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Sunsets and Seashells

I can’t wait for real life work to be done. Tonight is another “girls night out.” I can have them any time I want, but my friends, being married, some even with a rugrat or two, the orchestrating becomes a bit more complex. We basically sit there hunched over our Iphones, crackberry’s or androids pecking away at our calendars until we find one night that is empty for us all. I love girls night out, it always reminds me of our carefree college days but more importantly, it reminds me I need to stop every once in a while and treasure the many gifts I’ve been given. The wonderful friends and their growing families, the state I live in, my job, all the beauty that surrounds me, and my education. I do think college is a gift, not all are lucky enough to be able to go but I believe education is the greatest gift of all. I know, how does that make sense, right? We all have the ability to expand our knowledge, to study, to learn from others, opportunity is all around us, everywhere we look. All we have to do is listen, ask, share. I plan to be a life long learner. I think Mark Twain said it just right when he was quoted,”Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Real learning comes from what we learn when our nose isn’t mashed in some book. Why this topic, why today? Some of my best education has come from this group of friends. They never cease to amaze me. Surround yourself with intelligence, sincerity and kindness and... read more

A rainy day

Springtime but after some amazing lovely weather in the netherlands the rain keeps falling. This is my mood today, rainy, cold but still love springtime. Today’s look  is a mix of LeeZu and Drift.  From LeeZu i am wearing the Victoria Pants and Blouse. The Victoria designs stands for sweet, chic and sophisticated. A high-wasted shorts combinated with a open blouse with on the sholders blooming extensions. The Tini Kini is a new release by Drift. The bikini comes with 4 different texture color collections all with an easy to use Texture Change Color hud.  The Tini Kini top and bottoms are sold separately to let you mix and match the colors.  So the top was so easy and nice to mix with the latest LeeZu designs. There is also a huge sale at LeeZu. Read more on her BLOG Hair: Dura Boy 41 Blouse: LeeZu Victoria Blouse Top: Drift Tini Kini – Wildlife Short: LeeZu Victoria Pants Gloves: LeeZu Nif Nif Gloves Sunglass: Elysium Kim mesh sunglasses – Classic grays *new* Earrings: Glam Affair Victoria Earrings White Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda... read more

Aaliyah – Glitterati by Sapphire

Feminine yet daring, that’s the latest gown, Aaliyah, from Glitterati by Sapphire.  The lace bodice is open and deeply cut but covers the essentials.  There are two skirt options, slim and another called flip flop.  Aaliyah comes with the hat, gloves, the choker and the belly jewels.  The colors shown are coral and vanilla. The earrings are Mystic Enchantress from Chop Zuey and coordinate beautifully with the Aaliyah choker. Hair is Sira from Amacci. My skin is the special Estelle skin from APS – APPARENCE SKINS & SHAPES currently at SYS Project for L$99.  More makeups may be found at the APS – APPARENCE mainstore.  More photos of Estelle may be found here.  More photos of Aaliyah may be found here.... read more


Styling Card: Dress: [AD] Waiting metal mesh dress [ for SEASONS OF COUTURE ] Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Fearless model – shinnig black [ for SEASONS OF COUTURE ] Lipstick: {Handmade} Lana Lipstick – All Colors Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * RINA * Eyelashes: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner... read more


  Yes, it’s surely a stressful period for me. I’m trying to working hard and, when I’ve done my job, I always get a cup of chamomile and devote myself to my favorite styling: casual chic. ISON lastes releases helped me a lot in recreating this style and I have to say that the new items are pretty gorgeous! Enjoy.   Styling Card:  Shirt: Loovus Dzevavor: Dip Dye Tank  Jacket: ISON – bubble bomber  Pants: Emery – Mesh Leggings Contrast-Leather Wilde Gaguin Belt: [LeLutka]-ANNA dress/oli Bag: ISON – scout boho bag  Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Fearless model-shinnig black1 Shaders: [ChicZafari] – Anna Shades Basic Cream Earrings: Donna Flora BARBARA earrings Hair: [LeLutka]-EMELI hair – Fades... read more

Bohemian Summer.

[VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN SUMMER/Rainbow Set [VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN Summertime is here and its time to have some fun, be it parties, beaches or festivals, whichever you are heading for [VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN SUMMER Range is going to have something you love, full of bright summery colors and just so Gorgeous to wear. Thankyou Bouqet Babii of [VM] VERO MODERO this Rainbow set is Fabulous, it comprises of Mesh Shorts, a fabulous Belt and smexy little Tie dye top. so for more [VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN SUMMER head to the store;- or Marketplace;- I am also wearing hair from EMO-tions called Last Night, in Naturals and EMO-tions Orion Jewelry set. Taxii to store;- Marketplace link;- My Bangles were from TDR Nails from Synthetique. and  then  there is also The HIPPIE  Set [VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN SUMMER Bouquet Babii of [VM] VERO MODERO sent this wonderful outfit, just part of her New BOHEMIAN SUMMER Range I am wearing [VM] VERO MODERO BOHEMIAN SUMMER HIPPIE OUTFIT that comes with gorgeous earrings and bracelet, Hair is by EMO-tions Cosmic in Golden Brown. Eyeshadow and Lipgloss by MONS sandals by MIA . Taxiii ‘ to [VM] VERO MODERO Marketplace ;- Taxii to EMO-tions;- Marketplace;- Make up mons Marketplace Have a Fabulous Day Xia... read more

Feeling EMO-tions

FEELING THE EMO-tions: PASSION I have been a long time fan of Mirja Mills from way before I started modelling, I was always waiting for her newest release, and nothing has changed now, I watch the notices for the next style out, so when Mirja sent me her Newest releases I was in Heaven, andddd not to mention the Fabulous Necklace, Thankyou so much Mirja xox. Her hair store has so many wonderful styles, updos, long, pony tails, plaits, and some awesome photography ones some with poses. Mesh and non mesh, they flow and look so natural, and I LOVE natural looking hair. This is one of her Newest releases called PASSION and comes in her newest color palette. of autumn,black,blonde, chocolate,dark brown, dark red, fire, flames,golden blonde, golden brown, gray, intensivered, light blonde, naturals 1.2.3. and 4, silver, snow, swedish blonde, with hair bases to match. Also Mirja is now creating the most Gorgeous Jewelry, classy, tribal and everyday wear too, This wonderful Romantic Necklet is just Dreamy, This one is called DAWN. I cant not mention her fabulous clothing range, some for RolePlay and some for everyday, I bought this smexy romantic blouse called FEEL a few months back and its just so feminine and a little bit smexy, and one of my absolute Faves. So to Recap, I am wearing. HAIR-PASSION in Black. NECKLACE-DAWN SHIRT- FEEL in Black all by EMO-tions: and here is your Taxiiiii Marketplace link here-   and  then  there  was  CARLA EMO-tions CARLA.. NEWWWWWWWWW Wild spiral curls that just flow with every movement, this is my Dream Hair, I just... read more

Grey State of My Mind

It has been a while since I did not wrote anything, Today I want to show you my styling for Best in Diram Contest’s finals. We had to use shades of same colour I choose grey for the night Which is really boring colour in fact but resulted very good! I have used Lady GaGa gown’s long skirt with side tail, Combine it with Diram’s nathalie Grey Body suit and Grey Nathalie cap, Used Buodoir Roses of Vertex Outfit.     Styling Credits: Cap: Diram – Nathalie Grey Body Suit: Diram Nathalie Grey Bra and Hands: Diram- Neva’s Attire Nude Skirt: Diram: Lady Gaga Fashion Awards Dress Roses: Boudoir – Vortex Gloves: Celoe –... read more

