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Rebel Hope Designs at Costa Rica Sims Colonial Shopping District

The best in formal wear gowns jewelry tuxedos bridal tuxes wedding attire wedding rings bridal jewelry costumes lingerie sales and special editions.  Rebel Hope and RH Engel bring you the finest and highly detailed of creations. Rebel Hope Designs at Costa Rica Sims Outfit: Rebel Hope Designs – “Max” day-to-evening suit Model: Angelik Lavecchia Outfit: Rebel Hope Designs – “Max” day-to-evening suit Shoes: Coco – “Homme” leather Hair: Truth – “Liam” in mocha Earrings: Culture Fine Jewelry for Men – “Diamond Studs” Skin: LaVie – “Massimo” shaved ************* Model: Angelik Lavecchia Outfit: Rebel Hope Designs – “Max” day-to-evening suit Shoes: Coco – “Homme” leather Hair: Truth – “Liam” in mocha Earrings: Culture Fine Jewelry for Men – “Diamond Studs” Skin: LaVie – “Massimo”... read more

Costa Rica Sims April Influential Honored!

The Costa Rica Sims April Influential’s party celebrating Eboni Khan was a fun Reggae themed event that saw the Influential’s lounge decorated with wicker, bamboo and the tropical umbrella drinks were plentiful, I even spotted a few interesting hand rolled “cigarettes”! Eboni Khan, the talent behind the House of Hucci brand, was ready to party in her pink crochet swimsuit and everyone joined in honoring such a deserving Influential. If you haven’t read the interview with Ms. Khan you can see it here: DJ MikeeGemini Ghost was spinning the reggae tunes while his lovely hostess Suga Hunniton kept the residents and guests entertained looking beautiful and chatting with all the attendees. Coinciding with the Easter holiday had some of the residents and guests sporting bunny ears. Easter baskets and handing out the yummy holiday treat called “peeps”! It was an entertaining event, a great way to honor a Costa Rica Sims Influential and enjoy a Sunday! Please join us next month when we honor another Costa Rica resident as the May Influential! Check out all the photos from this event and others at our Costa Rica Sims Flickr page:... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions EMERY “SoHo Glam” Fashion Show

Join us at the beautifully appointed, upscale Costa Rica Sims Fashion Loft.  Invite a friend, order a Lychee martini, and rub elbows with the beautiful people as the CRSP Models showcase the glam rock Emery collection. COSTA RICA SIMS PRODUCTIONS Presents Emery”SoHo Glam” Featuring the following CRSP Models: Willy Oakleaf, LesPaul Ibanez, Brendan Macarthur, Pheonix Reyer, Sydney Bonde, Veronica Krasner, Roe Woodford, and Devine Hunt. Saturday, April 30th @ 2pm SLT Costa Rica Sims Fashion Lof t Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and continues to grow each month as it produces high-quality fashion showcases from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Commercial District. For more information please contact: Nisa Constantine, Director – Costa Rica Sims Productions This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Costa Rica Estate Website:... read more

Septem Essentia “New” Purse at Costa Rica Sims Colonial Shopping District

*At Costa Rica Sims, the bags shop for elegance Style* By Designer Silvemoon Ling Septem Essentia @Costa Rica Sims: Model: Veronica Krasner Bag: Arietta-Box_tote of chain handle_black – Septem Essentia (shoulder and hand versions) Outfit: *OC* Wool Flower Shoes: BAX Ankle Boot White Patent – Bax Coen Skin::GP: Petal [Light] June-Doe 2 – Curio Eyes: MADesigns SOUL eyes Pale Grey – MAD Designs Hair:Casino Royal-umber – vanity Hair Tattoo: Vanity hair base Umber Lashes:LOLA Lashes(nose) – Lelutka 6 colors available: black. ivory white, pink, lime, blue, blue, orange. Model: Veronica Krasner Bag: Arietta-Box_tote of chain handle_black – Septem Essentia (shoulder and hand versions) Outfit: *OC* Wool Flower Shoes: BAX Ankle Boot White Patent – Bax Coen Skin::GP: Petal [Light] June-Doe 2 – Curio Eyes: MADesigns SOUL eyes Pale Grey – MAD Designs Hair:Casino Royal-umber – vanity Hair Tattoo: Vanity hair base Umber Lashes:LOLA Lashes(nose) – Lelutka 6 colors available: black. ivory white, pink, lime, blue, blue,... read more

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Fashion Party !!!

