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I just love reading blogs, I truly do. And those lucky times I see a “must have” item I know all the following is worth it! One of the blogs I consistently follow is my good friend Linda Reddevil’s blog, Taxi: Recently on her blog she featured a handbag from Chic Zafari and I had one of those “whooooooaw” moments. Immediately I thought of the recent magazine article I wrote with Draakje about accessories and knew I needed to blog the “London” bag here as well. The point of the article was don’t always feel the focus of your outfit needs to be the outfit you have on, that often the accessories are so powerful on their own they compete with the outfit making a complete disaster of what you have on. So when accessorizing, always put on your critial eye and really cam over yourself to make sure there is no competing going on and if there is, decide whether you want to enhance the purse or the outfit because there is no rule of thumb that an outfit is more important than a remarkable accessory. So have fun! Now, back to the hand bag itself, I remembered a shirt from C.Smit I had purchased so many months ago, having to have it after seeing it on the creator Cynthia Smit’s flickr account, and honestly I don’t think I ever even unboxed it because I went to inventory and it was gone. I know, “Bad Cao.” I have no excuse other than I need an answering machine on my IM box.. But the seed of imagination was born,... read more

Featuring new releases from Tee*Fy, this herman’s sweater is tailored and suitable for the coming fall. The cute prints on the jacket front was what inspired this blog post and look. antlers // CONTRAPTION // clemantlers hat // SALON DE GLOW // CM-01 jacket // TEE*FY // herman’s sweater shoulder // SOLIDEA FOLIES // chameleon pants // SOLIDEA FOLIES // chameleon shoes // SOLIDEA FOLIES // freddy Styling and Photography by Zachary... read more

NYU, Relay for Life and a Story

Hello my angels, NYU creator and genius, NyuNyu Kimono, did it again and she did it with her heart as she always does!  I am showing off  her Relay For Life 2012 Exclusive dress shown here in  3 styles and in the spirit of  the event and fashion show, I thought I would do it with a little story of my own… One day, a little girl named Saleena went to the doctor because she found something … her breast and the doctor put her through surgery and tests.  He told her that she had a ..malignancy..and her world came crashing down. She was so scared and angry but more than anything, she couldnt put her momma through this.  Saleena yelled, cried and cursed Heaven and all who could hear her “Dont do this to her, not now” as tears fell down her face. But she had to pull it together.  Her newborn nephew would need her in the years to come and there was still so much to do. So with a strong but steady gaze, Saleena spat “Stop, I am not ready, you cant have me” at Death “I have stuff to do and you’re in my way!” and she set about dressing up as a clown on Saturdays to make the sick children find their smiles again and she got involved in helping others that had this disease and she found more and more warriors! Saleena knew that one day, along with her hair, losing her breast would be a possibility but what she would gain would be everything!  Her breasts didnt define who she was... read more


The other day I was fooling with an outfit from Miamai, I know, I seem to be stuck in Monica Outlander’s design house lately, I don’t mean to be, its just things I already have in my inventory. I keep looking back through, deleting some things, you know what I mean, that 2008 noob style, trust me (and you know who you are that still have this stuff), it’s not coming back! Other outfits that I see I think “Oh wow! I bought this because I thought it would make such a cool picture” and instantly forgot it. I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I am a disorganized Cao by all accounts, it’s one of the reasons I keep my dragon friend and super model, Draakje Dailey near, she often has to sort me out. It’s a good thing I dress slightly eclectic or I’d get a lot of WTH was she thinking? Now I mostly hear whisperings of, “oh, that’s just Cao.” Anyway, I digress, I will be out shopping, fall in love with an outfit and someone will IM me right in the middle and I will forget it forever, well, until I scroll through my inventory, let’s see, Modavia Fashion Week, September, October, November has it been about 10 months or so? So this is what I found out from this blog, if you don’t like your view, tweak it a little. The designer’s vision of an outfit doesn’t have to be yours. If you don’t like your “lot” in life, change your scenery and no, I don’t think it’s easy to fix, seldom are the... read more

