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Costa Rica: Hippie Hippie Shake!

Think Pink! Costa Rica residents and friends put on their psychodelic threads and journeyed to the Breast Cancer Awareness Save The Boobies Kick-Off party. DJ MikeeGemini arrived, entourage in tow. Not that he stopped there. The dance floor was swimming in colors as everyone danced away to classics from the 60’s through the Disco days of the 70’s. Chase Roddenham got his wish several times with excellent requests that set the party on fire. So many donations were made with even more people arriving and giving for the cause. DJ Mike set a challenge for himself to not talk through a whole song. If you’ve been to any of his sets, you will know this is quite hard for him. LOL. But lo and behold, he did it! Though I heard that he was still typing to someone but that wasn’t part of the deal so its cool. Several of the people that are up for bidding in the Date-Auction such as redhairgenie Cabassoun were on hand as well as Carmichael Caudron, LesPaul Ibanez, Chase and Solitaire, Deecee Zuzu, DzinWiz Babii, Willy and Niche and Gnosis Acanthus in the most blinding outfit this side of the planet and Tosha Bergan showed us all how to stand up to glitches and crashes with her very clever protest sign. It was inspiring to see so many people from so many walks of life come together to fight cancer with not just their lindens but their time. And don’t forget the Date Auction Saturday August 21, 2010 1:00pm – 4:00pm slt. You can see all the far out photos of our Hippie... read more

Modeling 102 – Olyvia Goes to Modeling School

Hello again, Pixel Peeps!  I’m in my second week of the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, and today’s class was Modeling 102, with the ever lovely and informative Miss Dancer Dallagio as our instructor. Dancer is pretty much a legend in the world of haute couture modeling, being one of Stiletto Moody’s right hand women, as well as carving out a huge niche in the world of modeling in her own right.  She has done a myriad of fashion shows and print advertising campaigns, and she is giving generously to new models, the benefit of her vast store of knowledge.  She started out by telling us, the students, about how important making your own look is to any model.  One must endeavour to stand out in a world like SL, where everybody can be beautiful and well dressed.  She stressed to us that finding your own “look” is a very important part of modeling.  One doesn’t want to see oneself coming and going, as it were, so the idea is to take an outfit and make it “yours.”  Whether that look is accomplished by, say, a custom hair color that you’ve made yourself, or by the use of complimentary textures in your clothing, or maybe by using different accessories to dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit, a good model finds her own unique look or style. She also stressed editing prims to fit properly, which has always been one of my pet peeves.  So many folks out there just don’t spend the time necessary to make their prim clothing and accessories fit properly and it can ruin a very... read more

Costa Rica Sims: Save The Boobies!

“SAVE the BooBiES–KICK OFF PARTY” Breast Cancer Awareness – Date Auction When: Sun Aug 8th, 2010 Performer: DJ MikeeGemini Time: 12pm SLT – 2pm SLT Attire: Hippie style with splash of PiNk Let’s Party like *ROCKSTARS* Cost Rica Style with the CRAzY “DJ MiKeeGemini” for 2 hours of pure FUN!!!!!! So get your “Hippie” clothes with a splash of PINK & make it SEXY!!!!! Slurl:... read more

Lovely in Pink

Yayyy finaly weekend again and what to do better in the weekend the relaxing and hanging out. Mostly i am real girly girl who loves pink haha so i was checking my inventory and found some new releases from **TKO** also know as Totaly Knockedout with designs by Kirsty Oherlihy. Time to be cute and presenting you my pinky mood incl all accessory with it ofcourse. The pink top i am wearing is the Alex Top in Pink and i have combinate it with the Nia Jeans in Pink. The back of the top is very low so you will be very sexy in it, so dont wiggle to hard at a party, or the male willl all faint. Both the top and the jeans comes in more colors, so you can combinate in any kind of way. At TKO you will also find some nice accessory like bangles and tattoo’s. With this cute pinky outfit i am wearing the **TKO** Lianne Bracelets Silver & Black Leather. My necklace and earrings are the Virtual Impressions Madison Knot Jewelry set in Black Pearls by Chrissy Ambrose. My nails are from Mandala. My hair is the Maitreya Nimue in Caramel. On this pic you also see the low back from the **TKO** Alex top To complete my outfit i am matching it with the Marina Belt in Black from Indyra Originals and omg a girl cant go out without her bag. The bag i am having today is the Ireben Leather Color also from Indyra Originals. The bag got a color changing option so you can make it fit with everything... read more