Rolling Over

Ah well, I don’t know how it got here, but here it got…. Again. Date night for the basically undate-able. I don’t know why I act this way. I mean, we already got the dinner part over with, so I know I can leave the spork, and the spanks, at home because I won’t be needing them. He’s even kind of a conversationalist, which works great because as a thinker and watcher, I’m kind of a quietasationalist. I was given a reprieve last week. Though to be honest it took an awful lot of cajoling and bribing to get my parents to move out of the house they’ve lived in since the 80’s just to avoid going on a date. (think about it, it’ll come to you). And of course, the days flew by to Friday. Have you ever noticed the more you are anxious about an event the faster it looms until finally the day is here and you are basically hiding under the bed wishing it was still Monday? Uh, well maybe not Monday, but Tuesday’s good. I can’t help it, as a datee, at times I am a disaster. Heck, I reckon as a woman sometimes I am too, its one of those pesky symptoms of being habitually undate-able. Somewhere along the travels that are my life when they had the line to pick up your “womanly gracefulness and charm”, I was lost knee deep in the “gawky and likely to land on her arse at some point of the night” line. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind and it certainly leads to interesting... read more

Elegant Man

This beautiful suit where you are ready for all special occasions, with much elegance, you will find in the store Kauna. Skin: -NIVARO – Adam Skin – lightt Shape: [boss] Shape – Derick Hair: ::Exile:: Thunderstruck: Dark Browns Sunglasses: K_gs Kasha_R2 Tattoo: .:Boss Tattoo:. – Eyes on fire [NEW] Suit: Kauna – 3pc Suit: Charcoal [NEW] Shoes: [*RG*] Classic Loafers -Black-... read more

Color My Mood

First of all, to all those wonderful designers who have recently given me prezzy’s to consider blogging, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to them. I’m a retired Cao, so my attention span is rather short. Expecially when the weather is so nice outside. Besides, don’t blame me, you’ll have to blame this one on Nevery Lorakeet of *Les Petits Details* and a few others. I will explain. Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs* gave me an outfit. Which isn’t a surprise, I’m her manager. This outfit though, is the Celeste outfit. I love the Celeste outfit. It’s Blue! But as a model, I can’t wear the same thing every day right? So I could just wear it around the house or sleep in it. Um, no. Because then I’m not showing it to anyone but KT (the Jack Russell Terriorist), because, as all of you know, I’m undate-able. After being gone last Wednesday to Monday, when I returned I found a folder with a sweet note in it, the folder simply said “For Cao.” Nevery is learning to use blender to create her own mesh items and a bit ago she asked me if I wanted her to make anything specific and I told her if she was serious, she could check my Pinterest account for all of my dream items. Inside the folder was the most adorable purse. In blue! Which naturally made me think of Celeste! It sat in the nice folder for a few days, but then today. As I was checking out my Facebook friends, I saw a post by Tabata Jewell of “Vanity Hair”... read more

057 Tied Down

**GizzA** BonBon Blouse [Cream] {mon tissu} Wool Blend Jacket – Grey Maitreya Mesh Leather Legging * Rosewood tram A405 hair / amber Maitreya Mesh Alexa Wedges * in Ash M O N S / Feather Earring Blue Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Dark Copper ::DT:: EyeMakeUp Smokeys GreyBlue KHUSH – Make Up – Eyeliner – Wing […]

read more

OrsiniRed & Redgrave

My Way from OrsiniRed is one of the latest releases from OrsiniRed Designer, Hatili Ishtari. This sexy mesh dress is available in several sizes and colors from the new Spring/Summer collection. I am wearing Tuttifrutti and it looks amazing with the brand new shoe release from Redgrave. Helena is the stunning new mesh sandal from Redgrave. This fabulous shoe comes with a Color Hud with 10 stunning colors all for an excellent price! Head out to OrsiniRed and Redgrave for My Way and Helena! Style Card: Dress: OrsiniRed – My Way in Tuttifrutti (NEW) Shoes: Redgrave Helena (NEW) Hair: Magika – Please Eyeshadow: Miamai – Diva #3 Nails: Candy Nails Bag: YS & YS – Cala Saona Model & Photographer: skylei... read more

.A Block of NV.