Sunset Lights

Earrings: !SSD ~ Frills ~ Puka King C ~ Lobe Earrings for One.Voice Jumpsuit: -Glam Affair- Nana Suit – Petal  for Collabor88 Hair: ::Exile:: Break Away:Cayenne for One.Voice Hairpiece: Balderdash – Fascination for One.Voice Indy&Co.: Sylph Bangles Gold for One.Voice Necklace: LaGyo Savage jonquille necklace Shoes: N-core SHARK 2 “One Voice Edition” Skin: Isabelle: Natural }{ Deesse’s Skins Coming Soon!!! Poses: BENT Creative Portraits for... read more

Angel Dessous ~ Angel Lingerie

Yesterday i got the new lingerie by Nando of Angel Dessous and i must say i love them! The new lingerie of Angel Dessous is named Angel. After all those creative lingerie sets nando has decided to create a basic lingerie set. This doesnt meen boring or not stylish. Angel is the kind of lingerie we mostly are wearing in rl. Angel comes in sevaral bright colors. Today i am showing you the red and black version. My poses are coming from Rack Poses by Kirsty Oherlihy. The poses are in Burlesque style, created for the Fluid event by The Ego Co The trapeze comes with 3 poses and the feathers come with 5 poses. The feathers need to be rezzed in-world, they are not attachable. Hair: Lelutka Rykiel Outfit: Angel Dessous Angel lingerie Nails: Mandala Pallette long Pose: Rack Poses Burlesque Trapeze and feathers Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more

Moody blues

As summer settles in with those lovely long, balmy evenings, my fashion urges turn to cool, relaxed casuals. The lovely ladies of LUSH Limited have just released these easy, blue striped mesh pants in a silky texture that gives a nod in the direction of pajama pants, but a little more tailored.  I’ve styled them with a cute halter top from TuttiFrutti with a retro wiggly stripes and dots pattern (these come in a great range of retro patterns and colours), and gone for loads of beads, big big earrings and lime green shades to finish the look.  Now for a leisurely stroll in the dappled sunset at the Where it Begins sim…   Style notes: Trousers: Lush Limited: Mr Brown Pants /Bloo Top: TuttiFrutti – Ziva Mesh Halter Top Sandals: Leverocci – Cadenza Wedge /Tea Sunglasses: Miel – Ray Peepers / Tortoiseshell Earrings: Lush Limited – Shutter Earrings /Elementary Beads: Maxi Gossamer – Pearl Neckalces Combo Long /mixed colours Hair: Discord Designs – Stampede /Pearl Face: Lush Limited – Fresh Face /nudity... read more

Amarelo Manga – Julia

This cute little summer print dress with a low V-neckline is Julia from the new AMARELO MANGA  mesh collection. The natural front folds and charming summer style make Julia irresistible. There are five prints and five solids to choose from and sizing is not a problem as five sizes are included. The green hat with orange flowers matches the orange sunflower print beautifully. The hat is Lady Ariesse Cloche – Lemon from  HATPINS. The poses are new... read more


Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Photo by Skip Staheli My friend and fellow blogger, Harper Ganesvoort recently put a challenge up on her blog Harper’s blog: that sounded really fun! She challenged fellow bloggers to create and style their favorite fictional character. Those who know me, know that is something I do on a regular basis. It seems my head has been stuck in a book since I was three years old. Oh, the places I have been and seen, without even leaving my home! But on this week I have been a bit selfish and only dedicated time to my real world self, so, in keeping with her blog I am going to handle this challenge with a two prong approach. I am going to show a recent picture I had done by Negatif Studio Negatif Flickr: as well as some of the fictional character’s I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy! <3 The picture above is not a fictional character. In a recent copy of Vogue I was reading an article about Emma Stone, the actress, and I just fell in love with the outfits she was wearing. Vogue always seems to get the clothes perfectly matched to the interviewee’s personality, the Olsen twins were equally perfect. But when I saw this outfit, or rather, something similar to this outfit, I just knew, that outfit is Cao. I never claimed to be elegant, I am more gawky than graceful and this Emma masterpiece defined me. The credit’s for clothes will be at the end of the blog. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Photo by... read more

EVOLVE Evolution

Dress: EVOLVE – SO EMOTIONAL Dress Mesh #1 Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelet Imperio D By Fernandinha Zapedzki Necklace: [7891.] Automatic Necklace – Gold Shoes: [Amarelo Manga] – Summer Pumps [Golf Green] Hair: [LeLutka] – ARIEL hair Mesh – Toast Skin: BELLA for SYS Project tan 3 *Step inSide* Poses: MissCris... read more


