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Couture Hats by *Bliss Couture*

Some of you may know that I’m really a hat addict. Hats are one of my favorite accessories to style a certain look, so I never have enough! So while I’m writing this blog, I really feel excited! It is with honor to present to you a “new” hat designer, which is our very own Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture. Firstly, she started designing some of the most prestigious gowns and beautiful dresses of Second Life. We all know that turned out to a huge success. Secondly, She started to create a basic collection, delighted with the most fashionable pants, shirts, jackets, etc.. Also this collection was, and still is, a big hit in Second Life. If that wasn’t enough, she also decided to become a hair designer. Whether you’re looking for gowns, dresses, simple pants or hair.. Bliss Couture has definitely the perfect item you are looking for! But Amutey still thought something was missing.. So recently she has designed some gorgeous and unique hats, in different colors and styles. She created 16 stunning hats, but I’m going to show you my 6 favorites for today. These hats are not released yet, but I’m sure her new collection will be a great success as well! Bliss Couture “Silky” (left) & “Agony” (right) Bliss Couture “Alluriya” (left) & “Flora” (right) Bliss Couture “Nascha” (left) & “Miah” (right) ….Soon to be released…. Bliss Couture Dresses Bliss Couture Basics Bliss Couture Hair **** Model & Photographer: Melanie... read more


MR. VENEZUELA 2011: Kaz Core Stylecard: Prenda: PELO – storm II Diseñador: Lulu Jameson Tienda: Egoisme Prenda: chaqueta Peacoat Beige Diseñador: Hiwinyu Fazuku Prenda: Pantalon – Jeans M2 Diseñador: Kal Rau Prenda: botas –  J’s Laceup Short Boots Diseñador: JB Gazov Mi nombre es Kas Core y me siento orgulloso de poder representar a un pais de habla hispana como es Venezuela, empecé en Second Life el dia 10/12/2008. Estoy interesado en el mundo de la moda que me parece fascinante y en cuanto me enteré de este gran concurso que es MVW no lo dudé. Mis intereses y metas pasan por seguir por mucho tiempo en este fascinante mundo en donde se reinventa dia a dia tantas cosas. No sé si llegaré lejos en el concurso, sólo espero vivir una bonita experiencia y hacer buenas... read more

Amarelo Manga

New releases from Amarelo Manga! The first outfit is perfect for sunny day! “macacao saruel” in a lovely shade of light blue! Love the trendy new pantsuits! The second look is for your darker side! In black, “overal leather” is another pantsuit ready for a night on the prowl. Go to Amarelo Manga today and check out all the latest... read more


Press Release for immediate release: Tuesday July 12, 2011 Get ready to Relay! After four months of fundraising, Second Life® Relayers will be gathering on July 16-17 for the seventh annual Relay For Life® of Second Life track event to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER and FIGHT BACK. The track covers 34 of the 42 Relay sims. It brings to a close the very biggest and best Relay For Life fundraising season ever in Second Life with over 3,000 volunteers and team members, and 130 teams who have so far raised an amazing US$304,000. Stingray9798 Raymaker ( in real life Jeff Montegut, the American Cancer Society representative in Second Life) said: ‘Thanks to the tremendous support of our volunteers, teams, committee members, and corporate partners, we have already passed our goal of raising US$300,000, which is also the most money ever raised in a single Relay season in Second Life. This means more money that funds the mission of the American Cancer Society – research, education, prevention, patient support and global advocacy. I’m confident that this year’s success means that we have entered a new golden era of Relay For Life in Second Life, and I can’t wait to personally thank everyone at the event this weekend!’ New this year The theme of this year’s Relay is ‘Seasons of Hope’, a theme that has inspired some of the most imaginative events and builds ever during the four-month season of team fundraising events. This year there are some exciting innovations. For example: – a special ‘Teams R Us’ clubhouse where teams can hold events away from the track so that they can celebrate without... read more

MEET MISTER MVW Mr. Brazil 2011: Pedrinho Naire

MR. BRAZIL: Pedrinho Naire Stylecard: Skin: *KENTO* Cherish_T6 Eyes: Lelutka – Ellis – Pierce/M Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – Dark Shades T-shirt: CHANTKARE Men’s – Netted Fringe Tank [WHITE] Jacket: CHANTKARE MALE BOSS GRUNGE COAT SWAMP Pants: [GLUE INK] Skinny Jeans (Grey) Boots: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long /  Forest Green Necklace: Mandala Shamira Dog Tag/ Black I entered the contest because I always enjoyed fashion, and one year I work with it inside the Second Life. Mr Virtual World  is a very important contest and being a finalists is a great victory for... read more

PLUME new hairstyles!