NV CORSETRY/Nakashima outfit *Seasons of Couture* DAHLINKS/Catwalk pearls *new ESSENCES/Tattoo eyelashes MONSTER/Hunter hair REDGRAVE/Carrie shoes GLAM AFFAIR/Margot america skin NV CORSETRY/B&S Baroque *NEW GRIDDIE/Sydney Chi hair RI/Pony boots GLAM AFFAIR/Janna Statement necklace... read more

All from SolideaFolies

Today my whole post is about Solidea Folies, I will show you some wonderful creations of an amazing artist Mila Tatham *SoliDea FoliEs* Marcella  top and shoulder deco *SoliDea FoliEs* Aida – pant BeloD – Classic Clutch_RED *SoliDea FoliEs* Tiffany dress *SoliDea FoliEs* Tiffany – Shoes *SoliDea FoliEs* BB – hat *SoliDea FoliEs* Tiffany – neck & dress... read more

BSD Addicted

NEWNESSS from BSD Design Studios Yep Me and Shoes I swear its an addiction, But BabyChanpagne Sass of BSD Design sent me this pair to check out and I am in LOOOVE, they have that edgy, unusual but classy quality that I am so mad about. The Fashion Editors Choice shoes by BSD DESIGN STUDIOS. also wearing Hair by Bliss hair-Catalina Suit-Keysha Attire by DIRAM Nailsand Earrings, GOTAMA GOLD by MANDALA Eye make up-MONS BSD DESIGN STUDIO on Marketplace   Have a  wonderful Day Much Love Xia... read more

Lionskin Love and a wonderful DESIR’

Lionskin love Lion has a sale on at LIONSKINS all her past skins are set at 100ls each, there are some fabulous ranges, also some pretty amazing tattoos and make ups. Should you be looking for one of her older skins and its not instore, just send a notecard and Lion will be happy to oblige wherever possible. I have just stocked up on Lions skins because they are just so beautifully made and at 100Ls per skin its a wonderful buy. Here I am wearing MOORE skin make up 9 Hair by Emotions Heaven in blonde Marquessa diamond set jewlery from Earthstones Dress May Group Gift by DESIR Taxiiiiiiii to LIONSKINS… Taxii to EMOtions… Taxii to Earthstones Taxii to DESIR Have a really Wonderful Day Much Love Xia xox and  a piccy of the  Gorgeous  Gift Gown at... read more

GoodBye to Meiling Couture and a Touch of BLISS.

  Meiling Couture soon to be gone 🙁 Its always sad to see a wonderful Designer leave , I have several outfits from Meiling Couture all wonderful and beautifully made. The store will be closing on the 19th of may according to the notecard. I popped over to make sure I had my quota of meiling to see me through and found that she has a wonderful selection of Goodbye outfits at 199Ls. I had to get this wonderful Kaftan, it was just so lovley, I had most of the other items already. So if you want to get some RL designer designs, before theyre gone head over to Meiling before the 19th.… Also Bliss Couture have a wonderful hair and hat sale going on at the moment, I am wearing Zylina in Pomegranate. all Hair and hats for 99Ls but this ends on the 12th, so if you want some Couture Hair and Hats, head over to Bliss Couture hair: hats: I am also wearing BSD Design shoes, The Fashion Editors choice, due to be released soon, but there are some amazing styles out now all newly released, head for a peek on market place Jewlery is Mandala Kabuki range Have a Fabulous week, Much Love Xia xox... read more

Veruska & Silva

Veruska, exotic in name and texture, is the first release in the Summer Collection from Amarelo Manga. The jumpsuit is one-piece mesh and this is the turquoise print.  The Istanbul cuff bracelet, left and right,  in emerald is from Amarelo Manga too and coordinates perfectly. My skin and shape is Silva from Step inSide currently at SYS Project for the month of May.  You’ll receive three skin tones, Silva shape, brow shape as well as SLink feet and hand HUDS.  Silva in tan does have darker brows so I’m wearing my own blonde brows but the shape shown is Silva.   Shoes – Forever Heels – Gold – Glitterati by Sapphire. Necklace  Leora – Ovation Hair – Analog... read more

