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Bliss Couture’s Magnificent New Gowns

In addition to the beautiful finalists, the Miss Bliss Couture 2010 event showcased the release of 5 stunning new formal gowns from Amutey Decuir for Bliss Couture. Varied in style, rich in textures, colors, and detail, these gowns are breathtakingly good. I had the privilege of styling each gown in two different colors, and I traveled to 8 visually delightful sims to photograph the results. I hope you will be as enchanted with the new Bliss Couture designs as I am! GOWN & GLOVES: Bliss Couture “Allura” (Beige) HAIR: Labieja “Chinois Bun 2010” (Blonde) EARRINGS: LaGyo “Famous Lady” RING: LaGyo “Volta” Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel at Edelweiss   GOWN & GLOVES: Bliss Couture “Allura” (Spring Green) HAIR: Dernier Cri “Kaitlyn” (Beige 1) HEADBAND: COCO & CO “Ete Headband with Flower” (Amande) BRACELET: reBourne “Alicante” (Agua) Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel at Edelweiss   GOWN: Bliss Couture “Drew” (Marine) HAIR: Beauty Avatar “Eliana” (Platinum) EYEPATCH: Baiastice NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Alienbear Design “KrisCar II Set” (White) RING: CCD “Catherine” Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel at Gypsy Moon   GOWN: Bliss Couture “Drew” (Purple) HAIR: Analog Dog “Bella” (Mist) NECKLACE: Alchemy Immortalis “Amie amet deli pencet” Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel at The Queen’s Hamlet   GOWN & GLOVES: Bliss Couture “Elissana” (Gold) HAIR: Truth “Luna” (Barley) NECKLACE: LaGyo “Captured” (Gold) Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel at Visit Mexico   GOWN & GLOVES: Bliss Couture “Elissana” (Teal) HAIR: JF Hair “Audrey II” (Beach Blonde) NECKLACE: LaGyo “UnderWonder” (Silver) EARRINGS: LaGyo “Splash” Modeled and photographed by Breezie Noel at Max Reef ... read more

Chantkare’s Rat Pack Collection

Frank Sinatra… Dean Martin… Sammy Davis, Jr… Shirley Maclaine… Peter Lawford… Joey Bishop… The 50s and 60s saw Ol’ Blue Eyes form a close-knit friendship with a group of talented pals that became known as “The Rat Pack.” Performing together or just hanging out, the Rat Pack was the epitome of cool. And designer Applonia Criss took inspiration from this iconic group with their undeniable style to bring you her latest releases, Chantkare’s “Rat Pack” Collection. You’ll be snappin’ your fingers all the way to Vegas… By Breezie Noel Photography furnished by Applonia... read more

Nardcotix Releases the “Diana” gown

The latest release from Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix is a beautiful design called “Diana.” Created in a formal and nightclub version, the outfit comes complete with gloves and delightful upper arm attachments. Modeled & photographed by Breezie Noel (flickr version at The detailing is exquisite! Modeled and photographed by Breezie Noel. (flickr version at: To see this and other Nardcotix designs, visit the NX-Nardcotix store on the Einstein sim. Posted by Breezie... read more

Interazzo Style in Costa Rica!

A new shop has pulled into Costa Rica. Antje Newman, designer of Interazzo specializes in female and male footwear, clothing, furniture and even has some skyboxes. For you ladies there are a number of choices such as ankle boots, stiletto booties as in the fabric covered boot, flats and knee high boots. The men’s selection is exceptionally well made, from skater shoes to two tone sneakers. The skater shoes really turned my head with the range of color and texture choices available. The sneakers also offer a variety of choices and give the wearer a comfy and casual appearance. These are so much like my own in real life that I think I’m going to have to go back and buy the rest 😀 The furniture offered ranges from sofa sets to recliners. There are a number of very modern lamps. A standout for me was the Solitaire sofa in Orange. Normally you know I’d never touch orange. However, blended with the dark wood it really comes out quite well. The skyboxes we saw, and used, were modern and well laid out and just the right size for your prim budget. Ladies, do try the Tweed outfit with matching Tweed flats. The texture is very realistic while not looking overly so. Also try the Sugar flexi skirt dress. They come in a myriad of colors that look good enough to eat. A necklace and earring silver set is included. Let’s help Antje Newman feel at home and pay her shop a visit. Or if your like me, keeping going back to buy shoes 😀 Click to teleport to Interazzo in Costa... read more

Miss Bliss Couture 2010 Saturday Nov 9!