This month join us in honoring Eboni Khani, owner & designer of HUCCI a well-established brand and Icon in Second Life since 2005. Eboni, Costa Rica Sims resident thats contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way. Costa Rica Sims Influentials Fashion Party “Reggae” theme WHEN: Sunday , April 24, 2011 TIME:12 PM SLT WHO: DJ MikeeGemini WHERE: Influentials Lounge Attire: reggae wear... read more


———-BOSL AWARDS 2011 WINNERS————- BEST SHOE DESIGNER + Onyx LeShelle (Maitreya) BEST SL ARCHITECT + DB Bailey BEST JEWELRY DESIGNER + Squinternet Larnia (Donna Floa) BEST SKIN DESIGNER + Tricky Boucher (Belleza) BEST HOME FURNISHINGS + Colleen Desmoulins (The Loft) BEST POSES + July Raymaker (Manifeste) BEST ANIMATIONS + Vista Barnes (Vista Animations) BEST HAIR DESIGNER + Truth Hawks (Truth) BEST PHOTOGRAPHER + Skip Staheli BEST ORIGINAL ARTIST + Bryn Oh BEST ORIGINAL PROJECT + Robustus Hax for Metaverse TV BEST LIVE ENTERTAINER + Skye Galaxy BEST NEW MODEL + Rissa Friller BEST MALE TOP MODEL + RicoRacer Flux BEST FEMALE TOP MODEL + Miaa Rebane BEST OVERALL SIM + Skills Hax for Insilico BEST FASHION ACCESSORIES + Gyorgyna Larnia (LG-Concept) BEST NEW FASHION DESINGER + Giz Seorn (GizzA) BEST MALE FASHION DESIGNER + Ansor Hoorenbeek (Hoorenbeek) BEST FEMALE FASHION DESIGNER + Mami Jewell (Azul) AVATAR OF THE YEAR + Jessica Lyon (Pheonix & Firestorm Viewer Founder) —————————————————————————————————————– BOSL AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO SL + Mankind Tracer + June Dion + Maddox Dupont + Nicky Ree + Patch Thibaud + Raven Pennyfeather BOSL AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO BOSL & CO + Editorial Clarity + Persia Bravin + BlackBarbie Bravin + Umberto Giano + Patch Thibaud + Giela Delpaso + Filipa Thespian + Kay... read more

Costa Rica Sims “Friday Night” Music Mix with DJ PIERCE

Friday nights is when you just want to unwind and groove to some good music, then the Venus Lounge is the place to be. Slurl: Costa Rica Sims “Friday Night” Music Mix -DJ Pierce WHEN: Friday, April 22, 2011 WHERE: Venus Lounge at Costa Rica Sims WHO: DJ Pierce ATTIRE: Casual Chic TIME: 6pm SLT – 8pm... read more

Leatherback Sea Turtles are nesting in Costa Rica Sims!

The leatherback is the largest sea turtle in the world growing up to 8 feet long and have the largest migratory route of any sea turtle, spanning 12,000 miles from their nesting grounds. It can be found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Argentina or New Zealand. Nesting is exclusive to tropical beaches. The turtle breeds and nests on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. Their migration is hampered by the threat of capture in commercial fishing gear, ingestion of plastics, poaching, global warming and an increasing acidity in sea water. Leatherbacks have been on the endangered species list since 1970 but numbers have continued to drastically fall over the last 40 years. There are now only an estimated 2,000 females left with analysts suggesting numbers have dropped by as much as 90-95% since 1980. Just like in RL Costa Rica, here at Costa Rica Sims, Las Baulas, leatherback turtles are arriving once again to lay their eggs. If you want to witness this beautiful creation by our good friend Tunes Meness owner of 2xtreme please go to the beach area once you land at Las Baulas National Park. It’s an amazing sight to see!... read more