I’m happy to show you today the latest release of PLUME: three wonderful hairstyles so irresistible! “Jeux d’Enfants” “Plumeria” “Innocence” I’m in love with these three hairstyles! Run and grab them, they are fabulous!! Hair: PLUME “Jeux d’Enfants”, “Plumeria”, “Innocence” Skin: GLAM AFFAIR “Amelie” Model & Photographer: Anna... read more

Relay for Life with N1CO

On june 26th BOSL has been hosting its 3rd annual fashion show to benefit Relay for Life. N1CO by Noreia Owen is one of those designers who has made a custom dress for this amazing event. Hope is a beautiful aqua blue dress incl hair, jewels and shoes to fit the dress. You see the beautiful sculpted details wich gives you that elegant and stylish look. This is a dress you may not miss. Another beautiful dress from N1CO is Chloe. A black dress with a fluffy lace skirt wich will give you that avantgarde look and can be used for any occasion. Also this outfit comes with shoes and hair. Stylecard: Skin: Glam Affair Layla Light – Deep Sea at the The Dressing room Dress: N1CO Hope Outfit – Relay 4 Life (incl hair, shoes, jewelry) Bracelets: Mandala Sinra bracelet/earth blue Stylecard: Skin: Glam Affair Sakura Dress: N1CO Chloe Cocktail outfit Have fun shopping at  N1CO  Hugg Linnda... read more

MEET MVW Mr. Italy 2011: Tyler Barineaux

MR. ITALY 2011: Tyler Barineaux Style Card: Hair: [Cheerno] Hair MAX [Dark 3.0N] Jacket & Shirt: …Scars… Design Jacket set [Short/Gray] Belt: *Muism* Mu Crock Belt Pants: AOHARU_British TweedSuit_Beige (Slack_Pants) Boots: *Muism* Ankle Boots/Stitched/Black Photographer: Zachary Zufreur I was was born into SL in November of 2010 and has loved my experience ever since. I sees himself as an optimistic, humorous and happy guy. Only until recently have I been interested in modeling, and decided to enroll into AVENUE Models Academy. There I learned the proper way to style, walk a runway and learned what to expect in the modeling world.I am currently a Marketing Manager for SL Art Couture, a model for the upcoming ZURYA || PR and Marketing Agency, Opium Fashion Agency, Maritima Inc and hope there are many more to come! I’ve always been an avid stylist, ready to put together a nice look, but never thought of making it a living. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my start in modeling and even hope to get some more agencies on that resume of mine. I feel like the Mr. Virtual World competition will be a great way to jumpstart my career, I believe this competition is about using the title for the right reasons and if I were to win I know I would use the title to help others and help promote more male fashion. I’m proud to represent the proud country of Italy and wish everyone the best of... read more

Paris Metro – Paisley Kisses

Paisley Kisses  is the fabulous new release from Paris Metro.  This beautiful gown comes in both Cool Paisley Kisses & Warm Paisley Kisses.   The sexy  low neckline and the flowing skirt move beautifully against the warm summers breeze.   Feel the wind as you  walk towards  your special one with Paisley Kisses. Warm Paisley Kisses Cool Paisley Kisses Other Details: Warm Paisley Hair: LeLutka Knotted – (Hair Fair) Jewelry: Chop Zuey New Release – Fire & Brimstone Nails: Candy Nails   Cool Paisley Kisses Hair: Boon – ZNS722 – Chestnut Necklace: Alienbear – Natasja Bangles: CCD – Asha Silver Bangles                                  Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni    ... read more