Last day of vacation, Last suitcase. The week flew by, rested and knowing a certain Little Dragon friend, Draakje Dailey is having a birthday tomorrow, (Hint: I am sure she would LOVE a gazillion IM’s of well wishes!) I knew I needed to shop! Okay, so I’ll find any excuse to shop.The secret to productive shopping is look glam while staying comfortable and all three of these outfits definitely fit the bill. The first is an adorable sundress from Maitreya, scrumptious in color, sleeveless with a gorgeous beading neckpiece. The second choice is a transition outfit, one of those adorably chic outfits thats a perfect style for running a few errands before meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner. When tropical it is perfectly acceptable, in fact probably expected, that shorts are elegant enough for evening wear, especially when topped with the sophisticated top, both purchased at Kungler’s. I completed the outfit with one of the many choices of top rated jewelry available at Kungler’s extra. The third shopping, “must have” is this linen sundress from Chantkare. Living in the south, in a tropical climate, linen has always been a mainstay of my year round attire. and face it, it dresses up and down equally well. Because here is a simple sundress that is the epitome of chic elegant with the gathered skirt hem and since it is available at The Couturier’s Dock, it’s already 50% off! But if you waited too late, it might have sold out, but you can check out the other designer’s offer’s still available. Such as the beautyful “Caoimhe” makeup I am wearing... read more


This week I’m wearing an amazing gown designed by Mami Jewell, the Angel gown is dazing with low-cut back and low cut V-neck. It looks very elegant the short tail with feathers on it. I’ve used Finesmith’s Rusalka Fabrege Brooch to complete the look. Do not forget Finesmith is on sale for limited time and most of the jeweleries are 100L. Styling Credits: Gown: Angel by Azul Brooch: Rusalka Brooch by Finesmith Hair:... read more

Gabriel ~ Sleeveless dress

During this summer Gabriel Released a new stylish, elegant dress. The sleeveless mesh dress including belt comes in three kind of sets. Each set has there own colors. Since i love the colorfull style i choose to wear the flower-orange version today. Skin: Glam Affair Leah Hair: Maitreya Lotte Dress: GB Sleeveless dress Flower-Orange *mesh* Sunglasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Polaris Bag: Ricielli Gia clutch /orange Nails: Mandala Takara Nail/ orange Shoes: LD Major Ashraya Pumps [Bird] Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more


  AMAZING [VM] VERO MODERO BLACK COUTURE SERIES Inspired by dark designs with high standard of haute couture and perfect in its simplicity.     [VM] VERO MODERO Main Store I [VM] VERO MODERO Blog Flickr I Facebook I Tweeter I Pinterest I... read more

Drama Queen

In Second Life I like to think of myself as a drama free zone – apart from in styling, where a little drama can be a mighty good thing! It’s been a busy week for me, with lots of time spent styling and choosing poses for various shows and pageants, and absolutely no time for shopping, so it was a blessed relief to grab a few minutes earlier today for a bit of retail therapy at Diram. This is Brigitte, a new mesh dress from Diram. I just adore the cut and lines of this short mini dress with its exaggerated shoulders and over sized pussy bow – utterly contemporary, but with a retro feel, it’s pure drama, of the best kind. This is one of those statement pieces that every fashionista should have in her wardrobe. Style notes: Dress: Diram – Brigitte Dress /red Leggings: Maitreya – Couture Leggings /black Hair: LoQ Hairs – Malibu /platinum Shades: Je Suis – Divine Sunglasses Earrings: LaGyo – Alice (from Fairytales in 2012) Nails: Mstyle Rounded Nails – Classic Poses: Pic 1 Diesel Works, Pic 2 & 3 Di’s Opera  ... read more