Costa Rica Sims April Influential: Eboni Khan

Costa Rica Sims April Influential is an accomplished Second Life creator that began her Second Life in 2004 and has become one of the grids respected  fashion designers. Her flair, sense of style and generosity have made her a fashion staple in many SL closets.  We are honored to have her making her home in Costa Rica along with having one of her store locations in the Costa Rica Sims Fashion District. Please meet and help me congratulate our April 2011 Influential: Eboni Khan! What brought you to Second Life? I was originally a member of in 2003. My friends from moved to Second Life and I decided to come here also since most of the people I knew were in Second Life and no longer in I used and Second Life originally just in a social capacity because I traveled extensively for work at the time. Having already been online with what were some of your first impressions of SL? I started with in 2001/2002. My first impressions of SL were all the avatars were ugly and the default animations were unrealistic. looked much better than SL and the dances and animations that were built into were superior. There was cartoonish but it seemed more polished and it worked better on lower end computers. I thought Second life really had no future long term due to the learning curve in Second Life and how Second Life was being managed. I am very happy to have been extremely wrong about the future of Second Life. How long have you lived in... read more

Costa Rica Sims JAZZ Nights with DJ Sixes

Costa Rica Sims Jazz Nights…!! WHEN: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 WHO: DJ SIXES TIME: 5pm SLT ATTIRE: Casual Chic WHERE: Venus Lounge at Costa Rica Sims Slurl: Join us for a wonderful evening at the Venus Lounge with special set by DJ SIXES. So, sit back and relax to the to an incredible jazz set to remember. Meet you at the Venus... read more

Costa Rica Sims April Rezz Day Motown Party!

Costa Rica Sims April Rezz Day Party had the residents moving to the sounds of Motown! Now for those of you who are not familiar with the sounds of the Motown label let me fill you in: Motown is a record label that was originally founded by Berry Gordy, Jr. and incorporated as Motown Record Corporation in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on April 14, 1960.  In the 1960s, Motown and its soul-based subsidiaries were the most successful proponents of what came to be known as The Motown Sound, a style of soul music with a distinct pop influence. Some of the great music that came from the Motown label were Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the grapevine” and The Temptations “My Girl” or The Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”. All of which could be heard at the Costa Rica Sims Rezz Day party. DJ MikeeGemini Ghost knows his Motown sounds and had the residents and guests thoroughly enjoying the tunes. Mikee was a bit surprised at how packed the place was for a Motown party but great music remains great through time and the Motown sound is great music! For a while it was hard to even get good snapshots the place was so packed with party goers! The venue was amazing and a great environment, everyone landed in the front office of the recording studio and made their way downstairs to the party area complete with poster of some of the great Motown artists. Several remarked how they could live in the place and be very happy there! Some of the residents went all out Motown and... read more

Costa Rica Sims for Project FUR Japan with live performance by Noma Falta!

Costa Rica Sims for Project FUR Japan featuring live performances by Noma Falta  Join us in supporting such a worthy cause to help those in need. SLURL: Costa Rica Sims for Project FUR Japan live performance by Noma Falta WHEN:  Sunday, April 17, 2011 WHERE: Venus Lounge at Costa Rica Sims PERFORMER: Noma alta ATTIRE:  Casual Chic TIME:  3pm SLT – 4pm... read more

Costa Rica Sims..April ReZZ Days “Motown” Party !!!!

All you April Rezz babies join us for a Motown journey with DJ MikeeGemini. This event will be cool… hot.. smooth and funky as we travel down the Motown memory lane.. Costa Rica Sims APRIL Rezz Days Party “MOTOWN’ Theme Event WHEN: Sunday, April 17,2011 PERFORMER: DJ MikeeGemini TIME: 12pm SLT – 2pmSLT WHERE: Motown at Costa Rica Sims ATTIRE: Motown... read more

Costa Rica Sims “Friday Night” Music Mix -DJ Pierce

On those Friday nights when you just want to unwind and groove to some good music, then the Venus Lounge is the place to be. Slurl: Costa Rica Sims “Friday Night” Music Mix -DJ Pierce WHEN: Friday, April 15, 2011 WHERE: Venus Lounge at Costa Rica Sims WHO: DJ Pierce ATTIRE: Casual Chic TIME: 6pm SLT – 8pm... read more