Bliss Couture 5 JANUARY 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Bliss Couture Re: MISS BLISS COUTURE 2010 EVENT —————————————————————————————— Join us January 9th at 11am for the crowning of Miss Bliss Couture 2010. It is only fitting that the Miss Bliss Couture event be this huge considering the largely successful year that the Bliss Couture clothing line has had in 2009. The highly anticipated event has finally arrived and will be held at the beautifully designed PATCH THIBAUD AUDITORIUM, the exact location of Miss Virtual World and other fabulous in-world events. After months of narrowing down the large sum of contestants, we are down to 20 finalists who eagerly await the news to find out which one of them will have the honor of being named Miss Bliss Couture 2010! The final 20 will be judged on casual and formal wear and we are sure it will not be easy choosing one winner. As the ladies grace the catwalk the music will be brought to you by the one and only DJ AZU (Azufr3 Catteneo). It has truly been a long journey for the gorgeous ladies that began July 2009. Each woman who felt she had what it took to represent Bliss Couture sent in her entry with hopes that she would become the “face” of this top clothing brand. Along with being the “face” of Bliss Couture (which involves appearing in most vendor ads for new clothing, exclusively modeling print and magazine ads) the winner will also be interviewed in the top SL fashion magazine BOSL, receive an invitation to... read more

Chantkare’s Newest Designs Are Out Today!

Honestly, the winter clothing of Second Life is so incredible this year. A perfect example of a fine designer at the top of her game is Applonia Criss of Chantkare. Just look at her last release of 2009 – The “Sweaterless” ensemble is a delightful wool knit dress with muffler and gloves…just gorgeous. And today, oh boy, get ready for a treat. Today Applonia releases two fabulous Chantkare gowns and a new hairstyle from her Labieja label. “La Traviata” is a vision in sheer lace and exquisite details, including a whimsical headpiece and shoulder armor that put an optional surprise twist on this lush gown.   In keeping with her romantic mood, Chantkare’s “La Boheme” is a marvelous confection of light and dark, with yards and yards of tulle, and, again, an edgy accessory in the “Boheme Face Guard” that takes the design to another level.   Both photos show Applonia’s new “Labieja Hair 2010” updo – a perfect accompaniment to the new styles as well as a fresh look for 2010.   Well done, Appl! Main Entrance East Wing... read more

Baiastice Releases New Designs

Noted designer Sissy Pessoa is known for her beautiful Italian style, whether it’s haute couture or casual. Wandering the Baiastice Sim is a delight, with multiple stores offering her clothing, shoes, skins, accessories, even poses from this multi-talented woman. Sissy’s recent releases include a lovely full-length gown as well as stylish separates in tantalizing colors to mix and match. Her latest ankle boots and shoes are fab, too. I picked some of my favorites and styled them. Hope you like!  I enjoyed so much mixing and matching these new items, so I could show you some fun possibilities. But the best thing to do, of course, is find your own creative ways of styling and make your own unique look! Enjoy! Breezie Noel... read more

Costa Rica December Rezz Days!

If your birthday is near Christmas, does that mean you won’t get any Xmas presents? Just my things that make you go hmmm thought for the day 😛 And onto the festivities! The final resident Rezz day party of 2009 held at the beautiful Ganesvoort House by WK Ganesvoort who won the “Most Beautiful Parcel” contest this year. I can’t begin to tell you how grand it is. You really have to drop him an IM sometime and visit for yourself. Being a December Rezz day resident himself, he was quite eager for all to explore the luxurious home and have a good time. Decorated with extraordinary attention to detail, the wallpaper, furnishings and exquisite art made it a perfect place to have the last party of the year for residents. Sadly, undoubtedly due to the holidays, most of the Rezz day residents didn’t make it. Along with Mr. Ganesvoort, Georgianna Blackburn turned up decked out in her finest to rock the party along. [I tried to snap a pic of you but I think you crashed 🙁 I’ll get you next time :D] The tunes by DJ Azu carried us along and WK urged everyone to join into a conga line around the dance floor, though lag did hurl Millie offline. You’ve not lived until you’ve done a conga at Ganesvoort House surrounded by ball gowns flapping around your head. Resident Concierge Jimi Xi, took that moment to climb atop the regal fireplace and proceeded to mimic a Chippendale stripper with a Jimi Hendrix vibe thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure if Linden dollars were thrown at him or not. However it... read more