Ruins Showcases Zeppelin Spectacular

Whispering Ruins Alternative Club presented an audio-visual spectacular, “The Song Remains the Same,” on Friday August 6th to a packed house.   DJ/Emcee CapUSA Skytower, CEO of Whispering Ruins, put together a video mix of some of Led Zeppelin’s classic works to a very appreciative crowd.  Whispering Ruins is an incredible venue itself – a huge coliseum with pillars and seating in the round.   The Ruins is actually comprised of two clubs, the expansive auditorium in which the Zeppelin screening was being held and the Parthenon. The whole region is designed uniquely and with detail.    On this night, most of the attendees were dancing in their 70s rock wear in the open coliseum.  It was a themed party with 1000L up for grabs.   We were encouraged to set our screen to midnight, and between the video performance on the mega screen and the brilliant neon hues from some of the contestants’ outfits, it was definitely a learning experience for the uninitiated and a flashback for others.   Tomorrow Solo, the PR person for the venue, was dressed in her psychedelic tied-dyed mini skirt set.    Others were dressed in pink, lime, and leather.   The music mix was brilliant and seamless, with the video tracks carefully chosen and arranged.  DJ Skytower promises more Zepplin shows in the future.   Join Whispering Ruins for notices on future events.   Attendees included Whispering Ruins Hosts Brez Landar & Flower Dagostino, Alani Paine, Amalfia Hanly, Blue Galaga, Bodach Hermit, Bong Toxx, Buggieu Adored, Cameron Milasevic, Cloeh Ormidale, Coko Leissa, Coralie Bilasimo, Dana Luckless, Dendril Harcourt, Dick Gaboian,  Dollyanna Dagger, fabio Greybeard, Gabriella Molinari,  HotRodJohnny Gears, Leandro Doune, Mel Texan, Mo Bing, Pangur Moonites, Orie Rembrandt, Rayon Sands, Renan Bathori, Roxxie Bubble, Scarlett Bardenboar,... read more

Costa Rica Sims Productions: KINGS & QUEENS Fashion Show

** Costa Rica Sims Production Presents ** KINGS & QUEENS Fashion Show When: Saturday Aug 21st, 2010 Time: 12pm – 1pm SLT Attire: Anything fashionable Ladies & Gentleman the Costa Rica runway will ignite with couture line by KINGS & QUEENS fashions. So hold on for a fashion show you don’t want to miss… Elegance & Classy is all you need to remember… Slurl:... read more

Noon at Nine

Some danced with their pixel toes on the white sands of Ookamishima and others danced along the beach in the pastel blue waters topped with white tipped rippled waves.  It was a late summer beach party that began at noon, bringing together good friends and acquaintances.  Club Nine Owner Umberto Giano enjoyed the cool waters and the great turn-out.   Umberto wanted to share his gorgeous new sim – a wonderful beachfront with a lighthouse in the distance and a nearby pool shack with free goodies from sponsors Chantkare and Glitterati Gay Poses. My assignment was to photograph the sexy, sleek oiled bods of Second Life caught grooving to the awesome tunes of BOSL Radio’s Bren Bretts and Atreyu Witrial.  In actuality, it was a cool way to take the regular Monday dance party at Club Nine at the Warehouse to the beach ( BTW, a 15K prize went to the summer’s steamiest stud!  I had to go on-air at BOSL Radio before I found out who won.  I will save that tidbit for the September Best of SL Magazine society & events section.   If you missed the beach party, it is okay – it’s always a blast at Club Nine, Mondays, 8-10PM SLT, SL’S Newest and Hottest Mix of Men and Music, at the Warehouse on Club Road: 🙂... read more