Indyra Originals Swimwear 2011 Yes, that is right INDYRA is getting in the swimwear game this year. Tropic’s Wild Pretty on the prowl…. These beaded fringe bikini with double stringed bottoms makes looking awesome easy. Indyra Originals @ Costa Rica Sims Tropic’s Wild: Indyra Daiquiri Model Veronica Jane Krasner-Crimson (veronica.krasner) Outfit: Indyra Originals: Swimwear: Tropic’s Wild: Indyra Daiquiri Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Marlene (Aubergine) Skin: *CUPCAKES – Daydream – Cameo – Darkness Eyes: Pulse-Avanti Eyes/Monet Jewelry: Finesmith Lacie set Nails: .: Naive :. Nails Diamonds A Dark Rose Hair: Exile Ciara champagne Lashes: [LeLutka] – LOLA Lashes(nose) Tropic’s Wild” in blue lagoon Model: Rhonda Elaine Pennell Outfit: Indyra Originals, “Tropic’s Wild” in blue lagoon (other colours available) Skin: Glam Affair, “Mary” medtan E/BR/B 10 Hair: Miamai, “Mavi” tail brown Shoes: YS&YS, “FeelFree Wrap” shoes Jewelry: MAGIC NOOK, “Shoo Be Doo” necklace, earrings, and bracelet Makeup: Glamorize, “Simply Subtle” eye makeup in violet; Celestial Studios, “Club 2” eyelashes Accessories: CCD, “Elegance” long nails + ring in pink Tropic’s Wild: Cherry Pop Model: Veronica Jane Krasner-Crimson (veronica.krasner Outfit: Indyra Originals: Swimwear:  – Tropic’s Wild: Cherry Pop Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals RED Hair: W&Y HAIR  MAKIMAKI  GIFT Skin: Glam Affair NEFERTITI – Natural Skin 03 Bag: Baiastice_Plastik ICE-hand bag Eyes: *YS&YS* – EyeReal Green Bangles: * Talisman ~ Lady (Thin Silver Bangles) Lashes: [LeLutka] – LOLA Lashes(nose) Manicure: Ibizarre Nail polish – classic red Pose: Manifeste – Model 245 “Tropic’s Wild” in lemon pop Model: Rhonda Elaine Pennell(Rhonda Pennell) Outfit: Indyra Originals, “Tropic’s Wild” in lemon pop (other colours available) Skin: Glam Affair, “Mary” medtan E/BR/A clean Hair: Elika, “Escape” brown 08... read more


On March 11, 2011, at 14:46pm (JPT), a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the north-east coast of Japan, followed by a 124.3-foot wall of Tsunami. The quake and the tsunami crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where radiation began to leak to air and water. As of April 14, the official death toll has been raised to more than 13,000, with more than 15,000 listed as missing, more than 190,000 people have lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters. *** With the official approval by AmeriCares, Ji Nirvana and Miss Virtual World 2011 (Serene Faith), are organizing a fundraising event, Japan Relief Fundraiser (JRF), humbly reaching out to SL content creators and entertainers, to join together and help us help Japan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Below are detailed information: *************************************** *Event Period: May 14 (Sat) – May 29 (Sun) *************************************** *Store Size and Price: -Large (100 prims): L$1,500 -Medium (50 prims) L$1,000 -Small (20 prims): L$500 Please note that 100% of the store cost will be donated to Americares. This can be paid at the set-up time through donation boxes or directly to JRF avatar (SLCharityFundraising). *************************************** *All sales vendors will be setup with a split script: 75% – Americares 25% – Creator (ONE unique item will be 100% – NO SPLIT – see below *Items) Script will be provided to the creator by us. They are set to split the sales between you and “Japan Relief Fundraiser”. The script will allow the purchaser to choose an amount. There will be a minimum amount that the creator decides. But the purchaser can also choose to pay more should he/she wish to... read more