Chop Zuey

Fire & Brimstone,   is the gorgeous brand new release from Chop Zuey. This beautiful complete set includes a Hematite and earrings set set in Chocolate & white diamonds in gold.  Fire & Brimstone also has a matching bracelet and ring.  This fabulous new release can be yours now available at Chop Zuey. Other Details Hair: Lelutka – Knotted Hair – (Hair Fair) Dress: Paris Metro – Warm Paisley Kisses                                         Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

MEET MVW Mr. Netherlands 2011: Min Maesar

MR. NETHERLANDS 2011: Min Maesar Stylecard: My jacket is a tweed  jacket specialy made for me by a friend. Pants    : Harem Pants Black from AMERIE Shoes   :  DOCS 8-Hole Silver from GOS Shoulder Bag : Shoulder Bag Leather v3 (black bag color, silver metal color  from  2(X)2 Mens Wear Scripted Nails – Starter – For Male from MPP (6 colors, I have the metalic black color) Hair included Cap from W&Y Eyelashes : Valentino for him from Eyelashes! Talon Faire Fashions Earring right: Gemma from Rozoregalia Earring left :  Achilleus from Gabriel Ring : Proud multitexture ring from LAOQ Its Min Maesar  here, rezzed on September 2nd 2010. Friends told me about SL and I got curious. In RL I like a bit of pc gaming, old games really but still fun. I am glad my friends helped me to “survive” the first days, I was such a noob. Helping finding a shape/skin, clothing, telling all about editing, and lots more. I could spend some time in SL because my Rl job wasnt so busy at that time. I like fashion and I got to talk one day to a very nice woman who gave me lots of information about who to contact for a training etc. And so I got in touch with Mimmi Boa and did the Evane Models Agency. Meanwhile, to my surprise, I was choosen as Mr April for the GA Calender 2011. After that, I thought I hadn’t learned enough and entered the Glance Model Academy. I had a great teacher, Trouble Inglewood. It took a while to graduate, my RL got more... read more

Jewelry by Jake & the wedding of your dreams

This amazing release of JEWELRY BY JAKE is a pure dream! To make your wedding really unforgettable and fabulous you can’t miss this gorgeous “Sweethearts Wedding Plat and Diamonds Tiara and Veil”. It’s so soft, elegant and perfect for a princess wedding. The delicate longue veil looks so real and soft, and the tiara so shining and beautiful. Its perfect combination is “Fleurs du Soleil” jewelry set from Princess Collection, and you will be ready to marry your prince! If you are looking for a classy and stunning dress, I suggest you to visit MY PRECIOUS: one of the best shop to find gorgeous gown and princess dresses. I’m wearing MY PRECIOUS “Catherine” White with these amazing jewels. Get ready for your fairytale! Model & Photographer: Anna... read more

MEET MVW Mr. Spain 2011: Ludwig Prinz

MR. SPAIN 2011: Ludwig Prinz Stylecard: Skin: Belleza – Shawn Tan 2 Hair: W&Y – Apollo Sunglasses: Kalnin – Speed Jacket – AOHARU Leather Tailored Jacket Tshirt – AOHARU Tank White Pants – XTC Lambskin Leather Pants Boots: J’s Laceup Short Boots Rez Date:  1/13/2007 Ludwig Prinz has been in Second Life for almost 5 years and is well-known in fashion circles and beyond as an accomplished and talented photographer. He himself appeared in several feature articles in SL magazines, has been nominated for the “Best in SL Photography” in the INTERNATIONAL FASHION AWARDS 2009 and enjoys commission work for SL Fashion Magazines, Designers and Modelling Agencies. He also helps new models to get them on track with their modelling careers using his experience of the dos and donts and by giving expert advise. Though he spends most of his time behind the camera and in Photoshop, he loves the given opportunity through Mister Virtual World to be in front of the camera and walking on the runway. He considers himself very fashion savvy and loves the unlimited possibilities to express creativity in SL. Originally from Germany, he now lives in Florida and enjoys activities like skydiving and sailing, which he also practices in SL. He is looking forward to being part of this incredible competition and hopes to be able as Mr. Virtual World to boost the men’s fashion world by showing how to dress with style and on every budget. He will be proud to present the BOSL organization in bringing the fashion world and SL population closer together and continue to capture beauty for others to... read more