Count Down with DeCuir

New Year’s Eve is champagne, resolutions we’ll never keep and, of course, fireworks. Henri DeCuir, owner of the Celebration Sim and DeCuir Creations, consistently brings Second Life the best fireworks on the grid and he’s updated his Ball Drop to help us ring in 2010. The Ball Drop is just 39 prims, but large enough to be the perfect focal point for your New Year’s Eve celebration. It is scripted to count down to midnight SL time or to a time you specify through chat. The user friendly interface makes it the ideal product to help ring in the New Year. As the timer counts down, the ball drops. A voice joins in the final countdown (in case you’re too involved in conversation or the bubbly is hitting you a bit hard and you forget to watch). DeCuir’s specially scripted fireworks shoot from the Ball Drop as midnight approaches, creating a spectacular display. The text on the Ball Drop changes to wish you and your guests a Happy New Year 2010. Against a midnight backdrop, the display is magnificent and a must-have if you plan to celebrate with your friends in-world. For added oohs and ahhs, add a set of fireworks around your land and set the sky on fire as the you say farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010. Ball Drop ad provided by Henri DeCuir. Photography by Merrick Genesis of Blackbird... read more

Holiday Party Dresses: Breezie’s Picks, Part 4

<Hums, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”> Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday special to you, this time of year is a time of love and celebration… and parties. This is the final posting in my Breezie’s Picks holiday blog series, and I’ve styled up more marvelous party ensembles for you. I hope you enjoy these, maybe even give you party dressing ideas of your own. Regardless, there are many talented designers and content creators out there in our virtual world, so go looking around and end 2009 looking fabulous! OUTFIT & GLOVES: Chantkare “Chubby”; HAIR: Truth “Lauren” (mirage); BOOTS: LeLutka “Chloe Ankle Boots” (black); SKIN: LeLutka  ~model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Jador “Margot” (gold); HAIR: LeLutka “Ava” (platinum); BOOTS: Magnifico “Cage Boot” (red); SKIN: LeLutka  ~model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Vita’s Boudoir “Frozen Night”; HAIR: Maitreya “Zoe” (Strawberry Blond); HEADPIECE: LaGyo “Noir Desire-Black Widow”; EARRINGS: LaGyo “Noir Desire-Sacre Coeur”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Lauren” (Python); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Phoenix Rising “Willamina’s Tease” (Emerald); HAIR: Maitreya “Zoe” (ginger); JEWELRY: Phoenix Rising “Breezie’s Intoxication”; SHOES: Nardcotix “Varela Heel” (green); SKIN: LeLutka  ~model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Chantkare “Ballet de Noir”; HAIR: Maitreya “Aisha” (natural blond); JEWELRY: Phoenix Rising “Kay’s Kiboh”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Lauren” (patent colorset); SKIN: LeLutka  ~model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Sascha’s Designs “Tease” (pink); HAIR: Truth “Lucinda” (seaspray); BODY JEWELS: CHIC Inc. “Body Diamonds” (Ruby); EARRINGS: Gems & Kisses “Pure Beauty” (silver); SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Elegant Slingback” (Pink Moc Croc); SKIN: LeLutka  ~model: Breezie Noel OUTFIT, GLOVES, EARRINGS: Tres Beau “Frolic”; HAIR: Maitreya “Green II” (platinum); SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Elizabeth” (Black Diamante); SKIN:... read more