Fabulous Jewelry Dresses at Chop Zuey

I guess we all remember the legendary white jewelry dress that was auctioned this year at the RFL Fashion Week for over 200 000 lindens. Frolic walked this spectacular gown down the runway, that Belle Roussel, owner of Chop Zuey, designed especially for this charity event. I remember that all of us that walked that runway show were standing backstage and became more and more speechless and as well breathless until the gown finally was sold for so much money…                           For me sadly way out of range. But it was amazing that one single design can bring so much support for a wonderful cause like the RLF. Now this amazing gown is back in new colors! Belle Roussel made a few new colors of this fantastic jewelry gown. For today’s post I decided to showcase the “Emerald Spring Gown”. The wonderful light green dress is decorated with so many wonderful little gemstones, if the sun kisses you you will sparkle like a huge diamond The earrings, bangles and armlets are as well part of the outfit. You have the choice if you wanna wear the gown with or without  the veil since you have one head piece with and one without the veil coming in your box.  To see all of the amazing colors of the new jewelry dress – for sure besides the exclusive white for the RFL – you better make your way to the Chop Zuey Mainstore and see for yourself.                        ... read more

DESIR Ashia Dress – Black & FINESMITH – TRUTH

  本日はFINESMITHのかっこいいジュエリー「TRUTH」と DESIRのゴージャスなガウン「Ashia Black」を合わせてご紹介致します。 日本語だと「真実」という名前がついた、この力強い印象のジュエリーセット。 真実を追い求めるものは、強く、戦う覚悟があらねばならない・・・と私はインスピレーションを受けました。 とても物語性を感じさせるジュエリーです。 そしてそんな強い個性のあるジュエリーには迫力のあるガウンがぴったりだと思い、 DESIRのAshia Blackを合わせました。 艶やかな黒のベースに、美しくお花のような模様が描かれ そしてこのボリュームのスカート。実にゴージャスです。 幾重にも重なったシフォンが複雑な模様を作り上げ、奥行の感じられる素晴らしいガウンに仕上がっています。   どんどん新作が登場しているFINESMITHとDESIR。 どちらのお店もグループギフトも豪華ですので、ぜひ一度お店を覗いてくださいね!   DESIR FINESMITH   ~~Styling Credit~~ ■ Gown : DESIR Ashia Dress – Black ■ Jewelry : FINESMITH – TRUTH... read more


NEWWW- DESIR Patrycja dess White This Dreamy Creation from the House of DESIR’ comes in Seven Different colors, Fabulously Feminine, with a sweet frilled neckline and brocade bodice, add to that the cute flowers at the base of your spine and your all set to dance the night away. Available in store now Taxiiiiiiiiii HAIR IN THESE SHOTS ARE ALL FROM BIZARRE HAIR. Have a Fabulous Weekend Much Love Xia xox Here  are the  Turquoise  and green  Versions. The  Blue and Pink, there is also a Gold and Purple  version of this  Dreamy Gown, not shown  here, so  that will be a  nice  surprise when  you  check out the  store. Have a fabulous  weekend Much Love Xia xox... read more