MEET MVW Mister Iceland 2011: Winter Jefferson

Winter Jefferson – Mr. Iceland 2011 Stylecard: Hair – Whisp in Silver by [GAUZE] Eyes – Sunrise in Pale Grey by Fashism Skin – Brent in Light by CheerNo Jacket – Rider’s Jacket in Roadster by Guarded Cross Beater – Ribbed Tank in Steel by Moonshine Gloves – Belted Leather Gloves by Devol Jeans – Billie Jeans in Black by Ladies Who Lunch Shoes – Engineer Boots by Coco Helmet and Bike by Dirty Lynx Photography by Winter Jefferson Entering Mr Virtual World… it was an idea that I had been entertaining for a while. Around a year ago I decided to retry my modeling career path that I had let fizzle out in 2008 due to both the awful time zone I’m on, and the fact that I was the worst model ever because I simply couldn’t keep my mouth shut on the runway. “Well, hello ladies…” I felt that the male modeling world could use a bit more diversity and some of my own special brand of panache so I flung myself back into the breach. When I decide to do something then I go in hard and don’t rest until I’ve done it right. For modeling in Second Life there’s no higher or harder challenge than MVW and this was irresistible to me. Everyone wants this title so much and it only gets bestowed on one man. The best. Of course I needed to see if that could be me. One of the things my winning the crown (with a great deal of insane luck and possible sexual bribery) would show is that there are many... read more

Queen Viola

Strapless and sheer Queen Viola speaks of romance and femininity from the flower headband and stunning waist bow down to the elegant roses that adorn the hem of the skirt. This new creation from Agnes Finney of My Precious comes with a nude bra to match your skin tone. Available in subtle shades of  pink, champagne and lavender. My Precious... read more

Sahara City Style

Another of my favorite casual summer styles is the one I show you today. I call it “Sahara City” for the casual but a bit exotic twist of the style. I’m in love with the new new MAITREYA “Boyfriend Shirt”, and I’m wearing it in Cream tone with “Short Jeans” Faded. My bag is the very original “Bunny Bag” Brown from TOKIDOKI and my jewels are “Marajoara” in Wood from KUNGLERS. And what do you think about this supercool headscarf? It’s a gorgeous gift from my dear friend Louise McWinnie. It’s called “Grace Scarf” from LELUTKA and she found it at the HAIR FAIR (the 100% of the profits will go to Wigs for Kids). I love the saharian twist this beautiful scarf gives to my look, and I want to say once again thank you to my Lou heart-of-gold. And last but not least, a pair of shoes that make you want to run and buy it right now! I’m talking about the super-gorgeous “Allia Denim Platforms” by PIXELFASHION. With four color options for the denim (blue, light blue, dark blue, black) and three color options for the wood platforms (light wood, med wood, dark wood), this is a pair of shoes that you simply can’t miss! Model & Photographer: Anna... read more

MEET MVW Mr. Israel: Sy Whitesong

MR. ISRAEL 2011: Sy Whitesong Shape: Sy Whitesong Skin: “Edward”//Subaru Cosmetics:  “Lace”//White Widow Hair:  “Nick”//Uncleweb Eyes: “CHAI Eyes”//L. Fauna Outfit:  “Neo Pisces”//BareRose Jewelry:  “Inspired by Caoimhe”//Finesmith Designs Pose:  “Puissant”//Di’s Opera Model & Photographer: Sy Whitesong Hi there!  My name is Sy Whitesong, and I am representing Israel in the Mister Virtual World 2011 competition.  Being chosen as a finalist for MVW has been a truly humbling experience for me, as it has given me the opportunity to stand alongside so many other amazing male models.  Although we have many different styles and personalities, each of us is an expert stylist and consummate professional in our own way.  It can definitely be intimidating at times, but I absolutely love the challenge that MVW provides, and the experience has been a BLAST so far!  I have no idea what’s in store for us over the next couple of weeks, but I’ll continue to do my best, and look forward to seeing who is crowned Mister Virtual World... read more