Holiday Party Dresses: Breezie’s Picks, Part 3

Oh, we’re getting so close to Christmas! Can you feel the excitement in the air? Just as you think you can relax, because all of your gift shopping is done, you’re whammied by the panicked realization that you still don’t know what you’re going to wear for New Year’s Eve! Welcome to the third blog on holiday dressing, and the final one on formal gowns. (Tomorrow, the last of the party dresses!) I hope you find some inspiration among the pictures of these lovely dresses, created by some of the most talented designers on the grid. GOWN: Nardcotix “Wenadrenia Evening Gown”; HAIR: LeLutka “Christen” (copper red); Jewelry: Chloe “A Pear of Diamonds” (gold); BRACELET: JCNY “Savannah”; SKIN: Lelutka  Model: Breezie Noel GOWN & GLOVES: Tres Beau “Tulip”; HAIR: Dernier Cri “Natasha” (black); EARRINGS” JCNY “Men’s Collection, Diamond Earrings”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Ginger” (black); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN, GLOVES & HANDBAG: Anubis “Venus”; HAIR: Roule “Adele” (golden); EARRINGS: Phoenix Rising “Ashoka’s Fantasia”; RING: JCNY “Model 17-Art Lover’s”; SHOES: Nardcotix “Eva” (black); SKIN: LionSkins “Yang” ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN & HAT: LeeZu! “Noell Sculpted Dress” (violet); HAIR: LeLutka “Ballerina Bun” (charcoal); EARRINGS: Bianca Foulon “Twiggy” (silver); SKIN: LionSkins “Yang” ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: Designing Nicky Ree “Lindsey Svelte Gown” (bronze); HAIR: Zero Style “Dana” (strawberry chocolate); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel  GOWN & GLOVES: Bliss Couture “Avery” (teal); HAIR: Labieja “Adele” (blond); EARRINGS: LaGyo”Beauty” (emerald); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: Gracie’s Bridal “Breezie”; HAIR: Thea Tamura; JEWELRY: Chloe “Rebirth”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Greta” (Patent); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN & GLOVES: Sascha’s Designs “Tease” (pink); HAIR:... read more

Holiday Party Dresses: Breezie’s Picks, Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my previous post, highlighting some really beautiful formal gown choices for the holidays. But, as we all know, Second Life events aren’t always formal  – we also have parties! From festive to chic to downright sexy, here are some party dresses sure to delight your style and turn every head in the room. Holiday Spotlight on YOU! DRESS, TIGHTS, & HAT: LeLutka “Guile”; HAIR: LeLutka “UPDO” (blonde) with hairbase skin; EARRINGS: Phoenix Rising “Ashoka’s Fantasia”; BRACELET: Phoenix Rising “Kay’s Kiboh”; RING: LaGyo “Skulls!-Chic Knuckle” (dark); SHOES: LeLutka “Saffron Pumps” (black); SKIN: LeLutka *LeLutka clothing will be available for purchase first week of January.  Model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Baiastice “Silk Hug” (cream); HAIR: Uncleweb Studios “Raymond” (topaz brown); NECKLACE: LeLutka “Lilly”; BRACELET & EARRINGS: LeLutka “Nicolette”; RING: JCNY “Model 17-Art Lovers”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Ingrid) (gold); SKIN: LeLutka  Model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Chantkare “La Dove”; HAIR: LeLutka “BlondBUN” (with hairbase skin); JEWELRY: Caithlin Carter Designs “Gwyneth Collection”; RING: Alienbear Design “Queen Heidi”; SHOES: 24 “Diamond Sandals” (white); SKIN: LeLutka  Model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Vita’s Boudoir “Bonjour Dress”; HAIR: Maitreya “Moon” (peroxide blond); BRACELETS: cutemurder “valerie” (pink); EARRINGS: LeLutka “Diamonde Bead”; RING: LaGyo “Be Careful” (silver); BOW/HEADBAND: LaGyo “Rare”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare Elizabeth (Silver Diamante); SKIN: LeLutka  Model: Breezie Noel DRESS: Chantkare “MattyBow”; HAIR: Laqroki “Ress” (black); EARRINGS: Aurora Borealis “Zelda” (freshwater gold); RING: LaGyo “Skulls-Chic Knuckle” (gold); STOCKINGS: Stiletto Moody “Lucky Seamed Stayups” (medium sheer); SHOES: Nardcotix “Varela” (gold); SKIN: LeLutka  Model: Breezie Noel DRESS: LeeZu “Noell Sculpted Dress” (violet); HAIR: LeLutka “Ballerina Bun” (charcoal black); JEWELRY: Phoenix Rising “Kay’s Kiboh”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “Bare... read more

