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Costa Rica Sims December 2010 Influential’s Event Honors LesPaul Ibanez

The December Influential’s event honoring model and man of style LesPaul Ibanez was rocking this month with a “Glam Rock” theme. Images of David Bowie and rock posters decorated the room along with strategically placed guitars. DJ Pinky Pixelmaid had everyone on their feet dancing to the sounds of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Van Halen and more. It was great to hear the rock and roll tunes and she ended her set appropriately with her theme song Aeromsith’s Pink. Everyone was wearing their rock and roll best, LesPaul had his guitar and there was lots of leather to be seen. I even spotted some John Bon Jovi and David Lee Roth look a likes.        After Pinky got the crowd going old school DJ Mikee had the house tunes coming. He stopped the music a couple times when he felt the need to give us his opinion on his new nickname, I personally think Mikee “Potato Head” was kind of clever, don’t know why he wasn’t fond of it. (You know we love you Mikee and tease you because we do!) Mikee threatened Sam and Gerty to make up a story about them for next time but you all know how we love his stories so whatever we can do to inspire him is a good thing.       The Influential’s lounge was packed with glam rocker’s having a great time, and was still full when Mikee wound things down for us with his last tune and we of course were still teasing him til the end. All in all I think everyone had a great time, LesPaul was honored... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions – Influentials Fashion Party

                     GAM ROCK Theme WHEN Sunday December 26, 2010 WHERE  Costa Rica Sims Influentials Lounge PERFORMER   DJ MikeeGemini featuring hour of ROCK by DJ Pinky ATTIRE: Fashionable “GAM Rock” TIME   12pm slt – 3pm slt This month join us in honoring “LesPaul Ibanez” , CRSP Top Model & Maniera Man of Style 2010 . LesPaul the Costa Rica Sims resident that’s contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way!! Influential Article: Samantha Live & Play at Costa Rica... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions – BEST of 2010 Fashion Show

COSTA RICA SIMS PRODUCTIONS   Presents The Costa Rica Designer Showcase – Best of 2010   DESIGNERS  Alphamale, Blacklace, Bliss Couture, Hucci, Nicky Ree, Orage Creations, Vitamen, & VoguE Style. Join us in the beautiful Costa Rica Sims Fashion Venue as the Costa Rica Sims Productions Models grace the runway showcasing the “Best of 2010.”  These eight talented designers have selected the best of their 2010 collections, including recently released items not yet seen on any runway.  As we close out the year on a fashion high note, be sure to join us in the beautiful Influentials Lounge as we continue the celebration at  the Costa Rica Sims Productions “Best of 2010” Fashion Show after-party. MODELS Brendan Macarthur LesPaul Ibanez Payton Heron Skylei Caproni Tosha Bergan Veronica Krasner ATTIRE Fashionably Chic WHEN Tuesday, December 28th @3pm SLT with after party featuring DJ Dubwise WHERE Costa Rica Sims Productions Casa Moda Fashion Venue ————————————————————— Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and continues to grow each month as it produces high-quality fashion showcases from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Commercial District. For more information please contact: Nisa Constantine, Director – Costa Rica Sims Productions This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Costa Rica Estate Website: :  Live & Play at Costa Rica Sims Samantha... read more

Adopt A Family Benefit Show by Perla Rae

The benefit was held at the new Patch Thibaud Auditorium at 1pm, December, 21st, 2010. According to Lacie Beningborough, ” Christmas is coming and for many of us, it is a time of joy, family, happiness and cheer. We look forward to seeing family and friends, to laughter, and togetherness. For some though, the holiday season is a time filled with stress and worry. These difficult economic times that we live in bring that much more stress to this time of year. That is why I have founded the Adopt A Family Benefit. ” This began in November of 2009, when it was brought to my attention that a family was in very dire need that year. They were in jeopardy of losing everything, the husband had just lost his job and she had two chronically ill children. In three weeks, to my astonishment, we were able to raise a tremendous amount of USD for this family. ” I was able to chat with Lacie briefly and asked her a few questions about her Adopt a Family Benefit. Perla: Lacie this is a wonderful thing you are doing by having a charity show for families that are less fortunate. What inspired you to create this show? Lacie: Christmas is coming and for many of us, it is a time of joy, family, happiness and cheer. We look forward to seeing family and friends, to laughter, and togetherness. For some though, the holiday season is a time filled with stress and worry. These difficult economic times that we live in bring that much more stress to this time of... read more

Costa Rica Sims & Sway “Cookie Bear” Sunday!!