AZUL Angel

Who says that there are no Angels? Well , according to Azul Icon, Mami Jewell, they exist and here is the proof-the “Angel” dress done in another shade of Coral!  I am becoming obsessed with this color and obviously for good reason! Is there anything Mami can’t do?  She designs, creates, imagines  and makes every singe nuance of a gown work together and it seems so effortless!  I am often in awe whenever she releases something new and yes I do say “Now why didn’t I think of that?” So thank you Mami for being amazing and to all of us, we need to run down and snatch this dress up... read more

|| Desert Rose ||

This look and photo treatment was inspired by the song Desert Rose by Sting. I had that song on repeat while editing the pics made up of Solidea Folies and Tableau Vivant outfits, hope y’all like it. That’s all for now. Have a great week everyone. xx Scarf: SoliDea Folies ~ Openmind (Black) Pants: SoliDea FoliEs ~ Openmind (Black) Jacket: Tableau Vivant ~ Long Gilet (Gray) Bracelet:... read more


With the patio doors open, I take my morning coffee out to the balcony to enjoy the gorgeously rising sun as it dances delightfully across the water, strewing diamond sparkles everywhere the light licks the undulating ocean. The entire show is orchestrated with the symphony of the waves and the majestic fly-by of the swooping pelicans. Looking below I see the occasional marsh hare, dark brown and furry, randomly munching grass and roots, the poor pauper gentlerabbit not realizing the value of the land he inhabits. The briny salt in the air calling to me, I wander into the house, put on a swimsuit , grab a coffee to go, tug along my ever present novel, a towel, sunscreen and wander down to the shore. Opening my first suitcase, for my days on the beach I chose two bathing suits by Baiastice, “Panama” since it is very like something I wear in real life, so it brings me comfort and the gorgeous “shechy flower.” I thought this would be all for today, but then *SoliDea FoliEs* released the adorable “Pina Colada” and since I will probably imbibe this coconut-ty concoction during my vacation, perhaps I should playfully play the part! With a special thanks to Tiki Tattoo, their SIM is incredible, I now wander away for today, I hope you too will grab a swimsuit and hunker down in some tropical paradise in your corner of the world. I hope to see you tomorrow! <3 Outfit One: Swimsuit: Baiastice “panama” . Taxi: Haku: (pronounced Hah-koo) TikiTattoo . Taxi: Hairs: Lelutka, “Cheryl” . Taxi: Jewelry: [Mandala] Pearl Rain necklace and... read more

Summer Dream

Bikini: ~Styles~by the Gotters Marina Pink Hair: Tameless Leah – Blondes [7891.] Bangin – Purple Earrings [7891.] The Chunk Necklace – Gold Skin: MONS / Jelena Skin -sea makeup-natural brows-bronze tone V1 Poses:... read more

AZUL Ponchituti!

Hello loves!  Today I have the distinct pleasure to blog for a fashion powerhouse in the SL fashion community, AZUL!  Featuring the “Ponchituti” gown, named for my dear friend and current Miss Azul 2012, Ponchituti Boucher, in a shade I don’t seem to wear often enough, Coral.   Designer, Mami Jewell, has an endless imagination and never ceases to amaze us all with her creations and this gown has all the makings of  becoming THE go-to gown for anyone that wants to make an unforgettable entrance.  What can I say about this gown that you have not heard yet?  Its simply amazing.  See for yourself: From the playful feathers to the figure-hugging column skirt and the oh-so elegant gloves, it is a gorgeous piece of designer art and coming or going, no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. Perfectly fitting for  Miss Azul and now for you as well.  Plain and simple, AZUL has done it again! *VANITY HAIR-“Media luna”/BLACKLIQUID-needle liner-african dream matte lip/AZUL-Ponchituti in... read more


For this week I am going to try something new. I am taking a vacation. Literally. I live at the beach so I never think to take a vacation. I’ve been feeling tired so I figured it’s time. So please forgive me my lack of words this week, but I do hope you enjoy the looks I am going to post. I’ve gathered together a sort of vacation list of pack lightly but pack smartly outfits and each day I will unpack a suitcase and show you the items I picked out for the trip. As I wait for the taxi to take me to the airport, I chose to dress up a little but dress comfortable for the long flight. Since the bags will be checked, I am staying light so I can move quicker through customs. I am wearing a gorgeous silk dress, “Gisele” that was recently purchased from Kungler’s. The dress is loosely shaped to ensure I will be comfortable sitting in an airplane for hours and includes the gorgeous leather belt. I threw on a Glow Studios “My Pride” bag because it is small enough to hold some cash, credit, my ID and passport. No need to lug around the typical behemoth purse! Anyway you put it, I am light and guaranteed to stay cool, even in the most trying travel situations. I hope you all have a peaceful week surrounded by those you love the most! Style One: Dress: Kungler’s Taxi: Purse: Glow Studio Taxi: Hairs: Miamai Taxi: Jewelry: Kunglers Shoos: Maitreya... read more