Holiday Party Dresses: Breezie’s Picks

Perhaps more than any time of the year, ’tis the season for parties. From formal events to glittering get-togethers, this is the time when you’re most likely to searchyour closet for something wonderful to wear. I’ve styled up some pretty fabulous gowns and party dresses to help you on your quest to turn heads. Some of these designs are new, others are simply too classic not to include. We’ll start with formals today, but check back tomorrow and the next day and the next, as I showcase cocktail styles and more in the next few blogs! GOWN: Anubis “Asia”; HAIR: Truth “Sophia” (seaspray); JEWELRY: Phoenix Rising “Breezie’s Intoxication”; SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: Vita’s Boudoir “Dirty Faded Couture”; HAIR: DBS “Toss Me Around” (auburn); JEWELRY: Chloe “Rebirth”; GLOVES: CKD “Chantilly Lace” (blood red); SHOES: Nardcotix “Kurvy” (Ruby Slipper); STOCKINGS: Stiletto Moody “Lucky” (light sheer); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel  GOWN: LeLutka Ultra “Panic”; Hair: LeLutka “Pony Up” (STblond) *included with “Estelle” skin; EARRINGS: Donna Flora “Dark”; RING: LaGyo “Famous Lady” (black); SHOES: LeLutka “Saffron” (black); SKIN: LeLutka *LeLutka clothing will be available for purchase first week of January. ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: Paper Couture “Cardinal Entrance”; HAIR: ); Analog Dog “Kia” (black); GLOVES: LeeZu “Nif Nif” (black); JEWELRY: R.A. Crystal “Jane” (gold*black pearl); SHOES: Nardcotix “Kurvy Pump” (black); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN, GLOVES, BOA: Tres Beau “Diva Revised”; HAIR: LeLutka “Hera” (Charcoal); EARRINGS: Alienbear; SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: The Graceful Lily! “Reveal” (flesh); HAIR: Maitreya “Alex” (strawberry blond ); RING: LaGyo “Volta”; SHOES: Stiletto Moody “BARE Ingrid” (Nude); SKIN: LeLutka ~model: Breezie Noel GOWN: Nardcotix “Frank’s Jazz”;... read more

Linnda Like’s Christmas!

The Christmas holiday season is a special and magical time. It’s a time full of joy and happiness, but also full of presents! I must say the fashion designers are doing such a great job to please us all. May you have many discounts and many free gifts! I just love it! May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Here’s wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: !lamb. Witch Jumpsuit: KHUSH (free gift) Legging: KHUSH Earrings: Gabriel Legwarmers: KHUSH Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots Black Christmas bear:Sway’s Cookie Bear Picture done by Mirko Panacek Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: Truth – Ingrid Jacket: Dela Sweater incl necklace: Gabriel Skirt: COCO Legging: ANEXX Shoes incl legwarmers: ANEXX Picture done by Mirko Panacek Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: *ARGRACE* Dress incl stockings: *Linc* Sweater dress Xmas Legwarmers: Bax Coen Shoes:.:Periquita Mary Squares Bag: *Courtisane* Picture done by Mirko Panacek Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Lady Sophia Lingerie: Blacklace Naughty Elf: Red & Green (incl bracelet) Shoes: Maitreya ChiChi Pumps Present incl poses: *EverGlow* – Christmas Gift Box Picture done by Mirko Panacek Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: !lamb. Ghost Dress: DCNY “Miranda” Gown Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti Black Bracelet and ring: Gems & Kisses – Pure Beauty Earrings and Necklace: Alienbear Design – VernaRosa Picture made by Anessa Stine Skin: Belleza – Jesse Hair: Maitreya Alex Jacket: DCNY Ivanka Jacket Jeans: DCNY Basic Jeans Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather Picture made by Anessa... read more

Aleida Says Goodbye with a Huge Closure Sale

Second Life is about to lose a talented designer and a beautiful person: Aleida Rhode. On January 1st, 2010, Aleida will say goodbye to Second Life to spend more time with her real life. Her personal happiness is much deserved, and we wish her well. Aleida’s departure brings with it a wonderful opportunity for savings, as she has marked down everything in her store – clothing, shoes, accessories, skins, and more – to huge discounts. The sale will run until December 31st, and then the Aleida store will close its doors. I hope you will all take this chance to purchase some really great things that will never again be available to the SL community. Here is Aleida’s goodbye message: Date: 21st December 2009 NEWS from :: Aleida Dear all :)) It has been a while I have been thinking of this: Shall I close my shop and leave SL?? The question popped up in my mind for a while now – actually couple of months – so this is not something that just came in my mind today and quick decision made. Now I feel it is a mature time to say: Yes, I close my store and focus on my RL which I have been too much away from due to SL business. It has been a great learning experience for me: What I have achieved in SL has affected my RL in many ways and most of them are very positive. My achievements in SL: Model career at Ewing Fashion Agency, Avenue Models, SuperElite and BlackLace Models. Winner of: Hair Fair 2008 picture contest Miss... read more

Jador’s “Anti-Crisis” Sale!

