparkling Couture made this outfit in support of Relay for SL event to raise funds for cancer research. Do check out this outfit by Champagne Sparkling Couture, alongside several other designers at the url below. outfit // CHAMPAGNE SPARKLING COUTURE // Spectacular black edition tattoo // WHITE WIDOW //... read more

Sascha’s Design ~ Moyesi

A new release by Sascha’s Design. Moyesi is an adorable colorfull summer dress wich gives you still that elegant look you know from Sascha’s Design. The dress is made of flowerfabric and you will find it in 4 different styles and 5 different color prints. To complete my look i used the roza skin from Glam Affair wich is available at COLLABOR88. The hat from Solidea Folies is for sale at the the BeStyle Gypset Market Skin: Glam Affair Roza – Natural 03 at COLLABOR88 Hair: [E] Midnight *NEW* Dress: Sascha’s Design Moyesi Pink Hat: Solidea Folies Butterfly Circus hat at The Gypset Market Necklace: Finesmith Designs Louise Luminous Pearlchange Bracelets: Finesmith Designs Louise Luminous Pearlchange Shoes: N-core EUPHORIA “Rose” Poses: Glitterati Shopaholic Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more

COLLABOR88 in July

Hey loves, today I thought I would show off a simple side of me and just make pretty pictures.  This is my look today and it consists of things found at everyone’s fave, COLLABOR88 and for those that didnt know, Now for those that didnt know, Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well loved content creators in SL get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of their well crafted merchandise at approachable, low prices. Collabor88 Merchandise is changed & updated each month on the 8th.  Check ‘em out at Pose and Umbrella prop-LISP Bazaar* Skin- –Glam Affair–  Roza – Natural 02 * Top- Tres Blah C88 Tucked Tee * Skirt- Tres Blah C88 Maxi Skirt * Jewels- (Yummy) By The Sea Charm... read more

AZUL – Angel

Angel is one of the beautiful new releases from Mami Jewell. This elegant gown was designed for Miss Mundo Equador 2012.  Angel is highly detailed with feathers and features a gorgeous low cut back and is available in 8 stunning colors. Gown: AZUL – Angel in Pearl (NEW) Hair: Baiastice – Invasion Attachment Necklace: Alienbear – Silvester in White Earrings: Chop Zuey – Icicles Earrings Eyeshadow: CCD – Glam Duo Candy Nails: Hime White Pose: Agapee – F Gown 241 Model & Photographer: skylei... read more


I just love reading blogs, I truly do. And those lucky times I see a “must have” item I know all the following is worth it! One of the blogs I consistently follow is my good friend Linda Reddevil’s blog, Taxi: Recently on her blog she featured a handbag from Chic Zafari and I had one of those “whooooooaw” moments. Immediately I thought of the recent magazine article I wrote with Draakje about accessories and knew I needed to blog the “London” bag here as well. The point of the article was don’t always feel the focus of your outfit needs to be the outfit you have on, that often the accessories are so powerful on their own they compete with the outfit making a complete disaster of what you have on. So when accessorizing, always put on your critial eye and really cam over yourself to make sure there is no competing going on and if there is, decide whether you want to enhance the purse or the outfit because there is no rule of thumb that an outfit is more important than a remarkable accessory. So have fun! Now, back to the hand bag itself, I remembered a shirt from C.Smit I had purchased so many months ago, having to have it after seeing it on the creator Cynthia Smit’s flickr account, and honestly I don’t think I ever even unboxed it because I went to inventory and it was gone. I know, “Bad Cao.” I have no excuse other than I need an answering machine on my IM box.. But the seed of imagination was born,... read more

Featuring new releases from Tee*Fy, this herman’s sweater is tailored and suitable for the coming fall. The cute prints on the jacket front was what inspired this blog post and look. antlers // CONTRAPTION // clemantlers hat // SALON DE GLOW // CM-01 jacket // TEE*FY // herman’s sweater shoulder // SOLIDEA FOLIES // chameleon pants // SOLIDEA FOLIES // chameleon shoes // SOLIDEA FOLIES // freddy Styling and Photography by Zachary... read more

NYU, Relay for Life and a Story

Hello my angels, NYU creator and genius, NyuNyu Kimono, did it again and she did it with her heart as she always does!  I am showing off  her Relay For Life 2012 Exclusive dress shown here in  3 styles and in the spirit of  the event and fashion show, I thought I would do it with a little story of my own… One day, a little girl named Saleena went to the doctor because she found something … her breast and the doctor put her through surgery and tests.  He told her that she had a ..malignancy..and her world came crashing down. She was so scared and angry but more than anything, she couldnt put her momma through this.  Saleena yelled, cried and cursed Heaven and all who could hear her “Dont do this to her, not now” as tears fell down her face. But she had to pull it together.  Her newborn nephew would need her in the years to come and there was still so much to do. So with a strong but steady gaze, Saleena spat “Stop, I am not ready, you cant have me” at Death “I have stuff to do and you’re in my way!” and she set about dressing up as a clown on Saturdays to make the sick children find their smiles again and she got involved in helping others that had this disease and she found more and more warriors! Saleena knew that one day, along with her hair, losing her breast would be a possibility but what she would gain would be everything!  Her breasts didnt define who she was... read more
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