RFYRE ”NOT WHYTE” Bridal Version

RFyre has released two sets of very unique bridal outfits in white and  in black.  Here I am introducing the black version which is very appropriately called “Not Whyte”. The outfit is extremely unique in that the base outfit is a set of balloon pants with strings of beads decorating the knee-length hem.  If you remove the veil and the skirt, it becomes a very exotic outfit that looks great to dance in with the movement these beads make. The ankle boots I am wearing here is also available in RFyre and created to match this outfits.  Naturally, there is a black and white version also to choose from. I matched this with a jewelry set from Virtual Impressions, which is available in various colour variations for a very reasonable price or you can choose to get the multi-colour, multi-texture version if you prefer to have one that can match different colours.  The one I am wearing here is the multi-coloured version and has been extremely useful. For the white version, please see my personal blog. Styling note: Outfit:  RFyre, Not Whyte Bridal Version Hair:  booN, KGI848 Hair (Black) used with Raised Gathered Hairbase Jewelry:  Virtual Impressions, PaulineTexture Change Jewelry Set Ankle Boots:  RFyre, Laced Ankle Boots (Black) Nails:  CCD, Prim Nail Manicure (Lime) Eye Shadow:  The Skinnery, Tropical Boost Eyeshadow 2 Lipstick:  mock Cosmetics, Fairy Floss Lipstain Poses:  agapee... read more

Ikebana….. Baoba come back!

Hat        ****** bAoBa ********      Ikebana Dress      *LpD*         *La Nuit* Dress Black & White (Mesh) Eyeshadow        Alge’s Designs     Raven Combo Grey Leggings/Shoes       Maitreya       Couture Leggings White Lashes          Miamai     _NoAlpha Lashes N18_ Hair       [BURLEY]        _Ned_Platinum05 Skin        -Glam Affair –          Jadis- Yuki edition 03 Model, stylist & photographer       Syra... read more

Bliss Couture ~ Yeva

Bliss Couture has resently released a new creation in there Ruffles Collection named Yeva Yeva is a ruffled top/tunic made of sheer, colourfull silk. It is available in apple green, pink, peach, teal, apricot and blue. I must say yeva is the perfect top to match it in any single way. You can choose for a skirt, pants or like me the couture legging from Maitreya. To finish my look i used some great accessory from LaGyo. Skin: Glam Affair Mia Natural – Disco A Hair: Vanity Hair Romance Tunic: Bliss Couture Yeva Ruffles Top Hat: LaGyo Anemone headpiece Necklace: LaGyo Pan collar Pink Nails: Mandala Legging/ Shoes: Maitreya Couture Legging Poses: Di’s Opera *Yes Di is back with a new shop incl her old poses* Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more


  This is Sabyn, the latest release from Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, a stunning mesh ensemble of harem pants, a loose camisole and a black net and lace vest worn underneath. In lush, rich colours (shown here in red, but also available in fucshia and in blue) with elaborate gold detailing, and rich texturing on the pants, this outfit is dressy enough for a special party, while being casual enough for clubbing – absolutely beautiful work!     Style notes: Suit: Tres Beau – Sabyn /red Sandals: Leverocci – Cadenza Wedge /burgundy Jewellery: LaGyo – Alice earrings and necklace (from Fairytales in 2012) Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bangles /gold Hair: LeLutka – Cachet /powder Makeup: MOCK – Lucid Copper Nights Makeover (limited edition) Nails: Mstyle – Rounded Nails /classic  ... read more