Costa Rica rocked out the weekend with Sway “cookie bear” Extravaganza!! What an amazing weekend for Costa Rica.  We started with the wonderful Executive Winter Ball, special viewing of the Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant.  Costa Rica Sims is extremely proud to have five of the 28 contestants residing here amongst us, Roe Woodford – Veronica Krasner – Reign Congrejo – Jenna Loire-   Louise McWinnie Roundel. A big round of applause to all the contestants…especially to our beautiful and talented ladies!    The grand finale for the week…what else but our 1st Annual Cookie Bear Extravaganza held on Sunday afternoon.  You were transformed into a world of winter and teddy bears.  As you entered the giant Costa Rica Snow Globe, you first were treated to a surprise gift!  And what else, but an adorable wearable Christmas “cookie” bear…. from Sway Dench.  A big round of hug and thanks goes out to Sway for her kind gift to all the residents and attendees of this event.                      As you glanced around the globe, you were again treated to some of the amazing cookie bear creations from Sway.  Everything from skating bears,to kissing mistletoe bears, skiing bears, love you bears and many more.  What a talented lady and friend we have in Sway!  Hush… Don’t tell… I did some last minute shopping while I was there!                                                                                                                    We were entertained by the popular Miss Ceci Dover, singing her heart out for all to enjoy.  It was truly a treat, to see so many guests in attendance.  The word must be getting out,.Costa Rica knows how to have fun!  The... read more

MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 – Watch the Show LIVE!

MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 will be held on December 18th at 10 am SLT. Some of our sponsors will be hosting VIEWING PARTIES in their own locations to watch LIVE on METAVERSE TV. Unico Solo – cStar Skins Ramona Criss – My Animation Mami Jewel – Azul Amutey DeCuir – Bliss Couture AlexWyler Yoshikawa – Tukinowaguma Barbarella Cioc – B! Fashion Candylicious Forster – AvCON Velvetori Twine – Velvetrythms pixivor allen – AlaFolie yula Finesmith – Finesmith Designs Ohren Beck- INXX Holdings PLEASE BE AWARE, THERE WILL BE NO LIVE AUDIENCE AT THIS YEAR’S MVW PAGEANT. The only way to view it LIVE is on a Metaverse TV or via their website: /hughug... read more

Costa Rica Sims Weekend Events

Costa Rica Sims Executive Team 3rd Annual Winter Ball    WHEN: Friday December 17 , 2010 WHERE:  Costa Rica Sims Opera House Slurl: PERFORMER:  Live Performance by Dexter lhnen ATTIRE: Formal TIME:  5pm- 7pm slt Join us as we pay tribute to our residents for making the Costa Rica Sims, the most beautiful estate in second life.      Where the Most Beautiful & Powerful Women in SL Live COSTA RICA SIMS    Costa Rica Sims will have special viewing of Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant via Metaverse TV. On Saturday, Dec 18, 2010 , 10AM SLT at Costa Rica Sims Opera House Slurl:   Costa Rica Sims would like to wish the best and all the luck to the beautiful residents competing in the Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant     Costa Rica Sims Presents 1st Annual Cookie Bear Extravaganza WHEN: Sunday December 19th, 2010 WHERE:  Costa Rica Sims Snow Globe PERFORMER:  Live Performance by Ceci Dover ATTIRE: Festive Wear TIME:  12pm slt – 1:30pm slt Christmas would not be complete without a few of the famous “Sway Cookie Bears” tucked away in our stockings. •*Sway’s* location at Costa Rica Sims: • • read more

*Miss Virtual World 2011* Final Poster

*FOR PUBLISHING CONSIDERATION* Above is the Final poster for the 2011 Miss Virtual World Final! Feel free to take it and place up on your Website/Magazine/Blog. Event taking place December 18th 2010, and can be watched on Metaverse TV. LIVE from... read more

Costa Rica Ladies’ Society “Nightmare Before Christmas” & December Rezz Day Event