Ziamela Loon is a brilliant haute couture designer, known across the grid for her innovative and unique creations under her brand name Jador Fashion. So it’s a huge and exciting event when she puts her things on sale. And she has done just that. Introducing the “Jador “Anti-Crisis Sale!” From now till Christmas day, the ENTIRE Jador Collection will be 30% off, including her new Winter Collection! Available at the Jador Main Store and at Mimi’s Choice, where everything is transferable, you don’t want to miss this. There’s even a free gift box to wrap your presents in! Some of the new items :   Some of the classics: AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! Here’s a message from Ziamela and Mimi to you: Hope to see you before Christmas ! Meanwhile, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !! ziamela Loon owner of Jador Fashion and Mimi Juneau owner of Mimi’s Choice... read more

New Designs at Tres Beau!

Top designer Kimmera Madison celebrated the grand re-opening of her new sim build on December 11 with a fabulous party and fashion show, featuring her beautiful new Tres Beau designs. All of us were chomping at the bit to get our sweaty little hands on those gorgeous clothes. And now, YES, the new designs are out at Tres Beau! Kimmera is one of the warmest and most popular designers on the grid, and her sim is an awesome place to shop – featuring formal, party, casual, and bridal wear as well as jewelry and accessories. Her latest foray – menswear – has garnered rave reviews, too. Feast your eyes on these wonderful designs. FORMAL   PARTY   DAYTIME   MENSWEAR   See you at Tres Beau!... read more

New Fashions from The Graceful Lily!

Looking for some glamorous gowns for the holidays? Hot chic party or clubwear? Look no further than The Graceful Lily.   Designer Talia LeFavre has created beautiful clothes for the holidays – made subtly sexy with her brilliant creation of sheer textures that are see-through …but only just. This isn’t that screaming, in-your-face exposure… no, it’s the kind that whispers until the admirer’s eyes widen with appreciation.   From formal evening to party to nightclub, even separates for you to mix and match for any occasion, The Graceful Lily’s newest designs should definitely be on your holiday wish list.   Coming soon: read more

Icarus Rising Home & Lighting

Written by Rebekah Bagley Did you ever stumble into one of those unexpected delightful experiences? I’ll spare you (at least for now) all the details of what originally brought me to Icarus Rising Home & Lighting; to explain it all would be a story in and of itself. Upon arrival to the store, I felt fortunate to find the owner, Vince Vlodovic, and passed along some information I thought he should know. Of course, while there, I decided to have a look around his store and was very impressed by what I saw. Vince’s creations go far beyond attractive and stylish furnishings; I would later find out that, just like people, what matters is really what’s inside. “Well, in SL you have to have a source for media content,” Vince told me, “And what I have done is made it very easy to find things…the TV has a touch screen menu that makes setting it up and operating it very easy. It returns search results with pictures, so you can easily visualize what video or movie you want to watch and then touch the screen to play it.”     Vince Vlodovic started at the beginning of summer ’09 with a simple lighting store. “I had an idea on how to combine several effects into a prim lamp,” he said. “So going with that first script, I created a line of nice lamps.” Vince’s work would gradually rise from there to selling mostly televisions and media equipment. However, if you are in the market for more than just a television, Icarus Rising is still the place to shop.... read more

BOSL and Costa Rica Sims Announce Blog Partnership

Best of SL Magazine For Immediate Release BOSL & CO and Costa Rica Sims announce blog partnership Second Life (07 December 2009) – The Best of SL Magazine (BOSL) is pleased to announce that its website ( has agreed to act as the official fashion & living blog for Costa Rica Sims (     As the premiere in-world magazine in Second Life, BOSL will continue to provide its readers with the latest in SL style, fashion, and living, as well as content pertinent to the Costa Rican community, including information regarding Costa Rica news and events. Costa Rica’s presence on The Best of SL Magazine’s website will increase the exposure of the estate as well as bring new readers to the magazine. Having known Giancarlo Takacs almost since the very beginning of my time in Second Life, and being well acquainted with how his dedication to excellence mirrors that of BOSL, this new relationship seems a natural extension of our friendship and a reflection of a past that includes other mutually beneficial projects between the two companies, including the presence of MISS COSTA RICA in the upcoming MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010. Giancarlo’s support has been an invaluable asset in the past, and together BOSL and Costa Rica take a step towards a future in which the Costa Rica community expands its Second Life exposure, and BOSL continues its mission to bring the very best of Second Life to a wider range of readers. It is my hope that this is the beginning of more joint ventures in the future. Best, Frolic Mills CEO & Publisher BOSL &... read more