The Night is Darkening Around Me ~ Emily Bronte

I hope this doesn’t sound vain, I’m not vain a’tall, (least I certainly hope not) I would always help another person with anything I could, because my avatar is such a big part of my real world personality. It saddens me; recently it was brought to my attention that another model has my look and I mean, pretty exact. I suppose I should be flattered, but honestly, it kind of hurts. We as models are taught, over and over, to create our own look, to be different from everyone else, because only in that way will you ever be a successful model. And, well, it’s difficult to say how, but as you lovingly create this “vision” of yourself in an avatar, the avatar, in some big way becomes a part of you, much the same as your real life heart is. If you look at the portfolio of Caoimhe, Cow as she is called by so many, and I don’t really mind, because the name kind of fits this gawky, rarely elegant avatar that is me, well when you look at her portfolio, Caoimhe has not changed. She didn’t try to copy others; she has always been who she is. I have always said Cao’s face is her “brand” much like a designer has a logo; Cao’s is her never changing face. And I have stood by this firmly, I was once asked to change my face (perhaps my nose, perhaps my eyes) if I joined an agency, and it was a time when I really wanted to be a part of an agency, but after much thought, I... read more

Fellini Couture ~ Muse in green

Joy Fellini is creating big time these last few weeks, her last creations is named Muse. A special gown for all the muses in the world. Muse is a beautiful gown full of elegance. You can wear it without the bottom part of the skirt for a short version so you can use it when you go to a nightclub. The shoulder is ornated with precious stones just like the headpiece. Normaly we get one color of a dress at Fellini Couture but this time joy decided to make more variation in colors. Hair: Lelutka Cachet Dress: Fellini Couture Muse in green Jewelry: Je Suis tente sunset Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda... read more

Safari Chic

Generaly I do not blog freebies or group gifts. But Purple Moon’s lovely dress worths to blog! This amazing animal print dress is new group gift of PM. It has been long time since Back to Nature serie of Finesmith released.. but I’ve just had chance to make a post about it, from serie I’ve used this lovely leather Alp Horn and wheat necklace.   Styling Credits: Mesh Tube Dress: PurpleMoon – Tube Dress Necklace: Finesmith – Back To Natura Collar Horn: FineSmith – Back to Nature Alp Horn Hair: Boon – FTN 683 Poses: The Muse Poses – Euphorie 10 (coming... read more

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was an ordinary girl who liked to dream…in her dreams she was a beautiful, willowy princess who lived in an enchanted forest, where money grew on trees, everybody loved everybody, and all the best fashion designers flocked to visit her and make her gifts of their very best designs… You can probably guess that I’ve been shopping at Fairytales in 2012, brought to us by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair fame – a small(ish) shopping event with a select collection of designers selling designs created with a fairytale theme. Some of my favorite designers are there, including Glam Affair, LaGyo and So Many Styles. I had great fun putting together this boho fairytale princess look, and took myself off to the beautiful Alirium sim to take some photos in a magical forest. Style notes: Stuff from Fairytales in 2012: Skin: -Glam Affair- Mia Fairy Tales 2012 /Fantasy 04 A Skirt: {SMS} Fairy Tales Print Skirt /Forest (mesh) Headpiece: LaGyo – Dandelion Mohawk Headpiece /White Ring (worn on right hand): LaGyo – Macarons multiring Other bits: Hair: LeLutka – Cheryl Hair /MetalBluFade (mesh) (new!) Top: LeeZu – La Goa Top /white Rings (worn on left hand) Maxi Gossamer – Ketama (large and small) Nails: Mstyle – Rounded Nails classic  ... read more


Today I am going to show a new item from one of my favorite Second Life designers, she is not my favorite because I am her manager, she is my favorite because I love her like family. I am drawn so completely to creative thinker’s, they inspire me and Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs* is very inspirational, not only to myself but to many like minded artists/models. Since I typically do these blogs in pairs, instead of showing something from the newer line, I think I’ve done pictures of most everything, I fell back to a comfortable favorite. I just love Mila’s “Noir” series and still it is one of my faves. The line always made me feel like some dark Noir 17th century figure, richly textured in black satins and feathers, the dark colors emphasizing the paleness of skin. I felt somehow I should be walking quietly along a darkened cobblestone street, being chased by the whispering wind. This dark on pale haute couture is a look, I think, that should be at least a small part of every models portfolio. Even if just a picture or two. It takes the service-able model to a greater depth, sort of a seperation of the Every-Day-Wear model from the Couture Runway model. So explore this area if you are so inclined, you can make some dramatic works of art with it. This second *SoliDea FoliEs* outfit is the new “Estro” created for supermodel Ellendir Khandar during her bid for Miss Mundo Virtual. It is a high-impact and gorgeously feminine outfit with its body wrapping flowers, brightly shimmering pearls and feathers!... read more
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