“’Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams. For the story you’re about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you’ve probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven’t I’d say it’s time you begun.”                                                                                                    ~Santa in the Nightmare Before Christmas Costa Rica Ladies Society/Costa Rica Sims December Rezz Day event didn’t just go Christmas but full scale “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I tp’d in just as the party hit full swing with DJ MikeeGemini Ghost keeping everyone on their feet dancing and having fun. We must have been having too good a time because we threatened DJ Mikee’s stream with a few moments of lag inducing fun. Sorry Mikee what can we say you bring out the best (or maybe it’s worst) in us! I was in awe over the venue looking every inch like the Pumpkin King’s domain. Costa Rica Ladies Society impressed everyone with a  full moon filling the sky and all the little touches in that Tim Burton style. No signs of Jack Skellington and Sally in person but I am sure they were there in spirit. Hopefully Samantha didn’t have Santa kidnapped and locked up by Lock, Shock and Barrel! Costa Rica Sims residents and guests dressed in homage to Mr. Burton and his dark Christmas animated movie. Brendan Macarthur represented Santa with his fur trimmed outfit that got smaller and smaller as the evening wore on, While he was wearing a Christmas bow I asked what would happen if I tugged on it, he replied it depended on if which... read more

Good Fashion Tidings

December 12:   Winter Wonderland Extravaganza The Patch Thibaud Auditorium Theater was adorned beautifully in winter gala.  Miss Virtual World 2010 Miaa Rebane graced the stage, looking out to the audience, as Mankind Tracer sang to her the MVW theme song in all her loveliness.  It was her official last walk as the reigning queen.    All the MVW 2011  candidates had been presented earlier that morning in stunning lingerie.  The first event of the Fashion Extravaganza kicked off at 10AM SLT with a showing of the RFyre Winter Fantasy Collection to raise money for Toys to Tots. The Holiday Concert added cheer to the mixed feelings, with the coming to a close of a magnificent year in Second Life fashion. This event would be also the last to be held in this theater.   Among the singers performing were Clairede Dirval, Blueron Clyburn, and Mankind.  Donations were asked for Toy for Tots, along with reminders to purchase Wunderland Records’  Second Life Holiday CD featuring 60 SL musicians.  Proceeds would benefit Tots.  Pat and Ann Wunderland of Wunderland Records were in the audience, with Ann dancing in the aisles at times.  A Holly Jolly occasion for all, with many guests in good humor in chat and dancing about.  BOSL CEO/Founder Frolic Mills and renowned architect Patch Thibaud watched on with good friends, as the final moments drew near to tear down the theater. In closing, Brittainy Collins said, “With this, we end the BOSL Winter Wonderland Extravaganza!  Thank you all for coming and I hope you will be looking forward to the final day of Miss Virtual World 2011 on Saturday, December... read more

231,409L donated to Toys for Tots

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the kind and generous people who turned out in support of the Last Call Charity Runway Show and Live Auction. When Cheer and I hatched this event over a month ago, I don’t think we had any idea of its eventual scope or success. The event generated… I’m not great with numbers… and Lindens will take a percentage… we just have to accept that… I think something like $900USD. A lot of toys for children this Christmas,  for sure. Thanks to JM Models for hosting this event. Special thanks to Jewell Munro and River Stromfield, who ran non-stop the whole auction... read more

Let the Competition Begin!

MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization Presents: WINTER WONDERLAND FASHION AND MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA! Dec 12th – 10 am SLT at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium The time has come to pay tribute and say our farewell to the reigning MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 Miss Miaa Rebane. This event will mark the last event to be held at one of the most iconic Landmarks in Second Life: The old Patch Thibaud Auditorium. The new auditorium will be open to public on Dec 17th just one day before the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 pageant. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 10:00 AM SLT – RFYRE WINTER FANTASY COLLECTION TO BENEFIT TOYS FOR TOTS! Miss Raven Pennyfeather has kindly offered 50% of all sales of this collection, during the show, to benefit Toys for Tots! So shop till you drop! 11:00 AM SLT – PRESENTATION OF ALL MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 CANDIDATES IN A FABULOUS LINGERIE EXTRAVAGANZA inspired by Victoria Secret!!  This will be the first presentation in front of the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Official Judges! 11:50 AM SLT – MIAA REEBANE WALKS HER LAST FASHION SHOW AS MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 11:55 AM SLT – MANKIND TRACER SINGS THE MVW THEME SONG 12:00 NOON SLT – LIVE HOLIDAY CONCERT – CDS SOLD TO BENEFIT TOYS FOR TOTS 1:00 PM SLT – MANKIND TRACER IN CONCERT I will be your DJ for both the RFyre and Lingerie Extravaganza Events. Please join us as we say goodbye to our fabulous Miss Virtual World 2010 Miaa Rebane and welcome the candidates on their first show part of the 2011 competition. Here is a personal Limo /hughug... read more

