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Solidea Folies ~ Here comes the sun!

It is about time that the spring is coming, linn is done with the cold winter! Solidea Folies gave me that spring/summerfeeling today with there new designs. An exclusive design for there shop at modavia shoppingdistrict. A beautiful golden/yellow dress and watch the details on the dress. The bosysuit of the dress is made of a sheerfabric. One of the eyecatchers of the dress are the extra long sleeves. Hair: Vanity Hair Neox Face Make-up: White Widow Rose Gold eye make-up Dress: Solidea Folies Here comes the sun Shoes: Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Yellow Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Finesmith Love, art, fantasy,awesome!!

      Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent October Eyes: MADesigns eyes of TRUTH – pale – gold glass Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TIA ~ Club Black X Hairbase: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BLACK Hair Base ~ Stripe 1 Earings & Goatee: Finesmith BlackNile Eye attach: Finesmith Rissa – Delicate Mask Necklace: FINESMITH– HEARTOLOGY male necklace Bracelet: Finesmith Heartology Bracelet Nails: Finesmith spike Nails short- DRAAKJE male Wings: FINESMITH WINGS- heartology Body: (Part) ::: B@R ::: Neo Leo (Centaurus) Poses: L@m – February Male Subscribe Gift Morgane’s shoot – Top models 1 Morgane’s shoot – Top models 2... read more

News Skin Birth & Kal Rau Mesh!!!!

            Skin: *Birth* Reese Skin Eyes: .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Green Grey – Constricted Pupil (lighter) Hair: *Birth* Hawk Hair – Black Shirt: <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh_Blue / <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh_Red Jeans: ::GB::denimjeans Shoes: Sartoria BW SK8 Sneakers Ring: Chop Zuey No. 7 Slv/Blk Men’s Ring Earings: Cobrahive – Ear Swirls Poses: L@m – Hang 1 L@m – Hang 4 L@m – Hang 3 L@m – Hang 7 L@m – Hang 9... read more

Design is not for philosophy it’s for life. ~Issey Miyake

I love Issey Miyake, he is a real life designer with a creative flare for the artistic. So much of his designs are like wearable sculptures and I love the concept that you can wear any old dress to an art exhibit or you can be the centerpiece work of art at the art show. We are lucky in Second Life, because we can be the centerpiece work of art affordably. Where in real life I can only look at the pictures and admire something Miyake has done, in Second Life, I can make pictures of myself wearing the items Yula has made. In the first picture, I am wearing part of Finemith’s “Love” series in my choice of the “Love doesn’t grow on trees” face ornament. It is one of the most incredibly sensual works of art I have ever worn. Love doesn’t grow on trees is a very 3 dimensional piece of art, symbolizing the tree of life and how love is the center piece of the tree. The flowering limb, whose center is the heart shows that love will grow, if only we learn to love, honestly and openly. Another exceptionally beautiful 3-dimensional work of art is the “I Love to Love” necklace and bracelet. This is another gorgeous set with its mild calming pastels. The heart is encrusted with a botanical garden of beauty with the sacred Calla Lily, a symbol of magnificent beauty in many cultures, featured throughout the piece, weaving its way softly up the chain, gently framing the face lovingly. The bracelet is a continuation of the petals of the necklace and... read more


Hello my loves!  Saleena Hax here and I am here to brag about the joy of art encased around the human form in such a way that it could only be  a Pipins and in this case it is the awe-inspiring “Rêve de Jour” and  as you can see..It is art personified and I dont even know what to start on first. The color? the style?  Well I am going to dive in with the fact that this fit me  nearly perfect right out of the box and I didnt have to mess with any of that prim resizing stuff (thank goodness because I always lose that fight) Just look at it, the color swirls with the colors and textures of a true painting and that adorable hat just tops off the entire ensemble in such a perfect way that it really gives a great twist to the vision of a edgy avante kimono!  So please stop in to Style: Kimono/Pipins-Shoes/Finesmith Kick!  ... read more

Blackliquid Makeup!