Olyvia Goes to Modeling School

Hiya Peeps!  Your intrepid music columnist has taken a dip in the modeling pool!  Frolic Mills was kind enough to allow me to go to the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy so that I can tell you about my experiences as I dip my little toe into the wonderful world of professional modeling, and then tell you all about it!  I will be blogging all the classes in the series and telling you every week about what I learn. The first class, Modeling 101, was held today and the instructor was the lovely and talented Miss Kay Fairey.  Kay’s style was very down to earth and she took all the time necessary to instruct the students in how to walk a straight line on a runway.  You would think that walking a straight line comes naturally to all of us inworld, but it really doesn’t.  She patiently explained her method, instructed us on what kind of animations to aquire, and the right sort of equipment to hold those poses, as well as how to start with a base pose and a walk. A base pose is the pose that you start with when you are not using an animation override.  Most good models don’t use one.  They use a walk replacer and a quick start mini Huddles (or 6) to hold their poses, from which they select the poses they will use to model whatever it is that they are showing.  This method tends to work best in the often high lag situations that the professional models must work in.  We all know how difficult merely walking can become in a packed sim, let... read more

Costa Rica July Rezzdays!

Fishy happenings at this month’s Rezzdays party! The excellent theme was thought of by our Events Manager, Samantha Ohrberg and it certainly brought out the spirit in all. Mermaids and scuba divers and Tritons, oh my! DJ MikeeGemini Ghost was on hand and spun amazing tunes. He even got into the fun and threw on a great skin and costume! There were so many people trying to get it and with more people being invited, everyone had to work out a shift. Sadly, some of our Rezzday babies couldn’t be with us. Azu is still on vacation but we partied hard in his honor xD I spotted quite a few resident regulars, including Solitaire and Chase who I haven’t seen in a little while and looked outstanding. Rezzday baby Malate Banufong was decked out in scuba gear. Carmichael Caudron had me in stitches because I think he changed from a merman back into a human diver with a boombox. Or maybe it was the tequila I was sipping. Rezzday babies Jimy Pinion and Lacy Muircastle, along with Kikko Pinazzo, Udinetta Shilova, Tosha Bergan and so many more. I’m telling you it was packed to the gills 😛 A very happy rezzday to all our July babies: Azufr3, Deborah, DjCabello, Gort6, IndigoSky, Jimy, Kaari, Lacy, LesPaul, Madison, Malate, Melody, More, Reliquia, Tinita, Tristana, Udinetta & Valeri. Everyone looked amazing and I got loads of photos. You can see all of them on our Flickr page here. Until next month, OMG the dogdays of August! See you all then! peace,... read more

Breast Cancer Awareness DATE AUCTION

In the spirit of giving back, the Gardens of Absentia’s Pool of Hope Charities, our friends, relatives, and loved are invited to participate in this event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research. In Association with Costa Rica Sims, KMADD Enterprise, Best Of SL Magazine, Nuki Nuki Beach & Gardens Of Absentia 2010 Pool of Hope Charities, Women 60 miles in 3 days for a Cure ++++Breast Cancer Awareness DATE AUCTION++++ Saturday August 21, 2010 1:00pm – 4:00pm slt Pre-bidding opens Saturday July 31, 2010 All funds collected from the 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Date Auction will be passed on to the Komen 60 miles in 3 days for a Cure ((Women 60 miles in 3 days for a Cure)) . Two year ago we raised over $L600,000 is will be great to equal that number. DATE AUCTION Need a date for that special occasion, want to change things up from that “regular” you have been hanging with, or have you always wanted to go out with that person but never had your chance??? Do not be bashful – now is your time to explore the inner you and express it in a very positive way! Bid on that Babe or Dude and benefit breast cancer research at the same time. Go to the “Date Board” and select your target dates(s) – yes always have a plan B ready! HOW DO I BID? There will be auction board’s rezzed in the event area to collect pre-bids. The same auction boards will be used to collect final bids and select winners. Only one person will have the... read more

July Events Costa Rica style!