Roule: New Releases & New Main Store

Designer isaa Gelber introduced her new brand “Roule” earlier this year, and it has enjoyed success with its new and different hairstyles. In fact, Roule has been so successful that isaa has formed a partnership with Mariah Bressig, opened a new main store, and added new items to the line. Reprinted below is the notice isaa sent out, complete with new information, photos of some of the new styles, and the new landmark. This looks like a cool place to shop! Roule – with the passage of time this simple and small hair shop grew, always improving, and did its best to please everyone. After the success of the old collection, I have partnered with Mariah Bressig, we made new investments. Now Roule has a Main Store in a new land, and that land contains 8 smaller stores for rental to shops. Anyone interested send an IM to isaa Gelber and Mariah Bressig. Roule is now expanding, to cover not only hair, but also skirts, dresses, shoes and glasses. We made this new collection with love! Notice: The old store is now closed, and we have a new location. Join the Roule group for updates and gifts. – isaa Gelber – Mariah... read more

New Footwear from Nardcotix!

Nardya Rousselot is one of Second Life’s brightest lights. A brilliant builder, Nardya turned her talents to designing clothing not quite a year ago, and her brand Nardcotix soon became the darling of runway shows and fashion enthusiasts throughout the grid. Nardya extended her skills to menswear and tattoos and accessories, and, again, these skillfully made items were a success. Nardya most recently has turned her eye on shoes, and she’s been having a lot of fun with her newest style adventure, as well as creating some really beautiful footwear. Technical perfection and an artist’s eye combine in these newest releases from Nardcotix. Oh, and I’ve had a tiny peek at what she’s working on next. Think ruby slippers and glam stilettos to die for…... read more

Chantkare’s Winter Collection Released!

Applonia Criss of Chantkare just keeps getting better and better. The new Chantkare Winter Collection is a pure triumph of style and panache, offering original designs for the discriminating woman, from casual to daytime chic to striking evening wear. Feast your eyes on this fabulous collection, and don’t even pretend to resist!     Oh, did I say the “discriminating woman?” Let me hasten to announce, my friends, that Appl is now designing for the Second Life male, too! Distinctive and sophisticated menswear that will set the discriminating man apart from the crowd.   Finally, this just in… There’s a huge Fall Sale at the Chantkare Main Shop in Tabula Rasa, with many selected items marked down. Go upstairs for great bargains on fabulous fall fashions! read more

Tekeli-li Releases New Avatar: Calypso!

Tekelili Tantalus has released another complete Avatar ensemble – Calypso. And she’s beautiful!     Tek is known for his wonderful fantasy avatars, clothing, jewelry, weapons, and accessories, available only at the Tekeli-li shops. And Calypso is a marvelous addition to the Tekeli-li collection.  Here’s an excerpt from the description included with the ensemble: “Calypso is a complete fantasy outfit named for a legendary Grecian sea nymph, the daughter of the titaness Tethys. She figures in the Odyssey, where she keeps Ulysses upon her island for seven years.”   Calypso comes in several color choices and includes a modifiable avatar shape, boots, and a stylized krysblade (dagger), scripted to sheathe and unsheathe. There are multiple clothing pieces crafted of both sculpted and traditional prims that are copy/mod for backups and resizing.   Calypso is wonderfully compatible with tattoos, and the clothing pieces come with multiple attach points for easier coordination with other attachments and different looks.   You can find Calypso as well as other great Tekeli-li designs at the following store locations: Tekeli-li! in Second Life Flickr group –... read more

Tres Beau Grand Re-Opening Invitation!

You’re familiar with the marvelous clothing designs of Tres Beau, right? Elegant, lavish evening gowns; fetching, chic party wear, distinctive day and casual wear, great costume jewelry and accessories… designer Kimmera Madison brings you all this at Tres Beau.     Now we’re all in for a real treat: Tres Beau’s Grand Re-opening is December 11, and it promises to be a real celebration. Fashion shows at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. SL Time, Live music, prizes, fashion, and fun all day! Your invitation is right here. See you at Tres Beau!... read more

Introducing New Skin Lines from Aleida!