Last Call Charity Runway Show and Live Auction

Saturday 11 December, 2010 Starts at 6PM slt and goes till all dresses are auctioned off Location:  JM Models Fashion House *Last Call* outfits, created by the late and great Ginny Talamasca, are no longer available in Second Life. They are as rare as diamonds and equally as beautiful.  In one final sale before Last Call closed their doors, all outfits were made transferrable. Kate Stockholm and CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast rallied many generous people in Second Life to donate their transferrable LAST CALL outfits to benefit the Toys for Tots Charity.  These outfits feature high resolution texturing that was cutting edge for the time they where created and to this day still remain timeless and well made. The management and models at JM Models Modeling Agency are supporting this mammoth event and in the spirit of giving, have organised a SHOW and LIVE AUCTION where bidding is open to anyone wanting to support this great charity as well as own a gorgeous rare *Last Call* outfit.  All Linden donations are welcome even if you’re not bidding. We anticipate this show will last for a few hours as we aim to auction off every outfit.  Outfits not sold at the live auction will be placed on auction boards at the JM Models sim so people can come and bid on them at their own leisure – bidding closes Sunday 12th Dec midnight. The total amount raised for this great charity will be announced via and all respective promotional sites and inworld groups shortly after the show. Donations will be given to For more information please contact Kate Stockholm... read more

2010 BOSL ADVENT HUNT (Dec 10th – 31st)

* * * BOSL Advent Hunt 2010 * * * Welcome! The 2010 BOSL $50l Advent Hunt will begin December 10th. Come back here for your clues on Dec 10th-Dec 30th! ( Enjoy the hunt!! Happy Holidays from The BOSL... read more

Winter Paradise

Two Moon Paradise started off the weekend in the festive spirit.   I have been anticipating December 4th now for at least two weeks.   The day kicked off with a special snowflake treasure hunt, with music from BOSL Radio DJ CottonCandy Teardrop spinning the pop favs for the attendees from noon to 2pm SLT. Plenty of red, green, and candy stripes on everyone and all around.  Two Moon Paradise is set up for the holidays with snowmen, beautifully adorned horses, sleigh rides, skating on the ice rink and great photo opportunities between and during the events.  The lovely hostess Azura Randt (below) was on hand to greet everyone and offer up plenty of holiday cheer.  The live music begins at 5PM SLT, with Gabryel Nayokia, continues with Mummaluv Skytower, and then finishes with a big bang, The Follow. All compliments of Two Moon Paradise Owner Shiran Sabra (above). Attendees included:  Azura Randt (hostess), Zippo Brune (bartender), Sharin Sabra (owner), Laney Bonham, Mattman Alex, Jewel Darkrose, axolotyle Glenwalker, Katt Lavender, Kilguana Shamrock, Galdor Willenov, Wrath Rufus, Kara Trapdoor (BOSL Events reporter), AnaMarie Drachnyd, and Powers Avon (The Follow). That’s it for now;  Sonicity reporting live from Two Moon Paradise,  the next best thing to Santa’s North Pole  (but actually better). The photos from the evening’s live music events are captured in my personal BOSL Radio blog. 🙂 ... read more

je suis…Christmas Party and Contests for jewelry lovers

je suis… Christmas Party 11 December 2010, 1:00 to 3:00 pm SLT Join me for the first ever je suis… Christmas Party! Groove to the hypnotic tunes of DJ KrisTian Sirenz in the magical winter wonderland now at the je suis… main store, and enter these dazzling contests: ✮Customer contest✮ Best looking Mrs Santa Claus ✮Prize: L$2000 store credit for the ladies✮ ✮flickr contest✮ Teach Me Your Favorite Christmas Movie Story in 1-3 pics (je suis… jewellery must be shown in pics) ✮Prize: L$2500 cash✮ ✮Blogger contest✮ Tell Me Your Favorite Christmas Stor yin min 500 words with at least one pic showing je suis… jewelry ✮Prize: L$2500 cash✮ All I want for Christmas is you! Lovely Greetings Julia Merosi For more information please contact Shae Sixpence in-world. /hughug... read more

Sin in the City for Costa Rica Sims!