ANNOUNCING MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 AUDITIONS !! ==================================================== We are looking for the sexiest male avatar on the grid. – Send us your best headshot 512 x 512 labelled:  MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 (your name). texture only please, no folder necessary. Please send to Frolic Mills AND BlackBarbie Bravin. – Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group, which will be the group used for all Mr. Virtual World 2011 announcements. – If the judges like what they see, we will call you back for a live audition at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium., and only after we see all of the pre selected avatars, will we announce the official finalists to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 on Saturday  July 16th at 10 am SLT. – Most rehearsals will take place on saturdays at 10 am SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition. – Live auditions will be held on the last week of april, may and june. Please submit your headshot before the 20th of each month. If you are not invited to the live audition, you may submit a different picture for the following month. Let the search begin! Frolic Mills Miss/Mr Virtual World Organization CEO... read more

SARTORIA by Designer Traveller Bade at Costa Rica Sims

A valuable line of clothes, pants, jackets, ties, shirts and coats, made according to the highest Italian tailoring tradition. The tailoring of clothes is designed to be used in times of gala receptions or business meetings, but their versatility and combination with other pieces from his casual collection also make them more suitable for informal occasions. Sartoria @Costa Rica Sims : Model- Pheonix Reyer – Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 Outfit- [Sartoria] Double Shot Shoes-[Sartoria] Dirty Hands Boots  Hair: Dua– Boys&Girls**15(Black) Outfit- [Sartoria]-The Regent Suit-lack/Bordeaux(Styled with coat open) Shoes:[Sartoria]- Elegance Shoes- Black Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~BERNARD~ Dark Brown VIII Outfit: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands – DAMON Shoes: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands Boots Hair: Amacci Hair Rune-  Black Coal Necklace: [Mandala] Kimera ecklace Men/Black Stone **************************** Model- Pure Nikolaidis Outfit: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands – CORA Shoes: [Sartoria] DH Boots Hair: Elikatira – Comfort Jewelery: League – Wanderer Outfit: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands – SPITFIRE Shoes: Surf Couture – Olea Boots Hair: Elikatira – Here Jewelery:  League– Wanderer Outfit: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands – MIKEYA Shoes: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands Boots Hair: DBS – Bridget Jewerlery: League – Wanderer Face Tattoo: Glam Affair *************************** Model: Xavier Midal Outfit: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands Shoes: [Sartoria] Dirty Hands Boots Hair: UncleWeb, Jewerly: M.R.M Factory Ring Outfit:[Sartoria] Dirty Hands – David Hair: UncleWeb Accessories: CheerNo Lashes Outfit:[Sartoria] Continental Shoes: [Sartoria] Montecarlo Hair: UncleWeb Jewerly: JCNY... read more


* * *BOSL SPRING $50L HUNT 2011!! * * * Welcome! The 2011 BOSL SPRING $50L HUNT!! APRIL 11TH through APRIL 30TH Take the SLurl below to the starting point on or after April 11th! ( HAPPY... read more

Costa Rica Sims Newest Land Offerings

If you have ever desired to live in the beautiful Costa Rica Sims but prefer smaller more intimate size land then now is the perfect opportunity to start packing those moving boxes and head to Costa Rica Sims! These new parcels are designed to provide a great alternative to the larger parcels Costa Rica Sims currently offers. After having recently acquired a 15 sim estate it afforded the opportunity to provide these smaller offerings.  The newest Costa Rica Sims parcels are designed with a tropical environment and are small islands with lots of open water for sailing and offer magnificent views. These homestead parcels provide a generous 700 prims and are affordable with at monthly tier of L$6,900. Currently Costa Rica Sims is offering these homes in Isla Caracol and Isla Langosta, they won’t last long so if you have ever dreamed of your home in Costa Rica Sims now is the time to act. Welcome home to Costa Rica... read more


Once again, another month has gone by, and it was time for BOSL to head over to University of Western Australia (UWA) sim, to select the winner of the BOSL Prize for the month of March. It was yet another month full of awesome submissions which failed to disappoint, but one which totally stood out, was selected as the winner of the $L5,000 prize money. The winner of the prize is listed below. ELECTROMAN by BARRY RICHEZ Barry had this to say, when he found out he had recieved the BOSL vote, and the prize money for his submission. ” I am very honored and moved to receive for the first ever encouragement and recognition of one of my works, I thank UWA for receiving mt art and BOSL for awarding me this prize, which has encouraged me from now on to continue on this path of art. SL is a great platform where you can express art only limited by the immagination. It is thanks to the initiative of these many art groups coming together  that provides us the opportunity to show our creations and multiple possibilites.” We look forward to seeing more amazing art work at next months contest for UWA. And all updates shall be posted here at the end of each... read more

An Event “Full” Week at Costa Rica Sims!