Costa Rica Sims together with BOSL, KMADD & Gardens of Absentia sponsored the BCA Music Festival For A Cure with a list of performances by Ronus LeFevre, Ian Bleac, StrumDiesel, Rock Doghousein, just to name a few in an event that lasted eight hours right here in the beautiful Ladies Society Botanical Gardens on Alajuela sim. Decked out in pink leis everyone was gathered for the cause and I have it on good authority that over 82,000L was raised! All were in great spirits and gardens were packed with people and couples dancing and enjoying the music. It was wonderful to see so much unity gathered together with the same goal. With the one of a kind speedboat by Ellison Designs was up for auction. A “Miami Vice” style Scarab 38 KV custom speed boat and the winner will be announced soon. I’ll keep you posted. At one point, Ronus Lefevre led everyone with a rousing rendition of “Purple Rain”, complete with actual purple rain particles and lightening. Thought that was quite clever myself 😀 The Breast Cancer Awareness has a lot planned right into September including a Date Auction. The pre-bidding boards open Saturday, July 31st here at Costa Rica Sims in the Botanical Gardens with final bidding on Saturday, August 21. The Ladies Society Friendship Ball had an extra element of celebration this month with it being the day before the 4th of July. I managed to get some beautiful captures of the couples including Miss Costa Rica Sims Nisa Constantine with her beau Iwan Sweetwater. Costa Rica resident redhairgenie Cabassoun once again drew my camera to... read more

Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

We are pleased to announce the opening of entries for the Miss Costa Rica Sims Pageant 2011. Continuing our tradition of finding the most beautiful woman to represent the estate, it has come time to find our next Miss Costa Rica Sims who will win a staggering amount of cash and prizes valued at over L$100,000 and the opportunity to represent our beautiful estate in the Miss Virtual World Pageant. The Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 pageant will be held on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 12 noon SLT, as the capstone event of our 3rd Anniversary Celebration. It also will include a wide variety of rehearsals and activities during the month before the pageant. Please make sure that you will be able to have the time to commit to the pageant before passing along your entry. Contestants wishing to enter the Miss Costa Rica Sims pageant are in for an exciting few weeks. In order to be eligible for the pageant, interested participants must be a Resident of the Costa Rica Sims. In addition, participants must NOT have participated in either The Miss Costa Rica Sims or The Miss Virtual World Pageant in prior years. For further information, please read the following guidelines on how to enter: Entries: Ladies who are interested in entering the Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 Pageant should submit an entry folder titled Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 (Your Name). Within the folder, please include a note card stating: Your Name, why do you think you would be a good representative of the Costa Rica Sims, as well as you location of residence within... read more

Vanity Hair

Today i am presenting you some of the new releases by Tabata Jewell designer for Vanity Hair. Like Tabata says her self this hair is the greatest hair for runway models or just for non conventonal avatars and i can only agree with her. You will find many hair styles at her shop and they are all full of Style, Elegance and creativity. People will definately makes heads turn towards you when you are wearing it. All the hair is fully modify so you can adjust it to your shape so it will look beautiful and perfect on everyone. Tabata works close with Lion Jonesford designer of Lion Skins, the hairbase hairs at Vanity hair are made to match wth Lion Skins new line : NOVA. On the pictures you see me wearing the new Nova Skins also. But ofcourse you can also use them wth many other hairbase skins or get hairbases at shops like Miamai and W&Y. On the pictures you see me wearing !VA!Samsara! Blond, !VA!Tiffany’s Blond and Light Soil, Street Life Vainille, Avon Blond and last but not least Venice Brown Think it will be a good moment to tell you that it is time to go Hair shopping. Go to Vanity Hair and shop till you drop. Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda... read more

Lion Skins – Nova Blond, Red and Pink

I already have been showing you the new Nova skin from Lions skins a few weeks ago and omg they now have new nova skins but with blond, red and pink hairbase. Ofcourse you choose to use the hairbase or not. All 3 new lines comes with new make-up, i will bet you will love the creativity and energy Lion has put into it. They are unique as always. I will show you one of the skins of each new line. Also with these 3 new colors Vanity hair has made a hair that comes with the skin and she got many more hairs wich you can use on the new skins from Lions Skin. Soon i will show you some of them. Time to visit the new mainstore of Lions Skins and keep your eyes open because soon she will have a new skinline again Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda... read more

Lance’s Wish For You at PAL

  Today at Pop Art Lab, Lance Rembrandt released his new CD album, I Wish You Were Here, live from his studio.    He has a way of blending timeless pop favorites into his original tunes, alas a unique way of interacting with his audience and sequeing from song to song within a song.  It is a wonderful talent for a live performer.  His original tunes, like “City Lights,” are filled with thought-provoking lyrics that take you back to a moment in time. Lance thanked BOSL Radio CO-CEO Persia Bravin and PAL CEO Claus Uriza for hosting this event.  Editorial Clarity interviewed Lance earlier Thursday on BOSL radio.    Lance got the audience to dance in the rain to a song of the same title.   He mentioned how his debut release in RL was super hot in an outside auditorium.  So laughingly, he joked about how much cooler it was to be in a SL controlled environment as he streamed live from his studio.    He songs relate to people and he is surely a down-to-earth musician and storyteller. The audience had a blast dancing, and the event was more than a success – it was freaking fun!  Look for his album and his RL and SL performances.   And look for other Pop Art Lab performances at Find out more about Lance Rembrandt at  and email him at 🙂... read more