WEEKEND Wickedness

Well the weekend is upon  us once again, time to party. play , have  fun, or just beautify our  pixels, For me  its   Hair, make up Jewelry and shoes,  Ohhhhh my passion for shoes is  notorious,   I LOVE Sexy  high  heels,  and BSD DESIGN STUDIO    creates  the most wonderful  shoes ever,    Babychampagne  Sass’s  Designs just rock my  lil world. Add  to   that Frolic Mills  awesome   New event SEASONS OF COUTURE and you   have a whole  package of style. These are the DRUNNA  Supermodel shoes’ The DRUNNA SUPERMODEL Shoes are just tooooooooo smexy. and she has some of her fabulous shoes available at the Fabulous FROLIC MILLS event (Seasons of Couture -THE SHOP is the place to head for, This 2013 Spring and summer fashion trend that you can’t miss !! landmark:…   Also   while  I have your  undivided  attention  (kisses) I thought you may like to  check out  PURE POISON,  (no   not me) Shaleene Kenin of PURE POISON  kindly sent me this Beautiful MILLA Necklace, I must admit I love chunky Jewelry as long as its not too OTT, The MILLA Necklace is just perfect for my taste, PURE  POISON  do some amazing fashions, at some pretty amazing prices, so if you want class on a budget, check out PURE POISON Market place- or Taxiii to the store…   Have a wicked Weekend Much Love Xia xox    ... read more

.New Nyu Again.

NYU/Bold Bow Shirt *new NYU/Hot Shorts  *new BOON/YN0421 hair SON!A/Jane earrings FLESHTONE/Sheer tights RI/Pony... read more

I Put A Spell On You…

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all genres of music as I studied music back in the day. I Put A Spell On You is just one of the thousands of my all-time favorite Jazz tunes. With the upcoming remake flick of “The Great Gatsby” premiering this weekend it put me in the Jazz and Blues mood. I decided to mix and match a few designs to create this Vintage look by using parts of designs from Sascha’s Designs, Gabriel and Boudoir. The Damatjo Mesh Gown is from one of the latest releases from Sascha’s Designs. The gown also includes various prim skirt options and lace top that is not shown in the picture. I’m also using the fur stole from Gabriel’s “Mesh Dress Sala in Black” and the hat from BOUDOIR’s “Find Another Fool”. I put a spell on you… Teleport to these fabulous stores! Style Card: Gown: SAS – Damatjo in Black (gown part & gloves) NEW Fur Stole: Gabriel – Part of the Mesh Dress Sala in Black Hat: BOUDOIR – From “Find Another Fool” Hair: Shi – Icon Hair & Base Earrings: Styles of Edo – Tahitan Black Pearl (Store Closed) Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni... read more

Rock Concert

Are you ready for a classic rock? Class and style, this elegant suit you find in the store Mea Culpa. Skin: Skin: Skin: -NIVARO – Adam Skin – lightt Shape: [boss] Shape – Derick Hair: ::Exile:: Andrej: Dark Browns Tattoo: Integral Hypnotizer Tatoo- BLK2.0 Prod Suit: Mea Culpa Beloved Enemy [NEW]  Shoes: [*RG*] Classic Loafers... read more

Damatjo & CoCo

Damatjo Gown from Sascha’s Designs can be as simple or as ornate as you prefer.  I stay so busy that I prefer keeping things simple at the moment and in this case simple is still quite gorgeous.  The lines of the basic gown with plunging neckline, deep back and form fitting skirt is quite alluring.  I did add the train in the last photos but there’s so much more to Damatjo. Along with the train you also have the following options:  hat, gloves, lace tops – short and long, shoulder roses, a separate shoulder piece, and a swishy skirt.  The basic gown is mesh.  Colors are black, magenta, pink, purple, red, royal blue, seafoam, tan and white.  Fatpack available. More photos here. Damatjo Gown – Sascha’s Designs Skin – Coco Limited – Step inSide currently at Designer Circle.  Info HERE. Hair – Trouble Clef – Analog... read more

So Sophisticated

Looking for a party dress, dancewear, or a special occasion outfit? Zanze’s new release Reese dress is definitely one of a kind mini dress that shows off your sexy neckline and shoulders. Great for cocktail parties or clubbing. Get ready to turn heads in this piece! [ZE] Reese in LIME Available in 6 colors ( Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Lime, Rasberry, Wine)   Taxi to Zanze Inworld Main Store :... read more
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