Singing in the rain with LeeZu

Yesterday i showed you Gizza and today its time for LeeZu. When we are talking about one of my favo designers, LeeZu defenitly may not miss in my list. I came in her shops since i was a first year sl resident and now 4 years later she still is my favo and i even have the honor to work for her. Resently she released a new blouse named Izabelle. Izabelle is the perfect blouse for this summer is made of soft pastel fabrics with the same fabric print in lace. The blouse comes in two colors when you buy it. Each set consists of two different shades of lace, reinforced by two sculpted sleeves that will turn an elegant style that is perfect for every mood. The stylish collar provides that special look. The new Manoa Micro Mini skirt is making my today’s style compleet. Stylecard: Skin: Glam Affair Sakura 01 Hair: Lelutka Nicole hair – Glucose Blouse: LeeZu Izabelle Blouse /blue Skirt: LeeZu Manoa Micro Skirt /silver Nails: Mandala Milky Nails/White Shoes: Lelutka K.I.A.-DeepCapri Umbrella: Sway’s Umbrella Stripes with Sway’s Umbrell’Art #1 poses Have fun shopping at  LeeZu Hugg Linnda... read more

MEET MVW Mr. Peru 2011: Angelik Lavecchia

MR. PERU 2011: Angelik Lavecchia Style Card: Jacket: [SG] – (4minute jacket) Pants: Vero Modero – (part of Dark man suit) Shirt: Vero Modero – (part of Youl Suit) Collar: Tableau vivant – (part of Orestes shirt) Boots: Hoorenbeck – Riding boots Make up: Tableau Vivant Hair: 3636 I started modeling on May 2010. I am a graduate from Evane and  Arcobaleno. I have been in more than 70 runway shows, have done in-store modeling for “Kings and Queens” store and am currently a “Champagne! Sparkling” model.  I made some works as a print model, for magazines and vendors. Participated in some contests, being elected Mr. September and SuperElite SuperSearch 2nd Runner UP, “King of November” of the contest “The Royal Crown contest”, and am Mr. Moolto 2011. I had the honor of being nominated “Spokesmodel” of Maniera Ones to Watch 2011 and nominated “Best Male Top Model” on the BOSL awards 2011. I entered Mr. Virtual World contest, mostly cause I like challenges, and this contest it’s not just a huge challenge, but too a big opportunity to test my abilities of Styling and my Personality. To me, Mr. Virtual World can’t be faced just as a status or a desirable title, specially cause all eyes will be on the winner, and most people will see him as a role model. That is a huge responsibility, cause role models are most times responsible for the development of other people personalities and... read more

Chloe for Cocktails

Much more that the little black dress, Chloe from N1CO grabs attention with it’s wired mesh collar, long cut-out gloves and jewel adorned with with accents that fit neatly into a cut out on the bodice. The dress is halter style with a bare back down to the waist and sculpt skirt. Although it’s a sculpt you’ll find the skirt movement more realistic as it’s two prims instead of one. Included with the dress is the hair, hair base, which is great, stockings, shoes and even the earrings. You’ll get so many compliments on this dress and people wanting to know where you got it.  I did! You can find the Chloe Cocktail dress at the LM below: N1CO –... read more

A Paris Metro Wedding

Say “I Do” with the latest release from Paris Metro. L’Amoure wedding gown will have you feeling like a princess on your special day. This beautiful flowing gown also includes the veil, black gloves and black bow sash. The gown can be worn with or without the sash for a second look. Other Details: Hair: Lamb- Soma Necklace & Earrings: Alienbear Ambrosia Black Pearl Set Wedding Band – JCNY Grand Tiffany Collection wedding combo Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