A shop who isnt always in the spotlight is *X*plosion with designs by Kaliha Noel *X*plosion not only have fabolous clothes but they also have hair, shoes, jewelry, skins, shapes and much more. A store for women and men, i know you all will love it. Today’s shop isnt a formal shop but you will find casual, grunge, urban, punk etc. The first outfit i am presenting is *X*plosion LaceJeans OutfitWhiteLace in black. This outfit comes with a jeans pants and jeans skirt. The whitelace indicates that cute extra on the outfit.This outfit also comes in red, brown, white, blue and light blue. I have styled it with the Kayli diamants hair from *X*plosion with the Madison Knot Jewelry in Black Pearls from Virtual Impressions.Nails are Mandala. The heels are the *X*plosion Beauty Shoes and you can choose to wear the long or short version. Here i am wearing the short one. My 2th outfit is the *X*plosion CrazyBuisness SkirtOutfit (black/red version) This outfit is adorable and will make you the sexy girl next door. You can wear it in many different wayes. When you get the outfit you will have 2 different skirts with prim, 2 jackets, 1 shirt with arm prim, 4 different gloves, 2 pair of different socks and that cute collar with tie, i so love that tie it just giving it the finishing touch. Again i combinate this outfit with the Kayli diamants hair ( you can change the topcolor) and the beauty shoes. The 3th outfit is the *X*plosion SummerGlance Outfit Part 2 (brown/peach version) and it comes in 6 styles with different... read more

RFL – Designers Running for Hope

Just a short note about a wonderful event that kicked off Saturday – I hope you had a chance to join in BOSL’s WALK OF HOPE to honor all the designers who contributed to Relay For Life (RFL)  this year.   Designers, BOSL staff, and readers celebrated by walking the track, some of them all night at the Temple of Hope.   Walkers (and joggers) were still going strong at midnight, with 1,281 avatars still relaying at the RFL sims.   The 2010 SL Relay for Life theme is “Wishing on a Cure,” and the idea of walking around the track all night was to illustrate how the fight against cancer never sleeps. The Relay for Life of Second Life included music events, and an all-night radio broadcast that could be heard around the track. A beautiful address by RFL Teams Chair Panza Eilde (above) opened the event officially with her humble appreciation for contributions in talent and resources from SL designers.  Their donations help significantly toward raising funds and awareness for RFL and Cancer research, she reminded us all. Moreover, on Sunday, July 18th, one of the three Temples of Hope in SL will be auctioned off at the RFL live auction.   “It could serve as an art gallery, chic shop, cathedral or fashion runway.  All proceeds go to RFL!!,” explains BOSL CEO Frolic Mills.  He  adds,  “At 50 K this is a steal! – come check it out !!” Donate!!!! for a wonderful cause, 🙂 ... read more

Mankind! Video Streaming Live

Mankind Tracer performed to a packed theater at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. It was the debut of his new album, “The Depth of Shadows,” and the launch of his video stream as he performed in SL and live from his RL studio.    BOSL Radio’s Persia Bravin, labella Farella, and Editorial Clarity sat near the front of the auditorium for an intimate look at the RL/SL singing superstar in action.   Persia interviewed Mankind earlier today on the radio during the BOSL morning show.  Edi and labella handed over the stream to the duo for the more than an hour interview.   (For more about the interview, click here.) “Standing room only” resulted in a few crashes and some typical lag.  But with an auditorium this massive, and it being filled to the brim, who would not expect such minor inconveniences.   Others in attendance included LaPiscean Liberty, CEO of AVIEW.TV, who assisted with the video stream.   BOSL CEO Frolic Mills, Shoutcast Owner Tammy Toll, RL/SL singer CraigLyons Writer, and POP Lab CEO Claus Uriza, among other SL celebs and biz moguls, were enjoying the show near the front.   The Tracerettes were beautifully and sheerly decorated with feathers, and that added a bit of eye candy to the already gorgeous surroundings. If you missed the debut, buy the album at Mankind’s Sweet Spot on the Bay, Happy Listening! 🙂 ... read more