“Turn the right corner in Sin City and you can find… anything.” It was certainly anything goes last night! Residents and friends gathered in the Influentials Lounge to celebrate Costa Rica Sims November 2010 Influential, MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane. Sin City being one of Miaa’s favorite films, our events manager Samantha set to work creating the atmosphere to match complete with cages and some most excellent motor bikes! Have to pick one of those up! As people arrived I set my own windlight to something reminiscent of the film. It really made the experience very realistic! Miaa arrived in the midst of the gyrating bodies attired in extremely tight leather covered with grenades, goggles, fishnet stockings and sporting some kind of blade whip that sent me running for cover under DJ Mikee’s dreads. I’m telling you that thing looked vicious! So… she’s got a darkside hehe. Wicked! After a fair bit of crashing from quite a few people, everyone eventually settled in and the party took on full swing! Candylicious Forster, her blonde hair wild and whipping about looked like she stepped straight from the film and Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Reign Congrejo did an amazing turn reminiscent of Rosario Dawson’s Gail. Geryn Sloane flung her long purple mane in a look I have never seen her sport but it was a winner! Mikee of course couldn’t let the night pass without hinting at a story involving Gian Papa Bear, Sam Momma Bear and Tosha Baby Bear. Judging by the amount of Shhhhhhhing Sam was doing, I’m guessing this is something we need to needle Mikee about to... read more

Costa Rica November Rezz Days Turned on the Steam!

Steampunk that is. A little Wiki background on “Steampunk” for those not familiar. Come on I like quoting! Indulge me. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s, specifically, an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain… Of course there is more to it. It has inspired an entire niche of fashion within RL and particularly Second Life® and I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a Rezz Day party! Alas, Second Life gods were not on my side. Having been unable to get my inventory to load, I was forced to extreme measures folks. Yes, I’m talking about the alt. Well, I can’t really call him that since its just another avie with my name thanks to the new SL naming system. But the result was me attending the party, steamless. You can dab my tears now 😀 However that didn’t stop everyone else from blowing me away with her amazing outfits. The top hats were bopping, the cinched waists were hopefully breathing as the airship held its course. DJ Mikee and Suga joined in and the music flowed like wine. Many wore vintage steampunk gear but some like Tosha Bergen were Steampunk from the Future! Sounds like an old Scifi movie huh? This being so soon after the Thanksgiving holiday and there being so many Rezz Day babies, I’m guessing thats why I didn’t see that many. But those that ventured out got down and dirty with DJ Mikee, and... read more

Costa Rica Sims 1st Annual Butterfly Ball

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Benefiting The America Cancer Society WHEN: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 WHERE: Costa Rica Sims Opera House Plaza Special “Live” Performance by Mr. WaltKeys Faith TIME: 5pm SLT ATTIRE: Fanciful Hats & Gowns for Ladies and Formal Tux with Tails for Gentlemen Sponsored by Costa Rica Sims &... read more

Costa Rica Sims November Weekend “FINALE” Events

Costa Rica and friends hold on to your seats, and believe me when I say. You do not want to miss this weekends events. COSTA RICA SIMS “NOVEMBER” REZZ DAY PARTY WHEN: Saturday, November 27th, 2010 PERFORMER: DJ MIKEE GEMINI TIME: 4pm SLT – 6PM slt WHERE: Costa Rica “steam punk” location: ATTIRE: Steam Punk Journey with us and let the Costa Rica “Steam Punk” experience consume you. As we celebrate our November Rezz Day Babies. COSTA RICA SIMS PRODUCTIONS INFLUENTIALS PARTY THEME: “Underworld” Sin City WHEN: Sunday, November 28th, 2010 PERFORMER: DJ MIKEE GEMINI TIME: 12pm SLT – 2pm SLT WHERE: CRSP Influential Lounge- This month join us in honoring “Miaa Rebane“, Miss Virtual World 2010. Miaa Rebane Influentials interview:... read more

Costa Rica Sims November 2010 Influential: MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane

When one wins the title of Miss Virtual World within Second Life®, your life changes. It doesn’t make a bit of difference that it is within a virtual world. It affects your choices and your routine, both here and real life. MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane has handled it all while balancing a busy job as well as continuing education. And she’s managed to do it all with her own brand of humor, poise and style. Miaa first heard about Second Life® via a research paper on the internet. This led to a discussion in class about the virtual world where she learned from her professor that the University had an SL sim. Highly curious, Miaa signed up. “I was in Help Island and this girl sent me a folder with clothes and landmarks of freebie places so I shopped and I shopped and I shopped some more. After that I uploaded a bit of lindens and this other person said they would take me to the really good shops.” We all know how that goes! Miaa continued exploring and along the way frequented freebie photo studios to take pictures. She spent her time shopping and attending classes at NCI, learning about building and texturing. “It was really fascinating, seeing all of this creativity. For me to paint in real life, I need an open space. I live in downtown, concrete jungle. I need to bring out all my paints, brushes, cleaners and then once I am done I need to clean up and varnish. It’s a lot of time and effort so I guess there was always this want... read more

BAIASTICE Dazzles Us HEAD 2 Toe in Costa Rica Sims!