Fluffy with Gizza

One of my favo designers at the moment is definitely GIZZA, yes Giz made me addicted also haha. Dont you know what to wear well when you look for Creative, original, modern and stylish outfits you are in the right store when you go to GIZZA. Resently she has some amazing new designs, she has been very busy lately and we cant wait to see more. You can choose to buy a complete outfit or its easy to mix some and make your own special gizza outfit. Today i am showing you  a mix of the fluffy dress with the biker jacket (both availeble in more colors). Matched with the new hair from Lelutka (check the hair fair). The hat i am wearing is from Leezu wich you will find at the dressingroom. Stylecard: Skin: Agy’s Secret Sugar Doll Pale Dark violet (will be released and blogged soon) Hair: Lelutka Angela – Glucose Jacket: GIZZA Biker Jacket – W [Green] Dress: GIZZA Fluffy Dress [Lilac] Hat: LeeZu Natty scarf pin at the The Dressing room Bracelets: Dela Bangle “Carmen” Green Nails: Finesmith Designs GrassGreen nails Shoes: The secret store Vinyl vintage boots – Lime Have fun shopping at GIZZA Hugg Linnda... read more

My Precious Teresa

I’m always honored to wear and model a new creation from My Precious, Agnes Finney! Her dresses are impeccable and a pleasure to wear! This is the Teresa Couture Edition gown and I’m wearing the exqusite Angel of Hope headpiece. Take the limo and visit My Precious Mainstore... read more

Waiting for Holidays…

Dreaming my rl holidays, I want to show you today a mix and match that will be perfect for your beach parties. I’ve combined one of my long time favorite swimsuit by EXODI called “Olivia Unikini” in Orange with some new special release of PIXELFASHION to die for!  The new nails “AA” are provided with a beautiful color change hud that allows you not only to change the color of the nails but also to add and change the color of the diamonds on the nails… A must have! The bag is from YS & YS and it’s called “Soho Bag” (not sure if you can find it in the store), I bought it some time ago at TDR. For this fresh look I’ve chosen the new FINESMITH jewels “Noga Pieces” (necklace, earrings and ring) in Citrine, available as 55 thursday item. PIXELFASHION just released a wonderful pair of summer shoes that comes with hat in many different colors! I couldn’t resist to get all of them. I’m wearing the amazing “Atika” shoes and hat in Brown with this outfit. And of course the super special hair for your summer is the new “Ahora” from EXILE, available at the HAIR FAIR 2011. Enjoy your summer!! Model & Photographer: Anna... read more

Meet MVW Mr. India 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn

MR. INDIA 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn STYLE CARD: Hat: [CheerNo] Deuil George Fedora Vest: [CheerNo] Deuil George vest T-Shirt: CheerNo.STYLETees WhiteBASIC Kilt: [CheerNo] Deuil George Kilt V1 [Flex] Gloves: [CheerNo] Deuil George Gloves Jeans: [CheerNo] Deuil George Pants V1 Shoes: *REDGRAVE* Aviator Boots -Black Skin: *REDGRAVE* – Tyson Hairbase: [Anaphora]_Fre$hCuts_Brunette_Arcane Eyes: LL – fairy eyes – wolf bright Shape: Custom made by Varaderobiker Blackburn I am Varaderobiker Blackburn or better known as Vara. The country that I represent at MVW is the wonderful India. I choosed this country because it is so full of culture, amazing people and great colors. We all know the movies out of Bollywood (more or less) and the great food that we eat, time by time. I am so proud to have the chance to represent this country because it gives me the opportunity to bring you the culture and the colors a little bit closer. I joined MVW to get more experience in modeling and to feel more safe in what I do. It gives me a great feeling to be there, cause I love the competition with other models. I am very honored to be a part of this very well known amazing contest and to share my creativity and styling to the whole high-fashion world. I love to play with the diffrent styles and the awesome creations of the designers. But also, if I find an outfit that I completely love, I wear it without any mix and match. And Cheerno is one of my favorite brands in SL. I wish you all so much fun if you are watching us. Remember,... read more