In Depth with Mankind

BOSL CO-CEO Persia Bravin interviewed Mankind Tracer at his Sweet Spot on the Bay today for BOSL Radio in preparation for the launch of his new album at Patch Thibaud Auditorium at 2pm SLT and via video stream live from his studio.   The Bay area provided the ideal spot for a laid back interview with Mankind hosted by the lovely Persia, with a voice that glides into the microphone and out through the airwaves.   The radio interview was filled with chuckles and great memories.  BOSL Morning DJS Editorial Clarity and labella Farella were on hand to chime in during the interview.  Fans sat around and listened, kicking back to enjoy the new tunes and the great conversation. Mankind is down-to-earth, and has a great sense of humor in RL and SL.   Be sure to ask him about his rock-n-roll days with his long hair and leather in the mid 1990s at a bridal shower, and Persia’s idea for a new SL song – Pixel Boom Boom (LOL).   As Mankind debuted his tracks from his new album The Depth of Shadows, Persia asked him about his inspiration for composing his songs, changes in Second Life over the past few years and his close bond with his audience in RL and SL.  The full recording of Persia’s Mankind Tracer interview on the BOSL Breakfast show can be heard at Mankind is an Award Winner for the SL Residents Choice Award for Favorite Live Musician 2009, Best Live SL Performer 08 from BOSL, and Vain, Inc 08 Readers Choice Award for Best SL Live Musician. Admittedly, he prefers performing the SL stage:  “Right of the bat, this is... read more

Feed a Smile Fashion Show

I could not resist, and had to pop over to the Feed a Smile charity fund-raiser to check out the fashion show on Thursday morning.   This event was one among many planned through Sunday to raise money for Kenyan children.  The African runway is elegantly draped with white netting from above.   Thatched weavings and tribal themes adorn the viewing area.   Every seat under the tent was filled, and the attendees seemed pleased with the beautiful array of designs presented at the showing. The emcee was Virlea Laminsk (above), and the show director was Mellificent Juneberry (below) Models included:  Jambabe Crystal, angelik Lavecchia,  Jenie Jennings, Blac Quartz, Darling Tomorrow, QueenBrat Bracken, and CindyS Tatham. Designs were from sf Designs, Jazmyn D, Coe Dust Designs, Inga Wind Designs, Moonbeam, Sascha’s Designs, Bliss Couture, and G&N Quality Designs. Attendees included:  babebutterfly Xue, Brique Topaz (CEO, Live & Learn Kenya), Chain Enyo, dixiesweet28 Twine, Georg Stonewall (CEO, G&N Quality Design), Jazmyn Diesel (CEO, Jazmyn D), Kandi Coeyman (Coe Dust Designs), Mellificent Juneberry (FAS, Fashion Director), Nikki Heron (CEO, G&N Quality Design), NLDEL55 Fairlady, Jovial Jewell, Penny Raleigh (CEO, Pen’s Gems), RAS Mills,  Tara Bluemood, and ZombieToy Fretwerk (CEO, Walking Dead Photography),  among others.   Events are listed here: Next fashion show is Saturday, 11PM – 1PM SLT. 🙂 ... read more

Feed a Smile

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.” – African proverb That proverb is aptly featured on one of posters promoting Feed a Smile this week.   Through July 18th, a series of activities will continue to raise money for children in the slums of Kenya.    The event is part of the larger mission of Live and Learn in Kenya, an international NGO based in Selb, Germany (and now in Second Life).  The NGO is a registered not-for-profit organization, with 100% of the donations reaching the needs of those lovely children. Rows of logos display the many supporting sponsors, and there are too many to name or show here. Bamboo and straw galleries showcase African themed paintings and photography.  DJs and music events keep this little African village setting a fun place to visit.   Wednesday night, it was the Rolling Stones tribute band.     Catch live musicians and tribute bands through the week.  Be sure to take in a fashion show, and savor the authentic runaway designed for this event.  Kicking off Thursday morning is a fashion show, and the fashion shows conclude Saturday.  But other activities continue through Sunday. Make a weekend of it, attending the Feed a Smile activities, and donate some Linden love: 🙂 ... read more