Costa Rica Sims Productions put on a stunning show for November featuring the extraordinary styles of Sissy Pessoa of BAIASTICE. A parade of garments for both ladies and gentleman that included shoes, skins, jewelry and even a line of sculpted hair. The set was fabulous! A long white runway surrounded by walls covered with hanging bare tree branches with lightbulbs attached to the ends as well at scattered around the room. It certainly set that mood and as people poured in and took their seats, the room was a buzz waiting for the models to take to the stage. Nisa Constantine was first to enter, wearing “Ayane Tweed Jacket“ and “Silk Pencil Skirt”, a classic ensemble perfect for the working woman. The “PlatBijou Heels” and a “Pida Bag” coupled with the “Baiastice-Pulchra-tan-make up9 br and agnes hair” finished up the look with style. Nisa returned in a fun and flirty outfit with a hint of danger. The “Baiastice_Allydora shirt-black”, “Suede sculpted skirt-black”, “Bow-back Ankle Boots-redrobot snake”, and “Baiastice_Treai-silver set”. The classic blacks of the outfit are offset by the splash of color from the ankle boots finishing off the look with “Baiastice-Pulchra-sunkiss-make up19 br + Michelle hair attachment”. Her last ensemble Nisa joins took us on a journey back in time with the elegant Baiastice’s “Mademoiselle shirt-black”. This victorian era inspired blouse paired with Baiastice’s “Dottor Sea trousers-grey” and “Bow-back Ankle Boots-black” complimented by the “Baiastice-Pulchra-sunkiss-make up11 br+ Fiona hair attachment.” Making his debut with Costa Rica Sims Productions, Brendan Macarthur showed off the BAIASTICE male designs to perfection. Presented here in “Black Hive Silk Pants” and a “Plain Sweater in Grey... read more

Costa Rica Designers Showcase presents BAIASTICE!

COSTA RICA SIMS PRODUCTIONS Presents Costa Rica Designer Showcase THE DESIGNER BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa You know we love you from HEAD 2 TOE and to prove this, we are proud to honor the styles and designs of Sissy Pessoa’s BAIASTICE in this month’s Designer showcase! Constantly surpassing even the top of her game, BAIASTICE brings us the most spectacular in men’s and women’s clothing design, hair, skin and shoes! THE MODELS Nisa Constantine – Miss Costa Rica 2010 Imani Enzo – CRS Productions Top Model of the Year Winner Jennaa Loire – Miss Virtual World Australia Brendan Macarthur Didier Rascon ATTIRE Fashion Forward Best WHEN Saturday November 20th, 12PM SLT WHERE Baiastice Fashion runway at Costa Rica Sims ————————————————————— BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa Website: Baiastice @ Costa Rica Sims Landmark: ————————————————————— Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and continues to grow each month as it produces high-quality fashion showcases from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Commercial District. For more information please contact: Tempest Hennesy, Director – Costa Rica Sims Production Costa Rica Estate Website:... read more

Costa Rica Smokin’ Hot Weekend!

Costa Rica Sims Presents “La Cantina“ Jazz Nights, Friday, November 19th  at 7PM SLT, performance by Mr. Waltkeys Faith. On those Friday nights when you just want to relax and groove to some “live” jazz then,  La Cantina Jazz Night is for you. Costa Rica Sims Productions Presents Baiastice “Head 2 Toe” Fashion Show, Saturday November 20th at 12PM SLT. Our Models will control the runway with some of BAIASTICE’s hottest “new” fashions. Join us on Sunday November 21st, at 12PM SLT  for “La Diversidad”, a festive event not just Costa Rica Sims residents & friends, but for us all in Second Life to come together and celebrate our similarities while embracing... read more

Grease was the WORD in Costa Rica Sims!