Hello my angels!  I am so glad to be back and blogging House of Hax goodness once more!  I missed you all so much but now lets dive in and check out the wonders of my sister, blackliquid’s makeup line!  Aww yeah you knew I would go there and I am showing you a few looks now! Look at wonderful coverage?  its sheer but packed full of color and punch and  who doesnt love a great hat?  Here I am wearing the [sYs] helium dress paired up with the blackliquid heartlist boots and hat for the Back to Black event!  But thats not all, the eyeshadow is blackLiquid MAKEUP/pink glitter shaddow paired up with blackLiquid MAKEUP/blood loveheart gloss so I am telling you-Get to Blackliquid today and get your face on!  Style-[sYs] HELLIUM/blackLiquid HAT-heartist/blackLiquid MAKEUP-blood loveheart gloss/blackLiquid MAKEUP-pink glitter shaddow... read more

Gizaa I love Mesh!!!!!

        Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Zero Skin – 9 Eyes: MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 13 Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Black Coal Hair: Amacci Hair Nick ~ Black Coal Buttefly head: [CheerNo] Butterfly Fall 2 Outfit: GizzA – Belted Trousers – Mesh [Red] Loose Sweater – Mesh [Sun] Poses: MANNERISM_Homme_MB_08 MANNERISM_Homme_MB_02 MANNERISM_Homme_MB_03... read more

More Gizza mesh fabulous!!

      Skin: the body co. Fox (03 Light) Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Winter Hair: **Dura-Boy**21(Black) Earings: Cobrahive – Gauged Outfit: GizzA – Mesh Biker Jacket [Red – White] GizzA – Loose Jean Blue Poses: supPOSEdly-still6 supPOSEdly-hungup2... read more

Mesh, mesh, mesh and more Mesh GIZZA!!

      Skin: VCD-Rafael-Tone Yang – d’Arta 2 – Hairbase 2 Eyes: MADesigns EYES_EXPOSED ~ purity Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ CHRIS summer F1 ~ Black I Outfit: GizzA – Belted Trousers – Mesh [Green] – Polo T-Shirt [Brown] watch: ISON – vipera watch w/ resize script (onyx) Poses: Morgane’s Runway – Call to action pose 3 Morgane’s Runway – Hot Shot pose 5 Morgane’s runway – male pants edition – pose 5... read more

Back to Black… Power

  STYLING CARD – Catsuit: LADIES WHO LUNCH “Power Suit” @ BACK TO BLACK – Hair: BLACKLIQUID “Quiff” Black & White – Earring: GLOW STUDIO “Bitterness” – Bracelets: part of ACID & MALA “Padaung Set” Black Metal – Nose Piercing: part of ACID & MALA “Ring&Pearls Set” Black   Model, Stylist & Photographer: Anna... read more

It’s easy to be beautiful – just be born that way. ~ Suzy Parker

But luckily for the rest of us, Second Life has a bevy of “skin and shape” doctors and some of the most incredible designers around. Unlike in real life, I don’t have to purchase “off the rack” in a style someone else decided was the next big “must have.” I can comb around the grid and find styles that are just right for me and it is refreshing! One of the designers I always return to is Applonia Criss of Chantkare. I am always enthralled with the outfits she has to offer. They always make me dream of being wealthy. You know the types of real life clothes, they cost as much as a car, are always perfectly tailored and wouldn’t dare wrinkle or crease? That’s what Chantkare offers in my second life and I can still afford to buy the car. Tired of the winter already, I’ve decided to spend the weekend in Bermuda and wanted to dress like this isn’t a vacation but a normal rite of passage for a jet-setter like myself. This above picture is an older outfit called Poppy (circa 2011), I don’t know what it is about it, I can’t part with it I just love it so much! But isn’t that a spectacular find in SL, those items you don’t wear and discard but lovingly bring them out from time to time because they never seem to go out of style? “Poppy” is an easy breezy, gauzy batik fabric with a fluttery skirt line, banded and squared bodice with a beautiful flower design. The sundress includes a glittery sequined shorty pant for... read more