Nardcotix MANA Chelo

The perfect accessory for all your summery skirts, shorts, and dresses, these wedge shoes stacked heels; woven, with strappy uppers is definitely one of the best choices for summer This fun sandals with crisscrossing straps that wrap the forefoot with a slender ankle strap and lofty wedge fitted with a lightly padded footbed is from Nardcotix. Nardcotix MANA Chelo stilettos feature a fresh design perfect for summer.  They come in 10 variations. The HUD allows you to pick nail polish for toenails.  All Mana HUDs are compatible with all Mana shoes, and all the acquired nail art can be loaded into any HUD making them available for any pair of shoes from the NX-Nardcotix MANA Collection. If high heels and strappy uppers get you’re attention, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at these sexy wedge sandals. Get yours from Nardcotix Mainstore today! 🙂 Luv, Miaa Model: Miaa Rebane | Pic by Miaa... read more

Yacht Getaways and Secret Gardens

In Second Life, you can bet there is always a wonderful runway event.  I captured some photos of two events today – a runway show on the Azure Yacht and the other was romantically reminiscent of the mysteries of summer.   It was the grand opening of AZURE YACHTS!  The event was hosted by Boulevard Agency. The Azure Yacht we boarded was gorgeous and packed with CEOs, media types, and stunning models (and those who could easily pass for one).    What an incredibly fun theme for a runway show!   Early on, there were 65 attendees, and more kept popping in.   Hard to get a pic without gray people, so you have to imagine all the fun if you missed it.  BOSL CEO Frolic Mills was one of the prominent guests, enjoying a front row seat, having sent out warnings to BOSL members to get their early.  He knew this event was special!  Lovely and handsome models, elegant fashions for men and women, and the Second Life elite make for a wonderful fantasy runway adventure on the high fashion seas.  The Azure is the largest yacht ever built in Second Life, complete with a runway and dreamy models adorned with the jewelry of Gems and Kisses and the new collection of shoes by Nardya Rousselot.  THE SECRET GARDEN The House of Dashwood today presented The Secret Garden, a runway show sponsored by Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency and Academy (UEMA) at the Ravenna Estate in Saint Lucia – pretty models with graceful moves set to the runway in a garden theme.    Some photos tell a bit of the story, but the ending depends on the wearer.  The Secret... read more

Metaverse Arts Debut

The new show Metaverse Arts makes its debut today  (Saturday July 10th at 2pm) live from the Labyrinth Theater in Avalon Town. First up is SL Artist Winter Nightfire, who will chat about her art and how SL has impacted her life and art. The second half of the show features RIPPLE, an immersive art exhibit by Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield that made its own debut last weekend.  Here’s links to pics and machinima of the opening ceremonies on July 3rd at the NMC’s Ars Simulacra.  Watch the live recording of today’ show Metaverse Art at the Speaker’s Hall in the Avalon Art District, You can also view the live taping of the show at A launch party follows the show. 🙂... read more

Summer Faire

This weekend take a ride on the Chilbo side of Second Life.    Ferris Wheel, Waterslide, Fun House, Spooky House and a slew of rides and activities continue this weekend, along with some classic events like snail races.   Join in the fun and attend the all day entertainment event, LeagueStock. 🙂... read more

LeeZu BeachBum Boots

OMG LeeZu news again and she surprised us again with a new release, not with an amazing outfit but with some very cute beach boots. The BeachBum Boots with a cherry blossum pattern comes in 8 stylish and glossy colors (Black, Blue, Brown,graybrown, mauve, olive, pink, violet) It is your own choice to wear the boots with or without the cute little doll. The boots are made without invisible prims and are attached to the feet without any scripts in it. The boots costs 290L$ and for the fatpack with all 8 colors you will pay only 1160L$ that is a discount of more then 1000L$ I know for sure that you will love them, when you see them they will steal your fashionhart so get them now….. so run to LeeZu Styling and picture credits Linnda... read more