Creating quality skins is incredibly difficult. (Note I said “quality” skins.) So much attention must be paid to every tiny detail, every shade, every skin tone, every body part. There are lots of “skinners” in Second Life, but there are, in my opinion, only maybe 5 or 6 really extraordinary ones. I am always pleased when I see a designer try their hand at skins and actually do a good job. And we have a winner. I’m very happy to introduce you to the new skin lines of Aleida!    Aleida Rhodes is already a popular and successful fashion designer, with everything from casual to formal to haute couture to shoes and accessories. And now she has turned her talents to creating skins. So far she has two lines – “Bjorg” and “Freya” – in multiple skin tones. (More to come soon, says Aleida.)     I’m very picky when it comes to skins. And let me tell you, Aleida has done a superb job. The details are good, the lips are lush and well drawn, the makeup colors are lovely, and she’s made some of the finest, most natural freckled skin I’ve ever seen.   It used to be that we chose one skin in a range of makeup colors and stuck to it for ages. Things have changed. With the drop in cost of many top skin lines and the rise in virtual fashion sophistication, it’s not unusual to wear multiple skin lines for different moods and purposes. I hope you enjoy the photos here, and I hope you’ll stop by the Aleida store to try some... read more

Major Sale at LionSkins!

As Lion Jonesford, creator and owner of LionSkins, says, “Something BIIIIIG is about to emerge from the jungle…! Will you be ready???” We can only assume she is busy designing another stunning skin line to be launched soon, which will be an exciting event for certain. Lion promises details will come in the near future. But this impending launch means good luck for all of us, because Lion has drastically reduced prices on some top lines, just in time for Christmas! And the prices are unbelievable. “Cana” skins for L$300!   “Yin” skins in the “Dark” shades for L$400!   “Yang” skins in the “Fair” shades for L$300!   ALL OTHER SKIN LINES REDUCED TO L$300!!! This is an amazing event, and one you shouldn’t miss. LionSkins are among the most coveted on the grid, so hurry down to the LionSkins main store and grab yours while these sale prices are in effect!... read more

Presenting CCD’s MVW Finalist Jewels!

The Miss Virtual World pageant celebrates not only the beauty and charm of the contestants, but also the work of the best designers and content creators in Second Life. Perhaps the brightest showpiece of the top finalists is the jewelry they receive in recognition of their achievement. Many fine jewelers submitted designs for consideration, but only one could be chosen. And the jeweler selected to provide the jewelry set for the first, second, third, and fourth runners up is… Caithlin Carter of CCD: Caithlin Carter Designs. We thought our readers might enjoy seeing Caithlin’s handiwork up close. Although the Miss Virtual World Finalists set will be exclusive to the lovely runners up, this beautiful set is representative of the fine jewelry of this talented designer.   Oh, in addition to fine jewelry, CCD also offers eyelashes, piercings, formal dresses, prim nails, and wedding sets. Congratulations, Caithlin, well done!... read more

Prism New Release 1/2 Price!

Journey McLaglen, CEO and designer for Prism, announced her newest release tonight: the Loxley Sweater Set. This cozy new winter outfit includes 15 pieces – yes, I said fifteen! – including knitted skirt, mock turtleneck top, cardigan with sculpted cuffs, sculpted belt, two different sculpted scarves, knitted stockings with sculpted tops, and matching booties. There are four beautiful colors to pick from.  Special note to Prism Group members: for 24 hours you can get this 15-piece outfit for half price! Journey told me, “From now on, when I introduce a new outfit, I am selling it for half price for 24 hours. I think that will help my subscribers.”  Hats off to Journey for being sensitive to the difficult economic times. Another nice plus for all shoppers – if you purchase any of the Loxley sets, you get a fantastic gift: Gala Hair designed by Midas Blazer, in three colors — Blonde, Red and Brunette!   Journey says be sure you don’t forget the dollarbie — a holiday special featuring Season’s Greetings sweater, jeans and boots.   By the way, Journey also designed a special Christmas edition of the Loxley set to be sold on behalf of the American Heart Association. You can get the Christmas outfit at Glance. See you at the Prism main store!... read more
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