THE FROLIC INTERVIEW Please answer these questions as they may apply to your Second Life and/or your real life. Thank you. This interview will appear on 1. Would you rather be good looking or rich? Rich, then I will get plastic surgery. 2. What song would you sing at a karaoke bar? I won’t sing at a karaoke bar but even if I do, it will probably be a chinese song that you wouldn’t understand 😛 3. Most embarrassing moment in rl and in sl? I searched and searched my brain but ca’t think of any. Sorry peeps! 4. Favorite Perfume/Cologne? Amazing Grace by Philosophy 5. Which celebrity would you like to date and why? Ian Somerhalder, watched too much Vampire Diaries lately 6. What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever given someone? em…. probably a car for my mom 7. What was your favorite game to play as a child? Barbie obviously… and I always like to bully my friends. 8. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be? 1) I could eat non-stop 24/7 and still be skinny 2) keep my family and friends healthy and happy 3) I will keep the third one to myself 9. What one thing are you most proud of? My loved ones 10. What do you do when you’re sad? I am hardly sad but I watch “friends” when I am really stressed. 11. What is your favorite fantasy? SL fulfills all my fantasies so far, always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a kid but I dont like the burden 🙂 12. If you... read more

Gabriel – Pleats Dress

Spring is in the air and Gabriel brings us this fabulous new release with the Pleats Dress. This beautiful dress is available in Citrine, Ice blue, Peridot, Sakura and Stone White. It includes the gorgeous matching Necklace and Earring set. Credits: Dress: Gabriel Pleats Dress – Peridot includes matching jewelry set (NEW) Hair: Vanity Hair – Irina in Soil (New) Nails: By Candy Nails Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

Modern Goddess

  STYLING CARD – Skirt: SOLIDEA FOLIES “Mina” Black (from “Pop & Potatoes” New Collection) – Headpiece, top, hands part and boots: SOLIDEA FOLIES “Mina” White – Necklace: KUNGLERS “Regina” Silver – Makeup: Eyes -> BLACKLIQUID “Isis” Merlot Lips -> BLACKLIQUID “Black Gloss” – Skin: GLAM AFFAIR “Amelie” Natural   Model, Stylist and Photographer: Anna... read more

GizzA Men’s Mesh Collection Part II

Outfit: GizzA Men’s Mesh Collection HAIR: MADesigns ~ Sergio JACKET: GizzA – Jacket for Shoulder – MESH SHIRT: GizzA – Polo Tshirt PANTS: GizzA – Belted Trousers – MESH SHOES: GizzA – Sports Shoe – MESH Get it at the GizzA Mainstore NOW!!! Model / Photographer: Zachary... read more

When women go wrong, men go right after them ~ Mae West

I love designers I can count on to bring an easy elegant style to my Second Life. When I am looking for those fast throw on outfits, whether casual or glam, I always find just what I need at Xanadu. My friend Xanadu Damiano makes some of the classiest attire around, so I often find myself poking around in her stores for something fun to blog. For this time I went with two styles, a casual wear about town or home relaxing outfit and a cocktail dress for an exciting evening out with friends. The first outfit, the cocktail, is the “plunger” cocktail in a sequined spandex in a gorgeous shade of purple. The haltered neckline is flattering to the breasts, neck and shoulder area, the bodice tightly molded to the wearer’s body contours. The cocktail is further flattering and playful with its flouncy feminine skirt. In case the evening grew chill, and to make the dress even more posh, I threw on the jacket from the ‘Frou Frou” outfit. The sheer jacket, in midnight, it divine with its ruffled collar and sleeves, it’s just the right touch to add movie star elegance to your next evening out. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and I decided to go out and stargaze for a bit. Not wanted to catch a chill I threw on the “Pashmina” sweater in Black. I will be honest; this is one of the favorite things in my wardrobe right now. It dresses up or down, whatever your mood is that day, it’s stylish and classic and artfully detailed and wears... read more

Gizza Mesh Awsome!!!!

        Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Zero Skin – 9 Eyes: MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 13 Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Black Coal Hair: Amacci Hair Nick ~ Black Coal Buttefly head: [CheerNo] Butterfly Fall 2 Outfit: GizzA – Belted Trousers – Mesh [Red] Loose Sweater – Mesh [Sun] Poses: MANNERISM_Homme_MB_08 MANNERISM_Homme_MB_02 MANNERISM_Homme_MB_03... read more