Di’s Opera

This post is for anyone who is modeling, blogging, making pictures, or doing art work. It is time to show you some new poses at the grid. Di Hoorenbeek isnt only a fantastic model and shape maker she now also is making poses and omg i bet you will love them. Di has made two series with amazing, stylish Editorial poses, these poses are created with edgy/haute couture fashion shoots in mind. I am showing you both series she has made until now. On the pictures i am wearing some nice red/black lingerie from Angel Dessous Go and check those poses at Di’s Opera and while you are there gives some attention to those amazing shapes also. You can try demo’s first. Model, Stylist, photographer Linnda... read more

Bodyline ~ Sara Skin

Today i am presenting you some new skins at Bodyline designed by Nedeko Kohime. Not just a skin but they are really amazing Ethnicitiy – african. The skin line is named Sara and it not just a skin. The inspiration is taken by Sara Nuru, a german model with ethopian roots. This skin is full of elegance, divinity, stylish and most of all also very colorfull. Nedeko gave this line a real final touch with different high detailed makeups wich makes the skin special and stylish. You can choose to wear the skin with or without teeth option isnt that great. I have matched the Skin with hair from Boon At the moment there is a hunt at the shop and i find a skin at the shop (hiding in a bottle in the tree, but dont tell anyone lol) and ofcourse i wanted to show it to you. I styled this gift skin with TATTANOOGA-FACE TATTOO Netherlands because well tomorrow the Netherlands is in the half finals in the world cup so love to use it when i can and they have all country’s who joined the world cup. Time to bring a visit to Bodyline dont you think Stylist, Model and Photographer Linnda... read more

Mea Culpa

When you are looking for some High Fashion Avantgarde Haute Couture then you really need to vist the new brand on the grid Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa stands for extraordinary fashion for extraordinary women designed by Tatanka Kaligawa. Today i will show you some of his designs. When you vist Mea Culpa and get yourself one of there avantgarde and art designs you will look stylish with female elegancy. All heads will turn when you walk arround with these creative designs and make you stand out from the crowd My first design i am going to show you is Out of the Deep. “Out of the Deep” is an incredible aqua blue and luminescent gown fit for a mermaid made human featuring a long body hugging skirt with a criss/cross lattice of blue coral barbs  with a layered and tiered luminescent flowing skirt the trails our and up behind you as you walk. With a halter attached reverse V textured top with protective coral spikes and a tall spiral shell head dress your claim at Neptune’s bride will never disputed. Additional detailing on the right hip adds to the fantasy aspect of this creation. For this incredible design i used a blue skin from red queen. My second outfit is Purple Style Desaster. Purple Style Desaster: an stunning dress in purple featuring asymmetrical aspects throughout beginning with the Open in the center bodice with a fun double buttoned strap holding it in place from around your back and across a completely open left side. a long tight fitting skirt with a satin print right side and less shiny left... read more

Costa Rica Jumpin’ in June!

June was a stellar month for events at Costa Rica sims. The Community Ball at WK Ganesvoort’s primo show home was packed with revelers both residents and visitors alike to enjoy the smooth vocals of Ms Ceci Dover. I tell you, her entourage is extremely devoted. You’d think I’d have learned some spanish by now. 😛 Our Events Manager, Samantha Ohrberg has done an outstanding job keeping everyone updated with what events are coming up. Make sure to join us on Moolto so you can take part in the Natural Wonders Photo Contest. If you don’t know how to set it up, just let myself or Samantha know and we’ll get you sorted. Speaking of Natural Wonders, for the second time in a row, Dahlia Jayaram won the contest. This time with a beautiful shot of the underwater world in Costa Rica while scuba diving off the coast. That brings her winnings to 10,000L ladies and gentlemen! I’d break that camera out if I were you. Costa Rica Sims Producions had a stellar month with an all male fashion show “The Boys of Summer“. New director of CRS Productions Tempest Hennesy has taken the reins and turned out an outstanding show with some of the hottest men on Costa Rica working the runway including our own Mr Costa Rica 2010 Todd Anton and Mr Virtual World 2010 Mikey Batriani as well as former Mr Costa Rica 2009 Bjorn Delphin, Jaymz Pearl, LesPaul Ibanez and Oliver Grashnar were in fine form wearing new designs from Alphamale, B-Side Couture and *Connors*. This month’s Influentials tribute was to a truly beautiful and talented... read more
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