This past week in Costa Rica Sims was event “full”! Not only did Costa Rica’s residents and friend have the wonderful weekend events to look forward to there were TWO fun events that happened during the week. Monday evening kicked off the week right with the Soulful Jazz Night and Thursday night was an important event, a fabulous auction to support Project FUR Japan. Read on and check out the highlights! Costa Rica Sims Soulful Jazz Night The new Venus Lounge has already hosted the Costa Rica Sims DJ Knockout but this past Monday night the lounge was cool and laid back with the newest event at Costa Rica Sims: Soulful Jazz Night. This was a great event if you are into unwinding and spending quality time with friends and neighbors. DJ Sixes Jonesford blended just the right mix to be laid back and smooth but not sluggish no one was in danger of dozing off as he kept things moving along in a soulful way. Everyone chatted while dancing to the sounds of DJ Sixes and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you want to enjoy a really wonderful evening, then you should check out Soulful Jazz Night at Costa Rica Sims new Venus Lounge! Costa Rica Sims Supports Project FUR Japan Thursday night in the newly opened Venus Lounge found the animal loving Costa Rica residents and their guests supporting Project FUR Japan in a fun great fun way bidding against each other for some amazing items in the Costa Rica Sims fundraising auction to support the animals injured and displaced due to the disaster in Japan. Tali Munro... read more

Costa Rica Sims “Labyrinth” Event !!!

Sarah looks into her crystal ball and finds herself transported to the Labyrinth palace.  The doors begin to open as crystal chandlers and beautifully dressed people fill this magical place.  From across the crowed room Jareth immediately captivates Sarah as they embraced for final dance.  Let us take you to the Labyrinth Palace at Costa Rica Sims Costa Rica Sims “Labyrinth” Event WHEN: Saturday, April 9, 2011 Live Performance by Antonio Galloway TIME: 3pm SLT ATTIRE:  Labyrinth (ball dance) WHERE: Labyrinth Palace at Costa Rica Sims... read more

Costa Rica Sims “La Cantina” Hot Latin Nights !

Costa Rica Sims “La Cantina” Hot Latin Nights WHEN: Friday ,April 8, 2011 WHERE: La Cantina at Costa Rica Sims WHO: DJ ROSA ATTIRE: Spicy Latin Chic wear SPECIAL TIME : 4pm- 6pm slt DJ ROSA is spicing it up LIVE from Brazil with her Latin sound at La Cantina. Get your dancing shoes ready for a little salsa, merengue.... read more

Costa Rica Sims for Project FUR Japan Auction!! April 5th – April 7th

Costa Rica Sims for Project FUR Japan Auction at the beautiful Costa Rica Sims Shopping District starts today Tuesday, April 5 – Thursday, April 7, 2011.  The final day will kick off with Project FUR Japan final “live” Auction @ 4pm slt, closing with live performances by Noma Falta and LANCE Rembrandt. Auction items by Cigars Yachts, Angnes Finney, Lost Angels, his and her watches by GBTM, Special Edition Skin by ORAGE Creations, Limited Edition COZY Home, NEWSHIKI Spring/Summer designs for him & her, Caroline Skin by Mayden Couture, Limited addition gown/dress by BAIASTICE & Misera and wonderful artwork by ChuckMatrix &Ganymedes and.. many more… Join us in supporting such a worthy cause to help those in need.... read more