I have had two RL requests to write a book and record everything I know about modeling. Until now I always had second thoughts about doing that because I was not sure if the aspects of SL modeling applied to RL modeling. After reviewing numerous published modeling books and dictionaries, I am surprised to find that there are several basic truths that have not been covered or that I could not find, so I decided to give it a shot. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a model as: “One who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise.” I found similar definitions in other dictionaries I researched. In my opinion, the definitions are incomplete. No top model gets a million dollar contract to “display” clothes. Any mannequin can do that. Models get million dollar contracts because they SELL clothes! A model is someone who can make clothes and other merchandise look so appealing, that they inspire others to buy them. This is the definition I have defended from the beginning of my teachings at my modeling agency and it’s the one that I write about here. What separates top models from the rest? Simply two abilities: (1) The ability to make anything look appealing; and (2) The ability to communicate in a way that raises interest to retailers and the public. The first is done backstage. The second takes place on the runway or under the photographer’s lens. Established RL models do not worry about the first ability; this is usually taken care of for them by professional make up and hair artists. But this is not the case if... read more

Back to Black… (In Blue)

  STYLING CARD – Dress: MIAMAI for BACK TO BLACK Event “Survive” – Necklace: LAGYO “Sachin necklace, Lana version” for TDR – Hair: URBANLUTZ “Medusa” Black (Available in Black, Blonde, Red and Brunette) – Skin: REDGRAVE “Paper Skin Trinity” CyanDream – Makeup: BLACKLIQUID “Life & Lash” Apocalypse (eyeshadow and lashes)   BLACKLIQUID “Just Gloss” – Bag: FINESMITH “Clutch Bag Sequins Mesh” Blue Model, Stylist and Photographer: Anna... read more

Bliss Homme – Zufreur Fur Coat

Bliss Couture / Bliss Homme releases Zufreur Fur Coat (yay!!!), a coat that exudes class and chicness. This luxurious coat is now available at BLISS HOMME and is available in white, red, blue and black. Model: Zachary Zufreur, Photography: Amutey Decuir Model: Zachary Zufreur, Photography: Eve... read more

GizzA Men’s Mesh Collection Part I

Outfit: GizzA Men’s Mesh Collection HAIR: MADesigns ~ OWEN JACKET: GizzA – Jacket for Shoulder – MESH SHIRT: GizzA – Polo Tshirt PANTS: GizzA – Belted Trousers – MESH SHOES: GizzA – Sports Shoe – MESH Get it at the GizzA Mainstore NOW!!! Model / Photographer: Zachary... read more

“We say that a girl with her doll anticipates the mother. It is more true, perhaps, that most mothers are still but children with playthings.” F.H. Bradley

Okay admittedly, I am partial to the designs Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs** makes, I can’t hide the fact I just love her so. But take away the friendship and well, I just love the designs Mila Tatham makes, whether I know her or not. Her outfits are creative, fun, and to me, all about womanhood, life, love and whimsy. How can you not wear a huge grin with any of her works of art? The last time I blogged *SoliDea FoliEs** I showed some of her Faces collection,…, so this time I want to show her new Spring collection. My heart has been dreaming of Spring lately, I crave bright colors and warm scented flowers, buzzing bees and freckled sun-kissed shoulders. I can’t make the weather change, but I can change the weather inside my heart and the Valentina dress is all the balm I need. It is a luxurious shade of pink satin, the skirt billows adorably and the bodice is adorned with scrumptious flowers and feathers. As with all things of whimsy, it would not be complete without an oversized flowered hat, because with Mila, the davil is always in the artistic details. Such a beautiful delight to wear! In the second picture, I’ve put aside the playful romper and decided to be glam for a night of adult sophistication in the “Amanda” cocktail dress. The dress is a dream the way it so perfectly molds to the female form. It is clingy in the right places and the feathering creates a delightful frame for the face. The vee’d front is enough to cause a... read more

|| Day After Tomorrow ||

Mui wears: Hair: Wasabi Pills (Brrree Mesh Hair- Blonds) Dress: Nicky Ree (Vivi-Pink) Skin: Glam Affair (Layla Light – L 07) Zach wears: Hair” MADesigns OWEN Outfit: GizzA Men’s Mesh Collection Models: Mui Mukerji and Zachary Zufreur Photography by Zachary... read more