Doo wap and poodle skirts, shiny Pompadours and big cars and Summer Lovin! Yeah I’m talking about the Class of Rydell High and it exploded all over Costa Rica Sims last night courtesy of the marvelous planning of our Ladies Society. Nisa girl you rock! Sadly Miss Constantine could not be with us but we partied for ya sweety 😀 With a high school rezzed and decorated to a perfect T, Costa Rica Sims residents stormed the hallway dressed in their best fifties garb, tight angora sweaters, flouncy poodle skirts and pedal pushers to listen to the absolutely shocked DJ Mikee Gemini who was hog tied into playing Grease tunes for the masses. Alright so there was a bit of a mad rush for the doors when he did that, but I think they all came back 😀 Sammie and Brendan bumped bottoms to the tunes as more students dropped in from the sky. Hey does everyone here know Marty? XD Well you should. Sydney Bonde did a perfect imitation of Marty Maraschino complete with bubble gum. Though I don’t think Vince Fontaine slipped anything in her drink this time. FifiLamere Daines was adorable in a pink poodle skirt with black sheer panels beneath as she twirled to the music. Geryn Sloane and Lulubelle Muircastle turned heads in their elegant and fun ensembles. I’d run into Lulubelle earlier at a sim. She was looking for a perky ponytail but I really liked the one you had last night. Great choice 😀 Didn’t see any hand-jiving which is sad because that is like my favorite song from the whole soundtrack,... read more

A Radiant Evening

Matthew Anthony was inspired a few months ago to create a museum that would feature art that he had collected over the years in Second Life. So much led up to the opening of the Radiant Cathedral and Art Museum.  The formal opening was late afternoon, Saturday November 13th.  His extraordinary cathedral serves as a museum, housing over 60 pieces of art inside the cathedral and throughout the expansive grounds that surround this palace of sort.  You will discover paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and assortment of rare items. He first saw the Cathedral at Relay For Life (RFL) this year and decided he couldn’t let it pass.  He added, “I also couldn’t just keep it for myself so I decided it also wasn’t fair for me to keep all this art that I have had in my inventory, some since 2004, when most of it is either very limited or one of a kind.  Matthew, as curator, has been working on finding pieces to supplement his inventory.  Works date back to 2003.  The process has taken about 3 1/2 months since RFL. He explained, “Honestly it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of some of my dear friends.  Lukas Thetan and Filthy Fluno have both loaned pieces from their personal collections that are here.” He noted that Phaylen Fairchild had provided constant support and encouragement, as well as donating the historic Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit from Second Life’s first interactive community event. He added, with a smile, “This is something that I honestly wanted to do for the community of Second Life – so many things... read more

Hot Hot Events This Weekend at Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Sims La Cantina “Hot Latin Nights” Friday, Nov 12th at 5PM SLT A llittle salsa and meringue, lets break a sweat Costa Rica! WK Ganesvoort Community Party- Saturday, Nov 13th 2PM SLT with “Toga” theme..TOGA..TOGA. throw on those 600 thread count sheets and join us for some FUN on the beach!! ALSO DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS COSTA RICA FRIENDS!!!! Costa Rica Ladies Society Presents “GREASE” Sunday, Nov 14th at 12PM SLT Costa Rica Sims Rydell Class of 59’ Get... read more

MVW 2011 Official Press Presentation

6 Nov 2010 – The finalists nervously queue backstage. At the end of the runway awaits the best read, influential writers of Second Life with tricky questions about hopes and dreams. This is the Miss Virtual World 2011 Official Press Presentation. A favorable impression today adds instant credibility to a finalist’s campaign to become the next Miss Virtual World. Miss Bahamas – Roe Woodford What do YOU think about people who may appear to be less “talented” yet aspire to be models or have shops or start businesses with what many would call “crappy skills”? If SL was gone tomorrow… what would you miss most? What do you personally stand to gain from entering Miss Virtual World? If you could be a food item on the South Beach Diet, what would you be and why? OK. That last one wasn’t really a question. For three hours the finalists answered questions. It was amazing to witness these beautiful ladies, all trying so hard. I can see in each presentation the personal struggle. How do I stand out? How do I get noticed? How do I make this a positive opportunity? I know those feelings. My heart went out to all. Tres Beau Katina by Kimmera Madison The finalists were rated on more than just their answers to the press. All the ladies were asked to add a unique style to the same dress, Katina from Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison, a flapper with a lovely cloche hat. I thought it was a brilliant choice. The dress evoked the classy and fabulous Coco Chanel who cautioned “Dress shabbily and they remember the... read more
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