Costa Rica Sims March Recap

March was a whirlwind of events at Costa Rica Sims with one that will have a yearlong impact on one deserving resident! (More on that later in this post!) The month kicked off will a very well attended Costa Rica Ladies Society Friendship Ball. I love this event, everyone looks so elegant dressed up in their formalwear, the vocalists are always stellar and it’s a nice relaxing time to catch up with friends and neighbors.  This month we were fortunate to have the lovely voice of Zerbie Magic entertaining us as we danced and socialized. A lovely evening and a lovely event! Following the CRS Ladies Society Friendship Ball is the always crazy and fun Costa Rica Sims DJ Knockout event. This event draws huge crowds and is lasts long enough for everyone to get their fill of some of the best DJ’s on the grid. If you are not familiar with this event you must attend one! DJ’s competing for the title of the months DJ Knockout winner, one awesome DJ host and a ton of great music and dancing! The Sim for this event is always near capacity and it is worth the time to come and check it out. March was no exception when it came to fun and competition, DJ’s Hectic Luckstone and Mexmaya Reina competed and took no prisoners, with DJ Mexmaya Reina claiming victory and the title for the month of March! One of the most laid back events for the month at Costa Rica Sims is Latin Night. The time to Salsa and visit with one another is at this event. The March... read more

Soulful Jazz at Costa Rica Sims Venus Lounge

Costa Rica Sims Soulful Jazz Event WHEN: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 WHO: DJ SIXES TIME: 5pm SLT ATTIRE: Casual WHERE: Venus Lounge at Costa Rica Sims Join us for a wonderful evening at the Venus Lounge with special set by DJ SIXES. So, sit back and relax to the soulful mix of your Jazz favorites … Gato Barbieri… a little Ramsey Lewis…. just to name a few… Meet you at the Venus Lounge..... read more

Virtual World Network – Fashion Nation @ Costa Rica Sims

Have you missed your dose of Fashion-Nation? This episode, Fashion-Nation will be taping in the beautiful Costa Rica Sims! Come join us out in the gorgeous tropics, as we interview none other thanTraveller Bade, of Sartoria, as he brings us a few goodies. Virtual World Network – Fashion Nation @ Costa Rica Sims When: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 Time: 6AM SLT sharp SLURL: Do not miss the fun as Fashion-Nation steps out of the studio and into the Costa Rican virtual... read more

Costa Rica Sims March DJ Knockout Results!

What a way to kick off the month of April.  Costa Rica presented the grand opening of its newest venue….The Venus Lounge!   And to start things off with a bang, the monthly DJ Knock Out event took the helm and kicked it out.  The new lounge itself is something to see. But I did get broken in and put through the ropes, as our own bad boy Mikee Gemini.  Mikee got the crowd all fired up till the battling deejays took over the stream. And first up, was none other than DJ Captain “Cappy” Chipper. Cappy spun his heart out trying to keep that edge on the competition. And he sure did that. The very well attended and diverse crowd made it all that more fun for everyone.  The dress went from urban punk, to grunge, to hot club chic! With some of the hottest and sexiest people…all in one place.  It doesn’t get better then hot bodies and hot music all in the same place! Then Mikee G pops back on for a few….till DJ Booch took the over the reigns.  And, boy did he put on his after hearing the set from Cappy. Booch had everyone on their feet, till the floor was smoking. After Booch burned up the new turntables…we all waited anxiously for the winner to be announced. As we waited, Mikee put the crowd to the test.  Giving away some prizes to a few “pop” questions about Costa Rica (and one about when “good girl” Samantha lost her virginity) some of those answers were a little scary! The time arrived to announce the winning... read more

Costa Rica Sims “DJ Knock Out” Event !!

Our Knock Out DJs will go toe to toe featuring DJ MEX our champ , DJ BOOCH and DJ CAPPY. Trust me these DJs are taking no prisoners. Let’s not forget Costa Rica’s “Rude Boy” DJ MikeeGemini , spinning his wicked tunes with some of the HOTTEST DJs in Second Life. Come join us at NEW Venus Lounge for a down & dirty rumble. COSTA RICA SIMS DJ KNOCK OUT EVENT WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2011 WHO: DJ MikeeGemini & Guest DJs TIME: 12pm SLT ATTIRE: Grunge Chic WHERE: Venus Lounge @ Costa Rica... read more
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