Eat to Please Thyself, Dress to Please Others ~ Benjamin Franklin

I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it was to be asked to be in a vendor pic for Violator. This has been one of my favorite brands for a very long time, so actually meeting Soraya Vaher left me a little starstruck and tongue tied. The Violator brand has a special place in my heart because when I wear it, I not only feel elegant, at the same time, I feel fierce. There is no overly soft, fluffy, or frilly attachments in a Violator design. Every piece, is calculated with a precision that is deceptively soft. This gown, is as regal as its name, “Dismissed, my Lord.” The figure appealing satin is trim about the body, but has a beautiful neck accentuating collar, much in the design of a royal robe. The color slash of the belting silhouettes a perfect hour glass figure. There is a skirt layering that cascades from the beltline and expands gently outward to further the visual appeal. No outfit would be complete without above the elbow gloves, the incredible ring and the “hat hair.” Since the dress is available in four colors, red as shown, ice, black and purple, I know there is one available for all skin types. I hope you have a glamorous week and include Violator in your next gala event. I know I will!... read more

Gypset with Aleida and Solideas Folies

Agtaope Carter Lane is always full of ideas. We know Agtaope as the ceo of BeStyle District and magazine but she is also the owner of the Italian sims like Best of Italian and Rodeo Drive. Agtaope came with the idea for a special market. Her idea was a The Gypset Market so no Gypsy, no Jetset only gypset. This market is open for a limited time (February 12th – March 10th). All prices are set not higher then 99L$. Each time different brands will sell an exclusive design. To get an impression i am showing you 2 exclusive designs made for the The Gypset Market by Aleida and Solidea Folies. Hair: Lelutka Brigitte Dress: Aleida Wippys choice – Gypsy at the The Gypset Market Tights: LeeZu Sissy Tights pink Nails: Finesmith Designs Shocking nails Shoes: GField Open Boots “Vilda” -wine- Hair: LOQ Bouborn exclusive for Back to Black event venue Lipstick: blackLiquid make-up – pinot loveheart gloss 1  for Back to Black event venue Outfit incl Shoes & hat: Solidea Folies Valentina at the The Gypset Market Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda ♥... read more

New styling Baiastice

  Skin: Evian – Jordan Pale – Bald – Happy Trail Hair: Baiastice_Vince hair- + hat Sunglasses: Baiastice_sunglasses-sport silver blue Scarf: Baiastice_Male Fall Scarf-Medium & big-resizable Jacket: Baiastice_Byron jacket_blue Shirt: Baiastice_Cotton shirt-lilac Jeans: Baiastice_Italian trousers-purple Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Boardwalkers (Unisex!) – Black Poses: Morgane’s shoot – In Control pose 3 Morgane’s shoot – In Control pose 5 Morgane’s shoot – In Control pose 2    ... read more

AMARELO MANGA Cappadocia – Duo Diamond

AMARELO MANGA MainStore Amarelo Manga – SET Cappadocia Diamond AM – Necklace AM – Ring AM – Earrings -Vanity Hair – Lexington (Black) – Chrysalis – Romantic Tutu dress red – (Available TTB Baazar) – Chrysalis – Romantic criss-cross red Ballerinas – (Available TTB Baazar)   AMARELO MANGA MainStore Amarelo Manga – SET Duo Onix AM – Necklace AM – Ring AM – Earrings AM – Bracelet -Glam Affair- Black ruffled Dress -Vanity Hair – Diorissima... read more

Love doesnt grow on trees

      STYLING CARD Earrings and necklace     F I N E S M I T H    Love doesnt grow on trees [NEW] Skirt      Baiastice   La Romantique skirt  white Boots    *LPD*     *Lady* White Shirt    *COCO*   LinenShirt Hair  booN      OBL161 Model, stylist & photographer        Syra Hyun  ... read more

Valentine’s Doll

  STYLING CARD – Gown: BLISS COUTURE “2012 Chinese New Year” – Collar and Glasses: FINESMITH “Valentine Flames” (gift) – Hair: BOON “KGI848″ Black Model, Stylist & Photographer: Anna... read more


Click HERE for more photos Purr  Gown/Dress from Sasch’a Designs offers incredible  versatility with 13 color choices and the following styling options: – Empress Flexi Skirt – Full Flutter Skirt – Grand Flexi Skirt – Ruffles Flexi Skirt – Sleek Flexi Skirt – Ultra Mini Skirt – Two bodice styles, long and short –  Stole – Side Dish Attachment Sascha’s Designs Donna Flora – Pasqualina necklace &... read more
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