55L Thursday with Finesmith Designs

Yayy! I always look forward to the next Thursday! Great designs for a great offer! One of those designs today are the beautiful NOGA pieces by Finesmith designs. Elegant and trendy pieces with diamonds and gems. The NOGA set is sold 55L separately and you can choose from a gorgeous pair of earrings, a beautiful necklace or a delicate ring. Colors to choose from are Citrine, Diamond, Peridot, Ruby or Sapphire. Today I show you the “Peridot” color. Make sure you don’t miss this item, it’s Friday before you know! 😉 Available at FINESMITH DESIGNS *** Model and Photographer: Melanie... read more

SF Design

Enjoy your tropical vacation with SF Designs new release, Wild Thing Swimsuit & Sarong  in this gorgeous leopard print. This sexy beachwear is perfect for sunbathing on the beach or evenings dancing at the tropics.   Other Details: Hair: Ava-Tare – Janset – Can be found at the Hair Fair. Shoes: Gabriel – Gladiator Sandals – Free Group gift Bangles: Zaara Ramya Wood Bangles Nails: Candy Nails                                    Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

Purplerain with Peqe and Ladies who lunch

Today i was thinking wich colors i wanted to wear and i ended up with purple and matched it with some yellow. The fun thing with fashion is the mixing and matching. Its always a little challenge to create something cool by different designers. The outfit you see today is a mix from Peqe and Ladies who Lunch. The top is normaly a longer jacket and comes in more colors. Btw Peq got there first anniversary sale and we love sales haha. The fun thing of the pants of lwl is that it comes with a colorhud so you can change the belt and the bottom of the pants. I have more from Lwl so you will see more soon haha. The flower corsage is a summer gift from LaGyoSway’s wich comes in more then 1 color and they are so adorable. Stylecard: Skin: Glam Affair Layla MedTan – D 09 Hair: Truth Valerie – caramel Top: Peqe Pacific/Violet Pants: Ladies who Lunch Sack Trousers (Atlantic) Necklace: Je Suis eternelle Corsage: LaGyo/LG Concept Nails: Mandala Kabuki Ring/GOLD Shoes: J’s ThighHigh Boots (Black) Bag: Sway’s Beachbag [Summer] orange Poses: Manifeste Have fun shopping….. Hugg Linnda... read more


Maitreya  has released the Silver Moonlight summer collection!   One of my personal favorites is the Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt.  This awesome shirt is available in several colors.  I also added  the Maitreya Gold flip flops, one of the latest shoe designs from Maitreya.  This fun flip flop is also available in various colors and includes the alpha layer as well as the invisible prim. Other Details: Hair: LeLutka Loose Hair – New Release at the Hair Fair Bracelet & Earrings: League Wanderer – (Marketplace) Ring: JCNY Grand Tiffany Wedding Combo Nails: Candy Nails Basic                            Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

MEET MVW Mr Russia 2011: Guka Sparta

MVW MR. RUSSIA 2011: Guka Sparta STYLE CARD: hairs: [Uw.St]  Serafin-Hair – black shirt: AOHARU – WildShirt – white bracelet: [MANDALA]Takara Bangle – Rich ice belt:  *COCO* WideBelt – white pants: SHIKI Cotton Slacks – grey stripes socks: [ht] basics classic socks – grey shoes: ANEXX HorseBitLoafer – white I’m a graduate and professional model from excellent fashion academies and i’ve been modeling since May of 2010. I’m an exclusive model for elite designers, i have good live modeling experience in stores, good runway experience, various print jobs and i’m a cover model for magazines. I strive to excell at being an excellent model, to learn something new every day and to help others in the same way. I’m always friendly, happy, and always trying to do all my best. MVW contest: Almost one year ago i was into a male fashion store and i was just starting out as an trainee model when i learned about MrVW contest from a friend. I was impressed from that moment of great opportunity. It become really my first goal from that day and i always proclaimed this at my closer friends. So, i started to work hard every day, building a private runway too behind my house (LOL), training me in walks and poses and sharing experiences and emotions with people who have always believed in my ability to model. I’m glad cause i did everything with professionalism without forgetting the fun. I suppose all this helped me to achieve the title of finalist of this exciting contest. Whatever will be the result, i’m sure this contest is going to be... read more
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